ELLISON LETTER and ACCU/CUT MACHINES
                                   CURRICULUM RESOURCE CENTER The Frances F. Povsic Collection
                                                            2nd Floor Jerome Library BGSU

                                                  LARGE DIES:
Acorn                    Cupid                    Ladybug                 Rocket Ship        EXTRA LARGE DIES:              SETS:
Africa                   Doctor/Nurse #1 & 2      Lamb #2                 Sailboat           Africa                         NUMBERS
Airplane #1              Dog                      Leaf, Birch             Saw                Alaska                         0-9 2" & 4" Block
Ambulance                Dog, Husky               Leaf, Maple             School Bus#1A      Antarctica                     PATTERN BLOCKS:
Ant                      Dolphin                  Leaf, Oak               Schoolhouse #2     Apple                          Hexagons, Parallelograms, Rhombi,
Apple                    Donkey                   Light Bulb              Screwdriver        Asia                           Squares, Trapezoids, Triangles
Arrow                    Dragon #2                Lightning Bolt          Shamrock           Australia                      FRACTION SQUARES:
Astronaut                Dreidel                  Lion #2                 Shark              Bag                            1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 & 1
Award #1A                Drum & Sticks            Locomotive**            Sheep              Balloons                       SHAPES:
Banana, Peeled           Duck                     Mask, Comedy            Shell #2           Butterfly                      Circle 4" ,3", 2" & 1"
Barn                     Duck, Toy                Mask, Tragedy           Shoe for Lacing    Cornucopia                     Cone
Baseball                 Eagle                    Mitten                  Shoe, Sandal       Cube 3-D                       Cube
Baseball Hat             Egg, Folded              Monkey #2               Skate, Inline      Europe                         Cylinder
Baseball Player          Eggs                     Moon & Stars            Sled               Falcon                         Decagon
Basket                   Elephant                 Motorcycle              Sleigh             Flag #2                        Dodecagon
Basketball               Falcon                   Mouse                   Snowflake #2       Flash Card, bottom wheel       Heptagon
Basketball Player        Fire Truck               Music I-Treble Clef     Snowflake #3       Flash Card, top wheel          Hexagon
Bat [animal]             Firefighter              Music III-Bass Clef     Snowman            Frog, Leaping                  Nonagon
Bat/Ball/Glove           Fish #2, 4 & 5           Music IV-Notes          Soccer Ball        Game Board                     Octagon
Bear                     Flag #1                  Music V-Sharp/Flat      Space Shuttle      Game Pieces                    Oval
Bee                      Flower #1, 1A, 1B        Music VII-Rests         Spider             Hawaii                         Pentagon
Bicycle                  Flower Pot               Nameplate, Heart        Star #1B           Heart #2                       Pyramid
Bird #3                  Football                 Needle & Thread         Starfish           Heart, Woven                   Rectangle
Birthday Cake            Football Helmet          Newspaper               Stegosaurus        Heart, Box                     Rhombus
Birthday Cake Slice      Football Player          "No" Sign               Sting Ray          Heart, Card Pocket             Square 4"
Blimp/Zeppelin           Footprint, Baby          Ocean Liner             Stocking, Xmas     Heart, Fold-Up                 Trapezoid
Boat                     Four Leaf Clover         Octopus                 Sun #1C & 2        Jar & Label                    Triangle
Book, Open               Frog #2                  Ohio                    T-Shirt            Jerome Library                 TINY DIES:
Bookmark, Bookworm       Ghost #2                 Orange                  Tangram            Knife, Spoon, Fork             Tiny Apples
Bookmark, Heart          Gingerbread Man          Orange/Citrus Slice     Tank Car**         Lincoln, Abraham               Tiny Balloons
Bookmark, Plain #2       Giraffe                  Owl #1                  Teddy Bear #1C     Mailbox #1 3-D                 Tiny Bees
Boot, Hiking             Girl, Generic            Paint Brush #1 & 2      Tennis Shoe #1A    Martin Luther King             Tiny Butterflies
Bowling Ball & Pins      Girl #2                  Palm Tree #1            Tomato             North America                  Tiny Crayons
Boy, Generic             Globe                    Panda Bear              Tooth              Octagon                        Tiny Fish
Boy #2                   Goat                     Pansy                   Tow Truck          Ohio                           Tiny Frogs
Boxcar**                 Golf Ball & Tee          Paper Doll Clothes #1   Tractor            Postage Stamp                  Tiny Happy Faces
Brontosaurus             Gorilla                  Paper Doll Clothes #2   Tree               Paper Bag Puppet: Cow          Tiny Hearts
Butterfly                Graduate Cap #1B         Paper Doll Clothes #3   Tree, Christmas    Paper Bag Puppet: Lamb         Tiny Lima Beans
Caboose**                Grapes                   Paper Doll Clothes #4   Triceratops        Paper Bag Puppet: Lion         Tiny Stars
Camera/Photo             Hammer                   Party Popper            Truck              Paper Bag Puppet: Rabbit       Tiny Teddy Bears
Candy Cane               Hand, Open               Penguin                 Tulip              Puzzle #3                      Tiny Teeth
Canoe w/Paddle           Hand Sign, I Love You    Pennant                 Turkey             Puzzle #4 -3 dies              SPECIALTY DIES:
Car #1                   Handicapped Symbol       Piano                   Turkey #2          Skeleton Set-3 Dies            Border Corner, Scallop
Cardinal                 Heart & Arrow            Pig #2                  Turtle #1A         Snowflake, Basic Beg.          Flashcard Wheel, Top & Bottom
Carnation                Heart #1A, 1B, 3B & 4    Pilgrim Hat             Tyrannosaurus #2   South America                  Math Signs# 1 & #2
Cat                      Helicopter               Pinata                  Umbrella           Spiral                         Number Sign
Cat #2                   Hen                      Planets #1 & 2          Velociraptor       Star, Basic Beg.               Picture Frame Star & Back #2
Cat, Halloween           Hockey Player            Pliers                  Violin             T-Shirt                        DOUBLECUT DIES:
Check Mark               Holly                    Police Car              Volcano            Toothbrush & Tooth             Accordion Fold #2
Cheerleader              Horse                    Police Officer          Volleyball         Treasure Chest                 Border, Crown
Chick                    Horseshoe                Postage Stamp           Watch              USA Map                        Border, Scallops
Chili Pepper             House #3                 Protoceratops           Whale              USA Puzzle Map -5 dies         Border, Stars
Christmas Light          Ice Cream Sundae         Pterodactyl             Whistle            Washington, George             Card, Cover
Christmas Ornament #1B   Ice Skate                Pumpkin #1B             Wind                                              Card, Peekaboo #1B
Christmas Tree           Iguana                   Pumpkin Patch           Worm               ALPHABETS:***                  Card, Pop-Up #2B
Clock Face               Jack in the Box          Puzzle #1               Wreath, Xmas       Assorted 2"-5" Alphabets       Clipboard
Clock Hands              Jeep** [J215]            Puzzle #5-3 dies        Wrench              Also: Greek Supplement        Door Hanger
Clouds                   Jerome Library           Quail                   X-ray               Sign Language Alphabet        Gift Card/Insert
Computer Desktop         Jingle Bell              Queen                   Xylophone          SYMBOLS w/Alphabets            Nameplate, Apple
Cow                      Kangaroo & Baby          Rabbit #1 & 7           Yo Yo              Dollar & Cents Signs 4" & 2"   Nameplate, Star
Cowboy Hat               Key #1                   Rain Boots              Zebra              Ampersand [&] 2",3",4",5"
Crayon                   King                     Raindrops               Zipper             ***Punctuation 2",3",4",5"     REMINDER:
Crayon Bookmark          Kite                     Reindeer, Country                                                         The $2.00 + tax per semester fee
                                                                                                                            helps to purchase new dies.
9/5/2008      Dies in BOLD newest.                                                                                          [***Each Alphabet Includes: . , ! ? ()]

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