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Living by benbenzhou


     Issue 1 ~ July 2006

    President’s Corner
                                                           This Issue...
    Greetings, my fellow sisters in                            President’s Corner
Christ. Welcome to the first edition                    What’s New with 9 to 5 for Christ?
of our new and improved newslet-
                                                               Focus on Members
    This is just one of our exciting                            FellowShop 2006
new changes 9 to 5 for Christ has                            Inspiration by Bonnie
implemented this year to meet your                       Upcoming Meeting Schedule
physical, emotional and spiritual
needs. We meet at a new location,
have adopted a theme for the year,
“Overcoming Obstacles to Living
Your Faith,” and we have incorpo-
rated more time for prayer requests
and fellowship in our monthly meet-
                                                What’s New With 9 to 5 for Christ?
ings.                                   New Location: Since March, we have been meeting at the
     Thinking about all these won-      Four Points Restaurant at the Sheraton Smuggler’s Hotel,
derful changes has caused me to
meditate on one thing that I am         located on the southwest corner of Blackstone and Dakota.
grateful will never change: how         New Opportunities: We are now offering membership op-
blessed we are to live in a land        portunities to women attending 9 to 5 for Christ. Becoming a
where we can freely worship Je-
sus. Unlike us, He never changes.       member saves you money, and gives you these great benefits:
Jesus Christ is the same yester-                  Inclusion in the members’ directory
day, today, and forever. (Hebrews                 Opportunity to advertise in the directory
     He loved us before we were                   Opportunity to provide door prizes for meetings
born, before we gave our heart and                Opportunity to display products and services
life to Him, and he keeps loving us
                                                  A discount on events
even when we disappoint Him. In
fact, there is nothing we can do to               A discount on 9 to 5 for Christ logo products
earn His love, and nothing we can       All this for only $25 a year! Your membership fee helps en-
do to lose His love. It’s just in His
                                        sure that 9 to 5 for Christ can become a vital, growing minis-
nature to love us, and that will
never change either. I can’t think of   try, and will continue to meet the needs of working women
a more reassuring truth.                everywhere.
     So, this summer, take a chance
and try something new. Change
                                        New Format: Each dinner meeting will now run from 5:45 to
your hairstyle, (or hair color, or      7:45 PM, and will still offer many opportunities for fellow-
both!), take a vacation somewhere       ship. There will be more discussion time at the tables, and
you’ve never been, or try a new
recipe. And while you are enjoying      the opportunity to share prayer needs and connect with
all of that, take a moment to thank     women in a meaningful way.
the Lord for being the one constant     New Pricing: To ensure that the dinner price covers all our
that never changes.
     Until next time, God bless you     expenses, the new prices will be as follows:
all!                                     $16 First-time attendees and members who pre-pay
       Laura McGrew                      $18 Members paying at the door and non-members
  9 to 5                        9 to 5       Living                                            9 to 5
                                                                                                          9 to 5
                                                                                                                   9 to 5
                     9 to 5
                                            9 to 5
                 No time for Bible Study? Think Quality vs. Bonnie Hippenstiel
         I am a goal setter and a list maker. There is something very satisfying about marking off a task on my “to do” list for
the day. When the One Year Bible’s came out several years ago, I was the first in line to buy one. I made my way through the
entire Bible in one year – just as they promised! However, in my zeal to check off the daily reading assignment there was
something that was not happening. My heart was not being transformed by the Living Word. I was going through the motions
to satisfy my pride in finishing the Bible cover to cover in one year.
          Since then, I have adopted a method of scripture meditation that has touched my heart and makes the Scriptures
come alive in a personal way. I now take a “snippet” of scripture – one or two verses and I “chew” on them. I read them over
and I say them out loud and sometimes I insert my name into them to personalize them. I also write them out and break them
into pieces and think about what the words really mean.
         Here is an example from Philippians 4:19 of how I do this:
“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus”.
 “And my God will”: God is the one to meet my needs and there is no maybe, it’s a done deal.
 “And my God will meet”: When something is met it is complete, fulfilled, satisfied.
 “And my God will meet all”: All indicates that nothing is left out, it is whole, the total extent.
 “And my God will meet all your needs”: He knows that I have specific, personal needs.
 “And my God will meet all your needs according to His”: He decides how my needs are best met.
 “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches”: He pulls from amazing, abundant, valuable resources.
 “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”: Jesus is the key to everything.

          We are all busy working women and we must choose wisely how to spend our devotion time. The next time you pick up
a Bible, consider picking just one verse and let it permeate into your heart where the Holy Spirit can use it to transform you!

  Meet Katsia Treglazoff-Moss!                                                    vendors by how I conduct myself. I insist
                                                                                  on being honest, doing what I said I would
 Occupation: Manager                                                              do, and respecting my customer’s time,
 Place of work: Xtra Lease                                                        opinions and decisions. I may not get every
 Family Members: My husband Brian Moss and my                                     sale, but at least I know I was honest and
step-daughter Brianne (6 yrs old)                                                 wholehearted.
  What are the primary benefits you find from                                     Please share your favorite scripture or a
being a member?                                                                   favorite book or Christian song that
9 to 5 offers Christian fellowship and networking                                 might inspire others to be more like Je-
opportunities with working women who share the same challenges in our personal sus.
and professional lives.                                                           Last year I heard this saying on a Christian
 Briefly describe your role at work and share what you like most about the        radio show: “He who is faithful with little
work that you do.                                                                 things, God will entrust with big things.” I
I’ve worked in management for over 10 years, with the last four in the transpor- think you can apply this to any part of your
tation industry. At Xtra Lease, I work with trucking companies and warehouses to life: friends, business, money, power. If
help them find solutions to their problems due to a lack of storage space, driver you can’t manage $10, God won’t trust you
shortages, or changing equipment needs.                                           with $100. And if you can’t be honest with
 What are some ways that you have found to integrate your faith into your         just one customer, God won’t reward you
daily life, including your work?                                                  with 50 good customers. I put my all into
My job pulls me in two different directions, each with their own demands: sales   everything in my personal and professional
and management. Each day I remind myself that I am doing the Lord’s work and      life. God has shown me that he rewards
all that I have belongs to Him. I interact with over 50 people per day either in  good deeds and good intentions. What you
person or over the phone. I try to exemplify Christianity to my customers and     give out will come back to you ten-fold.
9 to 5                        9 to 5      Living                                          9 to 5
                                                                                                    9 to 5
                                                                                                             9 to 5
                   9 to 5
                                          9 to 5

                                                                                    Upcoming Meetings
                    You’re invited to…
                                                                                                July 10
                                                                                           FellowShop 2006
                                                                                              August 14
                                                                              “Staying Positive in a Negative Workplace”
                                                                                            with Naomi Cox
                                                                                            September 11
                         What:       A special 9 to 5 for Christ fund-
                                                                                   “Standing Firm on Shaky Ground”
                         raising dinner with a program that in-                           with Alison Haugan
                         cludes multiple vendors, great food and                              October 9
                         lots of fellowship opportunities…all with a                  “Holding Your Nose When
                         spiritual emphasis! It’s a perfect chance to                   Your Situation Stinks”
                         meet other Christian women and network                        with Ashley Swearengin
                         with local business women. With plenty of                           November 13
                         door prizes and a silent auction, you’ll              “Throwing Out Unrealistic Expectations”
                         want to bring lots of friends to share in the                  with Cookie Wagenman
                                                                                             December 11
                                                                                          “Remembering The
                                                                                       Reason For The Season”
                         When:     Monday, July 10th from 5:45 –
                         7:45 PM (Doors will open at 5:30 PM)                         Board of Directors
                         Where:      Smuggler’s Crystal Ballroom                      Laura McGrew, President
                         at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel (Located            Katsia Treglazoff-Moss, Vice President
                         on the southwest corner of Blackstone and                           559-273-8673
                         Dakota).                                                       Alice Harsh, Secretary
                         Want Tickets? Tickets sell for $13                            Connie Homen, Treasurer
                         each or 2 for $25. Call Katsia Treglazoff              Vicki Goudreau, Meeting Coordinator
                         today at 559-273-8673 to reserve your                                367-9200
                                    spot!                                      Heather Harrison, Membership/Special
                                                                                        Events Coordinator
                                                                                   Renee Sanchez, Newsletter Editor
                                                                              Jan Krueger, Communications Coordinator

Welcome to “Living Your Faith,” the first edition of 9 to 5 for Christ’s
newsletter . This communications tool is designed to keep you informed
about this ministry and connected to other women who are “Living their
Faith.” Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future con-
tent or would like the opportunity to share your thoughts and experi-
ences with the rest of the group!     ~ Renee Sanchez, Editor

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