Anti-Static _ Moisture Barrier Bag by sdfwerte


									                                      DC No.: jc-aluminumbag-001.Rev.A

Anti-Static & Moisture Barrier Bag

  MOISTURE BARRIER BAG was designed specifically for
  the critical requirement (ESD & MOISTURE VAPOR
  BARRIER) of moisture sensitive devices, components and
  solder reflow process surface mount devices. These bags
  are currently being used for SMD TAPE and REEL, FLAT
  PACK and SHIPPING TUBES. These bags are ideally
  suited for vacuum packing and nitrogen flush packing.

     Static dissipative inner and outer layers
     Protects against electromagnetic interference
     Meeting the electrical and physical requirements of
     EIA 583, EIA 541, EIA 625 and MIL-B-81705, Type 1
                                                                   DC No.: jc-aluminumbag-001.Rev.A


        ITEM                   UNIT                INDEX                      STANDARD
      Metal layer
                                 Ω                   <0 .1                     ASTMD257
      re s i s t a n c e
 Shielding capability            dB                  >6 0                    MIL-B*81705-C
  Shielding voltage              V                   <1 0                       EIA541
  Tensile strength               kg              >24lb (10kg)                  FTMS101
   Water Vapour
                  24hrs        0 .0 0 0 6 g m              ASTMF1249
Oxygen transmission 24hrs        0 .0 0 0 6 g m              ASTMF1249
    Inner surface
                                 Ω                   108-11                    ASTMD257
   Outer surface
                                 Ω                   108-11                    ASTMD257
       Heat seal
                                 °C                 1 7 0± 10                        --
   Heat seal time               Sec.                0 .3 – 0 .5                   --
 Heat seal pressure              Pa                  40 - 60                      --
    Seal strength                °C                 >3 k g /c m               GB/96-04-10
                                              No delamination,
                                             burst seal, wrinkle,
                                             warp, break, foreign
     Appearance                  --                                           GB/96-04-10
                                             particle adherence,
                                              air bubble beyond
                                               sealing Φ≦3mm
                                               Thickness ±10%;
         Size                   mm                length ±3mm;                GB/96-04-10
                                                   wi d t h ± 2 m m

                Custom size available

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