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					                                                     “VINIA TRAIAN”
                                 Joint-Stock Company “Gavanoasa Winery”
                                       Producer of High-Quality Wines
                                                Cahul district, Republic of Moldova

      "VINIA TRAIAN" produces a broad assortment of dry and fortified wines - more than 17 kinds. Every
year 90 % of production consists of Champaign and dry table wines. The most popular are dry table wines,
made from red sorts of grape; Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi.
      "VINIA TRAIAN" is the leader of producing and wholesale of wine in bulk. We are offering you wine of
the 2001st year's harvest at the following prices:

                   NAME OF SORTS                              Bottles       Alcohol %    Price (USD/bottle)
                                                                                          from the Seller's
1. White dry ordinary wine in assortment                                                     Warehouse
    Aligote                                                     0,7           Min 10     1,2
    Sauvignon                                                   0,7           Min 10     1,8
    Floricica                                                   0,7           Min 10     1,2
3. Red table wine in assortment
    Cabernet                                                    0,7           Min   10   1,5
    Merlot                                                      0,7           Min   10   1,5
    Mugurel                                                     0,7           Min   10   1,5
    Pinot Fran                                                  0,7           Min   10   1,5
    Saperavi                                                    0,7           Min   10   1,5
4. Fortified wine in assortment
    Margaritar (Muscat Zhemchuzhina)                            0,7             16       1,8
    Kagor VK                                                    0,7             17       2,1

Prices are ex-works.
Boxes are 12 bottles.

        The wine products of our winery have been in good demand in both home market and international
market. For the last 5 years 90 % of our wine products have been sold in Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia,
Rumania, Germany, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
        We guarantee professional and timely fulfillment of all our engagements, high quality of our
production, facilitating toward a partner.
        If you are interested in the offers and in other production of JSC “VINIA TRAIAN”, you can receive
detail information from our representative office in Kaliningrad:
Tel./fax: (7-0112) 53-07-48; 53-64-01
e-mail: businessexpert@tis-dialog.ru

contact persons:
          George Dykhanov