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					Episode 5.02 “The Medium”

Summary: When Miles receives a message from a familiar
survivor suggesting impending doom, his true colours become
clearer, while Desmond and Penny are visited by a new ploy
in Ben’s plot to halt the coming war. In flashbacks, we
learn that Miles is more connected than we thought.



We open on a small dock parking four large and fortified
boats. As we get a better shot of the area, we realize that
this area is a secluded, privately owned property.

A teenage boy walks onto the dock. He looks about 13 or 14.
He reaches into his torn jeans and retrieves a small key
from his pocket. He gets inside one of the strongly
fortified boats as we

                                                  CUT TO:


The boy enters through a small door leading from the dock
in. We get a better look at the boat and realize it is used
for military purposes. It’s rather small, probably for two
or three people. Navigational tools, firearms, and
emergency protocol charts infest the walls as we follow the
boy into a small room. Before entering, he inserts the key
and opens the door.

                                                  CUT TO:


The room is a storage room filled with camouflage jackets,
guns, and other military equipment. The boy precedes
putting on his camo, and holstering small guns at his side,
using a semi automatic weapon for his main weapon.

He reaches towards a small panel on the wall and enters a
code. The panel opens revealing a small compartment for
grenades. The boy pockets these, and is about to put on a
helmet when there is a knock on the door behind him.
VOICE: Matt? You in there?

MATT (boy): Yeah I’m just getting ready for that new
assignment you still have to brief to me!

He puts on the helmet, but opens the visor, and then opens
the door. Behind the door is BEN LINUS!

BEN (looking at the guns and grenades): You sure stocked

MATT: You sad only Greg and me were assaulting so I thought
I’d use it as a precaution.

BEN: Smart boy.

MATT: You know this isn’t really me, Ben! It’s still me,
the same old Matt Grunberg.

BEN: Ever since the accident I thought you’d realize that
there is no way to reverse your… predicament… anyways, I
gave Greg the briefing and he understands perfectly. You
have the most important job.

BEN moves away from the doorway and into a piloting room.
He sits in the pilot’s chair and motions for MATT to sit
down but MATT just stands in the doorway.

BEN (cont’d): Your going to take this boat north east on a
specific bearing until you find a boat called the searcher,
from there, you’ll –

MATT: Wait a second… how is a bearing supposed to lead us
to a moving boat?

BEN: The bearing is a GPS tracking signal. As I was saying,
your going to get on that boat and bring me this women.

At this, BEN retrieves the same picture of DESMOND and
PENNY that NAOMI carried in “DOC”.

BEN (cont’d): Her name is Penelope Widmore, the daughter of
the man were against in finding the island. I plan to use
her as leverage against Charles so we can get a head start.

MATT inspects the photo.
MATT: I thought that using family as leverage was against
the rules, in fact I specifically remember you telling me
that you’re the one who laid that rule down.

BEN (impatiently): He killed my daughter, Matt.

MATT shuts up immediately and listens.

BEN: Anyways… I need her alive. Understand? If she dies
this whole plan goes up in smoke.

MATT ponders the briefing for a long while.

MATT: And if anyone tries to protect her?

BEN: Kill them.

MATT is taken aback by the harsh answer and runs his hands
through his sweaty black hair.

BEN: If there’s anything I’ve left unclear just get Greg to
clarify. I need to be elsewhere at the moment.

BEN gets up and begins to leave, leaving a stunned MATT in
the door way with the photo of DESMOND and PENNY. BEN
notices MATT staring at DESMOND in particular.

BEN: Him too.

BEN gives MATT a grim look before exiting.

MATT: Wait! Ben! Who is he? Ben! Who is this guy I don’t
even know him! BEN!!!

                                                  CUT TO:

                    L O S T

                                                  CUT TO:


We open on a brown eye opening suddenly to the sound of a
cool breeze. Heavy breathing follows the shock of the
opened eye.
We pan up to reveal MILES STRAUME laying face up, spread-
eagled in the sand of the beach camp. He lies where he is
for a few minutes and takes in his surroundings.

MILES POV: We notice that the beach camp he is laying in no
longer exists. Instead the beach is barren with no sign of

MILES sits up and looks in shock and confusion at his
surroundings. He doubles over and vomits into the sand.
After doing so he lays back down panting like a dog.

MILES: What the hell…

He slowly gets up to his feet again and slightly cringes as
he walks down to the water and washes his face. Suddenly
the whispers are heard and MILES looks all around himself
to see nothing. He shakes this off and walks out deeper
into the water, about waist high, and takes in the fresh
air. He looks as if he’s been in a car for six hours

As he looks up to the sun he closes his eyes, and we hear
faint voices accompanied by a buzzing sound. As MILES
cringes we realize that he is contacting the dead.

He opens his eyes and looks straight ahead to see nothing.
He sighs, realizing his power didn’t come through, and
turns around in defeat only to come face to face with

CHARLIE: G’day Miles.

MILES: Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?

CHARLIE: My name is Charlie Pace, and I drowned in this
very ocean just so my people could call your boat.

MILES: So you’re… dead?

CHARLIE: Not used to the whole “I see dead people thing”
are you?

MILES: Actually… I was kind of hoping I could come into
contact with someone like you… dead.

CHARLIE: So you’re a medium huh?
MILES: Yep. And I was wondering Charlie if maybe you could
tell me what the hell just happened?

CHARLIE suddenly moves into a zombie like trance. MILES
notices this and waves his hand in front of his face.

CHARLIE: All will become clear when you find Dr. Grunberg
and rescue the daughter.

MILES (to self): Damn it… why is it that whenever I need a
simple answers the dead guys go all Edgar Allen Poe on me?

CHARLIE: Get back to your camp and ask Daniel what
happened. Then find a boat and save Penelope.

MILES: Hold the phone, man, Danny’s not even back from
wherever the hell yet, and I can’t save Penny if I don’t
where or who she is!

CHARLIE: You’ll find Daniel, Miles, and after you tell him
of our little gathering you’ll get an idea of what you need
to do.

MILES: But Daniel isn’t even-

CHARLIE points out to sea, and we notice DANIEL on the
zodiac returning with all the other red shirts.

MILES: Oh, then I guess I-

MILES turns around, about to thank CHARLIE but CHARLIE is
no longer there. MILES does not seem surprised but simply
attempts to attract DAN’S attention as we

                                                     CUT TO:


MILES lies down on bed wearing only his boxers. He is very
sweaty and is breathing hard. Finally he leaps out of bed
with a loud yelp. Realizing it was just a dream; he lies
back down in bed, and begins panting.

                                                     CUT TO:

It is the next morning, and MILES is sitting at a small
table eating breakfast while looking through a section of
newspapers. He skims an article that seems to catch his
interest, but the hope fades from his face as he finishes
the article. He throws the newspaper onto the ground and
rubs his temples in frustration.

His roommate, DON, enters the kitchen and notices the
newspaper on the floor.

DON: Still no luck huh?

MILES: Nothing… I’ve been looking through these papers for
two months and still no one!

DON: Have you tried at least calling anyone, and seeing if
their appointments make a difference?

MILES: Nope. I can just tell by the description that they
aren’t right for the job.

DON chuckles.

DON: That’s your problem, Miles! You’re too scared to at
least try an appointment. Here,

DON picks the newspaper up from the floor.

DON (cont’d): Try Dr. Matt Grunberg at least. He’s paying
the cheapest at five hundred bucks for one appointment.
Best deal we’ve seen yet!

MILES: I don’t have five hundred bucks…

DON: I’ll pay for you. And if it isn’t what you needed,
you’ll have some practice around guys like that. What do
you say, huh?

MILES thinks for a while.

MILES: Fine. I’ll give it one shot, and you’d best hope
that this Matt Grunberg guy doesn’t waste your money.

DON: Don’t worry about it, man. We’ve been roommates for
almost a year now and I’ve never gotten to do the
neighbourly deed yet.
MILES: What ever. I’ll give him a call.

DON: Good choice. I got to go for a run, tell me if he

MILES waits until DON leaves before looking questioningly
at the phone. He walks over to it and picks it up as we

                                                    CUT TO:


A small encampment has been made in the jungle. We
recognize some faces as we pan around the camp. These are
the original beach camp inhibitors. They have moved camp
into the jungle.

We focus on a shirtless SAWYER, who is sitting on a log
staring into the fire with sad eyes. JULIET approaches and
sits beside him.

JULIET: Have some hope, James.

SAWYER: Excuse me?

JULIET: You just watched our ticket off this island
explode, and possibly take Kate with it, and then you were
forced to play leader for a while. Have some hope that
everything will turn out okay.

SAWYER stays silent for a moment. JULIET looks into his
eyes and realizes he doesn’t want to talk.

JULIET:   I still think that after that amazing leader like
act you   did back on the beach you’d at least consider
leading   us. But if you want to mope around until something
happens   then at least put a shirt on.

She reaches into her bag and tosses SAWYER a shirt. He
catches it and puts it on. As he watches JULIET walk into
the camp we see something sparkle in his eyes.

SAWYER: Hey Jules!

JULIET turns around.
SAWYER (cont’d): Thanks. Thanks for saying I’d do great as
a leader. Only the truth is, (he makes room for Juliet on
his log and she sits down) I don’t think people would agree
with me.

JULIET smiles. She realizes she’s done her job.

JULIET: If your planning on asking them to settle in and
forget rescue then you have just proved you’ve got what it
takes. Just do what any old person would do- start with a

She gives him a tender smile before taking off again.

JULIET (O.S. as we look into SAWYER’S eyes): Nice call on
the move!

                                                  CUT TO:


MILES, DANIEL and the other red shirts have reached the
beach and begin to pull the boat up and away from the tide.

DANIEL (to red shirts): Grab some water and a pack I don’t
think we’ll be here long.

The red shirts follow DAN’S orders as MILES follows him
down the beach.

MILES: Listen to me man; I am not joking when I say that I
just spoke to someone who gave me orders. I really think
I’m supposed to do as he says.

DANIEL: And if I didn’t know you any better I would think
your crazy, but given I do know you better I do believe
that this is serious.

MILES: Then why’d you shut me up when I tried to explain
that to you earlier?

DANIEL: Because these people don’t need to be left in the
dark any longer.

MILES: Makes sense…
DANIEL: You said you knew the man trying to kill this
women… uhhhh Penny?

MILES: Yeah. He helped me realize that I am… who I am.

DANIEL: And a spiritual calling sounds nonetheless
important when you say he’s no murderer… so after we find
the group… and uhhhh… where we are, I’ll try to convince
them to let you off.

By now DANIEL has packed the rest of his things and grabbed
some water. They both now stand in front of the red shirts.

DANIEL: Okay, if there was any sane person in your group
I’d say they would have head into the jungle waiting for me
so uhhhh I guess we could start in here.

As they set off into the jungle, MILES holds DAN back, and
aggressively pushes him up against a tree. None of the
others seem to notice.

MILES: I am not following you until you tell me what just

DANIEL: I don’t have to tell you.

MILES loosens his grip and lets DANIEL walk over to his
pack and find his journal. He finds it and flips to the
page about the orchid.

DANIEL: Just read that page and a little of the next and
you should understand as well as I do.

MILES inspects the journal thoroughly while slowly trailing
behind DAN into the jungle as we

                                                    CUT TO:


The front door of the house opens and in walks DON in a
jogging suit listening to some music. He notices MILES
sitting in the same chair as the previous flashback and
takes one earphone out of his ear.

DON: Let me guess… no answer.
MILES: Actually… the guy answered and he got an appointment
set up for me in uhhhh… (He glances at the clock behind
him) actually right now.

DON: Oh awesome. I’ll drive you.

He gives MILES a reassuring smile, and MILES returns a weak
sarcastic one. DON ignores this and grabs the keys as Miles
gets his shoes and jacket on. We then

                                                  CUT TO:


MILES and DON are parked outside a creepy looking house
staring at it strangely.

DON: This the right address?

MILES: I guess. 815 Oceanview Drive.

DON: I guess I’ll pick you up around five?

MILES: Actually I think I’ll walk thanks Don.

DON shoots him an “at least I asked” look before driving
away. MILES looks at the house, a look of hope, and
determination etched on his face.

He slowly walks up to the front door and inspects the porch
area. It’s a dump compared to most other houses surrounding
it. MILES lets out a sigh and knocks on the door three

VOICE: Miles Straume?

MILES: Yeah I’m here to see Dr. Matt Grunberg?

The door opens and a man in his early thirties steps on to
the porch. He seems to be a lot cleaner and happier than
his house.

MAN: Here he is. But before we start would you mind some
tea, to calm the mind maybe?

MILES: No thank you I’ll be okay.
MATT smiles and motions for MATT to come inside. He enters
the living room and the interior appears much better then
the exterior. MILES sits on a couch and MATT sits across
from him in an armchair.

MATT: So, I hear you have been recently chatting with the
dead? Maybe even communicating as you’d say?

MILES: Odd isn’t it?

MATT: Is that really your definition of “odd”?

MILES: Yeah actually, I think having a conversation with my
dead mother every now and then after I fall asleep seems
odd enough to get five hours of sleep each night.

MATT: Hmmm… well have you ever considered possibly using
this to a financial advantage? You said you had no job over
the phone.

MILES: It doesn’t work that way. The dead people I talk to
always seem to send me a message that ends up coming true
in the end.

MATT chuckles.

MATT: What the hell did you need me for Miles? All I can do
now is suggest.

MILES looks confused.

MATT: And what I suggest you do… is use this special
ability of yours to help people who need to know about this
“dead message”. You’re a medium if you don’t already know
so use that and make someone’s life happy… what do you

MILES ponders this and gets a thankful look in his eyes. We
however don’t know his answer because we make an early

                                                  CUT TO:


MILES walks in the front door with a happy look on his face
as he tosses five one hundred dollar bills on the counter
much to DON’S surprise.
DON: He gave you my money back?

MILES (happily): Yep. Said I didn’t even need him. Said I
could make a living off my power.

DON: And what did you think of that?

MILES: I think it’ll do just fine.

We then end the flashback on MILES’ happy face as we

                                                  CUT TO:


CHARLOTTE, SAWYER, and JULIET all wait patiently at the
edge of the camp for the return of DANIEL and co. Almost as
if on queue, MILES, DANIEL, and the red shirts step out of
the bushes and we begin montage:

MONTAGE: Happy music plays as DANIEL gives CHARLOTTE a big
hug and they share a warm moment. DANIEL whispers something
in CHARLOTTE’S ear and she looks re assured as they
continue to share the warm embrace.

Next shot shows MILES showing SAWYER and JULIET the page
about the orchid in DAN’S journal. Muted voices imply he is
explaining what it says.

The montage ends with CHARLOTTE and DAN approaching MILES
and the rest. SAWYER takes his head away from the book.

SAWYER: Sounds like one hell of a Dharma Station. Can’t
believe missy blonde was kept in such lengthy dark hair
about it.

JULIET: Fertility gives you popularity not secrets.

SAWYER: Whatever you say, Jules.

DANIEL: Look Miles here needs a boat and I think it would
be appropriate to lend him one.


SAWYER: Wait a sec; I’m calling the shots?
JULIET: Either you or someone else.

SAWYER sighs.

SAWYER: You speak to another dead one?

MILES: They want me to go save some Penny chick.

DANIEL: Desmond’s girlfriend?

MILES: I don’t know but Charlie told me specifically that I
had to find someone named Penny. That she’s in grave danger
yadda yadda.

DANIEL: When Desmond hit turbulence last week or so ago he
mentioned that his constant was Penny, and seeing as a
constant is important to someone I’d say that if Penny’s in
danger Desmond is too.

SAWYER: Wait if he gets off the island does that mean Kate
must have too? And the others? Hugo Sayid?

DANIEL: Assuming that’s why Penny’s so close to us than

The group yet again looks towards SAWYER for the decision,
and we see the look in his eyes. He wants Kate safe.

SAWYER (to Miles): Go for it.

MILES looks pleased.

MILES: Thank you.

He begins to head off when JULIET stops him.

JULIET: Wait! Don’t you need a stronger boat then just a
blow up raft?

MILES: Thanks but no. I trust Charlie knows the waters.

SAWYER smiles knowingly, while JULIET looks confused. She
however doesn’t ask questions as she waits for MILES to
head off.

JULIET (to SAWYER): And you still don’t think your fit for
SAWYER seems to think this over.

SAWYER: I guess I have enough will power to do what Doc
Giggles did best.

JULIET smiles.

JULIET: Thank you James. You’re a good man.

SAWYER: Says you.

                                                  CUT TO:


MILES gets one last look at the beach before setting his
pack into the zodiac and steering off into the night.

                                                  CUT TO:


FRANK LAPIDUS walks across the deck of the searcher and
into the piloting room, where DESMOND and PENNY are sharing
a love filled moment.

FRANK: A-hem!

PENNY and DESMOND stop immediately and stare awkwardly at

DESMOND: Yes, Frank?

FRANK: Henrik picked up our location and said we’ll be back
on course tomorrow morning; we’ll reach a new port in less
than a five-day week.

PENNY: Good to know. Any news on any trackers?

FRANK: Well we found a GPS strapped to the hull but I
assumed you’d put it there in case your radio goes dead.

DESMOND gives PENNY a confused look, and PENNY returns it.

PENNY: Frank I never ordered any one, or put the GPS there
my self.
DESMOND: We’re being followed! Get Henrik to get his
reports straight next time!

He grabs a firearm off the wall as does FRANK. PENNY looks
at them with shock.

PENNY: I’ll sound an alarm!

DESMOND: No! We need to make it look like we don’t know
anyone’s following us yet! I’ll go around to the crew and
spread the word you go get security ready! Frank, come with
me, brother!

As we watch DESMOND, PENNY, and FRANK take off in all
directions, we zoom out across the ocean a few feet to
reveal MATT GRUNBERG’S boat stationed quietly behind the

                                                  CUT TO:


We see the teenage version of MATT GRUNBERG with all his
military equipment on staring straight at the searcher. An
accomplice, presumably GREG, mans the boat controls.

MATT: I’m calling Ben.

GREG: What, why?

MATT: They know were here, and I’m confused.

GREG: Look here boy! Ben’s not going to be here for you all
the time so just do as you’re told and stop fearing

MATT takes a deep breath.

MATT: Then what do you suggest I do?

GREG smiles maliciously as we

                                                  CUT TO:


DESMOND and FRANK are briefing security.
DESMOND: My guess is that their planning a broadside
collision so if we get one half guarding one side and the
other half guarding the other side that way each side is
prepared for a-

DESMOND is interrupted by a mans shouting.

CREWMAN: HUME! They’re coming off the stern of the ship!

DESMOND turns around and the man is revealed to be HENRIK.

DESMOND: Get out now, brother!

A gunshot rings out and HENRIK falls over dead, a bullet
wound in his back. The security men get into a defensive
position, and begin firing at the unknown attackers.

                                             QUICK CUT TO:

MILES in the zodiac, going at an incredibly fast pace with
his eyes closed. He appears to be communicating.

                                             CUT BACK TO:

DESMOND, FRANK, and security firing at MATT’S strongly
fortified boat, as it gets closer. Many crewman are diving
for cover, falling over dead or wounded, and barking

                                             QUICK CUT TO:

MILES running out of motor power on the raft. He quickly
closes his eyes and mutters something before speeding off
once again twice as fast into the night.

                                             LAST CUT TO:

Only a few more people are left on the searcher. We go to
the piloting room where we see PENNY has locked herself in.
She is sobbing and looking out the glass window at DESMOND
and what’s left of the crew.

On deck, MATT’S boat has finally collided with the
searcher. Both MATT and GREG step out and point guns at
DESMOND and co.
MATT: I’m looking for a woman named Penelope Widmore is she
present? I will not hurt any of you if you hand her over.

GREG: Yeah, no more blood has to spill tonight.

Their voices fade out as we see that just low enough
underneath the hull; MILES has incredibly reached the
searcher. He parks the raft and ties it to the side. He
then reaches into his bag and pulls out a small handgun. He
creeps up over the railing and behind the side of the pilot
cabin where he peers over and notices DESMOND getting told
off by MATT and GREG.

Something else catches his eye: PENNY is hiding in the
pilot cabin, and he notices an opposite entrance. He creeps
over to that door and sneaks inside.

PENNY: Who are you?

MILES: Someone who can help… is that your boyfriend out
there now?

PENNY nods.

MILES: Did you have any idea these men… well… man and a
half were on to you?

PENNY: No. My security found a tracker and minutes later
these guys showed up. What do they want?

MILES: Probably information about your father.

PENNY: Why not find him then?

MILES: Well its harder than it looks I’ll tell you that…
listen to me though I can get Lapidus and youe boyfriend
safe, but listen to everything I say.

PENNY nods.

Out on the deck, MATT is looking at the photo of DESMOND
and PENNY.

MATT (to GREG): Kill that one. (pointing to DESMOND) Maybe
she’ll come out then.
GREG forces DESMOND to his knees, and points his gun at the
back of his head.

GREG: Ten seconds Mrs. Widmore!

DESMOND closes his eyes, and begins to cry.

DESMOND: I’m sorry Pen.

Silence… then BANG!

GREG is the one who falls over and into the water out of
sight. MILES stands behind FRANK with a smoking gun.

MATT: Straume?

MILES: Do I know you?

MATT: I’m doctor Matt Grunberg remembers?

MILES: Your 13 years old!

MATT: It was an accident, but sorry you have to see my
other colours, but sadly I have to do this.

MATT pulls out a grenade from his jacket. DESMOND begins
running and MATT points his gun, only to have it shot out
of his own hand by MILES. DESMOND continues to run but
trips half way. FRANK tries to help him up, but MILES pulls
him away. PENNY then runs in and helps him up; they share a
quick kiss before continuing to run.

Meanwhile, MATT struggles with his grenade. He finally gets
it set up before tossing it straight towards the pilot

FRANK: Grenade!

MILES pulls FRANK aside and pushes him off the boat before
jumping off himself. DESMOND attempts to leave to but
notices PENNY straggling behind. Last we see is MATT
jumping into his boat and begin to turn away, and DESMOND
shed a tear as the whole mid section of the boat is blown
to shreds, knocking DESMOND overboard.
MILES and FRANK pull of the zodiac raft and get DESMOND
inside as we watch the searcher slowly split in two… and


MILES: Frank get the boat running!

FRANK: It just wont start!


DESMOND begins to break down and sob before falling to the
floor of the zodiac and fainting. MILES attempts to wake
him but FRANK stops him.

FRANK: Poor guy. Let him sleep. He’s gone through a lot.

MILES stops and just continues to stare at the wreckage.

FRANK: How’d you get from the island to here so fast?

MILES (still staring at wreckage): Trust me when I say I
didn’t do it alone.

FRANK looks at him curiously before watching the wreckage
burn as well. It’s here we close up on MILES’ face as we

                                                  CUT TO:


MILES STRAUME sits in an apartment room that strongly
resembles JACK’S from “TTLG”. He doesn’t have the beard,
but isn’t as healthy either. He looks tired, as if he
hasn’t slept in days. He patiently sits at a kitchen table.
Suddenly the phone rings, and he answers it almost

MILES: Hello?

VOICE: Miles Straume? Are you still doing your medium
business here in town?

MILES: Privately yeah, why? Who is this?
VOICE: Neither of those questions matter but what does
matter is that I know you can communicate with the dead.

MILES: That’s what Medium’s do.

VOICE: Well I’ll pay you 3.2 million dollars if you can
solve a case I have for you.

MILES: Wow for real? What case is this?

VOICE: I will give you 3.2 million dollars if you find out
who murdered Jeremy Bentham.

                                                    CUT TO:


MATT is on the phone with someone.

MATT: I got her. (Pause) No there were survivors, but Ben I
got her!

BEN: Well then… let me take care of survivors. Bring her to
me now and I will make sure you are rewarded.

MATT looks proud.

MATT: Will do Ben. Sit tight I’ll be right there!

He turns off his phone and looks over his shoulder.

MATT: I’m sorry it had to go this way.

We pan around to reveal PENNY tied to a chair and gagged,
tears streaming down her face.

                                                    CUT TO:

                    L O S T

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