DUHA CLUB DLAŽKA offers for participants
                   from Czech Republic and other countries (18 +)

                  “International Workcamp”
                         20th – 27th June 2010
   Camp for all people who likes nature, fun and sports and also want to help
                         with camp background for children!!!
Work: 6 hours per day (36 h. per week) Main language: English
Venue: Camp Dlazka, Rajnochovice, in small mountains Hostynske vrchy.
Participants: We expect 20% participants from Czech Republic and the others from
other countries. The highest number of participants is 25. Apply as soon as possible
(we take first 25 participants!), till 30th May 2010.
Programme: You can choose from few possibilities every time.
Main programme: Work on camp background: 1. cleaning wood and camp, 2.
painting small huts, 3. help with diging, 4. help with repairing.
Optional programme: Sports + games + arts. Lots of outdoor and indoor games,
sports of all kinds as football, volleyball, table tennis, ringo and many funny and crazy
games. Programme will be in English language. If some problem appears, there will
be Czech and Russian speaking leader.
Lodging: Bungalows with 4 beds – we recommend your own sleeping bag, but if
necessary, linen and blankets are provided. Electricity, WC and showers are in the
camp. Photos of the camp are on
Board: Five times a day for everyone – if you prefer a vegetarian food let us now!
(Application form). For drink – tea and water (it will be possible to buy some other
kinds of drinks, e.g. juice, beer and so on in the camp).
Beware: Take for granted that our action is without any drugs for all. Smoking is
forbidden in the camp (only in special place for smokers).
What to bring with you: Pleasant mood, desire to try something new! Shoes/boots
and clothes (bring gloves) for work, shoes and clothes for sports and games,
something to write with, rain coat and other things you need for “survive”.
Special equipment: Any musical instrument you can play (if you want to).

Price: Handling fee is 600,- Czech crowns for Czech participants, the members of
Duha Club Dlazka have a discount - 200,- Czech crowns. Handling fee is 0,- Czech
crowns for participants from other countries.
Transport 20. 6. 2010: Ideal train from Prague – train goes 10.38 a.m. from
Prague´s Main Railway Station and 14.02 p.m. is at Prerov.
Meeting: In Prerov´s Railway Station by 14.30 p.m.. We go by bus to Rajnochovice.
By car: Please, let us now if you will travel by car and also if you can take somebody
with you in Application form. We shall meet at camp.
The end of the International Workcamp is 27th June 2010 around 9.30 a.m. Bus
from Rajnochovice to Prerov goes 10.00 a.m., train from Prerov to Prague goes
11.43 a.m. and 15.19 p.m. is at Prague.
  You have to have your own health insurance and filled APPLICATION FORM!

                                 Looking forward:
                       Jaroslav Biolek (Mussur) – main leader
                                 Jerry, Jana, Michal
                        APPLICATION FORM
                          Send it to mail:

       Name               Date of birth        Address                 Vegetarian





E-mail:                             Mobil (cell phone):

I will / will not go by car from ........................ and I can / cannot take .......
person/s with me.

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