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									   Hands Down…the Best Town

                                                       CENTENNIAL — JUNE 23 - 26, 2004
                                                                                                                           January 2004
Inside this issue:                                                            Proper Flag Disposal
1 Proper Flag Disposal                                                     The Lawton American Legion       dents with worn flags. He was
                                                                           Post #718 has recently placed    able to acquire an old mail
   New City Officials
                                                                           a flag disposal box near the     box. Charles Hinds did some
                                                                           Lawton City Hall at 101 E Ma-    welding on the legs and as-
                                                                           ple.    By placing your worn     sembled a new lock. Davies
                                                                           American flags in this spe-      Body Shop then painted the
2 Views From the “Voted-In”
                                                                           cially marked box, you can be    box. Special stickers had to
   Lawton-Bronson Summer                                                   assured they will be disposed    be applied to clearly notify the
                                                                           of properly.                     user of the intended use of the
                                                                                                            box. The “flag box” is in-
                                                                           An American flag that is worn,
                                                                                                            tended for American flag dis-
                                                                           tattered or torn is not merely
3 Lawton Centennial Tenta-                                                                                  posal only.
                                                                           to be thrown away. Flag eti-
  tive Schedule of Events                                                  quette states that flags must    New American flags are avail-
   A Special “Thank-You”                                                   be disposed of through a flag    able in two sizes from the
                                                                           burning ceremony.                Lawton American Legion:
                                     Jerry Witt (left) Commander of the                                     3’x5’ or 4’x6’. These are very
                                                                           Don Grigg was at a meeting
                                     Lawton American Legion Post 718,                                       high quality flags with metal
                                     and Don Grigg, Legionnaire, deposit   recently where he learned of
4 From the City Clerk                                                                                       grommets for proper hanging.
                                     a worn American flag into the de-     other communities taking this
                                                                                                            The American Legion has left
                                     posit box installed near City Hall.   approach to assist their resi-
   Snow Removal Request                                                                                     flags of both sizes at the City
                                                                                                            Hall for your convenience.
   Christmas Tree Disposal
                                              M e e t Yo u r 2 0 0 4                                        New flags may be purchased
                                                                                                            by either contacting Bill Kisting
                                                                                                            at 944-5219, or stopping by
                                                  City Officials                                            City Hall.

       Contact Numbers              November 4, 2003 was an important date in the city history book. It was on that date several new
Mayor………………......944-5668           officials were elected following a contested mayoral race, and an active write-in campaign for city
                                    council among several residents. This was in addition to two names that were already on the ballot
Jeff Nitzschke
                                    for city council.

                                    After a fairly heavy voter turn-out, the results came in. Pre-
                                    sent Councilman Jeff Nitzschke was the winner of the may-
Lowell Anderson                     oral race over incumbent Martin Shorman. Shorman has
                                    served two 2-year terms as mayor.
City Clerk………...........944-5960    Those elected to fill vacant seats on the council left by Arlan
Pat Washburn                        Kolker, Jeff Nitzschke and Mary Beth Schorg were Don
lawtonia@netins.net                 Grigg, Rich Schorg and Perry Ludwig. These are 4-year
                                    terms. Officials were given the Oath of Office at the Decem- 2004 Mayor and Council: L to R: Tony
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri, 8:00-noon
                                    ber 2, 2003 council meeting, and will assume their duties on Bengford, Rick Schorg, Don Grigg, Mayor Jeff
                                    January 2, 2004. Congratulations, Gentlemen.                    Nitzschke, Terry Masching, Perry Ludwig.

                                                         Lawton Page 1     January 2004
                                           Views From the “Voted-In”
       Season Greetings,
                As a new year starts, a new council will start leading the city. Being an employee of the city for years
       and being a council member, I would like to see the citizens of Lawton become more involved in the quality of
       life Lawton provides. One way I feel that the new council can understand what the town of Lawton needs is to
       schedule an open area on the agenda at the beginning of each scheduled meeting. This open area is for any
       type of comments or interest that you would like to address with the council. City Council meetings are sched-
       uled for the first Tuesday of every month starting at 5:00 pm. The council of 2004 hopes to keep its people in-
       volved but at the same time keep the meetings organized so that our time can be utilized more efficiently.

               When I was running for mayor people would ask me why I was running? I feel very strongly that we
       need to ensure a quality of life for the residents through small town living. Growth is good but not if it means
       changing the way of life in Lawton. With our 100th year Lawton Centennial approaching we need to be very
       proud of our town and realize we are all fortunate to have this small town atmosphere yet be able to drive 15
       minutes to a larger city. We need to respect each member of this town and what type of life Lawton provides for
       us everyday.
               In closing, feel free to voice your thoughts to the council members or myself and get involved in 2004.
       Be proud you live in Lawton!

       Jeff, Mayor

                                      LAWTON-BRONSON SUMMER LEAGUE
Lawton-Bronson Summer League completed their first season at the Doyle and Virginia Smith Sports Complex. Over 90 ball games were
played on the three fields, this season. Children in T-ball thru the junior level played on these fields. Nearly 200 children participated in the
Lawton-Bronson Summer League. Many generous hours were given by numerous volunteers to make this first season a success.
           The Lawton-Bronson Summer League received three grants this year, totaling $17,500.The Sioux land Foundation Grant was for
$2,500, which helped purchase the bases, step-down pitching rubbers, home plates, and umpire equipment. The MHRD grant for $10,000
purchased: 6 player benches, Mid-American hook-up, roofing supplies to the concession stand, and a small storage shed. The Minnesota Twins
Fund for $5,000 purchased the dugout safety roofs, concrete dugout pads and a field drag. Thank you to Greg Smith for the donation of agri-
lime. In addition, thanks to Greg Smith, Mark Richardson and Jeff Mize for the volunteer trucking hours. Also, a HUGE thank you to the town
of Lawton for donating over $ 8,000, which will go towards the lighting of field #2 (by the concession stand). The Lawton Fire Department
has also helped us water our trees and field 3 infield that was recently seeded.
          Our girl’s softball and boys Little League baseball teams did very well this year. The coach pitch, minor, and major teams played in
the Lawton-Bronson, Sloan and Sgt. Bluff little league. Our 2 minor teams took 1st and 2nd place in their division. Greg Smith and Mick Lefler’s
team took first place and Lance Sappingfield and Tim Bowen’s team finished second. The league had three major teams. Coaches were Stan
Chartier & Brent Jensen, Tim Lower & Jeff Nitzschke, Steve Zant & Keith Baker. Each of these teams played over 25 games this season. The
10,11,12 year olds boys participated in the All-Star tournament in Sioux City, Iowa. The junior level had two teams, coached by Jeff Logsdon
& Ron Karrer, Tim Seubert & Greg Smith. These teams also played over 20 games. The t-ball teams played with the Westside division.
Coaches for t-ball were Tim Peters, Eric Ricke, Jamie Amick, and Kevin Horsley. The coach pitch teams played also with Sgt. Bluff. Coaches
for coach-pitch were Bill Krohn, Dennis Uhl and Scott and Michelle Kelly.
          Our 3rd thru 8th grade girl’s softball teams played in the SYA division in Riverside. Our 3-4 grade girls had 2 teams and coached by
John Clay and Shirley Johnson. One team only had one loss and the other was undefeated this year. They also took first place at the SYA
tournament. Mark Williams, Mike Richards and Bill Krohn coached the 7th and 8th grade teams. Mark Williams’s team finished 7-4 in the
regular season.
          The summer league is continuing to sell the advertisement boards. They are $200 for one year, $300 for 2 years or $500 for three
years. Anyone interested in purchasing an ad board, please call Debbie Richardson @ 944-4829 or Jeanine Chartier @ 944-5223. All dona-
tions are tax deductible.
          Fundraisers for the Lawton-Bronson Summer League that have been set are the Red Wheel sales during the Thanksgiving and
Easter holidays, and the Chili feed scheduled for Feb. 13, 2004 at the L-B High School Commons.
                                                                                                                       Submitted by Deb Richardson

                                                         Lawton Page 2    January 2004
                                  L AW T O N C E N T E N N I A L                                                          Submitted by Deb Willer

                                        Tentative Schedule of Events
            In only six months, the town and community of Lawton will be      Thursday, June 24, 2004
celebrating it’s Centennial. Several people have been working on rais-        5:00-7:00 - Centennial Supper at New Park on Tara Way
ing money, organizing events, and researching our history for the last
                                                                              7:00-9:00 - Pageant at High School
two years. Everything is now coming together, however in order for us
                                                                              8:00-10:00 - Ice Cream Social at New Park on Tara Way
to pull this off, we are going to need many volunteers to help with this.
If you are interested and not sure what you can do, stop by one of our        Friday, June 25, 2004
monthly meetings, and we can place you with a committee that could            1:00-6:00 - HS Girls Conference Softball Tourney
use your help.                                                                5:30-7:30 - Bingo & Children’s Games at Old School Grounds
           If you or your organization would like to enter the parade         5:30-9:00 - Images by Andrea; HS Boys Baseball Game
scheduled on Saturday, June 26th, please contact Jim Willer at 944-           Watermelon Feed at Old School Grounds
5242 and he will get you in the line up. Or if you or your organization
                                                                              7:00-9:00 - Talent Show; Beard Judging; Smile Contest
are interested in raising money, a food booth is always a hit. Please
                                                                              9:00-midnight - Street Dance
contact Mike Willer at 944-5616 or Spencer Griffith at 944-5228 and
they will get registered.                                                     Saturday, June 26, 2004
                                                                              Pancake Breakfast at the Fire Station
          The Centennial cookbooks are here, and they sure are nice.
The book contains 400 recipes, and gives you the ability to add your          7:30 a.m. - Fun Run
own favorites, a definite keepsake for your family. You may order one         9:00 - Parade Line-up
by calling Rosalyn Beck at 944-5673 or Tonya Zielich at 944-5667.             9:30 - Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Registration
They also have Centennial calendars and note cards. There are many
                                                                              10:00 - Co-Ed Sand Volleyball (near Ash Street)
nice Centennial items like, T-shirts, caps, denim shirts, pens, etc. avail-
                                                                              10:00-4:00 - Craft Show at Lutheran Church (south lot)
able at the Old Grocery Store Antiques or by contacting Jerry or
Marlene Witt at 944-5244.                                                     11:00 - Parade
                                                                              1:00 - Tractor Show; Car Show
          If you see any of your Centennial committee members, thank
them for the job that they have been doing. See you June 23rd – 26th.         2:00 - Kids Games; Pedal Pull
The following lists a TENTATIVE Schedule of Events:                                 Adult Games (Horse Shoes, Tub Races, Karaoke)

Wednesday, June 23, 2004                                                      Noon-5:00 - Quilt Show; Antique Show;

5:30-8:00 - Cruise Night at the Old School Grounds                                  HS Girls Conference Softball Tournament

                                                                                                      Council and took office in 2000. Her
                                                                                                      knowledge of city government allowed
                                                                                                      her to be very active in assisting her

        A Very Special “Thank You”                                                                    successors with budgets, annual re-
                                                                                                      ports, etc. Schorg is married with one
                                                                                                      son and one daughter.
                                                                                                      Martin Shorman served four years as
                                                                                                      the City Mayor. He first took office in a
    The City of Lawton would like to take           Councilman Jeff Nitzschke has been                desire to become involved with city gov-
this opportunity to recognize and pub-              involved with city government for many            ernment and because he felt he could
licly thank those individuals that have so          years also. He originally began working           make a positive difference for the resi-
willingly given of their time and talents           for the city as the water/wastewater su-          dents of our community.        Shorman
over the past several years to serve as             pervisor. He began his term on the city           sought re-election because he felt there
public officials for the city.                      council in 2000. As his 4-year term was           was still much to be done within our
                                                    ending this fall, he decided he would like        community. He is married with one
Councilman Arlan Kolker has been on
the City Council for the past 8 years. He           to serve the city as Mayor. Jeff was
first took office back in 1996. During his          elected and will begin his mayoral duties
tenure on the Council, Arlan served as              January 1, 2004. Nitzschke is married
Mayor pro tem and stepped in whenever               and has two sons.
the need was there. A factor in Kolker’s
decision not to run for Council again was           Councilwoman Mary Beth Schorg was
his desire to spend more time with his              involved with city government even be-
family. He is married with two daugh-               fore she took office on the Council. Mary
ters.                                               Beth served as city clerk for about one
                                                    year in 1997. She was elected to City

                                                             Lawton Page 3    January 2004
From the City Clerk’s Desk...
EDITORIALS: A feature that our new Mayor would like to add to this newsletter is an editorial column written by YOU, our readers. If
you come to a council meeting to voice an opinion, those present at the meeting are the only ones that get to hear your comments. If you
write an editorial, your comments will reach everyone that picks up our Lawton newsletter. Mayor Jeff is very anxious to have open com-
munication between the city residents and the city officials. As you will note in the “Views” column printed on page 2 of this publication,
Jeff encourages all of you to get involved. This is YOUR city. Get involved, and BE PROUD.

The newsletter is a quarterly publication that is distributed with the utility bills on the first day of each quarter. Editorials must include
your name and a phone number where you can be reached for verification purposes (phone numbers will not be published, however names
will be published). Deadline for editorials will be the 15th of the month prior to publication (March 15, June 15, Sept. 15, Dec. 15). You
are welcome to email or hand deliver your editorials to the city clerk’s office. Be sure to clearly mark any correspondence meant for the
newsletter as such.

                                 CHRISTMAS TREE DISPOSAL: Once again, the City of Lawton will
                                 be picking up your live Christmas trees for disposal after the holidays.
                                 Please remove all decorations and place trees near the curb no later than
                                 8:00 a.m. Monday, January 5, 2004. Lowell, or someone else with the
                                 city, will be around to pick up all discarded live trees. Artificial trees will
                                 not be taken.

INVOICES: Payments are due on invoices within 30 days of the invoice date. Most generally, these are sent out so you receive them
either the 1st or the 2nd day of each quarter. In any case, the DUE DATE is printed on the right side of the invoice, located about 1/3 of
the way down on the page. Please note that any payment not received in this office prior to the Due Date will result in a 10% late
fee. This late fee is charged on ALL outstanding balances that are at least 31 days old. In order to assure that you do not receive a Late
Fee or a Disconnect Notice, please have your payment to the Clerk’s office prior to the Due Date. You may either drop payments off at the
office (there is a drop slot in the door if the office is not open), or you may mail them in. If mailing, I would recommend you allow at least
3 business days for your payment to arrive. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected payments.

RETURNED CHECK FEE: The City Council has given final ap-                                        SIDEWALKS / STREETS
proval to an ordinance amendment that allows the city to assess a ser-
                                                                                According to Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12, ALL PROPERTY
vice charge to any dishonored checks that are received. The service
                                                                                OWNERS MUST KEEP SIDEWALKS CLEAR.
charge will reflect the state-allowed service charge. At the present
time, the State of Iowa allows $30 to be assessed each time a check is          One of the most common problems our street workers face is
dishonored by a customer’s financial institution. If a dishonored check         the obstruction of roadways by vehicles that should be parked in
was used for payment on a past-due account, the customer will have 48           driveways. We understand that not all driveways are large
hours to bring their account up to date. Failure to do so will result in        enough to hold all the vehicles a
disconnection of services, a disconnection fee of $25 as well as a re-          family might have. However, we do
connection fee of $25.                                                          ask your help in moving your cars,
                                                                                trucks and trailers from the street as
SNOW ORDINANCE: The City of Lawton has a snow ordinance in
effect that basically states vehicles must be removed from city streets         soon as possible to allow the snow
(for cleaning purposes) if a snow emergency is in place. A snow emer-           plows to maneuver with ease.
gency exists if the mayor, or mayor pro-tem, declare such an emer-              Another complaint we have had in
gency or if the city of Sioux City receives at least 6” of snow. If a           this office pertains to those residents
snow emergency is declared, signs will be posted at City Hall, on the           that blow or scoop their snow back
tire sign, at the Lawton Post Office and other such places as will at-          onto the street after the snowplow
tracted the public’s attention. Failure to move your vehicle at this time       has cleared the street. This com-
will result in it being “tagged”. If a “tagged” vehicle is not moved
                                                                                plaint comes not only from the city workers, but also from your
within 12 hours, the city will move it for you at a cost of not less than
                                                                                neighbors.      Please DO NOT scoop or blow snow onto a
$25.00. Help the city maintenance crew keep our streets safe. Move
                                                                                cleaned street. It is just as easy to pile that snow beside your
your vehicles, trailers, etc. off the streets so our guys can do a good job
                                                                                driveway as it is to pile it at the end of your driveway.
clearing the snow and ice.

                               Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things,
                           but just look what they can do when they stick together

                                                          Lawton Page 4       January 2004

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