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									The Giver
        Pre Reading Journal
• Write your description of a “utopia”- a
  perfect society.
• What does a utopian society look like?
• What are the rules or laws?
• What happens if someone breaks
• Write for the allotted time; be sure to
  include as many details as possible.
Imagine there's no heaven,      Imagine no possessions,
  It's easy if you try,           I wonder if you can,
  No hell below us,               No need for greed or
  Above us only sky,              hunger,
  Imagine all the people          A brotherhood of man,
  living for today...             Imagine all the people
                                  Sharing all the world...
  Imagine there's no
  countries,                      You may say I’m a
  It isnt hard to do,             dreamer,
  Nothing to kill or die for,     but I’m not the only one,
  No religion too,                I hope some day you'll
  Imagine all the people          join us,
  living life in peace...         And the world will live as
     Throughout Reading
•Keep track of evidence
 for 5 essential questions

•Three important
 passages and explanation
    Precision of Language

•Asher: distraught

•Create a standard class
 apology for our classroom
Listen to apologies and
      vote on best
      Journal: Choose One
What is your opinion about
• the three strikes law?
• arranged marriages?
• population control?
• having to share your feelings?

• How does this relate to any of the 5
        Chapter Two

From homework assignment:
 Discuss one thing in the
 chapter that struck you (is
 interesting/ insightful/
 forces you to think or
 It’s job assignment day!

In your groups of 8, assign
    yourself a number
If you have 7 people, no one gets #4
 If you have 6 people, no one get #4
               and #8
See to it that your section is
 done. Only upon
 completion, will you
 receive 50 extra credit
 points. It is up to you how
 you wish to distribute those
 points amongst your group
• Work Supervisor (#1)
• Inspector(#2)
• Entertainer (#3 and #4)
• Runner(#5)
• Desk Cleanerer (#6)
• Gum Scraper (#7 and #8)
Gum Scraper Job

Desk Cleanerer


Get necessary supplies, as
 needed/instructed, for
 the workers
•Sing, dance, tell PG
 jokes, etc.

•Keep your supervisor
 and/or workers
    Work Supervisor

Ensures workers are
See to it that your section is
 done. Only upon
 completion, will you
 receive 50 extra credit
 points. It is up to you how
 you wish to distribute those
 points amongst your group
        Journal Reflection
• What was your job?
• How do you feel about your
• Are you well suited for this job?
• What would be the worst thing
  about having this job?
• What would be the best thing
  about having this job?
• How much did you get “paid”?
• How do you feel about having
  your job chosen for you?
  Discuss career choices

Assign: Web quest Careers
precision of language exercise
 Descriptive Writing

Chose a memorable moment
    Walk Talk and Jot: Colors
• At each station, discuss the emotions and
  symbolic associations you have with each
• Jot down your findings

• At your desk: Pick one color and elaborate
 on your discussion. Tie one of the colors
 to a personal experience/ memory.
      Photography assignment
• Chose one subject matter
   – A scene
   – A person
   – An object
• Photograph your subject matter in color and in
  black and white
• Display your photos side by side. Beneath them,
  write about the effect color, or the lack of it, has
  on your subject matter.
Dates in History Assignment
• Memories Matter!
• Research your assigned date, and your birth
• Be prepared to orally share out your research
  with the class. Your assigned date will correlate
  with your presentation date.
• You will hand in the research worksheet to me
  on the day of your presentation.
Journal Treatment of Elderly

•Discuss homework
 journal: Is it better to
 have loved and lost or
 not to have loved at all?
    Journal: Euthanasia

Do humans have the right to
        end life?
              Write Ending

• Keep in the style of Lois Lowry
  – Third person (he)
  – Present Tense
  – Dialogue
            Business Letter

• Choose one issue/idea from The Giver that
  you would like to change
• Write a persuasive business letter to the
  counsel regarding this issue.
• Be sure to follow the SAY (Why you are
  writing), SHOW (support your point), SO
  (request something or offer an alternative)

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