Esalen Grounds Flourish Today

					                                                                                                                    Spring 2002 • Volume 14, Number 1

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Esalen Grounds Flourish Today
by K Mello

For many of us, an integral part of our
Esalen experience is just being on the
very earth that supports Esalen and
the variety of life that thrives here. For
the past 20 years, the stewardship of
these beloved grounds has been en-
trusted to Sydney Ocean, the Grounds
Supervisor. Sydney is married to Steve
Beck, head of the Esalen Farm and
Garden, whom she met at Esalen. The
two of them confer frequently on long
and short term plans for the land.

Sydney came to Esalen in 1981 as a                                                         Above, the Esalen lodge and oval (then a parking lot) in about 1967.
Work Scholar, was then an Extended                                                         Below, the Esalen lodge and oval today.
Student and has never left. In meet-
ing Sydney, it is soon apparent that
her love of the land and the creatures
who live here runs deeply throughout
her life and work. “I don’t distinguish
between work and play,” says Syd-
ney, “It’s all fun. I have an attitude of
enjoyment.” Her staff has nothing but
the highest praise for Sydney, person-
ally and professionally. “She really
knows the plants,” says Ronnie Haire,
who has been the Grounds Assistant
for over two years. “She’s a great sto-
ryteller, very funny, and wise, oh my,
she’s a wise woman. I love working
                                             Daniel Bianchetta

for her.” In talking with Sydney, it’s
obvious the feeling is mutual.

One can see from the picture of Esalen
taken in 1967 that the grounds didn’t
just happen this way. In Esalen’s early
years Selig Morganrath planted many                              continually been adjusted for Esalen’s          planning for today, next spring, next
trees, built rock walls, and set out an                          changing needs and nature’s changing            winter, five years from now, and even
initial plan. Over time, the plan has                            moods. At any given time, Sydney is             100 years from now. “Some of the

   Illustrious Volunteer Team                                        Reflections of an Esalen                       Terence Ward Book
   page 3                                                            Student page 4                                 Reviewed page 6
cypresses at the Big House have been                                                                         and not get something positive. It’s
there for 100 years, and we’re plant-                                                                        like giving them a stage to learn more
ing now for 100 years from now,” says                                                                        about themselves.”
Sydney. ”Some winters we’ll lose 25
trees, from wind, age, soil that’s too                                                                       It’s important to Sydney that the
wet, and sometimes from diseases, like                                                                       Esalen grounds express the wildness
the pitch canker that’s coming down                                                                          of the Big Sur coast; that they look like
from Monterey and affecting the pines.                                                                       there’s been little human intervention.
In one of the worst winters, we lost 50                                                                      “Although it does take a lot of work,
trees in one year.”                                                                                          my goal is to have it look like it just

                                           Daniel Bianchetta
                                                                                                             happened that way. The landscape is
There are some long term challenges                                                                          intended to gently invite pleasure.” As
in maintaining these grounds, such                                                                           is Sydney Ocean. Thank you to Sydney
as trying to eliminate pampas grass,                                                                         and the Grounds crew from all of us
                                                                                           Sydney Ocean      who deeply appreciate the magnificent
genestia, and caster beans, which are
non-native, invasive plants and whose                          tery friends year after year. Sydney          results of your efforts.
seeds remain viable for decades. The                           observes, “They move around to dif-
neighboring lands are saturated with                           ferent parts of the property. This year
pampas grass plumes, and wind carries                          they’re hanging out in the redwood
the seeds, longing for a home, to our                          tree on the staff unit lawn. It’s the first
land, despite the lack of invitation.                          time I’ve seen them there.”

While there are some difficult aspects                         Sydney talks of Esalen’s unique oppor-
                                                                                                             New Work by
of the grounds maintenance, Sydney
keeps coming back to the positive and
                                                               tunity to utilize the creative influence      Michael Murphy
                                                               of all the different Work Scholars,
all the different ways in which we are                         volunteers, Extended Students, and            and Friends
fortunate because of this location. If                         staff who have contributed ideas and
you are standing on the front lawn cliff                       handiwork. Many people have passed            Author and Esalen co-founder
on a windy day, you may be surprised                           through and added something: a rock           Michael Murphy has written a new
to know that our location is actually                          wall, a rock path, a pond, the bench by       book entitled God and the Evolving
less windy than most on the coast. This                        the Big House pond, trellises, railings,      Universe (Tarcher/Putnam, $25.95)
wind protection, along with our rich                           and more. These are all expressions of        with James Redfield (The Celestine
soil, the lack of frost or freezing tem-                       individuals passing through. “We’ve                                    Prophecy)
peratures, and an abundance of water,                          had some amazing people over time;                                     and docu-
allows for a great diversity of plants.                        some of them stay a day, some for                                      mentary
Esalen looks lush even in drought                              years. Antonio Nunez, who does all                                     filmmaker
years.                                                         our tree work, has stayed more than                                    Sylvia
                                                               ten years. I think it’s vital to encourage                             Timbers,
Sydney tends to plant native and                               people to use their skills and interests                               which tells
drought resistant plants because they                          and find a way to bring them into the                                  the story
fit with the local system and are more                         place.” The result is the multi-faceted                                of the long
adapted to the area, but she speaks of                         peacock’s tail which is the Esalen                                     and intimate
the importance of plant diversity for a                        grounds. The crew is a bit like Esalen                                 association
healthier system. It allows Esalen to be                       elves, quietly working at making this                                  between
home for more “critters,” and makes                            place beautiful.                                                       spiritual/
plant populations less prone to be-                                                                                                   philo-
ing wiped out by one environmental                             “It’s funny that I took this job for the      sophical traditions and evolutionary
threat. “We have a huge range of plants                        plants, but I’ve ended up getting at          thinking. Not only are we heirs and
for color, smell, and ecological diver-                        least as much enjoyment out of peo-           (as far as we know) the most com-
sity.”                                                         ple,” muses Sydney. “What a thrill to         plexly organized products of billions
                                                               take someone who’s never gotten their         of years of evolution, but we stand
Sydney does a lot of planning for                              hands mucky playing in the dirt, never        poised, the authors argue, on the
the butterflies that make Esalen their                         worked in the rain, run a weedwacker,         threshold of a new evolutionary leap
winter home. She works to create the                           worn rubber boots to clean out rain           in the universe, and a giant new step
“magic circles” that attract the Mon-                          gutters...the lawyer, the accountant, a       in human capacities and human self-
archs. A vegetative circle of protection                       17-year-old.” It’s undeniable that Syd-       understanding.
at a certain height with a source of                           ney takes great pleasure in introducing
nectar and water allows visitors and                                                                         This book will be reviewed in the next issue
                                                               people to such enriching experiences.
                                                                                                             of the Friends of Esalen newsletter. It can be
residents of Esalen to enjoy our flut-                         “It’s hard to work outside with plants        purchased through the Esalen bookstore by
               Volunteer Team Helps Esalen Plan for Future
                    In the planning process to create a long
                    term development plan Esalen has
                    been blessed with the expertise and
                    friendship of an extremely talented,
                    multi-disciplinary team of planners,
                    designers, architects, and engineers
                    who have donated days of their time
                    in service to Esalen.

                                                                Margaret Grahme
                    When asked why he donates his
                    time to Esalen, Amory Lovins, CEO/
                    Research at the Rocky Mountain
                    Institute in Snowmass Colorado
                    says, “Love. I felt the place could be
                                                                                       Jason Hainline, Greg Franta, Andy Nusbaum, Amory Lovins, Barbara Harwood, Don Aitken
                    a wonderful example of how to tread
                                                                                                            and Roger Courtenay enjoying one of the perks of working with Esalen.
                    more lightly on the earth. My dream
                    is to see Esalen as a place so in balance                     each other and each other’s views. I’ve            building industry and make it more
                    that it creates delight on arrival, joy                       learned a lot from this project because            sustainable. Esalen can be a great
                    when you stay, and regret when you                            it is unfolding at its own rate rather             model for the rest of the world as so
                    depart.” He also remarks, “I’m looking                        than on a fixed schedule, letting the              many people come through here and
                    forward to seeing Esalen self-sufficient                      path determine itself. Decisions are               can witness the success of sustainable
                    in energy in this decade combining                            allowed to evolve.”                                building.
                    photovoltaics and geothermal.”
                                                                                  “Esalen has always been one of                     Don Aitken, Secretary of the
                    Roger Courtenay , a prominent                                 my favorite spots on the planet,”                  International Solar Energy Society
                    landscape architect and master                                says Greg Franta, an environmental                 and senior consulting scientist for the
                    planner with EDAW of Alexandria,                              architect with ENSAR Group in                      Energy Department of the Union of
                    Virginia, sees Esalen as a potential                          Boulder, Colorado. “I travel the world             Concerned Scientists, says that “Esalen
                    steward not only for itself but for the                       a lot, and this is one of the few places           has become a part of my personal
                    whole Big Sur/Central Coast region.                           I like to be. I was excited when Amory             work. My heart is responding. My
                    He likes seeing his work become                               asked me to be involved. Esalen has                head is responding. It’s a marvelous
                    visible as an example to a wider                              an incredibly beautiful environment                challenge.” Don not only donates his
                    audience and Esalen has that. He                              and great programs, but the built                  time to Esalen but also donated part
                    enjoys the “unfolding” nature of the                          environment doesn’t reflect the beauty             of the photovoltaic solar system that
                    project at Esalen which he describes as                       of the rest of the place, especially in            powers the Dance Dome and Art Barn
                    “humane and personal, like no other                           terms of ecological aspects.” Greg has             on the north side of the property.
                    client, with respect being shown for                          a great passion to help transform the

                    Bath Construction Enters the Home Stretch
                                                                                                                     Construction is full steam ahead on the baths after
                                                                                                                     a short slowdown at the end of last year. The roofs
                                                                                                                     on the second-story massage room and bathroom
                                                                                                                     are being finished. Alaskan cedar beams have been
                                                                                                                     formed to create a ceiling which will have natural
                                                                                                                     light filtering through translucent panels. Final
                                                                                                                     lighting details are being resolved which will assure
                                                                                                                     safety and be unobtrusive. A lovely tiled fountain
                                                                                                                     has been installed in the entry way. Weather
                                                                                                                     cooperating, a summer opening is likely.

                                                                                                                     It has been a long and involved process but
Daniel Bianchetta

                                                                                                                     with spectacular results. Thanks to all of you
                                                                                                                     who have given generously to make this project
                                                                                                                     happen. Donations continue to be welcomed and
A Clearing in the Woods: Reflections of an ES
by Abe “Brammy” Bernstein
                                             experienced it first hand.                        time, then headed off elsewhere. Some
Extended students (ES) typically                                                               would later return. Some would not.
live, work and study at Esalen for           Others stayed close to the spring and             It was a place where people on many
a period of a year after completing          the fire circle; these took on the tasks          different journeys could linger briefly,
several months as a work scholar.            of tending the garden, preparing and              share what they had in common,
They constitute nearly a third of            serving meals, and keeping the buildings          celebrate their differences, and move on.
Esalen’s work force and help to              in shape. They organized song fests and           He had never seen anything like it.
supervise and train the monthly              dances and storytellings, and taught                            *       *       *
work scholars. They represent                the skills of gardening, cooking, and             This is what a year of being an
a variety of chronological ages,             building repair to those who wished to            extended student at Esalen has
ranging from the late teens and early        learn.                                            been for me. It has been a time
20’s to the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.                                                              when I could be open with others
                                             The makeup of the community                       about who I am and what I feel,
They come from a wide range of               continually changed, but its identity as          and through doing so, become
backgrounds, life styles, professions,       a community stayed the same. Some                 more open to be myself with less
and countries, and a broad array of          of the people who stopped there sought            self-judgment, inner criticism, and
past experiences, points of view, and        simply to rest and catch their breath             shame than I have known before. It
future goals. This article attempts          before continuing on their journeys.              has been a time when I could learn
to give the reader a sense of the            Others sought to heal some earlier                more genuinely than ever before
common experience that many ES               damage to body, mind, or spirit. Still            what others are like, for in this
share, regardless of those differences.      others were on a quest, whether or not            community it is difficult—perhaps
              *       *      *               they knew what they were questing                 even impossible—to maintain, for
He had heard for years of a place where      after. They exchanged stories with each           any length of time, a false facade to
people came who were seeking they knew       other, discussed deep and important               hide behind.
not what, a place where they found, if       matters, and played, sang, and danced
not what they were seeking, at least         together. No two of them had the same             It has been a time when I could
others not unlike themselves. He decided     story, and few had any answers, but all           expose myself to new learning,
to check it out for himself. He arrived      had something to share and something              new behaviors, and new attitudes
shortly before sunset on a summer day.       to learn. A handful stayed and settled            of body, mind, and spirit; it would
                                             there, but most stayed only for a brief           have been hard not to do that,
It was no more than a clearing in the
woods. There was a spring there, and
the water was good, so people on many
different journeys stopped there to rest
and recoup their energies before moving
on. Initially they stopped for a day
or two; they sat together over meals,
shared stories in the bath house by the
spring and around the fire circle after
the sun went down, and ventured short
distances into the woods beyond the
stream or up the hills to the highland
meadows. Many moved on after a short
stay. Others lingered.

Some who lingered went on side
journeys into the surrounding country,
journeys that ranged from a few hours
to a few weeks, and then returned to
the community. A few of the people
                                                                                                                                           Nancy Worcester

who ventured into the countryside and
became familiar with the terrain there
began offering their services as guides to
people who were newly arrived. A body
of folklore about the vicinity grew and
was passed on to those who had not yet                                    Extended Students Abe “Brammy” Bernstein from the front office and
                                                                                                 Katrina Dunbar from the Farm and Garden.
because the energy generated by
workshop leaders and visiting
teachers is difficult to resist. It has
                                          Campaign Update                                             by Serena D’Arcy-Fisher

been a time when I could delve            The Esalen Campaign for the Future enjoyed a special weekend at Esalen on
deeply into my own personal               November 2 – 4 with trustees, workshop leaders, campaign cabinet members,
healing, for the environment here         members of Esalen’s Group 2000, volunteers and staff for briefings on Esalen’s
provides an almost magical sort of        vision for the future, the Long Term Development Plan (LTDP), and the Capital
personal emotional alchemy. It has        Campaign. Hosted by John Cleese and Board Members Marilyn Schlitz and
been a time when I could open up          Keith Thompson, this special event attracted over 120 Esalen supporters.
enough to let a new “me” begin to
emerge, to begin to discover who I                                 Campaign staff noted with pleasure the strong response
really might be, for everyone here                                 of the participants to the call for volunteers in Esalen’s
supports everyone else in doing                                    major fundraising campaign. Esalen is delighted to
whatever they need to do for their                                 announce that Ms. Ann Knoll-Downing has joined
own growth and self-realization.                                   the Campaign Cabinet as Chair of the Major Gifts
                                                                   Network. Ann is a planning and resource development
Esalen is not a Utopia, not a place of                             professional in both the public and private sector. For
perfection. All the characteristics of                             many years she raised funds for the Sierra Club. She
humanity, save only violence, can be                               has served as a consultant for several national non-
found here—love, joy, pride, shame,                                profit foundations in the arts, community development,
jealousy, kindness, courage, fear,        health care, and environment; she comes out of retirement to lend her
timidity, anger, envy, loneliness,        considerable expertise to our efforts. We deeply appreciate Ann’s commitment
withdrawal, bitterness. Miracles          to the success of this campaign.
occur here, grudges are held here,
politics happen here; people speak        Thanks to Corinne Bourdeau and the Los Angeles volunteer team, there are
their truth and people lie; things        some exciting campaign events scheduled. For more information please contact
are done in openness and things           Serena D’Arcy-Fisher at (415) 884-4307. Esalen Chairman Mike Murphy is
are done in secrecy. But more             presenting at Yoga House in February, an event hosted by Peter and Tara Guber.
than anywhere else I have lived or        Mike will be making public appearances at various bookstores to talk about his
worked, Esalen offers the possibility     new book, God and the Evolving Universe — a joint project with James Redfield
of being myself, being authentic,         and Sylvia Timbers.
being unguarded, being free of
pretense.                                 The Campaign would like to acknowledge the generous
                                          gift of long-time Esalen supporter and contributor to the
I wonder what it will be like, once       Center for Theory and Research, Jay Ogilvy. Jay is a co-
having experienced this, to return        founder of Global Business Network (GBN), a research
to the outside world. I will find out;    and consulting company that serves Fortune 500
most of us who are here as ES will        companies and government agencies. Jay’s background
find out, because only rarely does        includes 12 years as a professor of philosophy at Yale
one stay on.                              and Williams universities. Over the past 20 years he has
                                          been a regular contributor to invitational seminars and
Esalen is the clearing in the woods,      workshops at Esalen.
the place to drink deeply of the
magical spring and to experience          As part of his contribution to the Capital Campaign, Jay is leading a scenario-
the wonder of our own souls               planning project for Esalen. Jay describes the process as follows: “Every
before returning, forever changed,        organization that wants to stay around for a while needs a long-range strategic
                                          plan, even those whose past successes seem to provide a momentum into the
                                          future. Precisely because it has built such a strong reputation, Esalen needs
                                          to think carefully about the range of futures that are available to it, given its
    “While the workshop was               strengths and its wide repute. Scenario planning is a strategic tool that’s been
    outstanding, as I had expected,       designed to explore such alternative futures.
    I was not prepared for Esalen’s
    beauty. The combination of            “As a longtime participant in programs at Esalen, and as one who respects the
    the quality of the workshop           interests of many in the Esalen community, I’m very aware of the passionate
    and the beauty of Esalen came         commitments that many people have to Esalen’s future. I would be the last
    together as a powerful experi-        to imagine that I alone could come up with a strategy for Esalen, or that this
    ence.                                 process alone will guarantee Esalen’s future success. But the scenario-planning
    Thank you.”                           process does provide an excellent platform for those who know Esalen best
                                          to engage in a strategic conversation about Esalen’s future. And that is what I
              Esalen Seminarian
                                          hope to facilitate by putting GBN’s well-honed tools in the service of the Esalen
                                           routing, visas to Iran became possible

 Book Review                               for Americans; the entire Ward                 The Friends of Esalen
                                           family, minus four daughters-in-law            Newsletter is published three
                                           and several grandchildren, set out in          times per year by Esalen Institute
       Reviewed by Gordon Wheeler          search of Hassan, and of the culture           as an informational vehicle for our
                                           and connections that were the legacy           supporters.
Searching for Hassan:                      of their lost childhood.                       Esalen Institute was founded in
                                                                                          1962 as an alternative educational
An American Family’s                       One result of that odyssey was a               center devoted to the exploration of
                                           re- union as unlikely as it is moving,
Journey Home to Iran                       testimonial to the power of love and
                                                                                          the human potential.

    by Terence Ward                        human attachment over the insane               Founders:
                                           forces of jingoism and war, themselves         Michael Murphy & Dick Price
Long ago and far away, a small             staged and fueled by all the worst             Esalen Board of Trustees:
boy named Terry grew up with his           sides of imperialist capitalism and            Mary Ellen Klee, George Leon-
parents and three brothers in a land       fanatic religion. A second was the             ard, Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, Mi-
of contradictions. Within their garden     rediscovery of a magical and timeless          chael Murphy, Marilyn Schlitz,
walls lay a magic world of tales and       culture, private but not forgotten,            Jeremy Tarcher, Keith Thompson,
traditions, presided over by a beloved     where the book on the bedside table            Gordon Wheeler
cook/housekeeper, Hassan, who was          may as likely be the poetry of Hafiz
their guardian angel and enthralling       or Rumi as the Koran, and the deepest          Executive Director:
guide to an ancient culture. Outside       values of human connection are                 Andy Nusbaum
lay the Teheran of the Shah, at once       manifest in taarof, the ancient ritual of      Newsletter Editor & Friends of
oil-rich and desperately poor, where       hospitality.                                   Esalen Coordinator:
a privileged elite got ever more                                                          Nancy Worcester
Westernized, while the masses were         A third is Terence Ward’s beautiful
forgotten. Propped up by the all-too-      book, Searching for Hassan (Houghton
familiar triad of foreign oil companies,   Mifflin, $25.00), weaving both the          Assembly of the United Nations. Two
secret police, and the CIA, the regime     other two themes into a magic tale          millennia later that same spirit was
of Reza Pahlevi spawned a new              worthy of Hassan himself — with             to say, in the voice of the Sufi poet,
bourgeoisie, but withheld the freedom      the dauntless Ward family in more           “I have learned so much from God,
and democracy that might have              or less the role of Mullah Nasrudin,        that I no longer call myself Christian,
broadened opportunity and anchored         innocent anti-hero of many a Sufi           Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew.... a
socioeconomic change in the deepest        fable, guided on their journey as           man, a woman, an angel, or even
traditional values of Islam. Instead,      much by “Irish luck and Allah’s             pure soul. Love has befriended Hafiz
religious reactionaries united with the    blessing” as by any really coherent         so completely...”
dispossessed, the Shah fell, replaced      plan. And all around them, in place         Today, the American government, in
by a new dictatorship arguably more        of the cultural monolith depicted for       terms as simplistic as those of its real
equitable than the old, and America,       so long in Western media, they found        enemies, has officially declared Iran to
perhaps unsurprisingly, became the         an Iran of new complexities, where          be part of a “triangle of evil.” Rather,
Great Satan. A horrendous six-year         strong new stirrings of democracy           Ward insists, our common enemy
war ensued with Iraq, armed and            and tolerance vie with the remaining        is “the prohibition against knowing
backed up by America; soon the new         forces of repression, while the spirit      the Other” — that crippling wall that
dictatorship was as feared and hated       of poetry and mysticism still animates      unites fanatics everywhere. In this
as the old — while beneath the surface     much of the land. “Today Iran is the        inspiring book, by contrast, we read
of oil and Islam alike, an ancient         only democracy in the Islamic Middle        of an Iran where “far more people
tradition of poetry and mysticism          East,” says Ward, commenting on             follow the words of Hafiz and Rumi
went underground, and was lost from        four successive elections in which          than listen to the bull horns of the
view.                                      the reformists have prevailed. “It is       mullahs.” Ward was at Esalen March
                                           no accident either,” he continues,          8-10, where he co-led the workshop
Two decades passed, but the Ward           “that the most pro-American of those        “The Time-less Soul of Iran: The Other
brothers, cut off from their childhood     countries today is the one where            Face of Islam.” Meanwhile, you can
memories by revolution and war,            we have not sided with a repressive         join him on the enchanted journey that
never forgot their beloved Hassan.         government against its own people.”         is Searching for Hassan.
In 1997 a moderate democrat was
elected President of Iran, with a          Ironically, religious tolerance was born    Esalen trustee and workshop leader Gordon
platform of reform and an insistence       in Persia two and a half thousand           Wheeler is author of over a dozen books on
that the God of Islam stood for love,      years ago, under Cyrus the Great,           relationship, development, the Gestalt model,
not hate. For the first time in almost     whose declaration of human rights           and the Western tradition of individualism.
a generation, through a circuitous         is inscribed today at the General
    Support for Today • Building for the Future
We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful Friends of Esalen who generously support our operations
and special projects. The following is a list of friends who have given over $500 from
                                                                                                   Italics below indicate a lifetime
1/1/2001-12/31/2001. We couldn’t be here without you!                                         donation giving commitment and/or
                                                                                                                        a donation pledge of $100,000 or
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G I F T S I N M E M O R Y OF -(from 9/1/2001 to 2/13/2002) •Gregory Bateson by Mark Engel • Robert Bathurst by Brit Broch
Bathurst • Suzanne Calley by Jon and Marcy Schrader • Cookie by Judah Hannah • Audrey DeSalvo by daughter Helene Bartosik • Robert William
Hatinger by Gaye Choate • Elaine Hughes by Vicky Bourland, Keith Collins, George Lichter, Gloria and Mary Nosser, Jean Purser • George King by
Donald Boggs and Kellie Vanilla Reamer, Doris Smith • Peter Kurzman by James and Sally Ritter • Barbara Lamberto by Linda Cipcic • Margaret Liv-
ingston by Barbara Peterson • Mike McDonald by Dan Elsen • Terence McKenna by Robert Venosa • Donald Michael by Marianna Amicarella • Mikey
by R A Clark and Lark Zonka • Michael J Palko by Alexandra Palko • Robert A. Patton by Linda McTeigue • Blair Peterman by Daniel Beattie* Dick
Price by Michel Levert • John Russel by Jeffrey Hoffman • Chris Smith by Carl Baum • John Soper by Timothy Blackman, Deborah Datz and Jacob Her-
schler • Nancy Stengel by Paul Stengel • Andre Ventresca by Margery Ventresca • Victims of 9/11/01 attack by Gary Jones, Bill Falik and Diana Cohen

G I F T S I N HONOR OF -(from 9/1/2001 to 2/13/2002) Morris & Virginia Carter by Corla Davis • Michele Cassou by Sally Pierone •
Leigh Daniel’s 50th Birthday by Bill Zirinsky • Dr. Donald N. Eckerstrom by James Guare • Esalen Massage Staff by J Speed Carroll • Makiko Fukuya
by Makiko Fukuya • Bill Herr by Curtis Kellogg, Mary Robinson • Tom Hickey by Kathleen Hennessy • Cynthia Jayne by Arlene Goldman • Deborah
Kilpatrick & Kacey Fitzpatrick by Signe Varner • Al McLeod by Christi Banks • Hal Milton by Alyzsa Van Til • Robert Moss by Nancy Brzeski • Andy
Nusbaum by Jeanne and Robert Segal • Sheila, Lauren & TJ Reifenberger by Bob Reifenberger • Jen Russell by Bernadette Viespi • Donald Santarelli by
Candler Gibson • Lee Shugrue by Hoodie Troutman • Harry Sloan by George Blumenfeld • Fritz Smith, MD by Howard Moffet • Survivors of 9/11/01
by Jonathan Duncklee • Ellen Watson by Michael J. Murphy • Marion & Ross Woodman by Tina Stromsted • Zero Balancing Association by John and
Sharon Franklin

                                                                                   Richard Feynman, Buckminister
Giving Back                                                                        Fuller, Jean Houston, Aldous Huxley,
                                                                                   R.D. Laing, Abraham Maslow, Rollo

to Esalen
                                                                                   May, Terence McKenna, Carl Rogers,
                                                                                   Ida Rolf, Virginia Satir, Alan Watts,
                                                                                   and the list goes on - truly a name-
by Bill Herr                                                                       dropper’s litany of the great minds

                                                                                                                            Daniel Bianchetta
                                                                                   whose discourses have enlightened
Paul Herbert came to Big Sur over                                                  thousands.
a half- century ago and has been
associated with Esalen since its                                                   He also donated the personal
founding. Early on he became Esalen’s                                              memorabilia he had amassed in his 50-
                                                                                                                                                                             Paul Herbert
unofficial historian, photographing                                                plus years in Big Sur, including such
and recording the luminaries who                                                   items as autographed limited editions                        The next step is to convert them to
visited and collecting the stories and                                             of books by Henry Miller, original                           a digital format both for their long-
images of those whose lives here                                                   copies of the Janis Joplin and Jimi                          term preservation and to make them
shaped Esalen                                                                      Hendrix obituary editions of Rolling                         available on the internet. These ideas,
over the years.                                                                    Stone, and photographs of the Beatles                        like Paul, are treasures and to make
                                                                                   on the Esalen lawn.                                          them more accessible is to make them
Paul is the founder and proprietor                                                                                                              truly live again.
of Dolphin Tapes, the audio service                                                I have recently had the pleasure of
which has compiled a library of                                                    helping Paul with the preservation of                        Thanks, Paul, for all you have given to
thousands of hours of recordings of                                                these unique treasures. This has given                       Esalen over the years and all that you
speakers at Esalen, and at places as                                               me the opportunity to hear many of                           continue to be.
far-flung as Bombay. Recently Paul                                                 these remarkable speakers. The thing                         A listing of Dolphin Tapes available for
donated this remarkable collection                                                 that has struck me repeatedly is not                         purchase appears in every Esalen Catalog.
of audio tapes to Esalen. It includes                                              only the originality and creativity                          Tapes are also available through the Esalen
recordings by Gregory Bateson,                                                     of their ideas, but how current, how                         Bookstore.
Joseph Campbell, Moshe Feldenkrais,                                                timely their words are still.
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