High School Musical Workshops by sdfwerte


									                        High School Musical Workshops
                                          ENROLMENT FORM

I would like to enrol my child(ren) in the High School Musical Workshops at Kids' Gallery:
Parent’s Name: ________________________________________________________________ (Mother / Father / Legal guardian)
Tel No.: ___________________________________________________ (Home / Office / Mobile)
Email: _____________________________________________________

                Name (First, Last Name)                            Date of birth (MM/DD/YY)
Child 1: _______________________________________                   __________________________________________
Child 2: _______________________________________                   __________________________________________

Please tick the workshop(s) you would like to attend:

    Workshops                 Date         Child 1      Child 2        Fee (RMB)
 High School Musical        Feb. 13th                                     320

Please note the following:
• Fees are inclusive of all materials required
• There is a minimum number of 4 children required per workshop for the workshop to go ahead; if the
    workshop is cancelled due to low numbers, you will receive a full refund
• We cannot arrange make-up classes and cannot give refunds for student cancellations but you may send
    a replacement child of the correct age

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