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					      The Epic of Gilgamesh
• Gilgamesh was
  an historical
  king of Uruk in
  Babylonia, on
  the River
  Euphrates in
  modern Iraq;
  he lived about
  2600 B.C.E.
• Many stories
  and myths were
  created about
  Gilgamesh, the
  earliest of which
  were written
  down about
  2000 B.C.E. in
  the Sumerian
  language on clay
  tablets which
  still survive.
• Since the legend of
  Gilgamesh was written in
  verse, and Gilgamesh
  himself easily fits the
  standards of a classic epic
  hero (male, larger than
  life, goes on a dangerous
  and dark journey,
  represents the ideals of
  his culture), the tablets
  form a Sumerian epic

Our story begins . . .
• Gilgamesh is the King of Uruk. His
  father is mortal and his mother is a
• However,
  because he is
  part mortal,
  Gilgamesh must
  eventually die,
  as he discovers
  and comes to
  accept during
  the course of the
• Gilgamesh is a
  bad ruler; he
  sleeps with all
  the women
  and takes
  away children
  from their
• His subjects ask
  the gods for
  help, and the
  gods have the
  goddess Aruru
  create a man,
  Enkidu, who will
  be almost
• Enkidu comes
  to life in the
  wilderness. He
  is covered
  with hair,
  shaggy, wild
  like the
• He eats grass
  with the gazelles
  and drinks water
  with the animals.
  A trapper is
  frightened by
  the sight of
  Enkidu and asks
  his father what
  to do, because
  Enkidu is freeing
  animals from the
• His father
  advises him to
  go to Uruk, find
  Gilgamesh, and
  tell him of the
  wild man. Then
  he should ask
  for a harlot from
  the temple and
  bring her back
  with him.
• The trapper
  finds Shamhat.
  She will seduce
  Enkidu, and then
  the wild animals
  will reject him
  and he can be
  lured to
• The harlot does
  just that, seducing
  Enkidu, so he is
  rejected by the
  animals. Shamhat
  teaches Enkidu
  some of the ways
  of civilization,
  such as wearing
  clothing, eating
  bread and
  drinking wine.
• Then she tells
  him of the
  strength of
  Enkidu wants to
  meet and
  Gilgamesh to a
  contest of
• Enkidu hears how
  Gilgamesh is
  sleeping with all
  the women of
  Uruk, and he is
  shocked. He now
  wants to
  Gilgamesh to
  conquer him and
  force him to
  behave properly.
• They struggle
  like equals, but
  throws Enkidu,
  who loses his
  anger and
  Gilgamesh as a
  true king. They
  embrace and
  become best
• Gilgamesh longs to perform great deeds,
  so his name will be remembered. He
  wants to go to the cedar forest and slay
  its guardian monster, Humbaba.
• Enkidu is terrified, because he
  knows Humbaba, but Gilgamesh
  insists, and they prepare for the
• Enkidu's hand is
  paralyzed when
  he touches the
  cedar forest
  gate, but
  Gilgamesh helps
  him to continue.
• They have
  dreams, but
  nonetheless cut
  down a cedar
  tree. Humbaba
  approaches and
  they fight;
  Humbaba begs
  for his life, but
  they cut off his
• Gilgamesh
  washes himself
  and puts on
  clean clothes
  and his crown.
  He is so
  attractive that
  Ishtar, the
  goddess of love,
  wants to marry
• He refuses, quite
  rudely, pointing out
  how she had ruined
  the lives of her
  previous husbands.
  Ishtar is hurt and
  furious and she
  goes to her father,
  Anu, demanding
  that he send the
  Bull of Heaven
  (drought) to punish
• She threatens
  to smash down
  the gates to the
  underworld if
  her father does
  not comply. Anu
  sends the Bull of
  Heaven, but
  Enkidu catches
  it by the horns,
  and Gilgamesh
  kills it.
• Unfortunately,
  as Enkidu
  discovers in a
  dream, the gods
  are holding a
  council to
  determine who
  should die for
  these attacks on
  Gilgamesh or
• Naturally, since Gilgamesh
  is part divine and part
  human, while Enkidu is
  part human and part
  animal, the judgment falls
  on Enkidu, who sickens
  and dies. Enkidu first
  curses the harlot Shamhat
  (who led him to
  civilization, Gilgamesh and
  death) but then blesses
  her for the joy of
  friendship with Gilgamesh.
• Gilgamesh is
  distraught with
  grief and denial
  of death. First he
  keeps the body
  of Enkidu for a
  week, until the
  body became
• Now we will
  finish the story
  by reading a
  children’s book
       Exit Slip: Gilgamesh
Please pull out a piece of paper, put your
   name on it, and answer the following
1) Who was Gilgamesh’s best friend that
   dies midway through the story?
2) Make three Connections between The
   Epic of Gilgamesh and other epic poems,
   stories, or texts. Think about similar
   story elements and comparisons of
   Gilgamesh to other epic and mythic
   heroes. Make sure to explain the