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					PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Portugal Brands is borne out of an ambition to promote an exhibition of Portuguese companies selected for their
iconic status within the sphere of design, creativity, and product quality.
If you walk down Hanbury Street at the Old Truman Brewery, at shop 15 you will see the exhibition where selected
Portuguese brands will be gathered for an interior Design event.

Their quest in innovative thinking leads the companies involved to design a selection of new and fresh products aimed at
those who seek the finest solutions and most aspirational suppliers to realise their projects.
Just like good Porto wine, the companies are simultaneously cherishing the past and embracing a new era of developing
and expansion, forming the very core of the future: to be recognised as a symbol of lifestyle and luxury.

Professional interior designers, Architects, Retailers and Hotel Designers working both the residential and hospitality
markets will find a prestigious collection of fabrics and wallcoverings, furniture, lighting and carpets, as well as bespoke

The exhibition captures an extraordinary moment as Portugal responds to the design hopes and dreams of the world tribe.

The Old Truman Brewery
15 Hanbury Street
E1 6QR18

Thur.18th Sept. 10 am – 8 pm
Fri. 19 th Sept.10 am – 9 pm *
Sat. 20th Sept. 10 am – 8 pm
Sun 21st Sept. 11am – 5 pm

Party: * Fri. 6 pm – 9 pm, strictly by invitation only. Closed to the public

For press inquires & images please contact:
Paula Sousa, PR Manager
Email :
Phone: +351 912528472
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Boca do Lobo®
Company: Menina Design, Lda

Prominent Portuguese design company, Boca do Lobo will exhibit the latest limited editions pieces from its LE
Since its first appearance in London three year ago at 100% Design East, Boca do Lobo has gained many admires and
collectors. Boca do Lobo thinks the reason is the thirst for Design Art, which now dominates the design industry.

Those at Boca do Lobo have become renowned for being passionate about what they do and for the individual character,
and distinctive quality they give to each pieces. The love of design and detail that Boca do Lobo dedicates to the project
has resulted in a connection with clients around the world.
Many things have changed since the company’s inception, but its original values are still fundamental to the brand
and will remain that way.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Company: Crere, Lda

CRERE is a multidisciplinary firm which focuses on strong links with architects, designers, decorators and those connected
with art and culture.
The CRERE team understands each phase of the project, from renovation to rehabilitation, whilst establishing
a pro-active relationship between ornamental plaster restoration and conservation.

CRERE aims to create an intense and fruitful collaboration with their clients: seeing them as partners, working to assess
their needs and subsequently presenting designs and implementing solutions that best fit their requirements.
CRERE favours communication tailored to the customer, which results in an efficient management of resources and therefore
an optimum project outcome.
CRERE believes in partnerships based on solid relationships and trust.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Coniança ®
Company: Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança

Founded in 1894 Confiança is still a reference for the Portuguese cosmetic industry.
Always respecting its quality tradition, Confiança produces, even today, according to its traditional methods
passed on generation by generation but never forgetting innovation and the search of new opportunities.
Production is carefully registered obeying to the best practices used in the cosmetic industry.
All ingredients used are natural and 100% vegetable. No animal test is conducted.

Confiança will be exhibiting the classic ranges, all of it recovered from the rich design and recipes
portfolio that confiança aim to bring back to the XXI century. Art-Déco” and “Art-Nouveau” art influences
popular during the 20’s are well represented on Confiança’s range of scented candles and soaps in
herbal and floral notes.

The combination of form, soap characteristics and packaging is an art passed on by generations that allows
Confiança to still preserve all of its essence.
To Confiança, each of its products is more than a cosmetic. It’s a peace of history, a memory and a small
part of each of its co-workers.
By using Confiança’s products soap and candles, you will, most certainly, be transported to the past in a never-ending
world of fragrances and sensations.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Delightfull ®
Company: Menina Design, Lda

Delightfull will be, in the years to come, recognised as the brand that brought back the glamour of interior lighting

The first collection of this exclusive brand was launched in June and was named Heritage. Each heritage lamp is unique,
hand crafted and made with a vast know-how and accumulated experience.

The collection is formed by a group of reedited lamps, with a visual perception that blow the passion for the interior
design, turning anyplace into delicate and distinct space.
A tribute to the finest art was made. In the blur of music and senses, delightfull dedicates each piece to a fabulous
musicians. See it in your eyes…

"A secret is only fascinating if it can be shared through a flow of words that are capable of shaping something that is nothing but
only a feeling. Sometimes it feels like a paradox, as the bigger the secret is, the louder you feel like revealing it, so that all may share
the rare pleasure of grasping something that is unique and almost untouchable."
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Designerspad ®
Company: Piódão Artesanato e Design, Lda

Piódão is a high quality carpet producer, producing hand-tufted carpets for the higher ends of the market.
This company has been placing the product at the service of the well-being and comfort of the European consumer
since 1992, selling most of its production in the demanding of central European markets.

The very high quality of Piodão product derives from the excellence of the design and quality of the materials –
100% wool yarns and a silk type viscose, all natural products – combined with a very high flexibility of production in
shape, colour and design, making possible the perfect fit of each carpet to each individual situation and rigorous
execution of clients intentions. Piodão is able to individualize the products according to each client’s needs and

“Designerspad – Living the floor” - leading our quest for customer’s satisfaction.
Our main business partners are design, decoration and architecture companies or ; and all who undergo decoration
projects which demand high-quality sophisticated products, individual service, and providing the best solution for each
specific situation.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Munna ®

There are places that inspire us more than others.
When we explore them, we are reconnected with a dreamlike memory; we feel a great affection with the emotions motivated
by remembering a moment that was shared - a significant point in time.
These smells, colours, light and shade, objects and ways of talking, behaving and being become the identity of a tribe:
a tribe with styles and tastes that delights in encountering unexpected moments and surprises.

Munna was born in 2008, created to be part of this landscape.
Munna´s first collection, called Fetishe, will be launched to the world at the Portugal Brands exhibition during the London
Design Festival. The aim of the designers is to create upholstery objects that never lose their power of amazement and attraction
that initially caught the eye and delighted their owner from the beginning.
Each individual piece is individually handmade by a team of craftspeople and joiners who have the passion to provide only the
highest quality.
Vibrant and shimmering materials, vinyl, velvet, gold and silver leaf, high gloss lacquer and perfectly treated woods are among
the elements that can be found in the Fetishe collection.
Munna has been developed as the definition of deluxe design, always ensuring that each object embodies the Fetishe spirit:
passion and excitement.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Pedroso & Osório
Company: Pedroso & Osório

Pedroso e Osório exists for 30 years in Portugal.
With 5 showrooms and a privileged position in the market, the company decides to take a step out and in 2004
starts developing it’s own fabric collection.

Pedroso e Osório collection may be found in many European countries. The collection has been exhibited in 100% Design
over the last three years, favouring the expansion to new markets. The opening of a showroom in Madrid consolidated the
presence of the brand in Spain.

The collection privileges natural materials such as silk, linen or cotton, being touch and quality relevant factors when making
the choice. The colour palette which varies each season incorporates a group of trend colours, enabling innovative combinations
or environments in contemporary tones and shadows.

The September 2008 collection is inspired in the patterns and colours of Africa, where many cultures coexist with some
difficulty but with the hope of a better future. Patterns, colours and concepts mingle creating eclectic and unpredictable results.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Persono ®
Company: Persono Lda.

Although there are many opinions and theories on how to produce a good mattress, when referring to quality of
workmanship and comfort there are techniques tested by time that clearly create a superior product.
Persono apply those techniques in the manufacture of their latex mattresses and pillows, their knowledge and expertise made
all the more important by an elementary calculation; we spend 30% of our time sleeping, and the way we sleep affects
the quality of the remaining 70%.

Founded in 2000, Persono is a team comprising medical experts, designers, engineers and craftsmen who are always
motivated by excellence and making the best product for the client.
They successfully supply the best latex mattresses to the most demanding users within the high-end decoration and
hospitality sectors.

Persono´s mission is to make you sleep naturally.
As a population, we are subjected to daily pressures and stress; we run from one place to another and sleep is vital to keep
us healthy and give us energy to face life and all its daily.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Piurra ®
Company: Piurra Lda.

Piurra is a sort of spinning top, a toy that swirls in several directions.

Piurra Furnituring is the starting point of something that deliberately they want undefined. That, such as a spinning top,
takes several ways. Piurra take those ways in each project approach. The experiments that gush out at a soaring rhythm
from within urban life are of major relevancy.

The creation of furniture departs from the development of concepts based upon the personal experiences of demanding,
innovating, recalcitrant people.
Sure that Piurra will meet efficiently each client needs, they approach every project in a unique fashion, laying a high attain in
individual contact.
The store is based in Porto's downtown.
Known as the Art Galleries street , this road shelters a considerable number of offbeat shops.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Tema Home ®
Company: Tema

TemaHome is a portuguese company with offices in Lisbon and factory in Tomar, exports to 40 countries and has 1200
points of sale worldwide. TemaHome -Living your Dreams- is synonymous with a way of life, providing complete
solutions for the home across a variety of product sectors.
The TemaHome collection presents a way of living: a functional, clean and modern place where one can relax, unwind
and entertain in a surrounding that portrays a personal style through the furniture and objects chosen.
TemaHome, Living your Dreams.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Companies involved

Viriato ®

Since 1952, solid values of a family-owned company have formed the basis for what is nowadays seen as a prime
example in the hotel market across the world.

For over 50 years, Viriato’s experience, talent and know-how have led to a gradual construction of what it is today:
multifaceted company, capable of supplying a great variety of products and services, highlighting the development of
interior design projects and the respective supply of hotel equipment.
Possessing a strong spirit of investment and innovation, Viriato Hotel Concept knows that in dynamic and global
economy it’s very important to provide quality, differentiated and unique services. Versatility, innovation and
functionally are important principles for Viriato.
In addition to this, the company’s principle has been to strictly follow the rules of social responsibility, placing it in a
position of total harmony and healthy coexistence with society in general and specifically with the community
Bearing in mind the increasing demand for personalised projects, it has developed and architecture and interior design
project which, together with project management teams, production and logistics coordinators and quality controllers,
provide complete interior design solutions made to meet their client’s needs: this is the main goal for Viriato.
The appropriate capacity and strategy to serve the Hotel industry has placed this company in the world’s most
important and prestigious hotel chains.
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Artists involved

Ana Cristina Leite

Born in 1964, lives and Works in Porto, Portugal. Graduated in art , University of Porto.
World acclaimer painter, Ana Cristina transports to the paintings the sensuality and the power of woman

Some of the collective exhibitions Ana Cristina Leite performed:
2008 Asturias Museum
2008 Artefiera, Bolonha, Arco Madrid , Art Dubai, Dubai; SPArte São Paulo , Brazil
2007 Arco Madrid, SPArte São Paulo, Brazil, Arte Cologne, Art Fair of Palma de Maiorca, Lisboa Arte 2007, Lisboa
2006 Arrt Karlsruhe, Galerie T40, Düsseldorf, Alemanha; ARCO 06, Galeria Mário Sequeira, Braga; Palmbeach 3 galeria
Neuhoff Nova York
PORTUGAL BRANDS – Exhibiting Style
TENT London 2008

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Artists involved

João Noutel

Born in 1971 lives and works in Porto.
Graduated in law and Post-Graduate Studies in Design and Printing Techniques of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the
University of Porto, João Noutel has developed work in different materials (paper, cloth, MDF, synthetic carpet,
photographic paper, Light boxes…).
He ´s the author of publications related to the image of premium wines (Pelada, Qt da Pellada / Douro; Contrast /
Douro; Niepoort )
Coordinated and illustrated the project Douro - The New Generation, presented at the Serralves Foundation and
the Frankfurt Book Fair 2005;
Currently, the Serralves Museum has available two exclusive limited editions of the series The Invisible Soul;
integrates the list of artists case history of the project, digital platform on contemporary art in Portugal in an
international context.
He´s the author of the draft public art GIANT The Voyeur Project (2008 | 2009); exhibits regularly since 2002 and
is represented in several public and private collections. .

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