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anti-virus and anti-spam for business

October 13, 2004


 Don Landers -- Sophos
     Senior Account Executive
     1-781-973-1249
Today’s Agenda

 Company background
 State of the markets
     Anti-virus
     Anti-spam

 The Sophos solution
     Product overview

 Why Sophos?
Who is Sophos?

 Industry leading support services:
     Global virus labs, 24 hours a day
     Global technical support network, 24 hours a
 Represented in over
  150 countries
 Global network of
  technical partners
Real support and excellent

  Sophos research labs and technical support
  Sophos technical support
Viruses becoming a spam
 Nine of the top ten viruses in June spread via
 It makes sense to block as much spam and as
  many viruses as possible at the email gateway
The future

 More mass-mailing Windows viruses, a la Sobig-
  F, Netsky, Bagle
 More Backdoor Trojan horses opening the way
  for Remote Access Tools (RATs)
 More viruses attempting to steal money and
  confidential information
 More blended threats where viruses combine
  payloads and spreading methods
Spam: a big problem

 Sophos asked nearly 4,000 customers what they
  thought of spam:
      80% said the flood of spam makes them less
      But 72% admitted they do not have anti-spam

 Source: Sophos. 3731 respondents.
   Survey conducted Jan-Apr 2004
Latest trends

 More spam being sent than ever before
 Legislation has failed to make any impact on the
  amount of spam being sent
 83% of spam uses content obfuscation to bypass
  less sophisticated anti-spam filters
 New techniques to disguise spam are being
  discovered regularly
Enterprise solutions
 Desktop, laptop and file server anti-virus
 Scanning modes:
       On-access
       On-demand
       Scheduled
 Central notification and alerts
 Auto-update
 Gateway email filtering software
     Consolidated protection against viruses, spam and other
      email-borne security threats
     Subscription software with inclusive 24/7 live support
      and automated anti-spam and anti-virus updates

 Sophos PureMessage solutions
     PureMessage for Unix
     PureMessage for Windows/Exchange
     PureMessage Small Business Edition
PureMessage for Unix:
 Offers any combination of anti-virus, anti-spam,
   and policy enforcement functionality
 Scans SMTP email traffic in real time
 End-user spam quarantine interface provides users
   with a real-time view and control over quarantine
 Administrator and end user configured white and
   black lists
 Delivers automatic notifications
PureMessage for Windows/Exchange:
     Anti-virus and anti-spam protection
     Threat reduction
         Quarantine or delete suspicious attachments
     Disclaimers for outgoing messages
     Scans Microsoft IIS, Exchange 2000 and
      2003 email traffic in real time
     Manages quarantined emails
     End-user spam quarantine interface
Small business solutions

                      Anti-virus and anti-spam
                      protection for desktops, file
                      servers and email servers

                      Desktop and file server
                      anti-virus protection

                      Email server anti-virus
                      and anti-spam protection
Why Sophos?

 Comprehensively protects against viruses and
  spam straight “out of the box”
 Uses award-winning anti-virus and industry-
  leading anti-spam engines
 Blends multiple techniques to identify spam
 Computes a spam probability rating for each
  message – from 0% to 100%
 Anti-spam rules are continuously updated by the
  Sophos anti-spam labs
Global presence

                  Sophos operations
                  Boston, USA
                  Mainz, Germany
                  Milan, Italy
                  Oxford, UK
                  Paris, France
                  Sydney, Australia
                  Vancouver, Canada
                  Yokohama, Japan

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