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									             GIUSEPPE SAITTA
                             Curriculum Vitae

              To make visionary contributions for community planning and building
              through my excellent creative, communications, operations and organization
              skills. To consult in high quality design and implementation of media
              projects demanding original creativity and superb production values. Fluent
              in Italian and Spanish.

             1997 – 2006             President – Alpha Image, Boise, Idaho. Independent
             film, video, photography, and graphic design production.

             2004 – 2005            Director of Photography and Graphic Design for the
             Design Division of Business IQ Magazine and IQ Graphix.

             2002 – Present           Founder – Executive Director – Boise Institute of
             Irenology, a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study of peace.

             1985 – Present            Artist – Abstract Expressionist. Currently on exhibit
             at Galleria Multigraphic, Venice, Italy; Gallery 24, Berlin, Germany; and Five
             Rivers Fine Art Gallery, Boise, Idaho. Solo exhibits: Gallos Gallery, So-Ho,
             and Giuseppe’s Cafes, Boise, Idaho. Private collections in Rome, Italy;
             Munich, Germany; California, Texas, Maine, Hawaii, Utah, Arizona and

             1984 – 2000             Media Consultant – Digital and Compaq Computer
             Corporations, Systems Research Center, Palo Alto, California. High-tech
             industrial media production. Communications infrastructure. Producer
             Director – Stanford University, Stanford California. Documentary video
             production for Stanford Alumni Association Expedition to the South Seas.

             1984 – 1988             Media Consultant – Xerox PARC, Palo Alto
             California. High-tech industrial photography and video production.

             1984 – 1986              Creative Director – Trans Tesseract Films, Los
             Altos, California. Multimedia Production Company.

             1981 – 1998            Field Engineer – Exxon Office Systems, Santa Clara,
             California. Computer equipment installation and high-tech field support.

             1980 – 1981             Field Engineer – AM International, S.F. California.
             Computer controlled printing press installation and high-tech field support.

             1979 – 1980            Production Manager – Earthdata Inc., San Francisco,
             California. Photogrammetric, stereoscopic, cartographic production.

             1976 – 1979             President – Saitta Stills and Film, San Mateo,
             California. Multimedia Production Company specialized in documentary films
             1973 – 1976              Naval Aviation Photographer – United States Navy
             Reserves. NAS Moffett Field, California. P-3 Orion photo-reconnaissance.
            1969 – 1970                Expedition Photographer – Columbia University,
            New York, N.Y. Oceanographic research, aboard The MS Conrad, in the
            North Pacific, The Sea of Japan, The Sulu Sea, and The Marianas Trench.
            Specialized in high pressure, deep-sea diving cameras.

            1967 – 1969               Chief Photographer and Studio Manager – Robert
            Crandall Associates, New York, N.Y. Commercial advertising, fashion and
            reportage photography, in studio and on location; 9 covers for Time, 2 covers
            for Fortune and one cover for Scientific American magazines; fine art
            reproduction in The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art for Skira art

            1965 – 1967              Science Photographer – Harcourt Brace and World,
            New York, N.Y. Science illustration photography (photomicrography) for text
            book production. Reportage photography for trade book production.

            1961 – 1965              Photojournalist – United States Air Force, USA,
            UK, Europe, North Africa. Print and broadcast journalist. 4x5 Speedgraphic
            and 16mm Bolex and Ariflex newsreel production. Editor-in-Chief of Selfridge
            Air Force Base Newspaper, Michigan. Editor-in-Chief of Broadcast News
            Department, Wheelus Air Force Base, Tripoli, Libya. On–air delivery of one
            hour radio and television news program broadcast daily to an audience
            extending from Morocco to Egypt.

            1993 – 1994                 Graduate courses in media communications and
            classical European history. Stanford University, Stanford, California.

            1972 – 1976                B.A. Film, 1976 (Cum Laude). Graduate work in
            Semiotics. San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California.

            1967 – 1968              Specialized courses in scientific photography
            Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

            1966 – 1968             Undergraduate studies in the liberal arts, New
            York University, New York, N.Y.

             World culture (communication and exchange); Internet and Web page
             development; Conflict prevention and resolution; Voyaging; Teaching;
             Spiritual Education; Emotional Intelligence; Architecture and Urban
             Development; Furniture design; Gourmet cooking; Cultural Paradigm Shifts;
             Environmental Change; Cosmology; Semiotics; Poetry writing; Drumming
             and Didgeridoo
FILM AND VIDEO PRODUCTIONS_____________________________________________


Colors                    Educational primer on the nature of color. K through 3rd grade.
                          16mm color film.Éclair NPR and Ariflex BL. Post produced on
                          Steenbeck and Moviola.
She                       Experimental short film. 16mm black and white. Ariflex BL and
                          Bolex Rex-5. Post produced on Steenbeck and Moviola.

Baby Bonding              Feature length documentary video on the emotional and physical
                          benefits of infant massage. Post produced on Ampex one inch


CowJews & Indians         Documentary style theatrical comedy film on the Jewish and American
                          Indian holocausts. Marc Halberstadt Productions, Fairfield Iowa.
                          DVcam. Post produced on Final Cut Pro. (Work in progress. To be
                          released in the fall of 2008.)
Perseverance              Documentary on The Swan Rolex World Cup. Swan racing yachts
                          shot on location in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy. One-Up Productions,
                          San Francisco, California. Ampex-Betacam.
C.A.R.                    Fundraising documentary on developmentally impaired children.
                          Community Association for the Mentally Handicapped. Palo Alto,
                          California. Betacam SP.

Where Do WeGo From Here   Documentary on the many services available to families with
                          developmentally disadvantaged children. Interchange, Inc., Santa
                          Clara, California. Betacam SP.

Bair Island               Environmental documentary advocating the preservation of the last
                          unspoiled San Francisco Bay wetland and bird sanctuary. Peninsula
                          Open Space Trust, Palo Alto, California. Betacam SP.

Once a River              Environmental documentary advocating the preservation of riparian
                          wilderness In The San Francisco Bay Area. Committee for Green
                          Foothills, Palo Alto, California. Hi8 video. Winner of the 1990 Bay
                          Area Joey Awards for best camera work.

Close to Home             Feature length documentary on homeless teenagers on the San
                          Francisco Peninsula. Junior League of Palo Alto. Palo Alto,
                          California. Betacam SP.

Mid-Peninsula             Promotional documentary on Mid-Peninsula High School.           Mid-
                          Peninsula High School, Palo Alto, California. Betacam SP.
Michelle’s Story             Documentary tracing the path of a woman working her way back from
                             the tragedy of drug addiction. Interchange, Inc., Santa Clara,
                             California. Betacam SP.

Future Perfect               Pilot for feature length historical documentary on East Palo Alto. East
                             Palo Alto Historical and Agricultural Society, East Palo Alto,
                             California. Hi8 video.

Saying it With Jazz          Documentary on women jazz singers.        Merrill Video Productions,
                             Atherton California. Betacam SP.

Freedom                      Documentary film on the use of Transcendental Meditation in the
Behind Bars                  criminal justice system. Marc Halberstadt Productions, San Francisco,
                             California. 16mm black and white. Éclair NPR, CP 16 and Ariflex BL.

What Do You Think            Breakthrough 35mm short film. First 35mm theatrical comedy release
of My Face?                  shot entirely in Super 8mm film and bumped to 35mm. Marc
                             Halberstadt Productions, San Francisco, California. Shot with Nikon
                             R 10, double system sound and custom hand built sound blimp.

                      1418 NORTH 20TH STREET • BOISE, IDAHO 83702

                        STUDIO 208.342.1366 • MOBILE 208.250.9777



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