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									    FERNDALE WOODS



    170 Ferndale Drive South
         Barrie, Ontario
            L4N 8A1

    Telephone: (705) 733-5636
   Safe Arrival 733-5636 ext 1.
       Fax: (705) 733-0723

                                       CODE OF BEHAVIOUR

                                        “GROWING TOGETHER"


                          "Our mission is to provide all students with the opportunity to GROW
                          TOGETHER and reach their full academic, physical, social, and
                          emotional potential. We believe that this will enable our students to
                          GROW TOGETHER and develop into caring and responsible citizens
                          respecting themselves, others and the environment."

                          To provide the school community with a Code of Behaviour that best
                          meets the expectations of our Mission Statement.


        All students have the right to:
        - a safe learning environment                    - an Ontario School Record
        - be treated with compassion                     - receive/earn certificates/awards
        - be themselves                                  - establish a Student Council
        - learn about themselves                         - represent the students on School Council
        - express their feelings and opinions            - use school facilities with proper
          in a risk free environment                        supervision
        - an education


            Each student is expected to behave in a respectful manner to :
                 - themselves
                 - other students
                 - all staff members
                 - board support staff
                 - parent and community volunteers
                 - visitors to our school

            Each student is expected to show respect towards:
                 - their own possessions and the possessions of others
                 - school property, resources, furniture and equipment
                 - the community
                 - the plants and animals in our environment

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                           p. 1
            Each student is to show tolerance and acceptance of all:
                 - genders
                 - ethnic origins
                 - races
                 - religions
                 - physical or mental challenges
                 - academic challenges

            Each student is expected to respect the rights of others to:
                 - express their feelings and opinions
                 - work in a safe learning environment
                 - express their individuality
                 - study and learn in an environment free of disruption

            Each student is expected to:
                 -   attend school daily, and be punctual
                 -   participate fully in the learning process
                 -   come to class with the necessary materials
                 -   complete assignments within timelines as required
                 -   be accounted for in the right place at the right time
                 -   co-operate with peers, students, staff members and volunteers
                 -   seek assistance from staff and students as required
                 -   refrain from aggressive and intimidating behaviour
                 -   remain on school property during school hours
                 -   obey all bus safety rules and board buses at designated stops
                 -   behave in a safe manner on the way to and from school
                 -   use designated entrance, exit, and stairs
                 -   move in a quiet, orderly fashion on the stairs and in the halls
                 -   follow Assertive Discipline rules and classroom routines
                 -   accept the consequences of his/her behaviour and actions
                 -   make proper use of all facilities, including the washroom
                 -   dress appropriately (no drug/alcohol symbols, inappropriate language slogans),
                     to complement our kindergarten to grade eight Positive School Learning Environment
                     (see page 11 for more information on dress code)
                 -   respect the policy of no gum at school
                 -   use appropriate and acceptable language in the school, on the playground, and on
                     school sponsored field trips
                 -   refrain from tobacco, substance and alcohol use at school or on school trips
                 -   refrain from bringing to school any weapons, replicas of weapons, or articles that may
                     serve as a weapon
                 -   refrain from bringing inappropriate music or media materials to school that would
                     violate any part of this Code of Behaviour.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                             p. 2

            To promote effective learning by encouraging students to:
             - actively participate in their educational program
             - hypothesize and take risks
             - learn to ask questions and to solve problems
             - make personal choices in selecting educational goals
             - make regular judgements about personal progress and achievement, as well as that of
                 their peers
            To plan and deliver a curriculum to meet the needs of all students.
            To maintain a safe learning climate which is conducive to positive behaviour and ensure the
             safety of students.
            To know where our students are at all times.
            To respect the dignity of each student.
            To promote effective discipline by establishing an Assertive Discipline Plan in each
             classroom and review all rules, expectations, consequences and procedures as required.
            To develop a good working relationship with staff, students and parents.
            To encourage staff, students, and parents to use services of Board resource staff, school
             support services, and community agencies.
            To encourage and develop regular parental communication, participation in school volunteer
             programs and school activities.
            To encourage staff to act as role models in accordance with this Code of Behaviour.
            To endeavour to form partnerships with the community.
            To provide access to quality and current learning materials, resources, and reading materials.


        This Behaviour Code is in effect:
               - during school hours
               - while entering and exiting the school yard
               - while students are being transported on school buses
               - during recess and noon hour while on school property
               - at events being held before and after school
               - during field trips, athletic events, overnight excursions under the school's supervision

          School discipline will apply for certain infractions of the Behaviour Code which
       occur outside of school hours but close to the school and on the way to and from school.


        Consequences are defined as appropriate strategies to remediate behaviours that are not in line
        with our Code of Behaviour. Ultimately, our goal is to help students learn from their actions.
        The range will depend on ability, age, grade, unique circumstances and frequency of occurrence.
        Consequences are set up in each classroom under individual classroom Assertive Discipline
        Plans. These consequences shall be applied in a firm, fair, and consistent manner.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                            p. 3
        The following is a range of consequences that will be used with students :

                 -    a Think Sheet that complements the classroom Assertive Discipline Plan in order to
                      facilitate continuous communication with parents
                 -    detentions, time outs, exclusion from school activities, loss of priviledges
                 -    in-school withdrawals: exclusion from class with assignments to be done in an
                      assigned withdrawal area (e.g. another classroom). Work missed due to exclusion
                      from class must be completed on student’s time and signed by parent and teacher
                      upon completion
                 -    formal suspension or expulsion from school
                 -    referral to school and Board support staff through the Strengths and Needs
                      Committee Process
                 -    referral to the School Harassment Committee (this is a forum where students refer
                      problems and concerns to a student lead committee, overseen by two staff members,
                      in order to help students better learn to deal problem solve)
                 -    interview / discussion and warning involving the student and school staff (Teacher,
                      Principal, Vice-Principal, Board Support Staff)
                 -    student contract stating conditions, expectations and specific consequences
                 -    restitution for items lost, stolen, damaged or vandalized
                 -    confiscation of cigarettes, illegal substances, weapons, replicas of weapons
                 -    to call in the police as required
                 -    sign in for being late or truant and making up time before/after school
                 -    exclusion from class and certain activities
                 -    involvement of outside agencies (ie police, family and children's services, etc.)

The students of Ferndale Woods Elementary School are very important to us, are cared for and are
listened to. We trust and have confidence in our students. This Code of Behaviour is aimed at
encouraging students to increase their levels of responsibility. Students will be accountable for their
actions and must accept the consequences of their behaviours.

The student who comes from a home environment that is loving and safe, and who arrives at school
healthy, well fed and well groomed, will be better able to meet the responsibilities and challenges with a
positive outlook.

It is our hope that our parents will share the responsibility with the school of helping students to develop
attitudes and skills that will remain with them throughout their adult lives, enabling them to be life long
learners and productive citizens. Please discuss this Code of Behaviour with your children and refer to it
from time to time as needed.


The education of children is a partnership between parents and teachers. The Ferndale staff welcome and
encourage parental involvement in your child's formal education and encourage regular parent/teacher

Regular monthly newsletters will keep you informed about educational matters and school activities
regarding parent/teacher interviews, open houses, information evenings, special assemblies, and special
school-wide events. Newsletters will be sent home with the youngest or only child in each family as
required. Please note that an option of newsletters being e-mailed to you is available (form sent home
with package). Classroom newsletters will inform you about specific activities in your child's
classroom. Items highlighted each month will include curriculum topics, special events, student
recognition, classroom visits, and ideas regarding how you can support your child's learning. Special
notices will go home from time to time, on an as needed basis, to inform you of activities and issues that
S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                               p. 4

The Simcoe County District School Board and our school staff strongly support the use of voluntary
assistants. The aims of the program are:
        - to assist teachers in the provision of individual help for pupils
        - to enable the teachers to broaden the regular program and enrich the children's experiences.
        - to provide help in preparing learning materials
        - to strengthen school-community relations through positive participation
        - to provide valuable work-related experience to volunteers
Our Board and the Ontario Teachers' Federation endorse the concept that any volunteers in our schools
are directly responsible to the principal. We would be most appreciative of your help on a regular or
occasional basis, but would ask that you offer your help through the school office. All visitors,
including volunteers are asked to please sign in and out at the office and obtain a visitor's badge.


The library/resource centre is an important focal point for school programs. Cooperative planning
between the teacher-librarian and classroom teachers is an essential part of the successful delivery of
programs which are based on the Ministry of Education's "Partners in Action" guideline. The teacher-
librarian provides both scheduled and unscheduled time in the resource centre to meet our program
objectives. The teacher-librarian shares the responsibility for teaching a variety of skills in cooperation
with the other staff members and participates in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the total
school program.


A draft homework policy has been distributed to School Councils for input and it is expected that a final
homework policy will be adopted by October 2009, in accordance with Board decision. All policies are
posted on the SCDSB website:


The fall term report cards are distributed in late November. Student led conferences are held in the fall
to provide parents an opportunity to discuss the progress of their children with the teacher.

The winter and spring term report cards are distributed before the March Break and during the last week
of June. Parent/teacher interviews are scheduled as requested at these times. Parents and guardians are
encouraged to be in regular contact with the teacher if there are any concerns at any time about your
child's progress or any questions regarding their educational program.

A copy of all report cards are inserted in the student's Ontario Student Record Folder (OSR) and is
available to you upon request to the principal. The Parent Response Form accompanies each
report card. This form allows the parent to be a part of the evaluation process. We encourage all parents
to complete these forms each term and return them to your child’s teacher.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                             p. 5

                                      SCHOOL HOURS (all students):

                          8:45 a.m.                       - Student entry bell
                          10:25 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.         - Nutrition Break
                          10:45 a.m. – 11:05 a.m.         - Morning Recess
                          12:45 p.m. – 1:05 p.m.          - Nutrition Break
                           1:05 p.m. - 1:35 p.m.          - Afternoon recess
                           3:15 p.m.                      - Dismissal

All students are encouraged to enter and exit Ferndale Woods by the sidewalk located beside the north
entrance to the school. All vehicular traffic also enters in the same direction. This enables us to monitor
traffic flow and keep the student pedestrian areas as safe as possible.


Parents driving their children to school or picking children up after school are asked to use our Kiss „n‟
Ride area. Parents are not to leave their cars while in the Kiss ‘n Ride zone. In the interests of safety
and community concerns, parents are asked to minimize parking in the school vicinity. An anti-idling
policy is also in place. Please ensure that cars do not idle more than 3 minutes according to the City of
Barrie bylaw.


Our School Council is established each fall through a nomination and election procedure. There is an
executive set and committees set up to function through out the school year. All parents are encouraged
to become active participants in the School Council. Details of meetings will be included in school
newsletters. A new School Council is elected at the beginning of each school year. Members’ names and
telephone numbers will be published following the election.


Regular attendance and punctuality are very important for a student's successful progress at school.
Teachers are required to maintain accurate records in this regard. Parents are required to provide a
written explanation for their son or daughter's absence upon return to class. We need this record
even if the safe arrival service has been contacted. Where a student is to be excused from class during
the school day, a written explanation is required in advance to cover these special arrangements.

Students will not be released to anyone other than a parent/legal guardian without prior, written
consent. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that students attend school. If an acceptable
reason is not provided for any absence, a student may be considered truant. Consequences for
truancy may include suspension from school.

When attendance or punctuality begins to impact on a child’s progress in school, the school will contact
the parents/guardians with this information either by phone or in the form of a letter. In some cases, the
Attendance Counselor will become involved and work with the school and family to support the student
and improve attendance.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                            p. 6

Occasionally students become ill at home prior to the beginning of the school day. Parents should make
arrangements in advance for such eventuality by being prepared to attend to the student at home or by
designating a neighbour or relative to assume that responsibility. If your child becomes ill at school it is
our policy to make a sick child as comfortable as possible while we contact you to determine your wishes
in the matter.

               In most cases children too ill to go out for recess and noon hour should be
             kept home for their own well being and in the best interest of their classmates.


Head lice is a recurring nuisance in schools. Children's hair must be checked frequently by parents for
any signs of infestation. Examine the hair under very strong light, at a bright window or under a strong
lamp. Look for nits (eggs) which adhere to the hair shaft and are tiny, tear-drop shaped and silvery in
colour. It is very difficult to move the nit along the hair shaft, as opposed to dandruff which will simply
shake off the hair shaft. Nits usually locate around the ears and at the nape of the neck. By Board policy,
students are not allowed into class until all evidence of headlice infestation (including nits) has been
removed. The nits must be removed, by hand, as combs do not remove these eggs. Head lice is a
nuisance that can only be controlled by regular inspection. A helpful family routine would be to check
your child’s head every Sunday night. Please telephone the school should you find any indication of
infestation. The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has helpful resources for families on this topic.


The objective of the Safe Arrival program is to ensure that students travel safely between home and
school. Our School Council runs this program with volunteers. The safe arrival telephone number is
733-5636 ext 1., which is a 24 hr. answering machine. Please call prior to 8:30 a.m. to leave a message
regarding your child's absence. If your child was present in the morning, but not returning to school after
lunch, please notify the school office directly.


The school's telephones are not for student use. Please set up all necessary arrangements for the day
with your children ahead of time so that our telephone is available for normal school business and
emergency calls. Your cooperation in this respect is greatly appreciated. Students are not permitted to
use cellular telephones, pagers or walkie-talkies during the school day.


All personal, expensive items should be kept at home as we can not replace these items if lost or stolen.
Digital cameras, i-Pods and cell phones should not be brought to school. Not only are they expensive to
replace, but these items disrupt student learning. In addition, these items can and have been used
inappropriately in various ways: Text messaging others during class or at recess is a bullying concern.
Students taking pictures and downloading these to websites without permission poses a safety risk.
Should these items be found at school, we will hold them in the office for parental pick up.

               Thank you for helping to create a safe and effective learning environment.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                             p. 7

Use of digital or photographic imagery equipment including, but not limited to, cell phones, personal
digital assistants, and cameras is expressly forbidden in all school facility washrooms and change rooms.
Failure to observe this directive will result in the immediate loss of equipment and could lead to


Should it be necessary for a student to receive medication prescribed by a physician during school hours,
we are prepared to assist. Parents are required to have the physician complete a Request for
Administration of Medication by School Personnel form. These forms are available at the school
office. Parents are also responsible for the instruction of school staff, on an annual basis, in the
administration of the medication, its proper storage, and an outline of any emergency plans which may be
required. We cannot assist, nor may students have any medication at school, without this form
signed by the prescribing physician.


The school's lost and found containers are located in the hallways on each floor. Students and parents are
asked to check the container regularly for footwear and clothing which may have gone missing.
Jewellery and other similar lost and found items may be retrieved or turned in at the school office.
Parents are encouraged to label student clothing and other personal items for easy identification.
Periodically, items that have been in the lost and found for an extended time are collected and donated to


Our play areas are supervised by teachers for fifteen minutes prior to school opening in the morning, at
both morning and afternoon recesses and for fifteen minutes after the dismissal bell at the end of the day.
Parents must ensure that children do not arrive at school prior to 8:30 a.m. each morning. Please
note that the city park is not supervised before or after school. In the event of light rain, students
will remain outdoors at the start of the school day until 8:45. Umbrellas, jackets and rain boots
are helpful.


Lunch and playground supervision is provided by teachers. The teachers assist students in classrooms
and the playground during the two Nutrition Breaks. Students are expected to cooperate fully with the
staff and follow school rules and expectations. We are responsible for the students during the lunch
period if they travel by bus or bring their lunch to school for some other reason. We must insist that all
students who eat lunch at school remain on school property during the lunch period to ensure their
personal safety. Parents of bus students and lunch regulars are requested not to give or ask
permission for your child to leave school property during the lunch period. With your cooperation,
we'll be able to fulfil our mandate of effectively supervising students who stay for lunch.


Voluntary student activities are an integral part of our school's life. Teacher co-ordinators of these events
will communicate with parents of all students involved as to the nature and duration of the activity.
Students who normally require transportation to and from school may need to make alternate
arrangements during these activities.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                             p. 8

It is very important that our buses are safe and happy places for students. To this end it is
imperative that bus students follow the guidelines established by the Simcoe County District School
Board. Students are picked up every morning and dropped off every afternoon at the designated stop
closest to their homes. With prior approval of the principal/vice-principal, provisions may be made on a
consistent five days per week basis to allow students to be:

        - picked up either at the designated stop or at an alternate child-care location
        - dropped off at the designated stop or at a child-care location

If it is not possible to have a student dropped off at the child-care location five days per week, application
must be made through the principal to the Director of Education for consideration to the exception.

Emergency family situations may arise from time to time which require a temporary change in either
pick-up or drop-off location. Requests for assistance in emergency situations must be directed in writing
to the principal/vice-principal. Buses cannot be rerouted or overloaded, however, in order to handle such
changes. Parent concerns regarding bus stops or routes should be directed to the vice-principal.

Parents are responsible for ensuring:
        - the safety and conduct of their children while waiting at and while travelling to and from the
          designated bus stop
        - that their children are at the bus stop prior to the scheduled arrival time of the bus (five minutes
          is recommended).

The Simcoe County District School Board considers the transportation of students to and from school to
be a "privilege". Conduct which is detrimental to the safe operation of the bus or endangers the safety or
welfare of others will not be permitted. The bus driver is in charge of the bus and must be given each
student's full cooperation and support.

Students are responsible to the principal through the bus operator for their conduct while on the bus and
are required to:
        - refrain from eating or drinking on the bus;
        - abide by the bus operator's instructions;
        - conduct himself/herself in an orderly manner;
        - be seated at all times;
        - respect the safety and welfare of the other students.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension of bus riding privileges. Students in
kindergarten to grade 8 are eligible for transportation if the distance between the home and school
exceeds 1.6 km.


Ferndale Woods is very proud of it's student Safety Patrol team. Patrollers are trained in safety
procedures each fall by the Barrie City Police. As well, selected patrollers are trained in strategies for
positive conflict management. The patrollers work for the safety of all students. Parents are asked to
direct their children to listen to and obey the directions of the safety patrollers.


The Simcoe County District School Board has vested in the principal the authority to close the school
should an emergency arise which endangers the health or safety of the children and staff. Where the
school is closed it is considered closed for all students and staff.
S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                              p. 9
There are other times, however, where the buses are cancelled because of weather conditions, but the
school remains open. On these days, students are encouraged to attend and will be provided with an
educational program. It is the responsibility of the parent to decide whether or not it is safe for their
child(ren) to leave for school under severe weather conditions. Where the buses are cancelled in the
morning, they will also not run for the afternoon return trip.

Parents are asked to make alternate arrangements for the care of your children for times when the school
may have to be closed or the buses are cancelled. Please review with your child(ren) the special
arrangements you have made with a neighbour, friend, or babysitter. Unless we hear otherwise, we will
proceed on the basis that your child(ren) know of and will follow the alternative emergency plan
you have in place.

For information and direction in regard to school closing at the beginning of the day or during the day
and for bus cancellations, please listen to radio stations B101 FM or Rock 95 FM or visit the Board
website at


All students and staff are made thoroughly familiar with the fire evacuation routes from the areas of the
school which pertain to their weekly routines. The safety of everyone is kept foremost in mind and is
achieved through well planned evacuation procedures which are practised regularly during the three
required fire drills in the fall and spring of each year.


Tornado drills are held during the tornado season. During these drills, students, under staff supervision,
proceed to designated safe areas. Our practices reflect the need for a very disciplined approach to what
could be in reality a very serious matter. Parents are asked to further underline this attitude with their
children and direct the students to cooperate fully with staff in such circumstances.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                             p. 10

Periodically, the school will hold emergency lockdown drills (“Code Red”). In elementary schools,
advance notification of such drills is usually provided to the students.


Please note that bicycles can be easily damaged or stolen. If a bicycle is brought to school, for safety
reasons students must dismount before coming on to school grounds. Bicycles must be walked at all
times while on school property. Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle racks provided and locked.
Loitering around bicycles is not permitted. Students who ride bicycles to school are expected to observe
the traffic safety rules and laws – helmets must be worn.


Skate boards, roller blades and scooters are not allowed on Ferndale Woods School property
during the school day. Our sidewalks and paved areas are not large enough to accommodate these
activities and there are too many students on the yard to ensure safety. We also do not have any facilities
to store skateboards or scooters. As a result students are not allowed to bring these items into the school
at any time.


Weapons, replicas of weapons, or use of anything to threaten or cause harm are not permitted AT ANY
TIME, on school property. Teachers are to confiscate these items immediately and report to the
office the circumstances under which any of these items were brought to their attention. Appropriate
action will then be taken and police called if required.


Ferndale Woods is a "hats off zone". All students and visitors are asked to remove their hats when
entering our school building. Parents are asked to be good role models for their children in this regard.


In order to reinforce classroom teaching and promote a safe learning environment, we ask that parents
ensure that designs on student clothing are non-violent and do not make reference to sexuality, drugs or
alcohol. We ask that our junior and intermediate students avoid “skimpy” clothing e.g. shoulders should
be covered with no bare midriffs. When in doubt as to the appropriateness of the attire, students are
encouraged to wear a T-shirt underneath. Skirts must be at least as long as the student’s extended arm.
Please refer to the diagrams included for futher information on our dress code.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                             p. 11
S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10   p. 12
S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10   p. 13

All Simcoe County Board of Education properties are smoke free zones. Smoking is not permitted on
any part of Ferndale Woods School property at any time.


Gum chewing is not allowed during the school day, inside or outside the school, while on educational
field trips or when representing our school at co-curricular activities.


For health reasons, and to maintain cleanliness in our classrooms, students are requested to have indoor
shoes to wear while they are inside their classrooms. This helps keep the classroom and gym floors in
safe condition and the school clean. It also acts as a safety feature so that students have footwear on their
feet in case of emergency exit routines.


Several children in our school have a severe, life threatening food allergy to peanuts and nuts. Although
this may not affect your child’s class directly, we can reduce the risk to these students by educating our
students not to bring nuts or nut products into the school. Due to the number of students who have severe
allergic reaction concerns, aerosol deodorants or perfumes are not to be used in school. More
information is available through our School Council Safety Committee.


As a rule all students are to take advantage of the outdoor recess breaks for both their physical and
mental well being. The guideline from the Simcoe County District Health Unit informs us that students
should remain indoors only when the temperature reaches -25 degrees celcius or a wind chill effect of -28
degrees celcius. Please make sure that your child is properly dressed in order for them to take advantage
of the outdoor recess breaks.


In recent years problems which threaten the safety of students and the task of teaching have increased in
number and gravity. School administrators and teachers are placed in a position of trust that carries with
it not only the responsibilities to teach their students, but also to ensure their safety and well being.

The Supreme Court of Canada has recognized that our schools are vastly different places than a
generation ago. Because of this, the court has granted school authorities considerable flexibility and
lattitude when judging the practicalities of their actions when it comes to the issue of search and seizure
of students and their property by school officials. However, in exercising their powers, educators are
expected to be sensible, reasonable and responsible.

Students and parents must, therefore, be aware that:

1.      Enforcing school rules may, in some circumstances, require searches of students and their
        personal effects and the seizure of prohibited items;

2.      A decision to search will always be based on “reasonable” beliefs that there has been a breach of
        school regulations or discipline, and that a search of a student will reveal evidence of that breach;

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                              p. 14
3.       Searches will be conducted in a reasonable and sensitive manner and be minimally intrusive to a
         student’s right to privacy;

4.       Parents will be treated as partners in the education process and will be kept informed of any
         actions in a timely fashion.


Students are to refrain from littering. Therefore, students are given time, before recess, to eat their lunch
or snacks in the school and are asked not to take food with them outdoors. Students who leave the school
grounds at lunch and purchase food are asked to eat this prior to returning to the school yard.


Each September, we remind parents of the dangers of drawstrings on children’s clothing. When these
become entangled (e.g. in play equipment), these represent a serious safety concern. Parents are
encouraged to check their child’s clothing and replace any drawstrings with a safe alternative.


It is always exciting to begin another school year and to play with new and old friends.
There are some ways parents can help ensure the safety of their child while at school.

        Keep yo-yo balls and jackets or hooded sweaters with long strings at home as they can be a
         strangling hazard.
        Hard balls (India rubber or baseballs) can cause injury and students are asked not to play with
         these at school. Tennis balls and other soft balls such as soccer balls or footballs are encouraged
         for play.
        Proper, protective footwear is important, especially during winter months.

S://newyear/Parent/Student Handbook 2009-10                                                              p. 15

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