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					                        Role of planets to Name & Fame – II
                                                                             Dr. S.C. Kursija
                                                                           Pawan Kumar Jain

Generally speaking a horoscope has no merits, if there are no planet in 10 th house or
aspects 10th house or there are no planet, particularly natural benefic planet Jupiter,
Venus, Murcury or Moon in Kendra at least. In an average horoscope, we find
controversial planets in combination such as Saturn-Rahu, Saturn-Mars, Moon-Ketu,
Sun-Venus, Jupiter-Rahu. Saturn-Ketu, Sun-Saturn, Moon-Saturn, Mars-Rahu, Mars-
Ketu etc. The planets get exalted in trik houses. Weak in navamsha planets in bhava
sandhi planets having low or high longitude mrit avastha or bal avastha and dosha of
yoga karaka planets at improper time of life. Actually speaking the house of prosperity
2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th are strong and auspiciously disposed and Lagna and Lagna Lord
are strong, well fortified, money flows unobstructed. Astrologers have given various
yoga and names to such yogas. They are termed as Raja yoga. Whatever may be the name
but above houses should be related and fortified.

                         Some yogas for name fame and for him.

1. Sunpha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga

If the 12th house from Moon is tenanted by some natural benefic planet except-Sun in the
horoscope, Anapha yoga is formed, the native having benefic in 12 th to Moon is
bestowed with prestige, prosperity and popularity etc.

If the 2nd house from Moon is occupied by a benefic planet except-Sun Sunapha yoga is
farmed. The native enjoys luxury abandanu and prosperity in his life.

The Durudhara yoga is farmed when benefic planet are occupying 2 nd and 12th from
Moon. It is also a shubha yoga.

If there are malefic planets in 2 nd or 12th or 2nd and 12th or there is no planet in 2 nd or 12th
from Moon-Kemdrum yoga, a ashubha yoga is formed which produces miseries in the
life of the native.

This ashubha yoga gets cancelled if there are planets natural benefic planet in Kendra
from Moon or Lagna. The planet should be strong and fortified.

Similarly Sun should also have benefic planet in 2 nd or 12th or in 2 nd & 12 th. Vesi, Vasi
and Ubhayachari yogas. Because both the planets Sun & Moon acts as a lagna. They are
ought to be fortified.

2. Maha-Bhagya-Yoga

According to sage mantreshwaro, if in a male chart lagna, Moon and Sun all be placed in
odd signs at the time of birth (Maha-Bhagy yoga is formed) and birth should be in day.

In a female chart Lagna, Moon and Sun all be placed in even signs and birth should be at

But experience have shown that all the three lagans be in odd or even signs and the birth
may be in day or night time Maha-Bhagya yoga is formed and the nature is conferred
with fortune and have respect from all in his field of activity according to the strength of
planets in the birth chart.

Let us take the horoscope of Murarji Desai the Late Prime Minister of India.

                  4                                               10
                                  2                                              8 Mo
                 Ju                                               Ra
           5               3                                11              9
           Mo                             1                 Ma                             7

                  6               12                              12                6
                                                                  Su               Ju

           7                                                1
           Sa              9              11                                 3                 5
                                     Sa                                     Sa
                      8           10 Ra                             2              4
                                Ma, Ve,                            Ve             Me Ke
                          D-1                                              D-9

The birth is during day time and all the three lagans are in odd signs. Late Prime Minister
of India Smt Indra Gandhi.

                  5                                                1
                                3 Ke                                             11 Mo
            6              4                                2               12
                           Sa              2                Ju                             10
                                          Ju                                               Sa

                  7               1                               3                9
                                                                  Ra               Ke

           8                                                4
           Su             10              12                                6                  8
           Me             Mo
                   9                                                5              7
                 Ve, Ra          11                              Su, Mar          Me Ve

                          D-1                                              D-9

The birth is at night and all the three lagans are in even sign

Here is a horoscope of a common native

                 10                                                7
                 Ma              8                                Sa              5
           11              9                                8               6
           Mo                             7                                                4

                 12              6                                 9               3
                Ke Me            Ra                               Ju             Su, Ve

           1                                                10
           Su Sa           3                  5                            12               2
           Ju Ve                                                           Ra
                   2                  4                           11                  1

                          D-1                                              D-9
The birth is at night and all the Lagnas are in odd signs. Though he has respect in his field
of activity but has no wealth. There is name and fame but no fortune, therefore the
strength of the planets and the nakshtra they occupy have influence. Lagna is in the
nakshatra of Venus 6 th and 11th Lord, Malefic for the Lagna. Sun is in the nakshatra of
Ketu and Moon is in the nakshatra of Rahu. So the native has no fortune. Only to have
yoga has no meaning till the planet forming the yoga are strong and fortified. If we think
deeply, I would like to submit that till the planet is strong is Navamsha, no good results
are coming forth, because navamsha indicate the pada in which the planet is deposited.

3. Vasumati yoga

If all the benefic planets are deposited in 3 rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house (Upachaya) reckoned
either from Lagna or Moon sign, Vasumati yoga is formed as a result of which pleasure,
prosperity prestige etc is conformed to the native.

One has to perform some Karma in the would of material. So the importance of 10 th
house cannot be ignored. 6 th house is 9th from 10th house. The Karma done in present life.
Similarly 3rd is the velour of the native and 11 th is 9th from 3rd house indicating fruits of
the velour. So our sages termed these houses as upachaya to increase. In the present
world of competition even the malefic planets in these houses are to increase the wealth
material. The material in life gives only physical comforts in life. It does not give peace
of mind. Therefore Sage Parashar has stated that the dasha of Lords of 3 rd, 6th and 11th is
inauspicious. It does not mean that it does not give wealth but does not give peace of
mind. Where there is no peace of mind, one cannot have sound sleep at high. The life is
full of quarrels, litigations and disputes, full of miseries and worries, no harmony with
wife and children, one suffers from diseases and debts. Therefore our sages have
welcomed benefic planets in these houses so that increase in wealth should be through
righteous path.

4. Gaja Kesari yoga

When Jupiter is placed in Kendra from Moon, Gaja Kesari yoga is formed. According
some other astrologers, Gaja Kesaria yoga is also formed when Moon is aspected by
strong Venus, Jupiter or Mercury.

A native born under Gaja Kesari yoga will be powerful, endowed wealth and prestige,
comforts, pleasures and luxuries.

This yoga is common and visible in the horoscope of powerful persons and small and
indigent people. So to reap the fruits of this yoga Moon and Jupiter should be strong
enough. They should be strong in navamsha and posited in the nakshtra Lords of
auspicious houses. Both the planets-Moon and Jupiter should be posited in auspicious
houses and should not be associated or aspected by malefic planets. They should be
associated with or aspected by benefic planets.

5. The Panch Mahapurusha Yoga and other Karaka yogas

Sage varahmihira in his work Brihat Jataka say that

  I. A native is fortunate when his birth is in vargotham planet in same sign in birth
     chart and Navamsha chart.
 II. When there is a benefic planet in the Vesi (2 nd house from Sun)

 III. When Kendras are occupied by benefic planets

IV. Karaka yoga i.e. the planets posited in kendras, occupying their own sign or sign of
    Mooltrikona or sign of exaltation. When such a planet is present in Kendra, the
    yoga is called Punch Mahaparusha yoga.

Sage man treshwara in his work Phal Deepika says that these karaka planets should to
reckoned from Moon also.

It is sure to confer high post reputation, prestige and fame if one or more planets are
present in own sign, Mooltribone sign on sign of exaltation. What to say when such a
planet is present in Kendra.

6. Kahala Yoga

If the lord of the sign occupied by the Lagna Lord be in his exaltation or in his own sign
posited in Kendra or Trikona, the yoga is called Kahala. The native who is born in Kahal
yoga will be intelligent, have reputation prestige and be wealthy and prosper.

7. Lakshmi yoga

If the Lord of 9th house and Venus be posited in their own or exaltation sign identical
with a Kendra or trikona the yoga is called Lakshmi yog and the native will be wealthy

8. Shri Natha yoga

I. When the 7th Lord is posited in the 10th house identical with exaltation and conjoined
   with 9th Lord, Shri nath yoga is formed. The native will be wealthy and prosper

II. In Phal Deepika another form of Shrinath yoga has been given. If Venus the 9 th Lord
    and Mercury be posited in Kendra or Trikona in sign of exaltation or own sign or of
    the sign of a friend. Shri Nath yoga is formed.

9. Adhi yoga

There are two type of Adhiyoga

      I. Lagnadhi yoga

     II. Chandradhi yoga

If the benefic planets are posited in 6 th, 7th and 8th house from Lagna or Moon the
Lagnadhi or Chandradhi yoga. Respectively is formed. The native is blessed with long
life, freedom from diseases, wealth and prestige.

According to some astrologer it is not necessary that 6 th, 7th and 8th all be occupied by
benefic planets. Any two or there should be occupied or any one should be occupied. The
planets in 6th, 7th and 8th aspects 12th Lagna or Moon and 2 nd house which are important
10. Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga

According to astrological principles the planets are exalted or debilitated also. When a
planet is debilitated it with held his effects or is not able to give his effects in full. The
debilitation of the planet gets cancelled and the native gets authority if

   1. When in a birth chart the lord of the sign in which the planet is debilitated
      (depositor) occupies a Kendra from Lagna or Moon in the birth chart, the
      debilitation gets cancelled.

   2. If the Lagna is occupied by the depositor of the debilitated planet.

   3. If the depositor of the debilitated planet aspects the said planet

   4. The planet that gets exalted in the sign in which the planet is debilitated occupies
      a Kendra to the Moon or Lagna.

              Mars is debilitated = Cancer and Jupiter is exalted = Cancer.

              If in a chart Mars is debilitated in Cancer and Jupiter occupies Kendra
               from Moon or Lagn, the debilitation of Mars gets cancelled and confer
               authority to the natives.

   5. If the depositor of the debilitated planet and the planet that get exalted in that sign
      are in Kendra from each other.

   6. If the debilitated planet is conjoined with its depositor.

   7. If the debilitated planet is aspected by the planet that gets exalted in that sign
      (same sign)

   8. If the debilitated planet conjoins with the planet that gets exalted in that sign.

The yoga makes a person powerful wealthy, virtuous and famous.

11. Vipareet Rajyoga

The yoga produces unexpected gain of wealth and authority. These are three in number.

       1. If the 8th Lord is posited in 6th or 12th house.

       2. If 12th Lord is posited in 6 th or 8th house.

       3. If 6th Lord is posited in 8th or 12th house.

The Lords of trik house may be connected with each other by exchange, mutual aspect,
etc. But should not be associated with or aspected by any other planet particularly

Let us take the horoscope of Late Prime Minister Narsimha Rao.
                7                                                 6
                                5                                                   4
                              Sa Ju                       7
           8             6                                                  5
                                      4                  Mo Ju,                           3
                                                          Ra                              Me

                9              3 Ma,                             8                   2
                              Su, Me                            Sa

           10                                              9
                        12             2                   Ve               11
                        Mo                                                Su, Me          1 Ke
                 11                                               10
                               1 Ke                                                  12
                        D-1                                               D-9

In this chat 8th Lord Mars and 12th Sun conjoin in 10th house forming Vipreet Rajayoga
associated with Lagna Lord and 10 th Lord Mercury which gave him prime minister ship.
6th Lord Saturn is posited in 12 th forming another Vipreet Raj Yoga. Take the horoscope
of ex-prime minister Sh. Chandra Shekhar.

                2                                               10
                               12                                                  8 Sa
                Ve             Me
          3             1                                  11               9
          Ma            Su            11                                  Ma, Ra           7
          Ra                          Ju                                                  Mo

                4               10                              12                   6

           5                                               1
                         7            9                    Sa                3            5
                        Mo            Ke                                  Ju, Ke          Ma
                    6                                                 2              4

                        D-1                                               D-9

There many yogas and vargottam planet. Besides all this, Vipreet Rajayoga is formed by
positing 6th Lord in 12th in debilitation. Mercury being debilitated further increases the
strength of Raja yoga.

   1. Maharishi Parashar says that the relationship of Lagna lord 5 th Lord 7th Lord,
      Putra Kanaka, Atma Karka produces Raja yoga i.e. name and fame and wealth.

   2. Relationship of 9th lord and 10th lord produces Raja Yoga.

   3. Relationship Atma Karaka and 9 th lord in 1st, 5th or 7th house produces Raja yoga.

   4. If benefic planets are posited in 2 nd , 4th or 5th from Atma Karaka produces Raja

   5. If malefic planets are posited in 3 rd or 6th produces Raja yoga.

   6. If benefic planets are posited in 2 nd, 4th and 5th from Lagna lord or 7 th lord or
      malefic planets in 3rd and 6th produces Raja yoga.
   7. If Venus is posited in Karakansha Lagna or 5 th from Karakamsha lagna or in
      lagna or 5th from lagna and Jupiter and Moon conjoin or aspect the native is near
      to king i.e. he is minister or member of parliament or assembly.

   In this way he has given many yogas as Raja yoga. But he has wasred that one Raja
   yoga is not sufficient there should be two or more Raja yoga to produce name, fame
   and wealth and planets concerned should be fortified also.

   He has given more importance to karkamsha Chart, Atma Karaka and Amatya karka

   8. According to him any planet which aspected the lagna is benefic (BPHS Raja yog,
      42) even if a debilitated planet aspects the lagna is benefic.

   9. If a debilitated planet is posited in 3, 6, 8 and lagna lord is fortified and aspects
      the lagna lord produces Raja yoga.

   10. If lord of 6th, 8th and 12th are related or exchange houses or posited in own sign as
       a debilitated or sign of enemy or combust or afflicted and lagna lord is strong and
       aspects the lagna or posited in lagna produces Raja yoga.

   11. If benefic planets are posited in Kendra or trikona and malefic planets are posited
       in 3, 6, 11 produces Raja yoga.

   12. If 10th Lord is exalted or posited in own sign and aspects the lagna produce raja
       yoga or If 10th lord Mas any relation with lagna lord, produces raja yoga.

For political patronage Maharish Parashar has said the following yoga.

   1. 10th Lord and 5th lord from lagna and Amatya Karaka has any relationship, one
      becomes prime minister or chief minister.

   2. 11th Lord aspects 11th house, 10th lord aspects 10th house and no malefic planet is
      posited or aspects 10 house one comes minister.

   3. If there is any relationship between Amatya Karaka and Atma karaka one be
      comes minister

   4. If Amatya karaka is posited in exaltation or own sign and aspected or conjoined
      with benefic planet one becomes minister.

   5. If Amataya karaka posited is lagna 5 th or 9th in sign of exaltation or own sign one
      become minister.

   6. If Amatya karaka is posited in Kendra or trikona from Atma karaka.

   7. If Amatya Karaka is posited in sign of exaltation or own sign in Kendra or trikona
      and mas relation with 9th lord or 9th lord is posited in Kendra or trikona and
      associated with A…….?
   8. If Atma karaka is depositor of Moon and posited in Lagna with benefic planet one
      become minister.

   9. Lord of Karakamsh lagna and depositor of Moon are posited in Lagna with
      benefic planet one becomes minister.

   10. If Pada lagna of 9th house is lagna of birth chart or posited in 9 th from Atma
      Karaka or Amatya karaka one become minister.

       In this way there are more yoga in which lords of 9 th, 10th and 11th are related and
       fortified give minister ship. The Amatya karaka planet has important role to give
       minister ship.

The relationship of Saturn and Jupiter is very important the Birth about. If Jupiter and
Saturn are in 1/7 relation ship. Kshatra Simha same yoga is formed. The native is
educated powerful and wealthy.

Amala Yoga : If benefic planets are posited in 10 th form lagna or Moon Amala yoga is
formed. The native will attain name and fame.

If Moon is in Scorpio particularly in the constellation of Ameradha whose lord is Saturn
and a benefic planet is posited in Kendra (Jupiter or Venus) from lagna or Moon. The
native will got losting name and fame provided 10 th or 9th should also be strong.

For a scientist or researcher or astrologer who cultivale the quality of hard work courage
to face failure despite frustilion and failures they go on working hand doggishly require
position of Mercury in Kendra or Trikona or 2/12, 3/11 towards Jupiter or Moon and
either of them should have relation with 5 th house or 5th Lord.

                8                                              1
                              6 Ke                                         11
                              Me Sa                                        Ju
            9        7 Mo,                                2          12
           Sa        Ve, Ma           5                   Ma                    10

                10               4                             3            9

           11                                             4                     8
                      1               3                   Me          6
                      Ma                                                      Sa,
                12                                               5          7 ve
                Ra                                              Su         Ra Mo

                     D-1                                             D-9

It is a horoscope of world reknown astrologer Merc is in 2/12 position to Moon and 3/11
to Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted and Mer is exalted.

Dr. B. V. Raman has Mercury in Kendra to Moon and Jupiter.

Sh. M. N. Kedar has mercury in 1/7 to Moon and 3/11 to Jupiter.

All above are known astrologers.

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