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					Product                                                                                              Product Code          Quantity       Unit Price            Total Price
Coffee Break for ONE “A”                                                                             SE-H-1                               $40
Coffee Break for ONE “B”                                                                             SE-H-2                               $55
Coffee Break for TWO      Christmas Tree Plush Toy  Animal Door-Stopper                            SE-H-3                               $90
for the Family  Christmas Tree Plush Toy  Animal Door-Stopper                                      SE-H-4                               $100
for HIM                                                                                              SE-H-5                               $35/$55
for HER                                                                                              SE-H-6                               $45
Aroma Paper Weight with Organza Bag  without sequins  with sequins  pyramid                       SE1                                  $8; $10; $12
Aroma Paper Weight and 100% Pure Essential Oil (in Silk Box)                                         SE2                                  $25
 Lavender  Eucalyptus  Tea Tree  Geranium  Peppermint  Bergamot  Rosemary  Ylang Ylang
Aroma Eye Pillow & Paper Weight Set (in Silk Box)                                                    SE3                                  $35
Scented Candles (in Palm Leaf Box)                                                                   SE6                                  $20
Scented Candles (in Christmas Glass)                                                                 SE7                                  $8 per piece
Scented Candle & Ceramic Tray (in Silk Box)                                                          SE8                                  $20
Be-jeweled Glass Jewelry Box                                                                         SE9                                  $10
Tea Cup Set and Potpourri (packed in Palm Leaf Box)                                                  SE10                                 $20
Japanese Tea Cup & Potpourri                                                                         SE11                                 $10
Cinnamon Bark Christmas Ornament                                                                     SE12                                 $6.90

Customer’s Details                                                                      Terms and Condition
Name                     : ____________________________________________                     –    Payment by CASH or CHEQUE only. Delivery upon receiving payment.

Contact No.              : ____________________________________________                     –    Delivery Charge of $10 applies for order of less than $100.
                                                                                            –    All handmade items are individually handcrafted and unique; hence
Delivery Address         : ____________________________________________                          variations from illustrations may occur.
                          ____________________________________________                      –    All items are subject to availability, in view of unpredictable demand; we will
                                                                                                 replace with items of similar value, with your consent.