THE GOOD SHEPHERD ART EXTRA                                                  Age 2-3

Shepherd Staffs
Kids finger-paint a shepherd’s staff by sliding their fingers over a staff-shaped chenille craft
stem. The shape of a shepherd’s staff will remind kids that Jesus is the good shepherd.

Spark Resources:

Washable non-toxic finger paints or tempera paints, various colors
Chenille craft stems
Poster paper
Plastic containers or lids
Paint smocks (use a big shirt/t-shirt)
Tape, optional

Set out paper and paints in plastic containers (or dabs of paint on lids as a palette). Bend craft
stems into staff shape.

Hold up a staff shaped craft stem and ask kids, Do you know what shape this is? (J, hook,
walking cane, curve, shepherd’s staff) Show a picture of the good shepherd from the Spark
Story Bible. Jesus is like the good shepherd who looks after his sheep. He carries a
shepherd’s staff to help keep them together and safe. I am going to help you paint a
staff shape by sliding your finger or a brush along a staff like this one. We will paint
staffs for Jesus. Jesus is the good shepherd.

1.      Dress each kid in a paint smock. Tempera paint will wash out, but cover clothing as you
are able.
2.      Pass out a piece of poster paper and staff-shaped craft stem to each kid.
3.      Show the kids how to hold the chenille craft stem staff to their paper with one hand while
they paint with their other hand.
4.      Let the kids dip their fingers into the finger paint. Have them slide their fingers over the
top of the staff. Remove the craft them to see the staff silhouette they made.
5.      Move the craft stem to a new spot on the poster paper and paint again with the same or
different color.
6.      Make as many staffs as time allows.
7.      Wash kids’ fingers and put pictures in a safe place to dry.
8.      Throw away chenille craft stem staffs when finished.

Gather in a circle together with the picture of Jesus again. You did a great job painting
today! What did you make? (a staff) Who did you make a staff for? (Jesus) Why do we
see Jesus with a staff and sheep? (Jesus is the good shepherd). Direct the kids follow your
finger as you sky paint the shape of a staff in the air and coach everyone to repeat together,
Jesus is the good shepherd.

If you have less time…
Make staff shapes with crayons. Paint smocks will not be necessary.

If you have more time…
Let the kids paint longer. Having more staffs on the page makes an even more exciting design.

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