Followup Ministry by sdfwerte


									                    Followup Ministry
¡³New Christians (NC)
      A simple 26-Page BCL Booklet, Basic Christian Living (BCL), will be given
      to every NC, as soon as h    e/she makes a decision to accept Jesus as
      his/her Savior. This BCL Booklet contains 8 basic lessons, one for each
      week. These 8 lessons are actually 8 essentials for NC: ¡³AssuranceOf

      Salvation, ¡³ QuietTime, ¡³ Lordship, ¡³ Prayer, ¡³ TheWord, ¡³ Fellowship,
                  2             3            4          5           6

      ¡³Witnessing, ¡³Obedience. Our Ministry has made it a top priority to
       7              8

      ensure that NC be followed up as much as possible , and as often as can be .
      We encourage that followup be carried out on a one-on-one basis.

¡³   Followup Counselors (FC)
      FC are committed Christians who have received an 8-Hour FC Training (FCT) on
      how to use the BCL Booklet to follow up NC and help them grow. During
      the FCT, each FC will be given a 56-Page BCL Handbook, which contains
      methods, illustrations and other details on how to teach the NC the eight
      essentials mentioned above . This FCT is repeatedly held and run year
      round at the YFC Headquarters as well as in different Local Churches.
      Our strategy is to train as many FC as possible so that the chance for a NC
      to be cared for by a FC is highly increased.

¡³    Followup Trainers (FT)
      FT are Pastors, Deacons and Church Leaders committed to train FC.
      Naturally they have all gone through the FCT. They are also required to
      attend an 18-Hour FT Training (FTT) before they can become certified FT. During
      the FTT, each FT will be given an 88-Page BCL Manual, which contains
      administration materials on how to organize and run a FCT. After FTT,
      they can organize FCT in their own Churches and train as many FC as

¡³    Free Training & Free Materials
      Year    FCT     FC      FTT    FT    Booklets Handbooks Manuals   MHCH    Churches
      2000    89     1977      2     89     11342     4839       90        ?       198
      2001    127    2608      3     138    18792     8260      140        ?       301
      2002    59     1231      2     82     13953     5982       90     11993      142
      2003    59      960      3     136    16617     7620      140     13580       64
      Total   334    6776     10     445    60704     26701     460     25573      705 *

      ?MHCH represents another Followup Book, the Chinese edition of My Heart Christ’
       Home. These Books are free, especially meant for NC.
     * Churches have covenanted with us to work together in following up NC using the BCL
      training and materials. Our Ministry has been providing all training as well as
      materials without any charge to all who are committed to help NC grow.

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