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									                             “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” Dining Offer
                                       Food & Wine Pairing Menu
                                            APPLICATION FORM

To:      Pearl Chiu, Trade Marketing, Hong Kong Tourism Board
         All applications must be returned by email to AND fax to 2807 6590 on or
         before 3 April 2009. For enquiries, please contact Alan Chan at 2807 6301.

 Company Name
 Correspondence Address: (For delivery of promotional materials & correspondence use):
 Contact Person                                        Title
 Tel No.

      Yes, we would like to participate in “Food & Wine Pairing Menu” promotion with details below.

Offer Particulars

 Offer Eligibility (please       For Overseas Visitors
 tick where appropriate)
                                 For Local Residents

 Offer Validity Period         16 April to 30 June 2009

 Offer Remarks                 1. Matching the promotional theme, “Food & Wine Pairing Menu”
                               2. Menu can be Chinese or Western
                               3. Wine details have to be listed on menu

The following are pre-set Terms & Conditions for “Food & Wine Pairing Menu” promotion:

 1. Information and offers provided by merchant are subject to change by individual merchant concerned
    without prior notice. Please contact merchant for enquiries, confirmation, reservation and full terms
    and conditions.
 2. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is not a supplier of the products and services of the merchant and
    shall not be responsible for any liabilities in relation thereto.
 3. In case of disputes, the decision of HKTB and merchant shall be final.

 Please state your specific terms and conditions in both English and Chinese below, if any (maximum 200
 words each):

Web Information Form for “Food & Wine Pairing Menu” Web Page

                      English                                 Chinese
 Name of F & B
 Outlet (please use
 separate Web
 Information Form
 for more than one
 (in English and
 Chinese with
 maximum 30
 words each)
 Description of
 offer details
 (in English and
 Chinese with
 maximum 300
 words each)


 Opening Hours



Visual Requirements

1. 5 visuals preferably showing your hotel exterior, outlet exterior, outlet interior, pairing menu and hotel
   logo in digital format
2. Horizontal visuals preferred
3. Maximum size 1M each in jpeg format
4. All visuals must be sent to Pearl Chiu by email to by 3 April 2009

Note: Content, design, layout, presentation and arrangement of all promotional materials to be decided
by HKTB. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, HKTB accepts
no responsibility for any errors or omission.

Consumer Complaints Handling
Please provide a contact person who would co-operate with HKTB in settling consumer complaints, if any,
during and after the promotional period:

 Person who has the authority to settle consumer complaints in the company
 Name                                              Title
 Tel No                                            Fax No

General Terms and Conditions for Participation in the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year”

1. HKTB’s decision on accepting or rejecting any application is final.
2. Merchant shall honor “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” offer(s) to all consumers who are entitled
    to the offers throughout the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” promotional period regardless of the
    method of payment unless otherwise agreed with HKTB.
3. For consistency purpose, HKTB’s decision on the design and layout of marketing materials will be
4. Acceptance of merchant’s application does not represent HKTB’s endorsement of merchant or their
    products or services. Merchant shall ensure delivery of quality goods and services diligently up to
    professional and ethical business standards generally accepted in the industry and in good faith with
    proper warranty where appropriate. Merchant shall be co-operative with HKTB in settling any
    consumer complaints. Merchant shall settle any dispute with their customers in a reasonable manner
    and in alignment with good ethical business standard taking into account HKTB’s comment. HKTB
    disclaims any liability attributable to any dispute or claims between the merchant and its customers.
    Merchant shall indemnify HKTB against any loss, damages, claims, costs and expenses incurred due
    to or arising from the consumer’s claims or the merchant’s breach of these terms and conditions.
5. Merchant warrants that it is duly registered, incorporated or otherwise validly existing under the laws
    of Hong Kong and holds all necessary and valid licences and permits for the operation of its business.
6. Merchant further warrants that there have not been any complaints made against the merchant within
    the period of 12 months before the date hereof. Merchant shall inform HKTB of any complaints
    received subsequent to this application. HKTB reserves the right to delist the merchants subject to
    consumers’ complaints from “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” without any liability for
7. Merchant shall ensure that food are properly stored, cooked and served in reasonable safety and
    hygiene standard and in accordance with applicable legal requirement.
8. Merchant shall ensure that prices for all food and beverages, service charges and other charges for
    tea, condiments and non-ordered snacks are clearly listed on menu.
9. Merchant shall provide buyers/customers with proper sales receipts containing sufficient particulars
    including date, serial number (if any), detailed description, quantity and price of the goods/dishes,
    and the name, address and telephone number of the merchant.
10. Merchant shall ensure that their staff possesses the necessary language and other technical skill (with
    proper training and license if appropriate) for the quality delivery of goods and services.
11. Merchant undertakes to provide the HKTB with all information and documents in relation to this
    application as and when required by HKTB, failing which this application may be rejected or the
    merchant's name may be delisted at any time.
12. Merchant understands that its name will be automatically delisted without any compensation if it is
    found that any of the information in this declaration is or at any time becomes untrue or inaccurate,
    or the merchant is in breach of these terms and conditions.
13. Any merchant wishes to withdraw from the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” and give up its right
    under the program(s) must notify HKTB in writing at least 30 working days in advance.
14. Merchant undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions and the rules and regulations and
    guidelines set by HKTB in relation to any promotional activities of the “Hong Kong Food and Wine
    Year” from time to time and give full co-operation to HKTB. Failure of which will entitle HKTB to
    delist the merchant from the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” without any liabilities to compensate
    the merchant and forfeit any entitlement of the merchant to any benefits under the “Hong Kong Food
    and Wine Year” program(s).
15. HKTB reserves the right to vary or extend or delay the promotional period(s) of the “Hong Kong
    Food and Wine Year” or cancel the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” program(s). No
    compensation will be made, nor will HKTB be liable to the merchant for any loss or damage
    whatsoever, if the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” is cancelled or postponed.
16. Upon the termination or withdrawal of the status as participant of “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year”
    for any reason or completion or termination of the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year”, the merchant
    shall immediately return to HKTB, or otherwise dispose of, or destroy, all “Hong Kong Food and
    Wine Year” collateral materials received from HKTB.
17. All intellectual property rights associated with the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” including the
    event logotype belongs to HKTB absolutely and exclusively. Merchant must submit its artwork and
    design having reference to “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” or HKTB’s proprietary materials
    (such as “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” logotype) for HKTB’s prior written approval.
    Permission, if granted by HKTB, is restricted to use for the benefit and interest of the “Hong Kong
    Food and Wine Year” only. Merchant must not claim any right of use of such proprietary rights and
    material of HKTB.
18. Merchant hereby grants HKTB the right to use, print, publicize or picture the name, logo, trademark,
    people, products, shops, buildings or any works of art of the merchant (and its outlets) for the
    purpose of the promotion of the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year” in such media and manner as
    HKTB may think fit.
19. Neither party shall be liable to the other party (whether by way of indemnity or contribution or
    otherwise) for any claim whatsoever arising from or in connection with the “Hong Kong Food and
    Wine Year” whether for property damage, personal injury or death or of any other nature unless the
    same is caused by the willful default or gross negligence of the party.
20. Both parties shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure the fulfillment of the benefits and offers under
    the “Hong Kong Food and Wine Year”. However, neither party shall be responsible or liable for
    any loss or damage should any benefits or offers not become available due to the default of third
    parties or for reasons beyond their reasonable control.

The information submitted to the HKTB is true and correct and we agree that such information can be used
by or transferred between HKTB and its worldwide offices for research, processing, data storage and
marketing and promotional purpose. We agree with the above terms and conditions.

Authorized Signature:                                 Name in Block Letters:

Company Chop:                                         Date:


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