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									                         The first “Walk to Remember” was held Saturday,
                         March 25, 2006 “
                                Nothing is more poignant than the sight of the Battlefield
                         Cross, the boots, rifle and helmet arrangement intended to
                         memorialize the fallen. Begun in the battlefield so that comrades
                         of the fallen soldiers could remember their brothers and sisters,
                         the Battlefield Cross has come to signify the loss of those in Iraqi
                         Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

        Kristen Farnan knows that loss first hand; her brother Colby was killed in Iraq in
February, 2005. She was profoundly moved by the Battlefield Cross, so when she saw it on
the internet in bronze she felt every soldier should be remembered with one. “I want people
to remember Colby and all the soldiers who died there (in Iraq). I told Dad we had to get one
of these for him. Then I thought about all the other soldiers and wished I could get one for
all of them. That’s when I decided I had to come up with a way to make enough to buy the
memorials for more than just Colby. Buying one for all the soldiers who have died (over
2400) would be a big undertaking, so I decided to start with Missouri and Kansas.”

        A “Walk to Remember” will be a fundraiser, but more than that, it will be a walk to
remember the fallen soldiers from Missouri. “We have contacted the towns where the other
fallen soldiers of Missouri are from to let them know they can request funds to help them
buy a memorial. We may have to do this for a few years to raise enough, but I want every
soldier from Missouri to have one, if his family and the town want one.” During the 5 K walk
posters will line the road with photos and information about each of Missouri’s fallen.
Scheduled for March 25, 2006 at 9 am, the walk will start at Weston’s City Hall, go down
the Bluff road to the back entrance of Weston Bend State Park and return to the start.
“Anyone can walk and we hope lots of people will join us”, said Ms. Farnan.

       The entry fee is $25.00. Checks will be made payable to American Legion Post 501,
and may be sent to Bank of Weston, 18255 North 45 Highway, Weston, Mo. 64098 Attn:
Walk to Remember”. Entrants will receive a commemorative t-shirt. Entrants may register
on line by sending an e-mail to or they may register at
8 AM just before the walk.

                                           Patrick Farnan speaks before the first “Walk
                                           to Remember”.
Soldiers from Fort Riley joined at the first
“Walk to Remember” in Weston, MO.

                                       Soldiers from Colby’s company pass by the starting
                                       point of the “Walk to Remember” on March 25,
                                       2006. Photos and information about each soldier
                                       lined the walk. Each was memorialized with flags
                                       and candles.

                           The Large Art Company
                           Fallen Soldier Memorial
                          From the website

                                   Regrettably, the war on terrorism has been a costly war
                                   for our men and women in the armed forces. Between
                                   Iraq and Afghanistan we have lost over 2,000
                                   Americans and many more wounded. While that
                                   number may seem small in the context of past wars,
                                   their loss and the loss to their family and community is

When a serviceman or woman is lost in the battlefield, it has become customary to arrange
their Boots, Rifle and Helmet and the surviving members of their squad will gather around
and memorialize their fallen comrades. Some of the troops will pray, others might recall
funny stories, but make no mistake, this is a ceremony that is taken very seriously. Every
soldier knows the next ceremony might be for them. This arrangement is also known as a
Battlefield Cross or a Battle Cross.

                                    We decided that our war memorial statue would recreate
                                    the same ceremonial arrangement the soldiers do
                                    themselves in the battlefield. We wanted a monument
                                    that would make you stop and think for a minute about
                                    the real cost of war. We feel this is a fitting and dignified
                                    tribute to our troops and a memorial that will keep their
                                    memory alive in a permanent way.

                                   To cast this sculpture we used actual military items as
                                   models, so the entire sculpture is life-size. It is so life-
                                   like you feel like you could pick it up. It is cast in high-
                                   quality American bronze using the ancient "lost-wax"
                                   method of bronze casting. The patina (coloration) is a
                                   traditional chocolate brown. This is a classic quality
                                   statue and built to last for hundreds of years. I have
                                   seen cheap knock-offs from Thailand that are paper thin
                                   and made from very low-grade bronze, so beware. We
are currently pursuing copyright infringement.

The sculpture measures 45" tall and the base is 18" wide and 26 1/2" from front to back
and 6 3/4" high. However, we can mount this on a larger or smaller base as necessary.

We can also make other modifications as necessary. The rifle can be positioned with the
trigger and magazine facing forward or backward and the boots can be positioned with the
toes spread at a 45 degree angle. There is also a gun strap on the rifle which we can exclude
if you wish.

A memorial plaque can be attached to the base. The front of the base will fit a 17" x 5"
plaque. The cost is approximately $275 and $90 for the metal photo processing if desired.
Email us for pictures and a firm quote.

A lot of time and money goes into the creation of a bronze sculpture like this. However, we
created this sculpture because we wanted to make a contribution to our fallen soldiers. We
want this piece to be displayed in every VFW, American Legion, park and public square in
the country. Therefore, we are pricing this very reasonably and offer discounts for families
of fallen soldiers.

Our regular price for this sculpture is $4400. That includes free shipping anywhere in the
lower 48 United States. If you are a family member of someone lost in war or are working
with a family member who was, we will reduce the price to $3900. We also include as family
members the same military unit where the fallen soldier served.

If you want to have a fundraiser we are happy to support your effort as much as we can
with ideas and advice. We are happy to send you glossy photos of the sculpture as well.
About the Artist
This sculpture was designed by Richard Rist. Mr.
Rist is the owner of The Large Art Company and a
proud veteran of the US Navy. He is a member of
the American Legion and a life-member of the
VFW. He comes from a long line of military
veterans. His grandfather, father and three uncles
were all veterans and his brother James Rist
served with the US Army in operation Desert
Storm. He takes great pride that this sculpture has been used to pay tribute to so many
fallen heroes.


Call toll free: (800) 785-4Art (4278)

The Large Art Company
6500 Old Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

local: (410) 426-3844
fax: (410) 426-3945

Artillerymen walk for family project
By Mike Heronemus, Editor

Spc. Colby M. Farnan is gone but not forgotten by Soldiers of Battery B, 4th Battalion, 1st
Field Artillery, at Fort Riley. Farnan was killed in Iraq Feb. 25, 2005.
March 25, 15 of the battery's Soldiers traveled to Weston, Mo., and then walked 5
kilometers in cold weather to show their support for the fallen Soldier's family project to
erect a bronze statue of the Battlefield Cross in their hometown.
The Battlefield Cross consists of empty boots standing at the foot of an M-16 rifle stuck in
the ground, bayonet first, and wearing an empty helmet on top of its stock.
Farnan's sister, Kristen, spearheaded the 5K walk as a way to raise money to buy a bronze
statue of the Battlefield Cross to erect in her family's hometown in honor of her brother and
other Missouri and Kansas Soldiers killed in the global war on terrorism.
The event turned out to be more successful than the family had hoped, said Capt. Tyrone
Martin, Btry. B commander, and Sgt 1st Class David Wells, Farnan's platoon sergeant.
The statues cost $5,500, but newspaper articles publicizing the event and its $25 fee for a
T-shirt and donation to the cause brought so many walkers, the family ran out of T-shirts
and was promising to have more made and sent to participants, Wells said.
At last count the afternoon after the walk, the Farnans had raised more than $23,000,
Wells said. Btry. B Soldiers who walked or who just bought the T-shirts as a donation
contributed $1,430 of that total, he said.
Those 46 Btry. B Soldiers making donations comprised more than half the battery's
personnel, Martin said.
The 5K route wasn't a casual stroll in sunlight, Martin emphasized. "We had to bundle up.
The rain that was forecast stalled, but the weather was cold."
The Farnans placed posters of fallen Missouri and Kansas Soldiers and Airmen along the
route, Martin said. "I lost count after about 30. They were placed about every 100 or 150
The family planned for about 200 walkers, Martin said, but he estimated that more than
1,000 showed up. "A lot of people read about it in the newspaper and just drove up," he
guessed. Weston is a short distance north of Kansas City, Mo.
The Weston statue will be placed in the town's Veterans of Foreign Wars Park, Wells said.
From talking with the family, he learned they plan to use all the excess funds to help other
communities jump start similar projects for placing a Battlefield Cross statue in their
Beyond that, the Farnans have reached out to other families in the area who have lost
relatives in the war, Martin said. It's a small distant community and a lot of those families
didn't have access to support like Fort Riley's Family Readiness Groups or for counseling,
he said.
Weston is a "close knit community and the community extends its arms out to comfort
others," Wells said. "A lot of us spent the rest of the day in the community. The entire
community is just awesome," he said.
In turn, Btry. B continues to reach out to the Farnans and Weston to let them know "their
son is not forgotten," Wells said.

                            Colby’s Battlefield Cross was dedicated on Memorial Day,
                            2006. It is located near highway 45 by the Veterans of
                            Foreign Wars Memorial Park near the Weston Branch of
                            the Mid-continent Public Library.
The 2nd Annual “Walk to Remember” was held on Saturday, March 31 at
Weston, MO

About 400 people joined us for this walk. The family of David Munger from Leavenworth
worked especially hard to help make this walk a success. Enough money was raised in Cpl.
Munger’s name for a Battlefield Cross and the plaque and stone base. Approximately
$16,000 was raised and 2 Battlefield Crosses were purchased along with the plaque and
Thank you to the city of Weston for their assistance and to the merchants of Weston for
their donations. We also need to thank many merchants in Leavenworth for their donation
this year.
Immediately following the walk, a strong wind and rain caused some damage to our posters
and we will need to remake them for next year. Because we plan to continue this walk until
Battlefield Crosses are available for all who want them, we plan to make our next ones of
more permanent materials.

                                    3rd Annual
                               “Walk to Remember”

The 3rd Annual “walk to Remember” was held March 29, 2008. Approximately 150 walkers were
joined by riders representing Legions, VFWs, PGR, Combat Veterans, current active military, and
civilians--all Americans.
Darryl Curfman wrote this account:
 There were 3 bikes with large flags flying that led. Weston is a downhill town, so all that gathered at
the City Hall on Main to greet us could see the procession from about 7 blocks away. Patrick
Farnan, whose son lost his life in '05 and then started the "Walk to Remember" in 2006 acted as
Honorary Road Captain and rode to my right in the procession.
After a brief ceremony and acknowledgements of 7 families of lost soldiers that were represented, we
began the walk. A 2.2 mile "bluff" road overlooked the Burlington Northern RR and farther out the
Missouri River. Blooming trees and spring growth were yet to make their entrance.
Posted on 2"X2"X6's along the trail were weather resistant posters of over 130 sons and daughters
from Missouri and Kansas, that had given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Nearly all had
pictures and something of a personal nature written about them. They all had hopes and dreams--
forever young. Many had young children that only through Memorials and family pictures, will they
know these courageous heroes. As we walked the road and stopped to learn about these fallen we
became very aware that we had truly stepped away from life as we know it--if only for a couple of
hours we walked on hallowed ground. The posters were staged on the right side of the road so
regardless of your direction of travel, you were facing them.
It was an extreme honor to participate and associate with each of you in such a just and noble

We raised enough funds this year and from last year, as well as the gift from the Bertoldies to
purchase 4 Battlefield Cross Statues. We have now continued the Walk Site with a "DONATE" for continued donations. This will leave
us some start up money for next year’s walk. We still have T-shirts for sale if people want them, with
a donation. Begin now for donations and continue to talk about the PURPOSE for next year!
Battlefield Crosses will be ordered in honor of these fallen soldiers:
Anthony Mazzerella - Blue Springs, MO
Shane Austin - Edgerton, KS
Jeremy Drexler - Topeka, KS
Matthew Murchison - Independence, MO

                     FUTURE “WALK TO REMEMBER” dates
We plan that we move the date to a week in April to accommodate the

You may donate or sign up through our web site: At that
site you may donate using Pay Pal.
Contact for entry forms or additional information.
Make checks payable to Colby Farnan Memorial Fund
Send to: Walk to Remember/B Lott
      17808 Mandi Lane
      Weston, MO 64098-9254

     The PURPOSE AND GOAL of “WALK TO REMEMBER Weston, Missouri
              and the Colby M. Farnan Memorial Foundation.

Thank you for your support of the “Walk to Remember” memorial effort. As you know, our
goal is to help provide the poignant Battlefield Cross Memorials designed by Richard Rist of
the Large Art Company to any family from Missouri and Kansas who wishes to memorialize
our fallen soldiers. In our first year, we purchased and dedicated the memorial for Colby
Farnan in Weston, MO, contributed to the memorials for Eddie Myer and Joshua Munger of
St. Joseph and participated in walks in St. Joseph and Independence.
        Last year, we were able to help with the purchase of Battlefield Crosses for David
Unger, Leavenworth, KS, Joel Bertoldie, Independence, MO, Lucas Frantz, Tonganoxie, KS,
Shane Austin, Edgerton, Ks, Anthony Mazzarella, Blue Springs, MO, and Ryan Campbell,
Kirksville, MO. More than 400 people participated and hundreds more contributed. We are
grateful for the support.
        This year we hope to complete the purchase of memorials for Shane Austin and
Anthony Mazzarella as well as work toward a memorial for Jeremy Drexler of Topeka. We
are still open to making contributions for other Battlefield Cross memorials for fallen
soldiers. If you have any information about a family or organization that would like our
assistance, please give them our contact information.

Patrick Farnan, father of SPC Colby Farnan

Diana Pitts, mother of Army Cpl David Unger

Barbara Lott

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