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					Student Name             DEGREE   Graduated
Kioko, Urbanus           MPH        2000
Morroni, Chelsea         MPH        2001
Sloan, Nicola            MPH        2001

Baba, Luvuyo             MPH/HE     2002
Leon, Natalie            MPH        2002
Mubangizi, Deus Bazira   MPH/HE     2002
Owiny, Vincent           MPH/HE     2002
Pillay, Victoria         MPH        2002
Rusford, Emmanuel        MPH        2002
Selikane, Mapaseka       MPH/HE     2002
Sewram, Vikash           MPH        2002
Sifunda, Sibusiso        MPH        2002
Veenstra, Nina           MPH        2002
Yavwa, Felistah          MPH        2002

Munga, Michael           MPH/HE     2003
Rwechungura, Assumpta    MPH/HE     2003
Seru, Morries            MPH/HE     2003
Sonko, Rita              MPH/HE     2003
Steyn, Nelia             MPH        2003

Akanlu, George           MPH/HE     2004
Batuka, James            MPH/HE     2004
Haidula, Leena           MPH/HE     2004
Kamoga, Nelson           MPH/HE     2004
Kamupira, Mercy          MPH        2004
Majmudar, Meghna         MPH/HE     2004
Omwoyo, Teresa           MPH        2004
Thomas, Patrick          MPH/HE     2004

Al Kfeiri, A             MPH        2005
Bresick, Graham          MPH        2005
Chalmers, Debra          MPH        2005
Chilongani, Joseph       MPH/HE     2005
Chithope-Mwale, George   MPH        2005
Engel, Mark              MPH        2005
Fatti, G.                MPH        2005
Harries, Jane            MPH        2005
Kagee, Ashraf            MPH        2005
Kagulula, Solomon        MPH/HE     2005
Kangolle, Alfred         MPH        2005
Kimera, D.               MPH/HE     2005
Kyomuhangi, Lennie            MPH/HE    2005
Mackowski, Amy                MPH       2005
Mathews, S.                   MPH       2005
McGowan, Catherine            MPH       2005
Minnies, D.                   MPH       2005
Ngcobo, Mr R                  MPH       2005
Nkosi, Moremi Eric            MPH/HE    2005
Saleh, Dorina                 MPH       2005

Araoyinbo, Idowu, Dr          MPH/HE    2006
Chanda, Pascaline             MPH/HE    2006
Chandiwana, Mr SD             MPH/HE    2006
Chansa, Collins               MPH/HE    2006
Daniels, Karen                MPH       2006
Danso, Akuamoah               MPH/HE    2006
Doolan, Ms C E                MPH       2006
Hani, Ms AP                   MPH       2006
Harling, Guy                  MPH/EPI   2006
Kaliki, Mr C                  MPH/HE    2006
Kevany, Mr S J                MPH/HE    2006
Kikule, Ms K                  MPH/HE    2006
Kiracho, Ekirapa, Elizabeth   MPH/HE    2006
Koech, Ms J                   MPH/HE    2006
Kyomuhangi, Ms R              MPH/HE    2006
Mbaziira, Ms A                MPH/HE    2006
Monyeki, Dr KD                MPH       2006
Mutsago, Bernard              MPH/EPI   2006
Naidoo, Pam                   MPH       2006
Ofori, Alex Mensah            MPH/HE    2006
Olubajo, Olalekan             MPH/HE    2006
Sabi, Mr K W                  MPH/HE    2006

Abie Zogoe Dr                 MPH       2007
Ataguba, John                 MPH/HE    2007
Basadi, Richard               MPH/HE    2007
Chitha, Dr W                  MPH/HE    2007
Colvin, Christopher           MPH/EPI   2007
Cornick, Ruth                 MPH       2007
Diseko, Agnes                 MPH       2007
Gassenelwe, Seadimo           MPH       2007
Gutin, Sarah Anne             MPH       2007
Jithoo, Anamika               MPH       2007
Kahwa, Amos                   MPH/HE    2007
Kamanga, Mpuma                MPH/HE    2007
Moyo,Dr S                     MPH/EPI   2007
Nahamya, David         MPH/HE      2007
Nkonki, Lungiswa       MPH/HE      2007
Tibazarwa, Kemilembe   MPH         2007
Wheeler, Stephanie     MPH         2007
Wills, Caroline        MPH         2007

Student Name                    In Progress
In Progress
Albert, Heidemarie     MPH/HE
Allen, Elizabeth       MPH
Baatjies, Roslyn       MPH
Banda, Patrick         MPH
Billingsley, Rita      MPH/HE
Border, William        MPH
Brody, Linnea          MPH
Busulwa, Vincent       MPH/HE
Chabela, Adeline       MPH
Chitama, Derek         MPH
Constant, Deborah      MPH
Cook, Colin            MPH
Cornell, Morna         MPH
Daries, Vanessa        MPH
Grimsrud, Ms AT        MPH
Huang Mr LC            MPH
Kamminga, Froeks       MPH
Kerber, Katherine      MPH
Kim, Becky             MPH
Mall, Sumaya           MPH
Mbeeli, Thomas         MPH
McLoughlin, Jo-ann     MPH
Mokalake EN            MPH
Mwansa, Dr J           MPH
Osler, Margaret        MPH
Peer, Nasheeta         MPH
Pitt, Jennifer         MPH
Reader, Larissa        MPH
Rundare Mr A           MPH
Saweka, Delphina       MPH
Skinner, Donald        MPH
Stinson, K             MPH
Twomey, Michele        MPH
Van Cutsem,Gilles      MPH
Van Zijl, Shelsley     MPH
Dissertation Title
The impact of fiscal decentralisation reform on hospital efficiency : the case of Kenya.
Randomized trial comparing bleeding patterns after immediate and conventional oral contraceptive initiation.
Evaluation of an HIV peer education programme in the workplace.

Northern Cape Provincial health accounts, the capacity issues and assessment of the feasibility to institutiona
District health systems development functional integration at joint primary health care facilities in the Western
The public-private mix health care resources distribution implications for equity Kampala district, Uganda.
Cost-effectiveness of CB-DOT compared to HC-based DOT, Maracha-Arua, Uganda, 2001.
A systematic review of the symptomatic treatment of the cough in whooping cough.
Factors determining exposure to benzene vapour among filling station attendants and road tanker drivers in th
Evaluation of the 1988 user-fee policy in Lesotho.
Risk factors for oesophageal cancer in Uruguay.
The determinants of adhering to rehabilitation in diabetics who have undergone lower limb amputation.
Disability in the Middle Ramu, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea : perceptions, prevalence and the role o
A cost-effectiveness analysis of managing chronic diarrhoea diseases in Human Immunodeficiency Virus and

The impact of costs and perceived quality on utilisation of primary health care in Tanzania rural-urban compa
Understanding the impact of User fees on gender in Tanzania.
Survey on retail prices of prescription drugs in Uganda an inter-regional comparison.
Analysing unofficial user fees in government and non-government hospitals in Uganda.
The development of a questionnaire to test dietitians' practices and knowledge with regard to dietary supplem

Willingness to pay for VCT and Nevirapine for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the Ka
Pricing behaviour of private for profit health care providers in Kampala, Uganda.
Quality assessment of malaria case management in public health care clinics in Namibia: Development of an
Monitoring Resource Allocation At The District Level In Uganda: Implications And Challenges.
Recognition of malaria, treatment seeking behaviour and the perceptions of the causes and effects of malaria
Financial Implications of Legislated Prescribed Minimum Benefits for HIV/AIDS on South African Medical Sch
A case control study to determine the relationship between cancer of the cervix and smoking in adult female p
A stakeholder analysis of the UCT Private Academic Hospital.

Profile and clinical outcomes of HIV-infected persons enrolling in an HIV service at Khayalitsha during 2002.
Health sector reform & primary care practice: reducing costs and Improving outcomes: An audit of continuity o
Validation of UK Diagnostic Criteria for Atopic Eczema in the South African context.
The Private Practice Within Public Hospitals in Tanzania: An Exploratory Study at Muhimbili National Hospita
Factors that influence the use of insecticide treated bed nets in a rural community in Mangochi district, Malaw
Steroids for tuberculosis pleurisy:a systematic review and meta analysis of clinical trials.
Indicators of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in South African children infected with the human immunodefici
A qualitative study exploring a community's perception of microbicide introduction.
Treatment adherence among diabetic and hypertensive patients attending primary care clinics.
The impact of decentralisation policy in provision of equitable health services: The case for Zambia.
The concurrence of typhoid and malaria as compared to typhoid and other diagnoses in adult patients admitte
The change in malaria treatment policy in Uganda: Extent of adherence to treatment guidelines in Rakai and
Financial cost implications of a free Antiretroviral therapy programme in Uganda: Financial sustainability.
Assessing the factors that influence the infant feeding practices of HIV-positive mothers in The Mothers Progr
The epidemiology of intimate femicide in South Africa.
The psychodynamics and psychoanalysis of the British Columbia coroners service.
Evaluation of informed consent.
Nursing staff absenteeism at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and its financial implications.
A comparative study of household healthcare utilisation patterns in two districts of Zambia.
Epidemiology of oesophageal cancer in the western cape.

A comparative study of cost and quality of care of malaria treatment in public and private health facilities in Ni
Cost and cost effectiveness analysis of the available strategies for diagnosing malaria in outpatients clinics in
The economic burden of ‘malaria’ morbidity on households in Mtoko district of North-Eastern Zimbabwe.
A critical evaluation of the sector wide approach programming (Swap)in the health sector in Zambia.
An analysis of the utilisation of research information, in policy making and guidelines for the use of magnesium
Critical evaluation of the role of community based health insurance schemes in extending health care coverag
A quantitative analysis of socioeconomic position and the occurrence of violence in South Africa.
The provision and use of contraception amongst antenatal and postpartum women in a rural area of the Easte
The social epidemiology of tuberculosis in south africa: A multilevel analysis.
An analysis of expenditure on HIV/AIDS patients in Zambia.
An economic evaluation of the impact widespread antiretroviral treatment on secondary hospitals in South Afr
Review of drug financing and expenditure in Uganda: Sustainability and improved access to essential medicin
Equity in the allocation of Primary Health Care resources in Uganda.
Nutrition counselling to improve clinical outcomes in people infected with HIV
Benefit incidence analysis of antiretroviral drugs in Uganda.
Determinants of provider preferences for utilisation of oral health care services in Uganda: A rural-urban comp
The association of fat patterning with blood pressure in rural South African children: The Ellisras Longitudinal
Indicators of diabetes (Type 2) care: A pilot study in the Cape Town metropole.
Exploring tuberculosis (TB) patients` adherence to treatment regimens and prevention programmes as a pub
Comparative analysis of cost and quality of malaria care in public and private hospitals in ghana: the case of k
Resource allocation for primary health care in the local government areas of Ekiti State,Nigeria: How equitab
Mandatory community based health insurance in Ghana: Prospects and challenges.

Farm workers in Stellenbosh:A survey of factors affecting health.
An estimation of the willingness to pay for community healthcare risk-sharing prepayment schemes: Evidence
Assessment of service provider prepardness and concerns in the process of implemeting the national health
Exploring factors motivating health workers to choose and maintain a career in rural health practice in SA.
Paediatric outcomes after 3 years on ART in Cape Town, South Africa.
You must tune your TB programme well'.Integrating TB, HIV and ARV care in a Cape Town care setting.
Perceptions of HIV/Aids clients and their care-givers on home based care of the social support services availa
The Causes of the mortality of HIV positive patients who received highly active antiretroviral therapy (Haart) in
Expanding Contraceptive Options in South Africa:Knowledge, Attitudes,Practices Surrounding the Intrauterine
Risk factors for turberculosis in a predominately low income urban area of Cape Town,South Africa.
Provision of ARV in public facilities in Tanzania."Do the poor benefit?
The economic feasibility and potential resource requirenment of scaling up PMTCT services in Zambia.
Childhood mortality in the Boland Overberg region.
Assessment of drug management in the public health facilities in Uganda.
Measuring health inequality amongst a cohort of hiv positiv mother and child pairs in South Africa:The relation
Incidence of Rheumatic Fever: A systematic review.
Attitudes and intentions of future health care providers regarding termination of pregnancy services in South A
Routine HIV Testing as a Standard of Care for Clients Presenting with a sexually Transmitted Infection:A Surv

A cost-effectiveness analysis of drug resistance screening in management of turberculosis in South Africa.
Efficacy and safety of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine with and without artesunate in the treatment of uncomplicat
Occupational Allergy and asthma among bakery workers in the WCape of SA.
The impact of user fees removal on facility utilisation in rural Zambia.
The Costs of Treating Pediatric HIV/AIDS with Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa.
The diagnostic accuracy of echocardiography in pediatric heart disease.
Infant and child mortality in South Africa in the context of a high HIV prevalence: An investigation into changin
Assessing Capacity for Support Supervision in Decentralised Health System in Uganda.
Curriculum-Based Life Skills Education:Factors that impende or facilitate tearchers'implementation of sexualit
Community Health Fund in Tanzania:Prediction of and Barrier to enrollment.
Risk factors for low bone mass as measured by calcanean ultrasonography in South African premenopasusa
Cataract and glaucoma case detection in vision 2020 programmes in Southern Africa.
Presentation and Survival of men and women with HIV in an antiretroviral therapy programme.
KAP of women concerning cervical screening.
Relationship between hypertension and common mental disorders in South Africa.
The role of Polyclonal intravenous immunoglobulin in treating HIV positive children with severe bacterial infec
Assessment of anthropometry,academic performance and absenteeism in a comprehensive educational prog
Co-coverage of essential interventions along the continuum of care for maternal,newborn and child health in s
Conservative Management of Abdominal Gunshot wounds at Groote Schuur Hospital:A cohort study on clinic
The use of African Traditional Medicine in HIV/AIDS paitents in South Africa.
Impact of private health insurance on equity and efficiency in Namibia.
Papsak consumption and problem drinking amongst farm workers in the rural Western Cape prevalance and
Determinants of voluntary HIV counselling and testing amoung the youth:The case of Botswana
Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the West Coast winelands of the Western Cape Province of South A
Risk factors and predictors of severe hyperlactataemia.
The prevalence and determinants of target organ damage in black hypertensive patients using primary health
Quality of life of HIV-infected individuals in a community-based anti-retroviral programme.
Self reported adherence as meadure of adherence in an atiretroviral treatment programme in an improvished
Patterns of and associations with imunologic response among adult paitents accessing community based ant
The factors that influence healthcare behaviour for malaria in two Ghananian communities.
A factor analysis of the threats influencing vulnerability of children in two communities of South Africa.
An evaluation of different approaches to the initiation of antiretroviral therapy during pregancy among HIV- inf
A cross-sectional analytic study to determine the current appropriacy and efficacy of current traige tools being
Late mortality, loss to follow up, and associated factors in adults on long term antiretroviral therapy in khayelit
A survey to assess Knowledge and Acceptability of Intrauterine Devices (IUD) among Family Planning Clients
l oral contraceptive initiation.

 of the feasibility to institutionalise.
h care facilities in the Western Cape.
Kampala district, Uganda.

s and road tanker drivers in the City of Cape Town, South Africa.

 lower limb amputation.
 ns, prevalence and the role of community based rehabilitation.
n Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome adult patients in an academic hospital in Lusaka, Zambia

 Tanzania rural-urban comparison.

with regard to dietary supplements and fortified foods.

causes and effects of malaria among women attending antenatal clinic in Mudzi District in Zimbabwe.
on South African Medical Schemes.
and smoking in adult female population in Cape Town, South Africa.

 omes: An audit of continuity of care in 4 CHCS in Cape Town.

noses in adult patients admitted in the medical wards at Iringa regional hosipital, Tanzania.
ment guidelines in Rakai and Kampala districts.
 : Financial sustainability.
 mothers in The Mothers Programs: A qualitative study.

 d private health facilities in Nigeria.
malaria in outpatients clinics in Zambia.
 orth-Eastern Zimbabwe.
  th sector in Zambia.
  ines for the use of magnesium sulphate in the treatment of eclampsia and Pre-Eclampsia.
 extending health care coverage to the informal sector in Ghana.

ed access to essential medicine.

 n Uganda: A rural-urban comparison.
 ren: The Ellisras Longitudinal Growth and Health Study.

 ention programmes as a public health site.
 spitals in ghana: the case of kwahu south distrct.
 kiti State,Nigeria: How equitable?

epayment schemes: Evidence from rural Nigeria.
plemeting the national health insurance scheme in Ghana.

 Cape Town care setting.
  social support services available to them in Botswana: A qualitative study.
antiretroviral therapy (Haart) in Khayelitsha between 2001 and 2005.
 s Surrounding the Intrauterine Device.(IUD).
  Town,South Africa.

 CT services in Zambia.
rs in South Africa:The relationship between socio economic staus and child health outcomes.

pregnancy services in South Africa.
y Transmitted Infection:A Survey of Satisfaction,Knowledge,Attitudes and Perceptions anong Clients.

 An investigation into changing mortality patterns at a fine age resolution.

ers'implementation of sexuality education in secondary school lesotho.

outh African premenopasusal women.

en with severe bacterial infections:a retrospective cohort study.
mprehensive educational programme on the cape Flats.Across sectional survey with cohort analysis.
,newborn and child health in sub Saharan Africa.
 spital:A cohort study on clinical outcomes and Financial costs.

 estern Cape prevalance and risk factors'.

ern Cape Province of South Africa:Capacity bulding of Service providers.

 patients using primary healthcare services in Cape Town.

programme in an improvished community setting.
cessing community based antiretroviral treatment programme in Khayelitsha.

  nities of South Africa.
 ring pregancy among HIV- infected women in Cape Town.
cy of current traige tools being used at hospital and pre-hospital level, with the aim of informing critical care services for children
ntiretroviral therapy in khayelitsha.
 mong Family Planning Clients and Providers in the Family Planning services in Cape Town.
ic hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.
cal care services for children aged 1 - 14 years in the Western Cape.

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