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      Work Performed                                                          Customer                      Year
 1.   Workshop Electrical Installation - Tsing Yi Yard Development.        Hong Kong United Dockyard        1980
 2.   Erection of Baggage Handling Plant - Kai Tak Airport.                Pert Engineering Ltd.          1980-1981

 3.   Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of               Tileman & Co. Ltd.             1980-1983
      Electrical Distribution Installation for 215m & 245m Steel Lined
      Concrete Chimneys - Castle Peak 'A' & 'B' Power Stations.

 4.   Design and Construction of Power Transformers up to 300kVA.          Manta Engineering &            1980-1982
                                                                           Equipment Co. Ltd.
 5.   Aircraft Warning Light & Lightning Protection System for 215m        China Light & Power Co. Ltd.     1981
      Chimney - Castle Peak 'A' Power Station.

 6.   Erection of Overhead Conductor System - MTRC Contract 359 &          Siemens AG                     1981-1982

 7.   Erection of Tunnel Cross Audit & Station Portal Impulse Fans -       Shinyro Air Conditioning Co.   1981-1982
      MTRC Contract 363.                                                   Ltd.

 8.   Erection of Aluminum Curtain Wall - Factory Building on AIL          Conmat Ltd.                    1982-1983
      152RP Wong Chuk Hang.

 9.   Electrical Installation of Oil Rig No. 2 & 3.                        Euroasia Shipyard Co. Ltd.     1982-1983

 10. Fabrication of De-dusting System and Conveyor Supports -              Fried Krupp AG                   1982
     MTRC Contract KD4.

 11. Mechanical & Electrical Install for Tunnel Cooling Plants MTRC        Shinyro Air Conditioning Co.   1982-1983
     Contract 404, 405 & 410.                                              Ltd.

 12. Cable, Lighting and Small Power Installations - Castle Peak 'A' &     China Light & Power Co. Ltd.   1982-1983
     'B' Power Stations.

 13. Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Site           Marples Ridgway/LTA Joint      1982-1983
     Electrical Power Distribution System, 1.5MVA - MTRC Contract          Venture

 14. Erection and Modification of Packer House Equipment and               China Cement Co. (HK) Ltd.       1983
     Structural Steel.

 15. Ducting, Piping and Electrical On-Site Installation - Package         HMT Consort (HK) Ltd.          1983-1985
     6125, 1 Queen's Road, Central Redevelopment.

 16. Electrical Installation for Sheung Shui Water Treatment Work.         Biwater Whitehead & Poole        1985
 17. Electrical Installation of Environmental Control System Central       Shinyro Air Conditioning Co.   1985-1986
     Station - MTRC Contract 463.                                          Ltd.

 18. Supply and Installation of Earthing System for Traction Substation    Leighton (Asia) Ltd.           1986-1987
     - Tuen Mun Light Rail Transit.

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      Work Performed                                                         Customer                      Year
 19. Installation of Ticket Vending Machines at All Stops - Tuen Mun      Fare Collection Systems Div.     1988
     Light Rail Transit, KCRC.                                            Autelca Ltd.

 20. Cable Laying Works for the Secondary Kowloon ATC System              EMSD, Hong Kong                1988-1989
     Expansion - Contract 1018/EM/88.                                     Government

 21. Installation Work for Hong Kong Airport 400Hz Supply Cargo           Associated Engineers Ltd.      1989-1990

 22. Supply and Installation of Airfield Lighting for Long Term Cargo     EMSD, Hong Kong                  1990
     Apron Extension - Hong Kong International Airport.                   Government

 23. Design, Supply and Install Motor Control Centre for Furnace Ash      Shiu Wing Steel Ltd.             1990
     Extraction System in Shiu Wing Steelworks.

 24. Electrical Work for Tsing Yi Installation Project of the Shell       Showa Denki Tokyo Co. Ltd.       1990
     Company of Hong Kong Ltd.

 25. Relocation of LPG Cylinder Reconditioning Plant.                     Shell Hong Kong Ltd.             1991

 26. Electrical Work for Signalling Equipment Along MTR Kowloon           Mass Transit Railway Corp.     1991-1992
     Bay Station to MTR Lok Fu Station.

 27. Electrical Installation for Tsing Yi Mobile Fuel Terminal.           TOENEC Corp.                   1992-1993

 28. Uprating of WSD Tai Mei Tuk 'A' Pumping Station.                     Mitsubishi Corp.               1993-1995

 29. Lantau & Airport Railway – Lai King Cable Diversion                  Mass Transit Railway Corp.     1994-1996
     MTRC Contract 567.

 30. Electrical Installation in Tsing Yi CRC Oil Depot.                   Showa Denki Kogyo (HK)           1995

 31. Installation of Electrical Earthing System for Lantau & Aiport       Shui On Joint Venture          1995-1996
     Contract 518, Siu Ho Wan Depot Phase I.

 32. Power Supply System for Strategic Sewage Drainage System             Torishima Pump Mfg. Co.        1996-1998
     Phase 1.                                                             Ltd.

 33. Electrical Term Contract for Electrical Building Services System     City University of Hong Kong   1998-1999
     within the City University of Hong Kong.

 34. Installation of Earth Electrode for Lighting & Power System for      Zen Pacific-Shui On Joint      1998-1999
     MTRC Contract 518, Siu Ho Wan Depot.                                 Venture

 35. Supply and Replace Electronic Ballast for Civil Eng. Building, Sai   Electrical & Mechanical        1998-1999
     Kung and Tai Po Government Office.                                   Services Department

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      Work Performed                                                         Customer                      Year
 36. Supply and replacement of Platform Directional Signs MTRC            Mass Transit Railway             1999
     Contract R7244-98C.                                                  Corporation

 37. Electrical Installation Work for Station Improvement Programme –     Program Contractors Ltd.       2000-2001
     Station Control Room and BofH Work – Group 1C (ADM, KOB,
     CHH, SKM) for MTR Contract C4423.34C-99C.

 38. Provision of 12 sets of Earth Truck.                                 MTR Corporation Ltd.           2000-2001

 39. Provision of Labour and Material to Carry Out QBR E&M                MTR Corporation Ltd.           2000-2001
     Services Interfacing Work at NOP Station.

 40. Provision of Labour and Materials to Carry Out the QBR               MTR Corporation Ltd.           2000-2001
     Reinstatement Work.

 41. Provision of Labour and Materials for the Service Diversion          MTR Corporation Ltd.           2000-2001
     Works of C&C Equipment at WAC, PSB, MOK and MEF stations.

 42. Retrofit of Platform Screen Door inside MTRC Urban Line              Kaba Gilgen AG                 2000-2005
     underground station, MTRC Contract C4342-99E.

 43. Routine Inspection, Maintenance, Testing Repair and Alteration of    Hong Kong Housing Society      2000-2002
     Electrical Installation in Housing Society Estates and Managed
     Properties in Kowloon and NT Regions.

 44. Electrical Installation Work in Power Equipment Rooms and Fire       Program Contractors Ltd.       2000-2002
     Services Room in various MTR Stations for MTR Contract

 45. Inspection, Testing and Certification of Fixed          Electrical   City University of Hong Kong   2001-2002
     Installation for City U Campus.

 46. Provision of Labour and Materials for C&C Diversion Works for        MTR Corporation Ltd.           2001-2003
     Passenger Areas Enhancement & Kiosk & CuC Enabling Works at
     MOK Station.

 47. Provision of Labour and Materials for C&C Works for SCR &            MTR Corporation Ltd.           2001-2003
     Linked Back of House Group 3A.

 48. 2 Years Maintenance Contract for Electrical Main Switchboard.        City University of Hong Kong   2001-2003

 49. Provision of Labour and Materials for Service Diversion of C&C       MTR Corporation Ltd.           2002-2003
     Works for SCR & Linked Back of House Group 3A.

 50. Contract C5009.04-02E, Ballasts Replacement for Lighting at          MTR Corporation Ltd.           2002-2003
     KTL & TWL Station and Depots.

 51. Supply and Installation of Control Cables for Sump Pump in Pak       MTR Corporation Ltd.             2002
     Shing Kok Tunnel.

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      Work Performed                                                        Customer                     Year
 52. Engineering Consultancy Services for CLP Control System.            CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.      2002-2003

 53. Provision of Site Power Supply System for CLP Cable Tunnel          Dragages (HK) Joint Venture     2003
     (Chi Ma Wan Tunnel – 11kV Power Supply)

 54. Supply and Installation of Cables for Axle Counter Equipment in     Kowloon-Canton Railway          2004
     KCRC West Rail.                                                     Corporation

 55. Provision of Level Crossing Barrier for MTR.                        MTR Corporation Ltd.            2004

 56. Consultancy Services for Taiwan High Speed Rail Station Control     Taiwan Shinkansen Maker         2004
     Room Layouts                                                        Consortium

 57. Installation Services for LED Outdoor Display & LED Fin             Multimedia Inc.               2004-2005
     Lighting System for AIG Tower, Hong Kong.

 58. Maintenance and Engineering Services of Low Voltage                 Kowloon-Canton Railway        2004-2005
     Switchboard System at KCRC West Rail Mei Foo, Tsuen Wan             Corporation
     West Station and Ancillary Building 2004-2005.

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