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					millions of subs to provide
  advanced messaging

most reliable and scalable
 multi media messaging

        Jim Olivero
North American Sales, Opsol

       Yash Kapadia
        CEO, Opsol

The OmniMessaging Solution
   OmniMessaging Core
    – High Performance email Solution
   Mail Adapter for NonStop
    – High Performance email adapter for NonStop applications
   OmniMMS
    – Multi Media Messaging Server
   OmniERS Mass Alarm Notification
    – Provides mass alarm notification for a government organization to
        warn the population
   Secure Messaging
    – Secure e-mail Messaging Server (for Government)
   Java Mail Adapter
    – Supported OpenSource Java Mail for NonStop Java applications

Business issues addressed
 Industry projections: $200 million IT for messaging
  solutions as per Gartner
 ISPs, Telcos face reliability, scalability challenges as the
  subscriber base increases
 Increasingly, business applications require email enabling
 Integration of Email, Short Messaging Service (SMS) and
  Voice solutions
 Secure - Secure email messaging server
 Integrated with LBS

OmniMessaging Solution

OmniMessaging from Opsol Integrators
is a high-performance e-mail server for
 environments that support millions of

Modular architecture
Core components (HP # YMOM500V1) – Email (IMAP, POP, SMTP),
Reports Scheduler, Application Monitor, Console, High Security
Add on options
– Web Mail Interface, Calendar, Message Board, Photo albums
– Document Repository
– Emergency Response System - MMS, Email, Voice Mail, LBS, SMS
– LBS - Integrated with HP PDE to connect location with messaging
– MMS - Multi Media Messaging server with streaming pictures to cell
– SMS Gateway
– Voice - Voice Mail, IVR, Call Center
– Digital signatures and encryption of emails

The OmniMessaging Solution
 HP NonStop server
 OmniMessaging Software
  – Core components
  – Web administration utilities and console
 What makes OmniMessaging NonStop?
  –   NonStop architecture so no message is lost
  –   TMF protection
  –   Reliable SQL database
  –   OmniMessaging scales across CPUs and nodes to handle load
  –   Multi city installation for Disaster Recovery (Active – Active)

OmniMessaging Architecture

Supported Clients
 Outlook, Netscape, Eudora
 PDA - IPaq, Palm, RIM
 Web Mail Portal
 Cell Phones
 Lotus, Exchange server co-existence or migration
Are we missing any ??

Solution Features
Integrated solution for MMS, Email, Voice Mail, LBS, SMS, Secure Transport,
Emergency Response System
All components are built for the NonStop and provide reliability at the Network
and the Database layers
Scalable message store to handle diverse media messages e.g. pictures, text,
documents, voice
Supports millions MMS users/messages per server, reduces number of
servers, thereby reducing TCO
Supports Multiple domains – good for hosting customers
SPAM protection – parental control, content filtering
Virus protection
Billing per message, size, etc
Fast deployment - within a month
Multi city installation for Roaming
Libraries for custom development

OmniERS - Overview
 Provides mass alarm notification for a government
  organization to warn the population in case of major
  emergencies or incidents like huge fires, poisonous gas
  clouds or terrorist attacks.
 Delivery methods: telephones, mobile phones, pager,
  fax, e-mail, radio, and TV.
 Government: Home Land Security, County Government
 Commercial use: deliver statements, invoices,
 Coverage area: single street, city, entire country, specific

Trigger from Defense Ministry
                  Air Force

      Police                    Army


      Border                    Interpol
     Crossing                      ETL


Mass Notification using Voice calls

Mail Adapter for NonStop - Overview
 OmniMessaging core plus Adapter for NonStop
  Applications using Pathway
 Simple programming library to support reading and
  delivering emails from the NonStop application
 Banks deliver statements via email
 Scales easily to handle high volumes
 Transaction protection guarantees no message loss
 Can route application messages automatically to user
 HP Part Number YMOM5KV1

Mail Adapter for NonStop

Secure Messaging - Overview
 Special features for Government Messaging
 Features not available in standard email servers
   – Enhanced Security
   – Work flow and escalation
   – Encrypted Message Store
   – Detailed logging for every message
   – Reports
   – 24 x 7 application availability, Online Upgrades

Secure Messaging Encryption Option

Security Features
 A user can login only from his workstation – this prevents
  somebody from stealing the userid, password and
  attempting to break in from some other location
 Messages can be read only by the intended recipient
  based on digital certificates
 Messages are Encrypted using 3DES, AES
 Optional hardware encryption for absolute security

Value Proposition for Secure Mail
Centralized Management and Control
– Configurable Group Policies
– End User Access Control at the single site.
– Server-based Intelligent Messaging Management
Security and Policy Enforcement
– User Authentication Enforcement
– Advanced Spam Control and Virus Scanning
– Completely Secure and message store is completely encrypted
Compliance and Archiving
– Accountability and tracking for every message.
– Robust Auditing

Value Proposition for Secure Mail …
Ease of deployment and Integration
–   Ease of Installation and Configuration
–   Reliable Performance
–   Integrated Architecture
–   Do not have constant updates.
System Management and Reporting
–   Integrated Reporting
–   Compliance Reporting and Analysis
–   Real-Time Systems Management and Monitoring Screen
–   Message confirmation
–   Workflow rules for message escalation to supervisors
–   “You have mail” notification

Why HP NonStop servers?
   Deliver unmatched availability, scalability, and security
   Provide data integrity
   Deliver industry-leading price/performance
   Designed to minimize downtime
   World Class database

Built NonStop™ – not a port
                        Process instances are
                           – Fault tolerant
                           – Many copies for speed
                        Database
                           – SQL/MP
                           – Every disk is mirrored
                              with data updates in real
                           – Partitioned across
                              multiple disks
                           – Online growth, partition
                           – Transaction protected
                        Multi city configuration for
                         disaster recovery
                        Multiple TCP/IP processes for
                         larger bandwidth

NonStop Scalability
    Taipei    Shanghai     Hong Kong   San Francisco

Installation Process – 2 steps 15 minutes
1. Ftp pax file to NonStop server (or download off CD)
2. Run install macro
    –   Creates database
    –   Loads tables
    –   SQLCOMPs objects
    –   Starts Pathway
   Needs 100MB of space and 1 Pathmon with 10 servers
   Totally about 15 minutes

Opsol OmniMessaging Benefits
 Reduces Operational Pain
  – Supports millions of subscribers eliminating the need to
    purchase, support and maintain large server farms.
 Scales with Market Demand
  – Distributes and replicates processing, adding resources
    as needed to support expansion on demand.
 Reduces Cost of Ownership
  – Eliminates the high cost of downtime and reduces the cost
    of supporting large volumes of e-mail users.
 Continuous Availability
  – Both hardware and software are fault tolerant providing
    the highest levels of availability in the industry.

Opsol OmniMessaging Benefits
 Exceptional Scalability
  – NonStop servers lead the industry in scalability. One
    NonStop server can support up to a million subscribers.
 Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  – NonStop servers were ranked lowest in total cost of
    ownership for enterprise systems (Standish Group)
 Global Presence
  – Opsol Integrators has customers in Latin America,
    Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the United States.
  – HP has global presence in more than 160 countries.

                      • Leaders in Multi Media
                      Messaging, email on the
Who is Opsol ?        HP NonStop platform
                      • Offers integration and
                      custom software
                      • Onsite install and
                      production support
                      •Leading HP Service

Opsol The Company
 Background
   – Opsol Integrators, Inc. founded in 1995, is a leading NonStop System
     Integrator for Real Time Financial Services, Data Warehouses, Fraud
     Management, and the complete customer view. The company’s services help
     financial institutions, telecommunications provider, and zero latency
     Enterprises transform data into strategic assets. Customers include Fortune
     500 companies in various industry segments.

 Management Team
   – Yash Kapadia, with 15 years of Tandem experience, is a certified ZLE
     Architect and has integrated applications for Citibank, Wells Fargo and Paris
     Stock Exchange. He gained his initial experience by working with "the best" in
     the NonStop Kernel Group, as a Tandem instructor and developer for ITP

 Strengths
   – Strong NonStop capabilities
   – Have Opsol reference accounts and success stories
   – Strong management team – good relationship with HP Computers
   – Enthusiastic about NonStop opportunity

Opsol OmniMessaging –
NonStop Opportunity
 NonStop Market Opportunity
 – Typical deal size $500K to $3M
    $25% for HP installation services
    $75% for HP Hardware and Software
    Normal deals involve NEW (2 to 8 processor) production systems
    Large deal involved – 1,000 cpus – 5 years contract for HP
 Current Account Opportunities (Opsol’s list)
 – Currently 9 identified prospects Worldwide
     North America - 1 active prospect
     Latin America – 1 active prospect
     Asia Pacific – 7 active prospects

Where Do I Sell This Solution?
   Any existing NonStop platforms customers with
    applications that need to be e-mailed enabled
   Large Financial institutions that need to mail
    millions of statements every day to customers
   Telecom providers and ISPs supporting large
    subscriber volumes
   Government with Secure Messaging needs
   Government with mass notification needs
   Companies with messaging requirements
   Opsol’s Suspect List

To Whom Do I Sell?
Enterprise Level
 – CEO
 – Financial Director
 – Operational IT Director or Manager
 – Technical IT Director or Manager

Do you need OmniMessaging?
 Is there an operational requirement for 24 X 7
 Is there an operational problem with the existing
 Do you need to lower cost of operations?
 Do you have applications that could increase
  competitive advantage by being e-mail enabled ?
 Do you need hacker proof, virus safe solution?

Competition and Competitive Advantage
 Competition
   – No other solution offers this level of subscriber growth and
 Our Advantage
   – Lowest cost per mailbox (Even less expensive than
   – Industry leading price-performance
   – Designed for NonStop™ availability, scalability, reliability
   – Multi city installation for Disaster Recovery (Active – Active)
   – Enabled by HP NonStop

Opsol OmniMessaging Success Story - KDDI
Situation:   – Operational and reliability problems
             – Operational costs keep increasing

Challenge:   – Need for scalability to support subscriber growth
             – Need for better availability
             – Need to bring down cost of IT (Too high on SUN)

Solution:    – HP & Opsol delivers high performance - high
               availability unified messaging environment
             – OmniMessaging with HP NonStop servers

Impact:      – Got Presidents award
             – Improved customer satisfaction and availability
             – Reduced IT operating cost

OmniMessaging™ selected at KDDI

   “We chose OmniMessaging™ and HP for its
    NonStop Reliable features that give KDDI a
    competitive edge”
                         KDDI CORPORATION
                           IP Business Sector
                           Program Manager

Additional Information/Offers
Information –
 Opsol OmniMessaging Customer Presentation
 Opsol OmniMessaging Whitepaper
 Opsol OmniMessaging Value Prop

Offers -
 Sign up for a NO RISK pilot
 Download Free Evaluation copies

Who Do I Contact?
 HP
 – NonStop Business Development
    Richard Webster                     +1.408.517.6721

 Opsol
 – OmniMessaging Solutions
      Yash Kapadia                      +1.408.446.9274
      Jim Olivero – Americas            +1.775.351.5183
      Nigel Baker – Asia Pacific        +1.408.445.2928
      Jos Marchand – EMEA               +32.477.669986
      R. Raveendran– India              +91.22.3295.2710

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