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									                                             EDIBLE          BE AUTY           AIDS                 FEBRUARY              2005

                             YUMMY NORTHWEST
                                       MARY ROSEWOOD, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER
                                            LESLIE PHILLIPS, COPY EDITOR
                                                 KENT, WASHINGTON

BEAUTIFUL                                                                           and stored in the freezer until the next bath
                                                                                    – just pop a cube or two into the water.

ENOUGH TO EAT                                                                       This soak is especially good combined
Beauty begins in nature. Here in the
Pacific Northwest we are blessed with the
                                                 The Nose Doesn't                   Grapefruit Facial Mask
natural beauty of tall trees, clean skies and    Always Know                        In a blender, mix 2 egg whites until they
pristine mountains. Stand in the produce                                            turn foamy. Add 2 teaspoons sour cream
section of a market and enjoy the                Just because something             and 2 teaspoons unsweetened grapefruit
cornucopia of colors and smells.                 smells good doesn't mean it        juice, then blend again for about 30
                                                 is good for you.                   seconds. Apply the grapefruit facial mask
Yet even in this lovely corner of the world                                         to your face, leave on for 15 minutes, then
                                                 "The aroma of food can be          rinse off with tap water. Use chilled rinse
lurks a danger that is found everywhere.         responsible for as much as
Though commercial soaps, make-up and                                                water for a more refreshing experience.
                                                 90 percent of its flavor.
perfumes smell good and help us look             …
good, their appeal is mostly due to artificial
chemicals. When these chemicals                  "[Brian] Grainger [senior
overwhelm a body, a person can suffer            flavorist at International
                                                 Flavor and Fragrances, the
from what is called – among other names –
                                                 world's largest flavor             Seaweed Bath
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).             company, New Jersey] had
                                                                                    Don't just eat seaweed (see Yummy
                                                 brought a dozen small glass
On page 2, reader Candi Hyatt, Federal           bottles from the lab. After he     Northwest, July 2004), soak in it!
Way, Wash., tells how she learned to cope        opened each bottle, I dipped
with MCS. Candi's account reminds us that        a fragrance testing filter into    Fill your tub with hot water and throw in a
long before commercial beauty aids, nature       it. … Before placing the strips    handful of any dried or fresh seaweed. (Tie
provided what are still healthy alternatives.    of paper before my nose, I         it in a muslin bag for easy retrieval – this is
                                                 closed my eyes. Then I             recommended.) The water might turn a
                                                 inhaled deeply, and one food       lovely sea green or brownish depending on
The following are a few beauty recipes
                                                 after another was conjured         the seaweed. Its briny smell evokes ocean
from natural sources. Candi suggests a few       from the glass bottles. I
more ideas in her article. Take time mixing,                                        beach walks. Your skin will be soft after a
                                                 smelled fresh cherries, black
applying, waiting and removing. Dim the          olives, sautéed onions, and        20-minute soak.
lights, relax and enjoy the slow but sure        shrimp. Grainger's most
process of beautification.                       remarkable creation took me        Oatmeal Scrub
                                                 by surprise. After closing my      Mix a handful of oatmeal with enough
                                                 eyes, I suddenly smelled a         water to make a thick paste. Rub over your
                                                 grilled hamburger. The             face or body. Rinse with warm water.
                                                 aroma was uncanny, almost
Citrus Bath Soak                                 miraculous. It smelled like
Squeeze into a jar the juice of one orange,      someone in the room was            Green Tea for Eyes
one tangerine, one lemon, one lime and           flipping burgers on a hot grill.   Steep two green-tea bags in warm or cold
one grapefruit. (Or use whatever                 But when I opened my eyes,         water for one minute. Place the bags on
combination of citrus fruit is available.)       there was just a narrow strip      your eyes for a few relaxing minutes to
Process the peels of each fruit in a blender     of white paper and a smiling       soothe and reduce puffiness.
until very fine and then put in the jar of
                                                 From Why the Fries Taste
Put this mixture in a warm bath. Any             Good chapter in "Fast Food
leftover can be frozen in an ice cube tray       Nation," by Eric Schlosser
For the Love of Scent                                                               scents so needed in the mating game. Studies
By Candi Hyatt                                                                      show men are more aroused by the smell of
                                                                                    freshly baked cinnamon rolls and women by the
I used to pick large bouquets of lilacs and fill my                                 natural scent of vanilla.
house with their luxurious aroma. Drops of
lavender oil transformed my bath, and rose-                                         Essential oils are not edible and highly toxic if
scented candles made me feel as if my home                                          used improperly. Many chemically sensitive
were my own fragrant paradise.                                                      people cannot tolerate these oils as they are
                                                                                    unnaturally potent. I prefer sprigs of rosemary or
At first I thought I had a flu that mysteriously      Natural beauty is             lavender and petals of roses. Natural is better.
went away on the weekends only to return
Monday morning. Perfume, cologne, air
                                                      inexpensive                   Hair Products. Egg whites make a great
fresheners, fruit-scented felt pens, poor                                           mousse, especially if you want your hair to
                                                      Replacements for              stand straight up! Vinegar will detangle, and
ventilation, and the odor of a new offgassing
                                                      chemicals have not only       lemon juice will lighten. Chadwick's Chemically
carpet began affecting my health. I read later
                                                      saved my health, but also     Sensitive Salon in Mountlake Terrace, Wash.,
that "everyone is unknowingly only one
                                                      my bank account as            provides many unscented, chemically-free hair
exposure away from chemical sensitivity."
                                                      natural products are often    products and services.
                                                      less expensive.
My symptoms included constant exhaustion,
joint and muscle pain, insomnia, skin irritation,                                   Cosmetics. This was difficult. My mascara
                                                      Baking soda is an             started making me sneeze and soaps made me
depression, nausea and anaphylactic-like
                                                      excellent cleaning agent      itch. Titanium, found in lipstick, was adding to
responses that would tighten my throat and stop
                                                      for any surface. It softens   my toxicity. The hardest to give up was toenail
my lungs. At times I couldn't speak words just at
                                                      your skin as it scours your   polish; I must have been addicted to
the tip of my tongue. I was being poisoned by
                                                      tub! For more uses:           formaldehyde! Italian actress Sophia Loren,
common, everyday substances.
                                                 considered one of the most beautiful women in
                                                      .php/Miscellaneous/12/.       the world, has used olive oil for moisturizer all
I frantically researched for answers. Doctors
informed me that avoidance of chemicals was                                         her life. Is beauty really what we put on our
                                                      Vinegar is also a versatile   faces anyway?
my only hope for a life without constant illness.
                                                      product. For some of its
Eventually I was forced to quit my teaching
                                                      many uses see                 For centuries humans used plants and natural
career and avoid much human contact.
                                                  products for food, medicine and personal
                                                      a/homemaking/vinegar.html.    hygiene: parsley and mint for mouth fresheners,
Between 800 and 3,000 chemicals make up the
ingredients of one scent. They are rarely tested                                    basil and tansy for bug repellents, and the scent
                                                      General reference sites       of roses as an anti-depressant. Nature has
or their dangers acknowledged. Our olfactory
                                                      include                       given us what we need to exist.
system transports these dangerous compounds
to our brain where they make us believe we
                                                      de.html and                   The changes I've made allow me to continue to
smell a particular scent and simultaneously
                                                             exist in the world. I am sad lilacs aren't allowed
deaden our sense of smell so we are unable to
                                                        in my house, but I can still see them outside. I
detect the foul odor of the chemical. These
                                                      works/lestoxic.html.          miss my candles and my painted toenails, but I
toxins are stored in our fat away from vital
organs and we become "overloaded." Obesity is                                       am thankful I am able to breathe every day.
                                                      Two good books with
common in chemically sensitive people.
                                                      natural recipes are "Better   As we struggle to live in a society filled with
                                                      Basics for the Home" by       toxic pollutants – and getting worse with the
To cope, I cleaned out the chemicals in my life.
                                                      Annie Berthold-Bond and       addition of every new chemical product – we
What could I live without? No more chemical
                                                      "Why David Hated              have the ability to make choices that will not
cleaning supplies, cosmetics or potpourris. No
                                                      Tuesdays" by Amilya           only benefit our own health, but the health and
more freshly cut flowers, essential oils or
                                                      Antonetti.                    safety of our whole planet.
processed foods. I began reading labels and if it
wasn't recognizably edible, it was the enemy.
                                                      My advice: If you can't
                                                      eat it, don't use it!
Toothpaste is a chemical compound with sugar
added, and teeth whiteners are now known to                                         About YUMMY NORTHWEST
                                                                   ~ Candi Hyatt    Each monthly issue highlights an edible
be responsible for the rise in mouth cancer. Our
grandparents used baking soda – natural and
                                                                                    delight available in the Pacific Northwest.

Deodorants made with chemicals that are
                                                      The Chemical Injury           Contact the editor
                                                      Information Network,          Comments, corrections, topic ideas and
believed to contribute to breast cancer. I now
                                                      White Sulphur Springs,
use lemon juice as the citric acid kills odor-                                      submissions are all most welcome.
                                                      Mont., has more
smelling bacteria. But is it really so bad to smell                       
                                                      information on chemical
like a human?
Perfumes and Colognes are falsely believed                                          Now online!
                                                      oooooooooooooooooooo          Enjoy back issues of Yummy Northwest at
by many to attract the opposite sex when in fact
they do the opposite by covering up our natural                           

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