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4 Steps based on Knowledge Management of CTOP


									First Pacific Technologies: 4 Steps based on Knowledge Management of

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KM, Knowledge Management is a concept of new economic period of internet development
and a reuse and reorganization of knowledge, in order to perform knowledge mining from
massive information and management for visible and invisible knowledge. First Pacific
Technologies, as a leading collaborate software supplier, deploys collaborate management
platform based on SOA for many international enterprises. KM is regarded as the focus of the
entire solution.

First Pacific Technologies KM solution is to build a quantified and qualified knowledge system
based on CTOP SOA middle ware. Through acquirements, creation, sharing, integration,
record, storing, innovation and etc., feedbacks are continuously back to knowledge system to
form a continuous individual accumulation and cycle of organizational intelligence, which can
be wisdom capital of management and application helping enterprise to make correct decision
to respond to changing market.

Generally speaking, KM is a long term operation policy. First Pacific Technologies gives great
benefit to KM solution:

     1. Creation of enterprise competition value

     2. Enterprise profit increase

     3. Reduction of enterprise cost

     4. Increase of enterprise efficiency

     5. Building of new enterprise culture

With rapid development of Chinese economy, daily business management of enterprise has
been also changed a lot. Customer orientation, individualized services and other concepts
have been brought onto stage. Core competency of enterprise has changed from product,
quality to rapid response, continuous innovation and adoption of internal and external
environments. Traditional management method can be no longer suitable for these
requirements. Fully management, application, improvement of enterprise knowledge
management and intelligence are essential keys of current competitive market.

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Knowledge, defined as refined information, which can change organization, individual and
matters. Enterprise knowledge can be regarded as experiences and skills during solving
business problems according to specific environment. Knowledge management is to evaluate
and reuse resources for business operational improvement.

For collaborate software, KM is the focus, second important aspect below Business Process
Management. In addition, for practical applications, BPM is the core of collaborate software
while the most general part with most requirements. From the aspect of functionality of current
software products, KM and BPM have been already integrated. Collaborate products provide
always the transfer flow knowledge, knowledge transfer and ect..

For KM, 4 states are the prerequisites. As a new concept of management – collaborate
software provides more and more knowledge functions. As for these 4 states, KM is being
gradually performed.

First Pacific Technologies uses ladder of middle ware about KM to offer complete,
comprehensive KM application functions for users. From the chart above, we can see the KM
solution of First Pacific Technologies based on Fundan CTOP KM platform. Knowledge may
experience 4 states of “data, information, knowledge, intelligence”. In computer system, data is
divided into structural and non structural classes. Structural data includes data which can be
located and non structural data are mass storages of texts and videos. Data management is
the first step of KM.

Information is the second step of KM. As soon as the connection is built, information can be
created. E.g. E-R database data is the one we often use. Transfer WORD data and etc. into
E-R database for later reuse, index and etc. are provided in News, Notice, Knowledge
Document Management.

Address: Unit 502, 5/F Chuangs’ Hunghom Plaza 83 Wuhu street Howloon, Hongkong.
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Knowledge management is the third step, at the same time, the most important one.

After arrangement of information, daily operational knowledge can be created. In CTP
software portfolio, information arrangement and knowledge acquirement with other solutions
include manual and automatic acquirement. Knowledge classification is relative practical and
advanced. Multidimensional management concept is being accepted in china. Knowledge can
be therefore stored and analyzed in multi ways. One knowledge document can be classified
into different classes. This method satisfies the demand of various application requirements.

In knowledge storage, knowledge profiling and individualization are 2 important concepts. The
difference is: entry aspect different. Profiling is to describe knowledge from the unit aspect.
Individualization is the regard knowledge from users. In practical works, public knowledge
usually comes from individual knowledge. Private and public knowledge should exist at the
same time. In software, personal online writing and uploaded knowledge files can increase
knowledge acquirement speed to unify public knowledge and private knowledge into one entity
and realize unique storage for public and private knowledge.

In First Pacific Technologies Solution based on CTOP core technologies, knowledge should
be acquired, shared, and after that approved. Knowledge contents, classification, coding,
spread degrees should also be managed and monitored. Knowledge audit is always the main
difficulty of KM. Ctop software realizes knowledge distributed gathering, integrated
maintenance and knowledge auditing. Organization integration or department integration are
both possible.

Knowledge after audit can be shared, spread according to extending degree and solutions.
Practically, for better reading, knowledge mapping function is also offered. Current, only CTOP
and few suppliers make this point. Most KM software products are made manually. In CTOP
software, besides automatic knowledge mapping creation and etc., a knowledge overview
directory may be built, in which different characters, roles, departments are created.

Another important concept of KM, is visible and invisible knowledge, visible knowledge is
publicized knowledge through organizational behaviors. In CTOP product portfolio, visible
knowledge generally includes: news press, notices, regulations, files, reports and etc., invisible
knowledge is the knowledge in the mind of each individual including knowledge paper,
discussion, blogs and etc..

After knowledge becomes guidance of behavior, it can be accepted as a general method and
“wisdom”. In CSCW computer assisted CTOP software products and AI industry, intelligence
is the target that we pursue. Currently no efficient solution is available for this target. CTOP
provides knowledge recommendation and reports functions, partly realizes intelligence
management application.
Address: Unit 502, 5/F Chuangs’ Hunghom Plaza 83 Wuhu street Howloon, Hongkong.
Tel: +852 3520 2181 Fax: +852 2189 7038 Email:
KM is a very complicated IT application field with management system. KM combines many
universal management and application concepts. Now matter how complicated KM is, users
can compose a harmonized a musical movement according to KM of First Pacific
Technologies based on CTOP development platform.

Address: Unit 502, 5/F Chuangs’ Hunghom Plaza 83 Wuhu street Howloon, Hongkong.
Tel: +852 3520 2181 Fax: +852 2189 7038 Email:

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