; Dafydd Evans Memorial Fund for Legal Education
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Dafydd Evans Memorial Fund for Legal Education


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									   Dafydd Evans Memorial Fund for Legal Education

                                        Professor Dafydd Emrys Evans OBE (1938-2006), the
                                        founding Dean of the Faculty of Law, The University of Hong
                                        Kong, passed away in England in April 2006. Professor Evans
                                        first came to Hong Kong as a visiting teacher in the Extra-
                                        Mural Studies Department. He joined the University full-time
                                        in January 1966 and served as the Dean of Social Sciences
                                        (1967-1968). He was promoted to the rank of Professor in 1969
                                        and his abilities were quickly recognized as he was appointed
                                        Pro Vice-Chancellor in 1971, a position he held for the next six
                                        years. Returning to his full-time duties as a law teacher,
                                        Dafydd was Head of the School of Law (1978-1984) and Dean
                                        of the then newly established Law Faculty (1984-1987). He
                                        also served the University with distinction as Public Orator.
                                        Professor Evans must take much of the credit for setting up
                                        the Law School and planning with the late Professor Peter
                                        Willoughby in introducing the PCLL. His contribution to legal
                                        education rightly gained him the award of an OBE. He was
                                        deeply respected by his colleagues, members of the legal
                                        profession and his students.

In memory of Professor Evans, the Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong has
established the Dafydd Evans Memorial Fund for Legal Education. As Professor Evans has devoted
most of his life to legal education, this Fund is set up with the intention to continue his vision by
contributing to the provision of the best form of legal education for law students. It will primarily
be used to support academic and other activities that would contribute to the intellectual and
personal development of law students. For alumni of the University, the donation is matched
dollar-to-dollar by the Stanley Ho Alumni Challenge Campaign.

              Yes, I would like to donate HK$                               for the above Fund.
              Yes, I am the alumnus of the University of Hong Kong.
              LL.B             / PCLL           / LL.M or PGD               / Other:

        Firm / Chambers / Other:

        Contact Person:                                         Tel. no.:
        Fax no.:                                                 e-mail:

      Please make cheque payable to “The University of Hong Kong” and send it along with this donation slip to
      Faculty Development Officer, Faculty of Law, K K Leung Building, the University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam
      Road, Hong Kong. For any enquiry, please contact Ms Rita Wai at 2859 2952.

                                  Thank You for Your Support.

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