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					              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
ferruginous                              fiercest                                final
                                         adj                                     adj
fester                                   / Sfi(E)rsDst /                         / SfInFl /
                                         L>F>E                                   L
festooned                                marked by the most furious              not to be altered or undone.
                                         unrestrained zeal or vehemence.         After making what she thought was
fetching                                 The newspaper editor became the         her final decision about buying a
                                         mayor’s fiercest critic.                car, Sheila was bombarded with
fetlock                                                                          new information.
fever                                                                            finch
few                                      n                                       finery
pron pl                                  / fGSestE /
/ SfyV /                                 L > Sp                                  fingerprint
E                                        festival.
[has homonyms: feu, phew] not            The fiesta was held under the stars.    finickiness
many persons or things.
Few of the claims in the                 fifteen                                 finitism
advertisement are true.
                                         fifth                                   fireman
fewer                                    adj
                                         / Sfif(t)th /                           firing
fewness                                  E                                       adj
                                         being number five in a countable        / SfI(E)rN /
fiacre                                   series.                                 E
                                         Middle school starts with the fifth     of or relating to the operation or
fibranne                                 grade in many school systems.           operating parts of a firearm.
                                                                                 The firing mechanism on Tsuki’s
fibrocitis                               fiftieth                                gun kept jamming.

fibrocystic                              file                                    firm
fickle                                   filiciform                              / SfErm /
fid                                      filigree                                securely or solidly fixed in place.
                                                                                 The gate and its pillars were firm,
fiddlehead                               fillister                               but at one side the fence had fallen
n                                                                                when a tree fell on it.
/ SfidFlThed /                           filmscript
L? > E + E                               n                                       firman
one of the young unfurling fronds        / SfilmTskript /
of certain ferns that are often eaten    E+L                                     firth
as greens.                               a written text for a motion picture.
Justin refused to try a fiddlehead       The actor read every word of the        fishgig
until he saw how much his sister         filmscript before signing a contract    n
loved them.                              to play the leading role.               / SfishTgig /
fiducial                                 filmy                                   [Note: Could be confused with
                                                                                 fizgig.] a fish spear having two or
fiduciarily                              filter                                  more barbed prongs.
                                                                                 Corinne found a rusty fishgig on
fieldpiece                               filthy                                  the beach.


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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
fishy                                     flannelly                               flock
adj                                                                               n
/ SfishG /                                flare                                   / SflBk /
E                                                                                 E
of or relating to a fish.                 flareback                               a company of domestic mammals
A fishy odor emanated from the bag                                                (as sheep or goats) herded together.
in the trunk.                             flashback                               The Christmas card portrayed a
                                          n                                       shepherd watching over a flock of
fitful                                    / SflashTbak /                          sheep.
fixation                                  an instance of a literary or            floe
n                                         theatrical technique used especially    n
/ fikSsCshEn /                            in motion pictures and television       / SflP /
L>E                                       that involves interruption of the       ON > Norw
the conversion of free nitrogen into      chronological sequence of events        [has homonym: flow] floating ice
combined forms useful as such or          by interjection of events or scenes     formed in a large sheet on the
as starting materials for fertilizers,    of earlier occurrence.                  surface of the sea or other body of
explosives, and a variety of              The movie used a flashback to show      water.
chemicals.                                the early family life of the main       Jagged sections of floe around the
Fixation of nitrogen dioxide can          character.                              tanker suddenly joined, trapping
occur in an electric arc from                                                     the vessel in a sea of solid ice.
nitrogen and oxygen in the air.           flashlight
flabbergastingly                          flatter
flabby                                    flavescence                             n
                                                                                  / SflEdTlIt /
flaccid                                   flaxier                                 E+E
adj                                                                               artificial illumination in a broad
/ SflaksDd /                              flaxseed                                beam; also : a source of such
L                                                                                 illumination.
yielding to pressure for want of          fleeceable                              As the cast came out for a curtain
firmness and stiffness : flabby.                                                  call, a floodlight brightened the
Joe looked at his flaccid muscles in      fleer                                   stage.
the mirror and vowed to join a
health club.                              fleshpot                                flora
flaccidity                                flickery                                / SflPrE /
n                                                                                 L
/ flakSsidEZG /                           flightily                               plant life : plants.
L                                                                                 The flora of South Carolina
the quality or state of yielding to       flimsiness                              includes the palmetto, which is a
pressure for want of firmness and                                                 significant feature of the state’s
stiffness.                                flintlock                               flag.
As George entered his forties, he
found that he had to exercise             flinty                                  florentine
regularly to combat muscular              adj
flaccidity.                               / SflintG /                             florulent
flacon                                    harsh and unyielding : rigorous and     flounce
flagellation                              The senator’s flinty character stood    fluctuate
                                          him in good stead on the finance
flaith                                    committee.                              fluent

flameout                                  flirtatious                             fluidity

flanger                                   flixweed

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
flunk                                     fomented                                foreman
/ SflENk /                                font                                    forename
(D or Norw&Danish + F)?
fail.                                     foolproof                               forenoon
Evan fears that he will flunk his
final exam in chemistry.                  footcandles                             foreshorten
                                          n pl
fluoride                                  / SfUtTkandFlz /                        foresighted
n                                         E+L>E
/ SflU(E)TrId /                           units of illuminance each equal to      forestaysail
L > ISV + G&F > ISVcf                     the illuminance on a surface that is
a binary compound of fluorine             everywhere 1 foot from a uniform        forestry
usually with a more electropositive       point source of light of one candle     n
element or radical.                       and equal to 1 lumen per square         / SfOrDstrG /
Free molecules of fluoride can be         foot.                                   L>F>E
formed by electrolysis of an              An office or classroom usually          a science of developing, caring for,
aqueous fluoride solution.                requires about 70 footcandles; by       or cultivating tracts of wooded land
                                          comparison, direct sunlight at noon     : the management of growing
fluoroscopic                              is about 1,000 footcandles.             timber.
                                                                                  The pulp and paper mill wishes to
flurriment                                footlight                               hire an individual with a master’s
                                                                                  degree in forestry.
flute                                     footnote
flutterboard                              footslogger
fluvicoline                               footwork
                                          n                                       forlornness
flypaper                                  / SfUtTwErk /
n                                         E+E                                     format
/ SflITpCpEr /                            the management of the feet and the
E + Gk > L > F > E                        work done with them, as in dancing      forsaken
paper coated with a sticky                or sports.                              adj
substance for killing flies.              The star of the soccer team takes a     / fE(r)SsCkEn /
David put the flypaper just outside       ballet lesson every week to improve     E
the screen door, hoping to catch          his footwork.                           left desolate or empty.
insects before they got into the                                                  The forsaken town had
house.                                    foramen                                 tumbleweeds growing on Main
                                                                                  Street and the dust was inches deep
foggara                                   forebitt                                in the buildings.

fogyism                                   foreboding                              forte

foliageous                                forefront                               forthright

folklore                                  foreganger                              fortify

folktale                                  forehoof                                fortnight
folly                                     forelegs                                / SfPrtTnIt /
n                                         n pl                                    E
/ SfBlG /                                 / SfOrTlegz /                           the space of 14 days : two weeks.
F>E                                       E                                       Lewis had hoped to stay at the
a thoughtless act or irrational idea.     any of the front legs of an insect.     lodge for a fortnight, but he had to
His scheme was the despairing             In worker bees the hairs of the         return early.
folly of a powerful man who cannot        forelegs are used to brush pollen
bear to grow old.                         from flowers.                           fortnightly

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                2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
forty                                      framer                                  Friday
adj                                                                                n
/ SfOrZG /                                 framework                               / SfrI(T)dC /
E                                                                                  E
being one more than 39 in number.          francium                                the day following Thursday.
Mrs. Langdon spent the morning in                                                  Teachers, as well as students, often
tears the day she turned forty years       francolin                               count the days to Friday.
                                           frangipane                              frigate
                                           frankenstein                            frigorimeter
                                           frantic                                 frippery
                                           frap                                    friskiness
                                           fratority                               frog
fourrier                                                                           n
                                           fratricide                              / SfrOg /
fourscore                                                                          E
adj                                        freeloading                             [Note: The definition provided is
/ SfP(E)rTskP(E)r /                                                                not the one most commonly
E                                          freewheeler                             associated with this word. In
being 80 in number.                                                                addition, speller might confuse
Granny declared that she would             frenetic                                with homonym frage.] a card game
wear purple whenever she so                                                        developed from tarok and popular
desired, now that she was fourscore        fresh                                   especially in Mexico.
years old.                                 adj                                     Pablo and Lucita played a couple
                                           / Sfresh /                              of hands of frog before lunch.
fourteen                                   E
adj                                        [Note: The definition provided is       fronds
/ fP(E)r(t)StGn /                          not the one most commonly               n pl
E                                          associated with this word.]             / SfrBndz /
being one more than 13 in number.          disposed to take liberties : saucy,     L
Many of the Scripps Howard                 impudent, rude.                         [has near homonym: frons] fern
National Spelling Bee finalists are        Mr. Broyles warned Walter not to        leaves.
fourteen years old.                        be so fresh.                            The goldfish seem to prefer staying
                                                                                   away from the waving fronds in the
foxhound                                   fret                                    pond.
foxing                                     / Sfret /                               frontal
n                                          E
/ SfBksiN /                                become vexed, worried, impatient,       frontenis
E                                          or irritated.
discoloration; especially : brownish       Many parents fret over the high         frore
spots in the paper of old books.           cost of feeding their families.
Faded print and foxing made the                                                    frostbite
old books in the attic very difficult      friar
to read.                                   n                                       frostily
                                           / SfrI(E)r /
foxy                                       L>F>E                                   frothily
                                           [has homonym: fryer] a member of
foyer                                      a mendicant order.                      frothy
                                           The Mediterranean monk seal is so
fractiously                                named because its dark brown coat       frotton
                                           resembles the brown robe of a
fragilely                                  Franciscan friar.                       frowner

fragmentation                              friary                                  frozen

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
fructiferous                              funk                                    gadroon
                                          n                                       n
fructify                                  / SfEnk /                               / gESdrVn /
                                          L>F                                     F
frustrated                                a strong offensive smell.               an ornament produced by notching
adj                                       The sailors could barely breath         or carving a rounded molding.
/ SfrETstrCZDd /                          below deck because of the funk          Lucy examined the intricate
L                                         from tobacco smoke.                     gadroon on the entry door.
filled with a deep chronic sense of
insecurity, discouragement, and           furbish                                 gaelicize
Many workers feel frustrated              furious                                 gaffe
because they do not have the
opportunity to use their talents in       furrier                                 gaga
their jobs.
                                          furrow                                  gagman
                                          furry                                   gainer
adv                                       furtum                                  gainful
/ SfUlsEmlG /
E                                         fuseplug                                gala
copiously, abundantly.                                                            adj
Max was lunching in the cafeteria,        fusibility                              / SgClE /
devouring a fulsomely garnished                                                   F > It
cheeseburger.                             fusiform                                belonging to, deserving, or attended
                                          adj                                     by festivities.
fumy                                      / SfyVzETfOrm /                         The king declared that there would
adj                                       L+L                                     be parades through every city in
/ SfyVmG /                                shaped like a spindle : tapering        the land and a gala carnival of
L>F>E                                     toward each end.                        three days’ duration.
producing or full of gaseous              Fusiform rust, a common disease of
emissions that are usually odorous        loblolly pine trees, causes rod-        galactia
and sometimes noxious.                    shaped cankers to develop on the
Vera’s eyes started to water from         branches.                               galeate
the fumy ammonia she was using to
clean the floor.                          fustanella                              galeiform

functionary                               fusty                                   gallium

funereal                                  futile                                  galloper
/ fyVSnirGEl /                            futtock                                 galoot
befitting or suggesting a funeral :       futuramic                               galop
oppressively solemn.                                                              n
Ben and Trish enjoyed their elegant       fylfot                                  / SgalEp /
meal at the posh restaurant, but the                                              F
piped-in music was too funereal for       gabardine                               [has homonym: gallop] a lively
their mood.                                                                       dance in duple time performed with
                                          gabbroid                                sliding steps from side to side and
funereally                                                                        popular in the 19th century.
                                          gadfly                                  The galop was introduced into
                                                                                  England in 1829 at a ball given by
                                          gadget                                  the king.

                                          gadoid                                  galvanneal

                                          gadolinium                              gambusia

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
gamete                                  garbology                               gearing
gammoned                                / gBrSbBlEjG /                          gehlenite
                                        Gmc > F + Gk
ganache                                 the study of modern culture             geistlich
                                        through the analysis of what is
gander                                  thrown away as garbage or trash.        gelastic
                                        The city’s landfill known as Mount
gandhian                                Trashmore will be a treasure trove      gelidity
                                        to future generations of students of
gang                                    garbology.                              gematriot
/ SgaN /                                garcon                                  gemellion
a group of persons working under        gardener                                gemmiparous
the same direction or at the same
task.                                   garlic                                  gender
The movie was about an escape                                                   n
from prison by a member of a chain      garret                                  / SjendE(r) /
gang.                                                                           L>F>E
                                        garter                                  any of two or more subclasses
gangling                                n                                       within a grammatical class of a
                                        / SgBrZEr /                             language that determine agreement
gangplank                               Celt > F > E                            with and selection of other words
                                        [has homonym: guarder] a circular       or grammatical forms.
gangster                                band of elastic with or without a       In Latin each noun is considered
n                                       fastener worn to hold up a stocking     masculine, feminine, or neuter, and
/ SgaNztE(r) /                          or sock.                                every adjective must change its
E                                       The bride’s grandmother presented       form to match the gender of the
a member of a gang of criminals.        her with the traditional lucky          noun that it modifies.
The actor won an award for his          garter to wear on her wedding day.
portrayal of a Chicago gangster.                                                gene
                                        gastroenterology                        n
gaper                                   n                                       / SjGn /
                                        / Tga(T)strPTentErSBlEjG /              Gk > G
garageman                               Gk                                      [has homonym: jean] one of the
                                        the study of the stomach and the        elements of the germ plasm serving
garb                                    intestines especially in respect to     as specific transmitters of
n                                       their diseases and pathology.           hereditary characters.
/ SgBrb /                               It took no expert in                    Blue eyes are caused by a recessive
It or F                                 gastroenterology to deduce that         gene.
style of apparel : costume.             Jeffrey was suffering from food
Mrs. Whatsit appeared in her            poisoning.                              generally
familiar wild garb of shawls and
scarves and the old tramp’s coat        gauntlet                                generate
and hat.                                                                        v
                                        gauss                                   / SjenETrCt /
garbled                                 n                                       L
                                        / SgaUs /                               cause to be : bring into existence.
                                        G name                                  Claude’s speech about patriotism
                                        the centimeter-gram-second              was actually intended to generate
                                        electromagnetic unit of magnetic        money for the Olympic teams.
                                        While looking at the exhibits at the    geniality
                                        science fair, Linda learned that the
                                        gauss is a unit of measurement          genocidal
                                        associated with magnetism.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
genteelly                                geosynchronous                          giaour
                                         adj                                     n
gentle                                   / TjGPSsiNkrEnEs /                      / SjaU(E)r /
adj                                      Gk + Gk + Gk                            Per > Turkish
/ SjentFl /                              of or relating to an artificial         one outside the Muslim faith :
L                                        satellite that travels from west to     infidel.
benignly gracious or kind in             east above the equator and at the       The coffee house posted a sign
manner : not harsh or stern : mild.      same angular velocity as that of        warning that no giaour would be
The psychiatrist maintained a            Earth so that the satellite seems to    admitted.
gentle and patient demeanor while        remain in the same place.
probing for the source of the            Satellites that handle telephone        gibber
orphan’s paranoia.                       calls and television signals are in
                                         geosynchronous orbits above             gibberellin
gentrification                           Earth.
gentry                                   geotropism                              n pl
n                                                                                / Sgilz /
/ SjentrG /                              geratology                              Scand > E
L>F>E                                                                            organs for obtaining oxygen from
upper or ruling class : aristocracy.     germanium                               water.
During the worst days of the                                                     Some water insects breathe by
French Revolution, the gentry all        germiparity                             means of gills.
feared for their lives.
                                         Geronimo                                gimlet
genuinely                                interj
                                         / jDSrBnETmP /                          gingival
genuineness                              Apache name
                                         —used as a battle cry by                gingivectomy
geode                                    paratroopers typically at the
n                                        moment of jumping.                      girasol
/ SjGTPd /                               Alex’s “Geronimo” trailed off as
Gk                                       he fell toward the earth.               giustamente
a nodule of stone having a cavity
lined with crystals or mineral           gesso                                   glabella
Jimmy bought a geode for a dollar        gestalt                                 glaciolacustrine
in Cerillos, New Mexico.                 n
                                         / gESs(h)tBlt /                         glacis
geogen                                   G
                                         a structure of physical, biological,    gladiolus
geogenous                                or psychological phenomena so
                                         integrated as to constitute a           gladsome
geoglyphic                               functional unit with properties not     adj
                                         derivable from its parts in             / SgladTsEm /
geomalism                                summation.                              E + Ecf
                                         Lieutenant Henry’s many                 made happy : filled with joy.
georgic                                  experiences as a prisoner of war        The gladsome audience wildly
                                         formed a gestalt from which he may      applauded the pianist’s
geoscopy                                 never recover.                          performance.

                                         gewgawry                                glairy


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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
glassily                                 glistened                               glycerol
adv                                      v                                       n
/ SglasDlG /                             / SglisFnd /                            / SglisETrOl /
E                                        E                                       Gk > F > ISV
in a manner resembling or                shined brightly usually by              a sweet syrupy alcohol that is used
suggestive of glass.                     reflection with a sparkling             chiefly as a solvent and plasticizer
The surface of the lake glassily         radiance.                               and as a moistening agent,
reflected the sky.                       The beaches glistened with smooth       emollient, and lubricant.
                                         stones and sea foam.                    The high viscosity of glycerol is
glasswort                                                                        related to its molecules’ tendency
                                         glitterati                              to become entangled as they slip
glaucescence                                                                     past one another.
glaucescent                                                                      glycogenesis
glaucomatous                                                                     glyptography
glaucope                                                                         gnarl
gleamy                                                                           gnats
                                         gloss                                   n pl
gleeful                                                                          / Snats /
adj                                      glossarial                              E
/ SglGfEl /                                                                      various small two-winged flies.
E                                        glossematician                          Hundreds of gnats hovered over the
exuberantly or exultantly joyful.                                                basket of peaches.
The villain turned fiendishly gleeful    glosseme
when the hero fell into his trap.                                                gnaw
glen                                                                             gnawingly
n                                        glottology
/ Sglen /                                n                                       gnomish
ScotGael > E                             / glBStBlEjG /
a secluded narrow valley.                Gk                                      gnomonic
The hikers pointed to a distant glen     the study of human speech in its
and agreed it was a perfect place to     various aspects (as the structure of    gnosis
set up camp.                             a language including such factors       n
                                         as phonetics, accent, syntax,           / SnPsDs /
glide                                    semantics, grammar, and the             Gk
v                                        relation between writing and            the act or process of cognition or
/ SglId /                                speech).                                knowing.
E                                        Glottology is more frequently           The most difficult philosopher to
move smoothly, continuously, and         referred to as “linguistics.”           follow was the one who insisted
effortlessly.                            gluhwein                                that human beings invent
Larry sharpened his skates to help                                               knowledge and that true gnosis is
them glide over the ice.                 glum                                    impossible.
gliding                                  / SglEm /                               gnosticism
glisten                                  dismal, dreary, or gloomy.              gnotobiotics
                                         After receiving their report cards,
                                         more than a few students went           goatsucker
                                         home glum.

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
goitrogenesis                           gospel                                  grain
                                        n                                       n
gold                                    / SgBspEl /                             / SgrCn /
                                        E                                       L>F>E
goldbrick                               the teachings of Jesus and the          [Note: The definition provided is
                                        apostles as a body or system : the      not the one most commonly
goldsmith                               Christian faith, revelation, or         associated with this word.] a unit of
                                        dispensation.                           weight based on the weight of a
gong                                    The New Testament describes how         grain of wheat taken as an average
                                        the apostles traveled and preached      of the weight of grains from the
goniometer                              the gospel.                             middle of the ear and equal to
                                                                                0.0648 gram.
goniometry                              gossipmonger                            Janine wondered what item could
                                        n                                       be so valuable that it was measured
goniostat                               / SgBsDpTmBNgE(r) /                     with a unit as small as a grain.
                                        E + Gk > L > E
goodish                                 a person who habitually relates in      graminaceous
adj                                     detail facts, rumors, or behind-the-
/ SgUdish /                             scenes information of an intimate,      grammatolatry
E                                       personal, or sensational nature.
moderately good.                        Riley was eager to find out if          grandpaternal
Pedro tasted the goodish white          rumors about his company’s
wine and sighed for his native          financial troubles were true but        grandrelle
Spain.                                  was worried about looking like a
                                        gossipmonger.                           granjeno
                                        gossipred                               granola
                                        gossipry                                granules
n                                       gossipy                                 grapevine
/ SgVTgOl /                                                                     n
coined word                             gothamite                               / SgrCpTvIn /
the figure 1 followed by 100 zeroes                                             Gmc > F > E + L > F > E
equal to a number that is ten to the    governance                              a sidewise waltz step in which one
100th power.                                                                    foot keeps crossing first before and
In January 1997, astronomers Fred       grabbots                                then behind the other.
Adams and Gregory Laughlin                                                      The grapevine migrated into
predicted that the universe would       grabby                                  ballroom dancing from folk
end in a number of years equal to                                               dancing.
approximately one googol.               graben
gooiest                                 graceful
goombay                                 graciosity
goonch                                  gracious
goondie                                 gradgrind
gooseherd                               graft
                                        v                                       grapple
gordian                                 / Sgraft /
adj                                     E                                       grapples
/ SgO(r)dGEn /                          [has homonym: graphed] implant
Phrygian name                           living tissue so as to form an          grate
intricate, complicated.                 organic union.
No puzzle was too gordian for           The doctors will graft skin to          gratine
Evan.                                   minimize Luther’s burn scar.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
gravimetric                              gringo                                  grumbling
adj                                      n                                       v
/ SgravETmetrik /                        / SgriN(T)gP /                          / SgrEmb(E)liN /
L + Gk                                   L > Sp                                  D>F
of, involving, or relating to            a white foreigner in Spain or Latin     expressing dissatisfaction in a low
measurement by weight.                   America especially when of              harsh voice and surly manner.
Sarai used gravimetric analysis to       English or American origin.             The class started grumbling when
help identify the unknown chemical       Even though he is 100% Spanish,         Mrs. Griffin announced a pop quiz.
in solution.                             Diego is sometimes called a
                                         “gringo” because he has blonde          grumpy
gravitation                              hair.                                   adj
                                                                                 / SgrEmpG /
graziery                                 griseous                                E
                                                                                 moodily cross : surly, ill-humored.
grease                                   grist                                   The new cashier was trained in
                                         n                                       ways to deal with grumpy
greed                                    / Sgrist /                              customers.
greedily                                 [Note: The definition provided is       grungy
                                         not the one most commonly
gridlock                                 associated with this word.] a large     guardrail
n                                        quantity : lot.
/ SgridTlBk /                            Aunt Bea exclaimed that she had         guasa
E+E                                      never seen “such a grist of washing
a traffic jam in which an                for three people.”                      gueridon
intersection is so completely            grog
congested that no vehicular                                                      guester
movement is possible.                    grogram
Gridlock can present a real danger                                               guesthouse
to public safety by hindering            grommets
emergency vehicles.                                                              guimpe
grim                                                                             guineas
adj                                      groomsman
/ Sgrim /                                                                        guiro
E                                        groover                                 n
stern or forbidding in action or                                                 / S(g)wG(T)rP /
appearance.                              groovy                                  Taino > Sp
Grim security guards were                                                        a percussion instrument of Latin
stationed at each door of the bank.      grotesquely                             American origin made of a serrated
                                                                                 gourd and played by scraping a
grimacing                                grouch                                  stick along its surface.
                                                                                 Mrs. Turner’s fourth grade class
grinder                                  growing                                 gave an all-percussion recital that
                                                                                 featured a solo on the guiro.
grinding                                 growl
adj                                                                              guitguit
/ SgrIndiN /                             gruff
E                                        adj                                     gujerat
excruciating, agonizing.                 / SgrEf /
Obadiah took pain-killers for the        D                                       gullet
grinding pain of his injury.             rough or stern in manner, speech,
                                         or aspect.                              gunk
grindstone                               Although the teacher had a gruff
                                         exterior, she was kind and              gunnel


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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
gurnard                                   hafiz                                   halide
                                          n                                       n
gust                                      / ShBfDz /                              / ShaTlId /
v                                         Ar                                      Gk + ISVcf
/ SgEst /                                 [Note: Could be confused with           a binary compound of a halogen
ON?                                       plural form hafis.] a Muslim who        with a more electropositive element
blow or move in sudden bursts.            knows the Koran by heart—used as        or radical.
Tonya feared the wind would gust          a title of respect.                     By combining with hydrogen, an
so fiercely that it would uproot her      Hafiz Mehmet can quote an               atom of fluorine forms a hydrogen
new sapling.                              appropriate verse from the Koran        halide.
                                          for every occasion.
gutsy                                                                             hallelujah
guttersnipe                                                                       hallucinate
guttiferous                                                                       halo
gynecologic                                                                       halterbreak
gynecomorphous                                                                    halve
                                          hairhound                               v
gypseous                                  n                                       / Shav /
                                          / Sha(a)(E)rThaUnd /                    E
gyring                                    E                                       [has homonym: have] divide into
                                          [Note: Could be confused with           two equal parts.
gyro                                      horehound.] a European aromatic         Uncle Jimmy used a huge butcher
                                          mint that has a very bitter taste and   knife to halve the chilled
gyrodyne                                  is used as a tonic.                     watermelon.
                                          Dr. Bebak prepared a mixture of
gyve                                      hairhound and camphor.                  halves

habanera                                  hairiness                               hamburger
haberdashery                              hake                                    / ShamTbErgEr /
                                                                                  G geog name
habitus                                   halal                                   a sandwich made of a cooked patty
                                          v                                       of ground beef in a split round bun.
hachures                                  / hESlBl /                              The hamburger is supposed to have
                                          Ar                                      first been served in the United
hackney                                   slaughter for food according to         States at the St. Louis Louisiana
                                          Muslim law.                             Purchase Exposition in 1904.
hacksaw                                   To halal an animal, the slaughterer
                                          must be Muslim and must follow          hamlet
Hadean                                    specific rituals.
adj                                                                               hanaper
/ ShCTdGEn /                              halfpace
Gk name                                   n                                       hanaster
[has homonym: Haitian] of,                / ShafTpCs /
relating to, or characteristic of hell.   F&E
The Hadean temperatures caused a          a raised floor or dais or a platform
rush to purchase fans and air             or footpace at the top of steps (as
conditioning units.                       for a throne or an altar).
                                          The flower girl approached the
hadrosaur                                 halfpace and curtsied demurely.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
hand                                     handyman                                hashslinger
/ Shand /                                hangnail                                hasp
E                                        n
[Note: The definition provided is        / ShaNTnCl /                            hatbox
not the one most commonly                E
associated with this word.]              [Note: Could be confused with           hatful
something resembling a group of          agnail.] a piece of skin from the       n
fingers in appearance, as a bunch of     nail fold hanging loose at the side     / ShatTfUl /
8 to 20 bananas attached together        or root of a fingernail.                E + Ecf
on their stem.                           Morgan used his hangnail as an          a considerable amount or number.
Mrs. Loveless knew that she would        excuse for skipping gym class.          Leslie turned down a hatful of
not be able to eat the entire hand of                                            suitors before she met Mr. Right.
bananas before she went on her           harborage
business trip.                                                                   hatred
handcuff                                                                         haven
handcuffs                                                                        hawsehole
n pl                                     hardware
/ ShandTkEfs /                                                                   haylage
E+E                                      harmonize
metal fastenings that can be locked      v                                       headily
around the wrists and are usually        / ShBrmETnIz /                          adv
connected by a chain or bar.             F                                       / ShedFlG /
The convicted felon was taken to         play or sing in a combination of        E
prison in handcuffs.                     simultaneous musical notes that         rashly, headlong.
                                         form a chord.                           The wheelbarrow ran headily down
handgun                                  The trio, widely renowned for their     the ravine straight into the side of
                                         ability to harmonize, were asked to     Joe’s garden shed.
handicraft                               make a recording of their songs.
handle                                   harp
hands                                    harpist                                 adj
n pl                                                                             / ShedG /
/ Shan(d)z /                             harsh                                   E
E                                        adj                                     tending to make giddy or light-
[Note: The definition provided is        / ShBrsh /                              headed.
not the one most commonly                Scand > E                               Aunt Rosa’s heady perfume left
associated with this word.] units of     starkly unpleasant or rigorous :        Jonas reeling after her hug.
measure, each equal to 4 inches and      stern.
used especially for the height of        The harsh facts of court delays in      health
horses.                                  our cities lead to many iniquities.
Any horses other than Arabians                                                   heartsick
that are shorter than 14.2 hands         haruspication                           adj
are classified as ponies.                                                        / ShBrtTsik /
                                         hash                                    E+E
handspike                                n                                       very despondent : depressed.
n                                        / Shash /                               Warren was heartsick at the
/ Shan(d)zTpIk /                         Gmc > F                                 thought of having to sell the family
D>E                                      chopped food; specifically : a dish     farm.
a wooden bar or pole used as a           usually consisting of leftover meat
lever (as in turning a windlass) or      chopped into small pieces, mixed        heater
as a support (as for carrying            with potatoes, and browned by
timber).                                 baking or frying.                       heath
Satish pushed the handspike with         Red flannel hash is made red by
all his might until finally the          adding beets to chopped corned          heatstroke
ratchet emitted a satisfying click.      beef.

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
heavenly                                hematite                                henceforth
adj                                     n
/ ShevEnlG /                            / ShemETtIt /                           henrician
E                                       Gk > L
of or relating to the dwelling place    a mineral consisting of ferric oxide    henry
of the Deity or the place or state of   and constituting an important iron      n
the blessed dead.                       ore that occurs in splendent            / ShenrG /
Georgia doesn’t expect payment for      metallic-looking rhombohedral           Am name
her good deeds now—she’s waiting        crystals, in massive forms, and in      the practical meter-kilogram-
for her heavenly rewards.               red earthy forms—called also            second unit of inductance.
                                        “specular iron.”                        The henry is usually abbreviated h
hebraic                                 Dad brought Jill a piece of             or hy and is named for the
                                        hematite from an ore deposit he         American physicist Joseph Henry.
hebraize                                visited.
heckler                                 hematochrome
                                        n                                       hepatobiliary
hedonistic                              / ShemEZPTkrPm /
                                        Gk                                      heptad
heelball                                an orangish or reddish coloring         n
                                        matter found in various algae (as       / ShepTtad /
heir                                    red snow).                              Gk
                                        Red snow seen in arctic and alpine      a group of seven.
heliacally                              regions indicates a presence of         A heptad of Charles’s closest
                                        algae that contain hematochrome.        friends roasted him at his
helicitic                                                                       retirement party.
heliodor                                n                                       heptagon
                                        / ThGmEStBlEjG /
heliophile                              Gk + Gk                                 herd
                                        a branch of biology that deals with     n
helipad                                 the blood and blood-forming             / ShErd /
                                        organs.                                 E
hellenic                                The research in leukemia provided       [has homonym: heard] a number of
                                        synopses of several case studies in     one kind of animal kept together
helleri                                 hematology.                             under human care or control.
                                                                                The herd of beefalos grazing in the
hello                                   hemicrania                              pasture will be sent to the
                                                                                stockyard next week.
helminthic                              hemimetabolous
                                        adj                                     herdic
helmsmanship                            / ThemGmDStabElEs /
                                        Gk > L + Ecf                            hereby
helobious                               of or relating to those insects
                                        characterized by incomplete             heredity
hemachate                               metamorphosis; especially various
                                        insects with aquatic larvae.            heresiarch
                                        Dragonflies are hemimetabolous
                                        insects.                                herrenvolk

                                        hemline                                 hesperidium

                                        hemophilia                              heterochromatic

                                        hemophiliacs                            heterodont

                                        hemorrhaging                            heterodyne

                                        hemorrhoid                              heterophyte

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
heterotrophic                             highwayman                              histology
                                          n                                       n
hewer                                     / ShITwCmEn /                           / hiSstBlEjG /
                                          E+E+E                                   Gk
hexapod                                   [Note: Plural form is pronounced        a branch of anatomy that deals with
n                                         identically.] a person who robs         the minute structure of animal and
/ SheksETpBd /                            travelers on a public road.             vegetable tissues as discernible
Gk                                        As he approached the stopped            with the microscope.
insect.                                   stagecoach, the highwayman              The primary tissue categories in
Chelsea cannot understand why so          demanded, “Your money or your           animal histology are epithelial,
many of her classmates think that a       life!”                                  connective, muscle, and nervous.
spider is a hexapod.                      hillcrest
hiatal                                    hindmost
                                          adj                                     historic
hiatus                                    / ShIn(d)TmPst /
n                                         E+E                                     historical
/ hiSCZEs /                               farthest in or toward the rear.
L                                         Gary always sat in the hindmost         historiographer
gap : aperture.                           pew in church.
A hiatus between theory and                                                       histozyme
practice caused Abbie unending            hinterland
frustration in her job administering                                              hitch
surveys.                                  hipbone                                 v
                                                                                  / Shich /
hibernation                               hiplength                               E
n                                                                                 catch or fasten by or as if by a hook
/ ThIbE(r)SnCshEn /                       hippology                               or a knot.
L                                         n                                       Every house along the historical
the act of being inactive or              / hiSpBlEjG /                           street still has a post in front for
dormant, especially in winter.            Gk                                      visitors to hitch their horses to.
During brief periods of mild winter       the study of the horse.
weather, some insects may come            The veterinary student decided that     hoary
out of hibernation.                       his concentration would be              adj
                                          hippology.                              / ShPrG /
hiddenite                                                                         E
                                          hippophagy                              gray or white; specifically : gray or
hierarchical                                                                      white with age.
                                          hippotomy                               Tilting his hoary head to one side,
hierarchize                                                                       the storyteller began his tale.
hieroglyphic                                                                      hobble
                                          hireling                                v
hieroglyphist                                                                     / ShBbEl /
                                          hirsutal                                E
hieroglyphs                                                                       walk with a halting, labored,
                                          hirtellous                              typically up-and-down movement
hierolatry                                                                        often marked by lurching or
                                          hispid                                  wobbling.
highland                                                                          Sarah started to hobble over to get
                                          histocyte                               her coat, but Louis fetched it for
highway                                                                           her.




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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
hodiernal                                homework                                hoomalimali
hogan                                    / ShPmTwerk /                           hopeless
n                                        E+E                                     adj
/ ShPTgBn /                              preparatory reading or research.        / ShPplDs /
Navaho                                   Steve had to do quite a bit of          E + Gkcf > Lcf
a conical, hexagonal, or octagonal       homework before he could make an        having no expectation of good :
dwelling characteristic of the           effective presentation on his           despairing.
Navaho made with a door                  assigned topic.                         After two days of searching for the
traditionally facing east and                                                    hikers, the rescue workers started
constructed of logs and sticks           homicide                                feeling hopeless.
covered with mud, sod, or adobe or       n
sometimes of stones.                     / ShBmETsId /                           hopples
The modern-day hogan is primarily        L
used not for housing but for family      a killing of one human being by         hopscotch
ceremonies and curings.                  another.
                                         The autopsy report stated that the      hornet
hoggery                                  woman’s death was a homicide.           n
                                                                                 / ShOrnDt /
hoisted                                  homiletics                              E
v                                                                                any of the larger social wasps that
/ ShOistDd /                             homoeoteleutic                          are vigorous strong-flying insects
imit > D or G                                                                    with powerful stings.
raised into position.                    homogenize                              Amy was afraid that she would get
By the use of a crane the large                                                  stung by a hornet if she walked too
stone was hoisted into place.            homonuclear                             close to the nest in the tree.
holeproof                                / ThPmPSn(y)VklGE(r) /                  horotely
                                         Gk + L
holishkes                                of or relating to a molecule            horsepower
                                         composed of like nuclei.                n
hollowly                                 All homonuclear diatomic                / ShO(E)rsTpaU(E)r /
                                         molecules lack polarity in the bond     E+L>F>E
holluschick                              between their atoms.                    a standard unit of power equal in
                                                                                 the United States to 746 watts.
holmium                                  homunculus                              Stan, my hot-rodder friend, likes to
                                                                                 brag about the horsepower of his
holoku                                   honeybee                                car’s engine.
holophytic                               / ShEnGTbG /                            hortulan
holy                                     any of certain social honey-            host
adj                                      producing bees.                         n
/ ShPlG /                                Commercially desirable honey is         / ShPst /
E                                        produced from clover by the             L>E
[has homonyms: holey, wholly] set        domestic honeybee.                      [Note: The definition provided is
apart and dedicated to religious                                                 not the one most commonly
service or worship.                      honorable                               associated with this word. In
Jerusalem is a holy city to people       adj                                     addition, word could be confused
of at least four different religions:    / SBnEr(E)bEl /                         with hosed.] a very large number :
Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and        L>F>E                                   a great quantity : multitude,
Bahaism.                                 ethical, upright.                       myriad.
                                         Steve ran an honorable campaign         Becky offered a host of reasons why
homegrown                                for sheriff.                            she should be allowed to go to the
                                                                                 mall with her friends.
homemade                                 hookup
homesick                                 hooliganism

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
householder                              humic                                   hydrogenated
                                         adj                                     v
howling                                  / ShyVmik /                             / ShIdrDjDTnCZEd /
                                         L                                       Gk + Gk + Ecf
hoydenism                                relating to or derived from the         combined with hydrogen.
                                         organic portion of soil.                Vegetable oils that have been
hsin                                     Our tour guide explained that           hydrogenated are used in making
                                         humic acids in the soil dissolve        margarine.
huaco                                    limestone and aid in the formation
                                         of stalagmites and stalactites in       hydrogenous
huarizo                                  caves.
huckleberry                              humifuse
huckstering                              hummock
huddled                                  hunger
huddup                                   hunker
huff                                     husband
n                                                                                hydroxide
/ ShEf /                                 hyacinthine                             n
imit                                                                             / hISdrBkTsId /
a fit of anger or pique.                 hyacinths                               Gk
The Spelling Bee, who was quite                                                  the univalent negative ion
upset by the whole affair, had flown     hyalescent                              consisting of one atom of hydrogen
off in a huff.                                                                   and one of oxygen.
                                         hyaline                                 The alkali metals react with water
huge                                                                             to produce hydrogen gas and the
adj                                      hyaloid                                 corresponding metal hydroxide.
/ ShyVj /                                adj
F>E                                      / ShIETlOid /                           hygrodeik
very large or extensive.                 Gk
The two ships settled to the bottom,     glassy, transparent.                    hygroscopic
each with a huge hole in her side.       The thin hyaloid membrane               adj
                                         envelops the vitreous humor of the      / ThIgrESskBpik /
huguenot                                 eye.                                    Gk
                                                                                 [Note: Could be confused with
huitain                                  hybosis                                 hydroscopic.] readily taking up and
                                                                                 retaining moisture.
huke                                     hydrargyrum                             Rob was not surprised to read that
                                                                                 glycerol is highly hygroscopic,
humanely                                 hydrate                                 because he knew that it is used as
adv                                      v                                       an emollient and moistening agent.
/ hyVSmCnlG /                            / ShITdrCt /
L                                        Gk                                      hylean
in a manner marked by                    take up or combine with water or
compassion, sympathy, or                 with hydrogen and hydroxyl.             hylophagous
consideration for other human            When Beulah activated the cold
beings or animals.                       pack, she was making the
The veterinarian argued that it is       ammonium nitrate in it hydrate.
precisely because animals are not
human that we must treat them            hydrazine


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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
Hymenoptera                             iambist                                 icing
n pl                                    n                                       n
/ ThImESnBptErE /                       / ISambDst /                            / SIsiN /
Gk > L                                  Gk                                      E
an extensive order of highly            one who writes verse containing a       a sweet coating for baked goods
specialized insects that includes       metrical foot of two syllables          usually made from sugar and butter
bees, wasps, and ants.                  unstressed and stressed                 combined with water, milk, or egg
The order Hymenoptera is perhaps        respectively.                           white, flavored, often colored, and
the most beneficial to man of all       Willliam Shakespeare is a famous        often cooked.
insect groups.                          iambist.                                The lemon icing on Granddad’s
                                                                                birthday cake nearly melted from
hypalgesia                              ianthine                                the heat of all the candles.

hyphenate                               iatrophysics                            iconolater

hypnotist                               Icarian                                 iconolatry
hypnotizable                            / iSka(a)rGEn /                         icy
                                        Gk name
hypoglycemia                            [has near homonym: acarian]             ideal
                                        inadequate for or incapable of          adj
hypokalemia                             bringing about an ambitious             / ISdG(E)l /
                                        project.                                L>F
hypolithic                              William’s problem-solving methods       existing as a perfect example.
                                        are usually Icarian, but this time      The ideal gas equation expresses a
hypophyllous                            his approach provided the perfect       relationship between the pressure,
                                        solution.                               volume, temperature, and the
hypostasis                                                                      number of moles of an ideal gas.
n                                       iceblink
/ hISpBstEsDs /                         n                                       ideaphoria
Gk                                      / SIsTbliNk /
something that settles at the bottom    E+E                                     ideomotor
of a fluid : sediment.                  a yellowish or whitish glare in the
A harmless-looking hypostasis in a      sky over an ice field (as in polar      ides
soft drink bottle led to a series of    regions)—called also “ice sky.”         n pl
expensive lawsuits.                     The polar explorers wore special        / SIdz /
                                        goggles to combat the iceblink.         L
hypotonic                                                                       the 15th day of March, May, July,
adj                                     icebone                                 or October or the 13th day of any
/ ThI(T)pEStBnik /                      n                                       other month in the ancient Roman
Gk                                      / SIsTbPn /                             calendar.
of a fluid : having a lower osmotic     (L > D or G + D or G) > E               Julius Caesar was murdered on the
pressure than a fluid used as a         the hipbone especially of cattle.       ides of March.
standard.                               Grandpa stopped carving when his
To study the contents of red blood      knife hit the icebone.                  idgah
cells, scientists put them into a
hypotonic solution that swells and      ichnography                             idiocrasy
eventually bursts the cells by
osmosis.                                ichthyomorphic                          idiocy

hypoxis                                 icily                                   idioglossia

hypozeugma                                                                      idiolect

hyson                                                                           idiotic


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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
idolatrous                               illusionist                             impatiently
adj                                      n                                       adv
/ ISdBlEtrEs /                           / DSlVzhEnDst /                         / imSpCshEntlG /
Gk                                       L                                       L+L
of or relating to the worship of a       one (as a magician) who produces        in a manner that is restless or short
physical object as a god.                deceptive or misleading effects.        of temper especially under
Muhammad condemned the                   The illusionist amazed the audience     irritation, delay, or opposition.
idolatrous cults, proclaiming that       when he levitated a reclining           The actress waited impatiently in
there is one God.                        subject.                                the wings for her cue to go onstage.

idolize                                  illusorily                              impellent
/ SIdFlTIz /                             imam                                    impenitent
Gk                                       n
give absolute religious devotion         / DSmBm /                               imperium
and ultimate trust to something that     Ar
is not God.                              the prayer leader of a mosque.          impersonate
It is worrisome that so many people      The imam at the local Islamic
idolize sports figures, rock stars,      center teaches classes on the Koran     impersonator
and millionaires.                        to teenagers.                           n
                                                                                 / DmSpErsFnTCZE(r) /
idyllically                              imbecility                              Ecf + L > F > E + Ecf
                                                                                 an entertainer who assumes the
ignimbrite                               imbiber                                 character of another individual, a
                                                                                 type of person, an animal, or an
ignoble                                  imbricate                               inanimate object.
adj                                                                              The Elvis impersonator had his
/ igSnPbEl /                             immediate                               hair appropriately styled into a
L                                                                                pompadour.
displaying or characterized by           immersed
baseness or meanness : despicable.       adj                                     impiety
The senator changed his vote on          / DSmErst /
the health bill for the ignoble          L                                       implore
purpose of protecting his stock          completely engrossed.
investments.                             Immersed in his reading                 impound
                                         assignment, Nathan was unaware
ignorable                                that a thunderstorm was raging          imprecision
iliad                                                                            impressible
illegal                                                                          improvisatrice
illiberally                                                                      imprudent
illocutionary                                                                    impudence
illuminant                                                                       impulsion
illuminate                                                                       inabsentia
illumine                                                                         inactive

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
inactivity                                inch                                    indefensible
n                                         n
/ TinakStivEZG /                          / Sinch /                               indemnitee
L+L                                       L>E
the quality or state of being not         a unit of length equal to 1/36 yard.    indent
given to action or effort : idleness,     Michelle came storming in after
sluggishness.                             her hair appointment, furious           indexer
Too much inactivity can affect            because one side of her hair was at
mental as well as physical health.        least an inch shorter than the other.   indicatrix

inadvertent                               incidental                              indices

inaja                                     incipience                              indicial

inanga                                    incoercible                             indict

inapposite                                incogitable                             indignation

inarticulate                              incommutable                            indigoferous

inbiber                                   incompossibility                        indiscernible

inbroglio                                 inconclusive                            indiscriminate

Inca                                      inconsequential                         indispensably
/ SiNkE /                                 inconsiderate                           indissociable
Quechua > Sp
a Quechuan people in Peru that            incontestable                           indium
established hegemony over
surrounding peoples to form an            incorporator                            indocile
empire from about 1100 until the
Spanish conquest in the 1530s; also       increasable                             indocility
: a member of such people.
The last Inca calmly stared at the        incredulity                             indulgently
Spanish conquistador before
turning around and vanishing into         incriminating                           inebriate
the forest.                               v
                                          / DnSkrimETnCZiN /                      inebriated
incapable                                 L
adj                                       furnishing evidence or proof of         inebrious
/ inSkCpEbEl /                            circumstances tending to show the
L+L+L                                     guilt of someone.                       inelegant
lacking capacity, ability, or             Gunpowder burns on the suspect’s
qualification for the purpose or end      hand constituted strong                 inelude
in view.                                  incriminating evidence of his guilt.
The popular author seemed                                                         inept
incapable of writing a dull novel.        inculcation
incapacitate                              inculpate
incarcerated                              incunabulist

incaution                                 incurment

incendiarism                              incursive

incessantly                               indazole

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
inert                                     inflationary                             inorganic
adj                                                                                adj
/ iSnErt /                                infraction                               / TinO(r)Sganik /
L                                         n                                        L + Gk > L
very slow to move or act : lifeless,      / DnSfrakshEn /                          [Note: Could be confused with
sluggish.                                 L                                        enorganic.] being, containing, or
Peter could not tell if the inert         a violation by failure to follow,        relating to a chemical substance or
hamster was near death or not.            observe, or obey.                        substances not relating to or
                                          For a first infraction of the school’s   derived from living organisms.
inevitable                                disciplinary code, a student may be      Clarice uses no inorganic
                                          suspended for one day or be              fertilizers in her garden.
inexorably                                assigned four hours in detention.
inexpugnable                              infractor
infamy                                    infraneritic
infancy                                   ingrained
infant                                    inhalator
infarction                                inherently                               n
n                                                                                  / DnSsanEZG /
/ DnSfBrkshEn /                           inhibit                                  L
L                                                                                  such unsoundness of mind as
the producing of an area of tissue        injunction                               excuses one from criminal or civil
death (as of the heart) resulting         n                                        responsibility.
from obstruction of blood                 / DnSjEN(k)shEn /                        At his arraignment the defendant
circulation in the area.                  L                                        pleaded “not guilty by reason of
Angina is usually much less serious       a writ granted by a court of equity      insanity.”
than myocardial infarction because        whereby one is required to do or to      insider
in angina there is no death of the        refrain from doing a specified act.
heart muscle.                             The court issued a temporary             insight
                                          injunction against the sale of the
infection                                 allegedly forged work of art.            insincere

infectivity                               injure                                   insinuation

infelicitous                              injures                                  insolubility

infelicity                                inland                                   insolvable

infield                                   inning                                   insolvency
infinite                                  / SiniN /                                insolvent
infinity                                  a division of a baseball game            inspiration
n                                         consisting of a turn at bat for each
/ DnSfinEZG /                             team.                                    inspiratory
L                                         Dad wants to leave the game at the
an indefinitely great number or           end of the eighth inning to avoid        inspissating
amount.                                   the traffic.
Helen was amazed that Walter                                                       inspissation
could look up at the infinity of stars    innovate
and point out numerous                                                             instant
constellations.                           innovator

inflammation                              innuendoes

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
instar                                    intently                                interlinear
n                                         adv                                     adj
/ SinTstBr /                              / DnStentlG /                           / TintE(r)SlinGE(r) /
L                                         L + Ecf                                 L
a stage in the life of an insect          in a directed manner marked by          inserted between rows of written or
between two successive molts.             strained or eager attention.            printed characters.
In the first instar of whiteflies, the    Karen was gazing so intently out        The book contains the original
young, active, wingless forms are         the window that she did not realize     Latin text with an interlinear
usually called larvae.                    her brother had entered the room.       translation.

instellation                              interactive                             interludial
instinctive                               / TintE(r)Saktiv /                      intermediary
instruct                                  of, relating to, or being a two-way     intermolecular
                                          electronic communication system         adj
insubordination                           (as a telephone or a computer) that     / TintE(r)mESlekyElEr /
n                                         involves a user’s orders (as for        L+L
/ TinsETbO(r)dFnSCshEn /                  information or merchandise) or          existing or acting between
L                                         responses (as to a poll).               molecules.
defiance of authority.                    Cody has worked hard to develop         The van der Waals equation takes
Principal Sawyer warned the               his interactive Web site.               into account the intermolecular
students that any insubordination                                                 forces exerted on a molecule by
to teachers would be dealt with           intercalary                             neighboring molecules.
                                          intercensal                             interofective
                                          intercession                            interpreter
                                          intercom                                interreflection
insure                                                                            n
                                          intercostal                             / TintE(r)rDSflekshEn /
insurgent                                                                         L+L
                                          interdiction                            reciprocal partial or complete
intact                                                                            return of a wave motion (as of light
                                          interdisciplinary                       or sound) from a surface that it
intarsia                                  adj                                     encounters into the medium that it
                                          / TintE(r)SdisEplDTnerG /               originally traversed.
intellectual                              L+L                                     Interreflection enables light to
n                                         characterized by participation or       travel hundreds of miles through
/ TintFlSekch(ew)El /                     cooperation of two or more fields       fiber-optic cable.
L                                         of study.
one given to study, reflection, and       Many colleges permit students to        interrelate
speculation especially concerning         create interdisciplinary majors.        v
large, profound, or abstract issues.                                              / TintE(r)rDSlCt /
The guidance counselor told the           interest                                L+L
student that she should not be                                                    have a mutual connection by way
afraid to be an intellectual.             interleaf                               of sympathy especially as marked
                                                                                  by community of interest.
intelligence                              interline                               Karen and Stella interrelate so well
                                                                                  that each often knows what the
intent                                                                            other is going to say.




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                2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
intervolve                                 invocation                               irreverence
intestine                                  / TinvESkCshEn /                         irreverential
intonement                                 a prayer of entreaty that is usually a   irruptible
                                           call for the divine presence and is
intransigent                               offered at the beginning of a            isallotherm
                                           meeting or service of worship.
intratelluric                              Reverend Billy Graham gave the           isanemone
                                           invocation at the World Games of
intravenous                                the Special Olympics.                    isepiptesis

intriguer                                  involucred                               islamics

introducible                               invulnerable                             islandology

introgressant                              inwardly                                 islet

introvert                                  iodize                                   isobase

introverted                                ionize                                   isoelectronic
                                           v                                        adj
intrusion                                  / SIETnIz /                              / TI(T)sPDTlekStrBnik /
                                           Gk > ISV                                 Gk > ISV
intumescent                                convert wholly or partly into atoms      having the same number of
                                           or groups of atoms that carry a          negatively charged constituent
intussuscept                               positive or negative electric charge     elementary particles—used of
                                           as a result of having lost or gained     atoms or their ions.
inure                                      one or more electrons.                   Comparing the size of ions of
                                           It takes a certain amount of energy      elements in different groups on the
invader                                    to ionize a given gaseous atom in        periodic table is meaningful only if
                                           its ground state and a different         they are isoelectronic.
invariant                                  amount to ionize the resulting ion a
                                           second or third time.                    isolationism
v                                          ipilipil                                 isolette
/ DnSvErt /
L                                          iridectomize                             isomeric
undergo a conversion of a                                                           adj
substance showing dextrorotation           iridology                                / TIsPSmerik /
into one showing levorotation or                                                    Gk > ISV
vice versa.                                iris                                     of, relating to, or exhibiting the
Dr. Norton pointed on the                                                           phenomenon exhibited by two or
illustration where the quartz              iron                                     more chemical substances
started to invert to cristobalite.                                                  containing the same numbers of
                                           irrational                               atoms of the same elements in the
investigator                                                                        substances but differing in the
                                           irrefragably                             structural arrangement of the
invigilate                                                                          atoms.
                                           irreligious                              Two isomeric substances may have
invigorate                                 adj                                      different colors, melting points,
                                           / TirDSlijEs /                           dipole moments, and chemical
invitee                                    L+L                                      reactivities.
                                           lacking emotions, doctrines, or
invocable                                  practices that show reverence for a      isopleth
                                           god or a supreme being : ungodly.
                                           Trefger prayed every day that his        isopropyl
                                           irreligious relatives would
                                           eventually see the light.                isopycnic

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
isoseismal                              jacobean                                jeerer
/ TI(T)sPSsIzmEl /                      jactance                                jejunity
Gk + Gk
of, relating to, or marked by equal     jade                                    jequirity
intensity of earthquake shock.
The graph showed the isoseismal         Jainism                                 jester
zones around the epicenter of the       n                                       n
earthquake.                             / SjCTnizEm /                           / SjestE(r) /
                                        Skt > Hindi                             E
isotopic                                a religion of India characterized by    fool.
adj                                     the belief that while gods control      The court jester went too far with
/ TIsPStBpik /                          the realm of time and matter, no        his jokes one day and landed in the
Gk > ISV                                being higher than an absolutely         dungeon.
of, relating to, or having the          perfect human soul is necessary for
relationship of one of two or more      the creation or moral regulation of     jesuitize
species of atoms of the same            the universe.
chemical element that have the          Jainism—along with Hinduism and         jetport
same atomic number but differ in        Buddhism—is one of the three most
atomic mass or mass number.             ancient of India’s religious            jibber
Hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium,       traditions still practiced.
which differ only in number of                                                  jicara
neutrons, are three isotopic forms      jalousies                               n
of hydrogen.                                                                    / ShGkErE /
                                        jambeaux                                Nahuatl > Sp
isotron                                                                         [has near homonym: Jicarilla] a
                                        jambstone                               cup or bowl made from the fruit of
ispaghul                                                                        the calabash tree.
                                        jangly                                  Edward spent some of his free time
ispahan                                                                         carving a jicara.
Italianate                                                                      jiffy
adj                                     January
/ DStalyEnDt /                          n                                       jigger
Gk > L > It                             / SjanyETwerG /
having an Italian quality : marked      L                                       jiggling
by Italian characteristics or           the first month of the Gregorian
influence.                              calendar.                               jigsaw
The Italianate style of Victorian       Three Kings’ Day is the sixth day
architecture was very popular in        of January.                             jingoist
the United States between 1840 and
1870.                                   japanesy                                jinx

itchy                                   japeries                                jitterbug
ivorine                                 jargonistic                             / SjiZE(r)TbEg /
                                                                                unknown + unknown
jacana                                  jarrah                                  a dance in which couples two-step,
                                                                                balance, and twirl in standardized
jacaranda                               jasponyx                                patterns or with vigorous
jacket                                  javelineer                              Movies set during World War II
                                                                                often show people dancing the
jackpot                                 jawbreaker                              jitterbug.

jackscrew                               jaygee

jacksnipe                               jeep

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
jive                                     journeyman                               jumbo
v                                                                                 adj
/ jIv /                                  joyful                                   / SjEm(T)bP /
unknown                                  adj                                      name of a circus elephant
[has homonym: gyve] dance to hot         / SjOifEl /                              being a very large specimen of its
jazz.                                    L > F > E + Ecf                          kind.
Cecily loves to jive while listening     experiencing pleasure or delight :       The jumbo diamonds flashed at the
to her father’s collection of old jazz   happy.                                   awards ceremony.
tunes.                                   Joyful people are said to outlive
                                         their bilious, whining counterparts.     jumping
                                         jubate                                   June
joggle                                                                            n
                                         Judaica                                  / SjVn /
joinery                                  n pl                                     L name
n                                        / jVSdCDkE /                             the sixth month of the Gregorian
/ SjOinErG /                             Gk > L                                   calendar.
F>E                                      things Jewish.                           Nuptiality usually increases
the fastening together of pieces of      Rebecca opened a shop devoted            dramatically in June.
wood to construct furniture,             entirely to Judaica.
cabinetry, or other articles.                                                     junior
Ronald admired the nearly                Judaism
seamless joinery on the                  n                                        junoesque
Hepplewhite table at the auction         / SjVdCTizEm /
but couldn’t afford to bid on it.        Heb > Gk > L                             jurel
                                         the total complex of cultural,
jointer                                  social, and religious beliefs and        jurisconsult
                                         practices of the Jews.
jolly                                    Laura decided to convert to              jurisprudential
adj                                      Judaism when she married David.
/ SjBlG /                                                                         justiciar
Scand? > F > E                           judaize
full of high spirits : joyous.                                                    justificatory
The students couldn’t figure out         judder
why their bus driver was so jolly all                                             juvenilize
the time.                                judgeship
jornada                                  judgmatically
n                                                                                 kaddish
/ hO(r)SnBdE /                           judiciously
L > OProv > Sp                                                                    kafkaesque
an arduous usually one-day journey       judo
across a stretch of desert.                                                       kalanchoe
The travelers almost perished for        jugger
lack of water on the grim jornada.                                                kapok
journeycake                                                                       kappa
n                                        juice
/ SjErnGTkCk /                                                                    karaoke
E name + ON > E                          juliet
[Note: Could be confused with            n                                        karpas
johnnycake or jonny cake.] a bread       / SjVlyEt /
made of white or yellow cornmeal         Shakespearean name                       karyogram
mixed with salt and water or milk        a woman’s slipper with a high front
and either baked thin in a pan or        and back and low-cut sides.              karyotheca
dropped by spoonfuls onto a hot          As Ruth slipped her foot into the
greased griddle.                         juliet, she felt the sharp point of an   kathenotheism
Hiram yelled at Mitch for eating         earring she thought she had lost.
the last journeycake.                                                             kavass

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
kayak                                    kickshaw                                king
                                         n                                       n
kea                                      / SkikTshO /                            / SkiN /
                                         F>E                                     E
keckling                                 a fancy dish in cookery : tidbit,       a male monarch who reigns over a
                                         delicacy.                               major territorial unit.
kedushah                                 Arlene is famous for whipping up        When his brother left for the
                                         some exotic kickshaw out of             crusades, Prince John decided to
keelblock                                whatever she has on hand.               make himself king.

keelboat                                 kiddish                                 kingly

keepable                                 kiddush                                 kingpin

keg                                      kikepa                                  kink
kekepa                                   / kGSkCpE /                             kinky
kelebe                                   a sarong worn by Hawaiian women         kinswoman
                                         with the top under one arm and          n
kelly                                    over the shoulder of the opposite       / SkinsTwUmEn /
n                                        arm.                                    E+E
/ SkelG /                                During the Hawaiian culture             a female relative.
Ir name                                  celebration known as Makahiki,          By marrying a kinswoman of the
a variable color averaging a strong      males must wear a malo and              king, the earl gained even more
yellowish green.                         females must wear a kikepa.             power and influence.
Sinead is adamant that the best
color of felt for her shamrocks is       kiloware                                kisses
                                         kin                                     kittel
kenning                                  n                                       n
n                                        / Skin /                                / SkiZFl /
/ SkeniN /                               E                                       Ar? > G > Yiddish
ON                                       a member of the same family : a         [has homonym: kittle] a white
a metaphorical compound word or          blood relation.                         cotton or linen robe worn by
phrase used especially in Old            After comparing notes for over an       orthodox Jews on Rosh Hashana
English and Old Norse poetry.            hour, we determined that Howard         and Yom Kippur and at the
While reading Beowulf, Frieda            was not any kin to us.                  Passover seder.
found a kenning that referred to the                                             Mr. Eisen put on a brand-new kittel
ocean as a “whale road.”                 kind                                    and prepared to greet his seder
kenosis                                  n                                       guests.
                                         / SkInd /
keratopathy                              E                                       kittiwake
                                         a group united by common traits or
kerion                                   interests : category, class.            kiva
                                         When Mayor Winkle publicly
kerystic                                 informed the migrant workers that       klezmer
                                         their kind was not welcome, they
kettledrum                               responded with a lawsuit.               klipbok

keyboard                                 kindle                                  kneel

keypunch                                 kinesalgia                              knickerbockers

khaya                                    kinesics                                knickknackery


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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
knit                                     kolo                                    labrum
v                                        n                                       n
/ Snit /                                 / SkP(T)lP /                            / SlCbrEm /
E                                        OSlav > Serbo-Croatian                  L
[has homonym: nit] form a fabric         a central European folk dance in        the upper or anterior lip of insects.
or garment by the interlacing of a       which dancers form a circle and         A sand wasp is most easily
yarn or yarns in a series of             progress slowly to right and left       recognized by an elongated,
connected loops by means of hand         while one or more solo dancers          triangular labrum which resembles
or machine needles.                      perform elaborate steps in the          a beak.
Scott asked his aunt to knit him a       center.
special wool sweater with his name       The tourists clapped as Yelena          lacertiform
on it.                                   danced the kolo energetically.
knitted                                  kornerupine
knobstick                                korrigan
                                         n                                       lactose
knotty                                   / SkOrDTgBn /
adj                                      Bret                                    ladder
/ SnBZG /                                [has homonym: corrigan as in
E                                        corrigan pulse] a long-haired           laddery
[has homonyms: noddy, naughty]           nocturnal often malevolent Breton
full of difficulties or complications    fairy sorceress.                        ladino
: hard to solve or understand.           The evil character in the French        n
Felipe had trouble cutting through       children’s film was a korrigan.         / lESdGTnP /
the knotty information presented in                                              L > Sp
the computer manual.                     korrigum                                [has near homonym: Latino] a
                                         n                                       cunningly vicious horse or steer.
knowing                                  / SkBrDgEm /                            One ladino proved to be the
                                         Kanuri                                  downfall of 17 riders at the rodeo.
knowingly                                a reddish fawn antelope of western
adv                                      Africa having black markings.           laicization
/ SnPiNlG /                              The zoo recently obtained a
E                                        reddish-orange korrigum from            lair
with awareness, deliberateness, or       Senegal.
intention.                                                                       lake
The physician was indicted for           krausen                                 n
knowingly defrauding the                                                         / SlCk /
government.                              kummel                                  E
                                                                                 [Note: The definition provided is
knuckles                                 kunzite                                 not the one most commonly
                                                                                 associated with this word.] a
koan                                     kyack                                   purplish red pigment prepared from
n                                                                                lac dye or cochineal.
/ SkPTBn /                               kylin                                   Eva wiped off her lipstick when
Jpn                                                                              Tom told her that it contained lake
a paradox used in Zen Buddhism as        kyphosis                                made from dried female insect
an instrument of meditation in                                                   bodies.
training monks to despair of an          label
ultimate dependence upon reason                                                  lama
and to force them into sudden            labels                                  n
intuitive enlightenment.                                                         / SlBmE /
The most widely known koan is the                                                Tibetan
question “What is the sound of one                                               [has homonym: llama] a priest or
hand clapping?”                                                                  monk of Tibetan Buddhism.
                                                                                 The famous lama gave an
                                                                                 introductory talk on dharma at the
                                                                                 Buddhist retreat center in Berkeley.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
lambert                                  laryngectomize                          leaching
/ SlambE(r)t /                           laryngectomy                            lead
G name
the centimeter-gram-second unit of       latanier                                leaden
brightness equal to the brightness                                               adj
of a perfectly diffusing surface that    latecomer                               / SledFn /
radiates or reflects 1 lumen per                                                 E
square centimeter.                       lateen                                  oppressively heavy.
The lambert is used in calculations                                              After hours of trudging through the
by astronomers, physicists,              lateral                                 rain, Tibi’s clothes were leaden
engineers, and photographers.                                                    and her feet ached.
lamellirostral                                                                   leafcup
lamentable                                                                       leag
laminiplantar                                                                    leanly
lampblack                                n                                       learn
                                         / lEStGnP /                             v
lampoonery                               L > Sp                                  / SlErn /
                                         [has near homonym: ladino] a            E
lanai                                    person of Latin American origin         gain knowledge or understanding
                                         living in the United States.            of or skill in by study, instruction,
lancers                                  Comedian Paul Rodriguez has built       or experience.
n pl                                     his routine around being a Latino.      Joel was determined to learn his
/ Slan(t)sE(r)z /                                                                multiplication tables before
F                                        latitudinarian                          Thanksgiving.
a set of five square dances each in a
different meter.                         latrodectism                            least
In the lancers, the dancers salute in
military style.                          latter                                  leather

landlord                                 laudable                                leathery

lanuginous                               launch                                  leaving

laocoon                                  launcher                                lebhaft

laputan                                  lavation                                lee

larcenist                                lawful                                  leechcraft

larcenously                              lawrencium                              leeward

large                                    laxative                                leeway
/ SlBrj /                                lay                                     leftover
L>F>E                                    n
exceeding most other things of like      / SlC /                                 leftovers
kind in bulk, capacity, quantity,        Scand                                   n pl
superficial dimensions, or number        [has homonym: lei] a simple             / SleftTPvE(r)z /
of constituent units.                    narrative poem.                         E+E
Compared to saddle horses,               A popular historical ballad can         fragments of food remaining from a
Belgians and Clydesdales are quite       properly be called a lay.               meal.
large.                                                                           The waiter brought Elbert a
                                         layback                                 container for his leftovers.

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
legalize                                  Lethean                                 ligand
                                          adj                                     n
legion                                    / SlGthGEn /                            / SligEnd /
                                          Gk                                      L
legionnaire                               of, relating to, or causing             a group, ion, or molecule
                                          forgetfulness.                          coordinated to the central atom in a
legitim                                   Blake said that the Lethean nature      coordination complex.
                                          of the novel was to blame for his       Sphyros explained that a ligand is
legitimate                                poor grade on the literature quiz.      just a molecule or ion surrounding
                                                                                  a transition metal in a complex
lei                                       leucite                                 molecule or ion.

leicester                                 leucotomy                               lightened

leiotrichous                              leukemogen                              ligure

leisurely                                 lexicology                              ligustrum
lemel                                     / TleksESkBlEgG /                       lilacs
lemon                                     the science of the derivation and       liman
                                          signification of words.
lengthen                                  Jim is working on a graduate            limber
                                          degree in lexicology and has his
lengthy                                   heart set on becoming a dictionary      limburger
lenience                                                                          lime
                                          liaise                                  n
lentil                                    v                                       / SlIm /
                                          / lGSCz /                               E
lepidopterology                           L>F>E                                   a caustic highly infusible solid that
n                                         establish communication for             consists essentially of calcium
/ TlepETdBptErSBlEjG /                    purposes of mutual understanding.       oxide.
Gk > L                                    The U.S. Treasury agent had to          Sidney learned at the museum that
a branch of the science of insect         liaise with the local and state         lime is one of the material
life dealing with the study of            police in the matter of the             components of glass.
butterflies and moths.                    suspected counterfeiters.
Dabbling in lepidopterology is a                                                  limekiln
hobby for Ian, who has a fabulous         liberate
butterfly collection.                                                             limitless
leprous                                                                           limousines
leptodactylous                                                                    limpa
lessee                                                                            limpet
lesser                                                                            limpkin
adj                                       lifeboat
/ SlesE(r) /                                                                      limuloid
E                                         lifelong
[has homonym: lessor] smaller :
The lesser rivers and streams did
not have names on the Forest
Service map.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
lindy                                    lintwhite                               lixiviate
n                                        n
/ SlindG /                               / SlintT(h)wIt /                        loach
U.S. name                                E
a jitterbug dance originating in         a common small Old World finch          loafer
Harlem and later developing many         having plumage that varies greatly.     n
local variants.                          In his poem “Claribel” Tennyson         / SlPfE(r) /
Sean and Miriam danced the lindy         wrote: “Her song the lintwhite          L > Sp > E
at the costume party.                    swelleth, the clear-voiced mavis        [Note: The definition provided is
                                         dwelleth. . . .”                        not the one most commonly
linebacker                               lionize                                 associated with this word.] timber
linenized                                lipoprotein                             Gunter spotted a loafer frolicking
                                                                                 in the snow.
linesman                                 liquid
n                                        adj                                     loathing
/ SlInzmEn /                             / SlikwDd /
E&(L > F) + E                            L                                       local
[Note: Plural form is pronounced         being extremely fluid without being
identically.] an official who assists    gaseous and having a definite           localize
a referee especially in various goal     volume without having a definite
and net games.                           shape except such as is temporarily     localizer
The chief duty of the head linesman      given by a container.
in football is to mark the yardage       When air is liquefied, oxygen is the    locker
gained or lost on each play.             first component to become liquid.
lingcod                                  lisp
lingo                                    listen
linguistic                               listless
                                         adj                                     locomotive
linotypist                               / SlistlDs /
                                         E                                       loft
linoxyn                                  characterized by lack of inclination
                                         or impetus to exertion : languid,       logaoedic
linseed                                  spiritless.
                                         People with abnormally low levels       logical
linstock                                 of thyroid hormones are often
n                                        listless and apathetic.                 logodaedaly
/ SlinzTtBk /
D>E                                      literal                                 logorrheic
a pointed forked staff shod with
iron at the foot formerly used to        literally                               lolloped
hold a lighted match for firing                                                  v
cannon.                                  lithium                                 / SlBlEpt /
Captain Braucher waved the                                                       imit E
linstock over his head to indicate       lithophilous                            proceeded with a bounding or
he was ready to fire.                                                            bobbing motion.
                                         litigant                                The jackrabbit lolloped across the
                                                                                 lawn in the twilight.


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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
longways                                 lucubrate                               lutestring
adv                                      v                                       n
/ SlONTwCz /                             / SlVk(y)ETbrCt /                       / SlVtTstriN /
E+E                                      L                                       It > E
in two straight lines.                   discourse learnedly in writing.         a plain glossy silk formerly much
Michael announced that the next          Abraham had the opportunity to          used for women’s dresses and
folk dance would be performed            lucubrate in several journals before    ribbons.
longways.                                he turned away from scholarship.        Ephemia wore a flowing negligee
                                                                                 of white lutestring to the costume
loosen                                   luge                                    party.
/ SlVsFn /                               luger                                   luthern
E                                        n
set free : free from restraint.          / SlVTzhE(r) /                          lycanthropic
The crook thought a little money         F
might loosen his tongue, but Vince       [has near homonym: loser] one           lymph
never said a word about the jewels.      who coasts on a small sled.
                                         Ron likes Nordic skiing, but Arthur     lyncean
loosestrife                              fancies himself a luger.
lope                                     lukewarmly
lopolith                                 luminophor                              n
                                                                                 / SlinchiN /
loran                                    lunate                                  Am name
                                         adj                                     the act of a mob or group that
lorelei                                  / SlVTnCt /                             hangs or otherwise kills someone in
                                         L                                       punishment of a presumed crime or
lorgnettes                               shaped like a crescent.                 offense.
                                         A whimsical lunate window lit the       Police were called in to prevent the
lose                                     stairwell in Xavier’s house.            riotous mob from lynching the
                                                                                 captured terrorist.
lots                                     lupuline
adv                                                                              lyrurus
/ SlBts /                                lurch
E                                                                                lysin
to or by a considerable number or        lure
amount : much.                           v                                       macao
Ginny asserts that reading a book        / SlU(E)r /
is lots more fun for her than            Gmc > F > E                             maccus
watching television.                     [has homonym: loure] attract,
                                         entice, invite.                         macellum
loutishness                              Wendy hopes that the new neon           n
                                         sign will lure customers into her       / mESselEm /
lovable                                  beauty salon.                           Heb > Gk > L
                                                                                 an ancient Roman market or market
lox                                      lusterware                              building.
                                                                                 Phyllis toured the Colosseum, a
loyally                                  lustral                                 statuary garden, and a macellum
                                                                                 while on vacation in Rome.
loyalty                                  lustrously



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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
Mach                                     magisterially                           major
n                                                                                v
/ SmBk /                                 magistrate                              / SmCjE(r) /
G name                                                                           L
[has homonyms: moch, mock] a             magmatic                                pursue a subject of academic study
number representing the ratio of the                                             as a field of specialization.
speed of a body to the speed of          magnet                                  Like many students, Harold has no
sound in the surrounding                                                         idea what subject he would like to
atmosphere.                              magnetician                             major in.
The Mach required to reach low
Earth orbit is 25.                       magnetism                               makable
machicotage                              magneto                                 / SmCkEbEl /
                                                                                 E + Ecf
machinations                             magnific                                capable of being made.
                                         adj                                     Boris and Natasha argued over
machine                                  / magSnifik /                           how to establish a makable bridge
                                         L>F                                     contract.
macho                                    imposing in size.
                                         Friedrich painted a magnific hill       makara
macilent                                 shooting high above the clouds.         n
                                                                                 / SmEkErE /
macrobian                                magnolia                                Skt
                                                                                 a water monster of Hindu religious
macrobiotic                              magpie                                  myth that is represented in religious
                                                                                 art as having the body of a
macropterous                             magus                                   crocodile and head of an antelope.
adj                                      n                                       A makara is portrayed on one of
/ maSkrBptErEs /                         / SmCgEs /                              the five types of flags mentioned in
Gk + Gk                                  Gk > L                                  Buddhist scripture.
having long or large wings—used          magician.
of birds or insects.                     The magus practiced his shape-          maladjustment
The macropterous bald eagle has a        changing spells on his apprentice.
wingspan that ranges from six to                                                 malaise
eight feet.                              maiant
macroscian                               maidservant
macular                                  mailable
maculose                                 mailbox
madcap                                   maile
maddeningly                              mainspring
maddish                                  mainstream                              n
                                                                                 / TmalvE(r)SsCshEn /
madeira                                  majolica                                L>F
                                                                                 misbehavior and especially
madonna                                  majoon                                  corruption in an office, trust, or
maestoso                                                                         The gubernatorial candidate claims
                                                                                 that malversation has become
maggotry                                                                         rampant in the present


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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
mambo                                   manslaughter                             marchpane
n                                       n                                        n
/ mBm(T)bP /                            / SmanTslOZE(r) /                        / SmBrchTpCn /
Sp                                      E + Scand                                It
a complex, staccato, usually fast       the slaying of a human being;            a shapable confection made of
dance related to the rumba and of       specifically : the unlawful killing of   almond paste.
Cuban origin.                           a human being without express or         The marchpane was sculpted into a
Mr. Varda was the best dancer of        implied malice.                          tiny edible castle.
the mambo in Cleveland in the           Because the prosecutor could not
1950s.                                  prove premeditation, the suspect         margin
                                        was charged with manslaughter
mammalia                                instead of murder.                       marie
mammatus                                mantelpiece                              / mESrG /
mammonish                               mantra                                   an often ornamented raised border
                                        n                                        of a plate or flat dish that forms a
manacled                                / SmantrE /                              plane nearly parallel to the bottom.
                                        Skt                                      The marie of Valetta’s china was
manager                                 a verbal spell, ritualistic              decorated with 14-karat gold.
                                        incantation, or mystic formula used
manciple                                devotionally in popular Hinduism         marina
                                        and Buddhism.
manger                                  While awaiting rescue from the           marinated
                                        earthquake, Ravi used a mantra to
mango                                   keep his mind off the pain.              marketfish
mangosteen                              manumitter                               / SmBrkDtTfish /
                                                                                 E geog name + E
manicure                                many                                     [Note: Could be confused with
                                        adj                                      margate fish and margot fish.] a
maniple                                 / TmenG /                                variable usually pearl gray fish of
                                        E                                        the tropical western Atlantic.
manipulate                              consisting of or amounting to a          The marketfish is esteemed as a
                                        large but indefinite number : not        food fish.
manit                                   few.
                                        Many college students flock to the       marmoreal
mannequin                               beaches during spring break.
mannish                                 maoism
adj                                                                              marquee
/ Smanish /                             maori
E                                                                                marquette
resembling or suggesting that of a      mar
man.                                                                             marriage
Low-heeled mannish shoes                maracas                                  n
completed Louise’s outfit.                                                       / Smarij /
                                        marasmus                                 L>F>E
                                                                                 the state of being united to a person
                                        marcescence                              as husband or wife.
                                                                                 In many countries marriage has a
                                        March                                    number of legal ramifications for
                                        n                                        both parties involved.
                                        / SmBrch /
                                        L name > F > E                           marron
                                        the third month of the Gregorian
                                        calendar.                                marrow
                                        March is typically a windy month
                                        in the United States.                    marteline

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
martingale                               matroclinal                             mazar
martinique                               matronly                                / mESzBr /
mascalage                                matsail                                 a Muslim shrine or enshrined tomb.
                                                                                 The popular shrine was reputed to
masculinity                              maturity                                be the mazar of a saint, but none of
                                                                                 the pilgrims was certain who was
masher                                   maunderer                               buried there.
/ SmashE(r) /                            mauvette                                mcleod
a kitchen utensil for crushing food      maxilla                                 mealiness
to a soft, pulpy consistency.
Brittany used a masher on the            maximum                                 mealy
potatoes before whipping in the
butter and milk.                         maxwell                                 mean
                                         n                                       n
mashie                                   / SmakTswel /                           / SmGn /
                                         Scot name                               E
masochism                                the centimeter-gram-second              [Note: The definition provided is
                                         electromagnetic unit of magnetic        not the one most commonly
masochist                                flux equal to the flux per square       associated with this word. In
                                         centimeter of normal cross section      addition, word has homonym:
massecuite                               in a region where the magnetic          mien.] a quantity formed by adding
                                         induction is 1 gauss.                   quantities together in any order and
mastermind                               The maxwell is named after James        dividing by their number.
                                         Clerk Maxwell, who is ranked with       When students average their
masterpiece                              Sir Isaac Newton and Albert             grades, they are calculating the
                                         Einstein for the fundamental nature     arithmetic mean.
mastoid                                  of his contributions to science.
matchcoat                                may
n                                        n                                       meaning
/ SmachTkPt /                            / SmC /
Powhatan > E                             L                                       meatball
a mantle or similar loose covering       [Note: The definition provided is
of fur, feathers, or usually woolen      not the one most commonly               mechanics
cloth formerly extensively worn by       associated with this word.] the         n pl
Native Americans.                        early, vigorous part of human life :    / mDSkaniks /
Running Fox took his rifle and his       prime, heyday.                          Gk
matchcoat and headed out into the        The quarterback knew that the end       a branch of physical science that
night.                                   of his may was at hand, so he           deals with energy and forces and
                                         began to think about a second           their relation to the equilibrium,
matching                                 career.                                 deformation, or motion of solid,
                                                                                 liquid, and gaseous bodies.
matchless                                maypole                                 A scientist in the field of fluid
                                         n                                       mechanics used a Ping-Pong ball
material                                 / SmCTpPl /                             and a shop vacuum cleaner to
                                         L>F>E+L>E                               demonstrate the Bernoulli effect.
matricide                                a tall pole in an open place and
n                                        wreathed with flowers forming a         mechanistic
/ SmatrETsId /                           center for May Day sports.
L                                        The eighth-grade girls danced           mechanize
murder of a mother by her son or         around the maypole in the school’s
daughter.                                spring festival.                        mechanomorphic
In the Greek drama, Orestes
commits matricide in revenge for         mazagran                                medal
his mother’s murder of his father.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
medallic                                 memorable                               merciless
                                         adj                                     adj
median                                   / Smem(E)rEbEl /                        / SmErsGlDs /
n                                        L                                       L > F > E + Ecf
/ SmGdGEn /                              worthy of being remembered or           cruel, harsh, pitiless.
L                                        noted.                                  The columnist’s satire turned a
a value in an ordered set of             “The Raven” is one of Edgar Allan       merciless spotlight on the academic
quantities below and above which         Poe’s most memorable poems.             establishment.
fall an equal number of quantities
or which is the average of the two       memorial                                mercuric
middle values if there is no one                                                 adj
middle number.                           menat                                   / TmErSkyUrik /
The median of the set {8, 10, 14,                                                L > ISV
36} is 12.                               mennonite                               of, relating to, or containing the
                                                                                 heavy silver-white poisonous
mediation                                menology                                metallic element that is the only
                                                                                 metal liquid at ordinary
medicament                               mensuration                             temperatures—used especially of
                                         n                                       compounds in which this element is
medievalist                              / Tmen(t)sESrCshEn /                    bivalent.
                                         L                                       “Mad hatters” are no myth: Toxic
medlar                                   the act, process, art or an instance    solutions of mercuric chloride and
                                         of measuring : measurement.             mercuric nitrate were once used in
meek                                     The lab tests seemed to run             the production of felt hats.
                                         perfectly, but careless mensuration
megahertz                                resulted in the need to redo            merge
megaprosopous                                                                    merlin
megrim                                   n                                       merlon
                                         / SmenchEn /                            n
melangeur                                L                                       / SmErlEn /
                                         the act or an instance of citing,       L > It > F
melanin                                  noting, or calling attention to         [has homonym: merlin] one of the
                                         someone or something especially in      tall intervals between embrasures
melanite                                 a brief or casual manner.               on a battlement.
                                         Harry was disappointed that his         Sergeant Stammel took cover
melanochroi                              defensive play did not receive any      behind a merlon as the enemy
                                         mention in the newspaper account        archers began to shoot.
melezitose                               of Saturday’s game.
melic                                    menu
                                         n                                       merrily
meliorism                                / Sme(T)nyV /
                                         L>F                                     merry
melismatics                              the dishes served at a meal or the      adj
                                         meal itself.                            / SmerG /
melliferous                              The menu for the country music          E
                                         awards banquet includes fried           [has near homonym: marry] full of
melodious                                chicken and apple brown Betty.          gaiety or high spirits : cheerful.
                                                                                 Dozens of movies have been made
melomania                                mercerized                              about Robin Hood and his merry

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
mesoptile                               metathesis                              methanize
                                        n                                       v
mess                                    / mDStaJEsDs /                          / SmeJETnIz /
n                                       Gk                                      ISV
/ Smes /                                a chemical reaction between two         convert (as a mixture of carbon
L>F>E                                   compounds in which part of the          monoxide and hydrogen) to a
[Note: The definition provided is       first compound becomes united           colorless odorless flammable
not the one most commonly               with part of the second and the         gaseous saturated hydrocarbon that
associated with this word.]             remainder of the first compound         is lighter than air and forms
sufficient quantity (of a specified     becomes united with the remainder       explosive mixtures with air or
kind of food) for a dish or a meal.     of the second.                          oxygen.
Janie went out to the garden and        Metathesis between an aqueous           Dan correctly wrote the chemical
picked a mess of green beans for        solution of barium chloride and an      equation illustrating how to
supper.                                 aqueous solution of sodium sulfate      methanize carbon monoxide and
                                        produces a white precipitate of         hydrogen.
message                                 barium sulfate.
Messiah                                 metempsychosis
n                                       n                                       methylate
/ mDSsIE /                              / TmEZTemTsISkPsDs /
Heb&Aram                                Gk                                      meticulous
the expected king and deliverer of      the passing of the soul at death into
the Jews.                               another body either human or            metier
Messianic Jewish congregations          animal.
believe that Jesus was the promised     Hinduism and Buddhism are major         metricize
Messiah, but they also observe          religions that profess belief in
Jewish holidays.                        metempsychosis.                         mhometer

messianic                               meteorology                             miaul
messmate                                / TmGZGESrBlEjG /                       micraner
metacarpus                              a science that deals with the           microangiopathy
                                        atmosphere and its phenomena (as
metachronous                            variations of heat, moisture, or        micrometeorite
metalloid                               Sarah was disappointed when she         microphyll
n                                       learned that her favorite weather
/ SmeZFlTOid /                          forecaster had no formal training       microsecond
Gk? > L > F > E + Gk > ISVcf            in meteorology.                         n
a nonmetal (as carbon or nitrogen)                                              / SmIkrPTsekEnd /
that can combine with a metal to        meter                                   Gk + L
form an alloy.                          n                                       a unit of time equal to 1 millionth
When asked to name a metalloid,         / SmGZE(r) /                            of a second.
Xerxes gave two examples: silicon       Gk                                      Some writers need five paragraphs
and germanium.                          [Note: The definition provided is       to explain an emotion that lasts
                                        not the one most commonly               only for a microsecond.
metallophone                            associated with this word.]
                                        systematically arranged and             microseism
metalware                               measured rhythm in verse.
                                        Meter in English is by stress rather
metatarsus                              than by length of vowel as in

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
microwave                                milliammeter                            miniseries
v                                        n                                       n
/ SmITkrPTwCv /                          / TmilGSa(m)TmGZE(r) /                  / SminGTsi(T)rGz /
Gk + E                                   L > F + F name + Gk > F                 L+L
cook or heat in an oven that             an instrument for measuring             a television production of a story
penetrates food with very short          electric currents in milliamperes.      presented in sequential episodes.
electromagnetic waves.                   The electrical output of a              The novel’s plot was so long and
The instructions on the jumbo            photoelectric cell is measured with     convoluted that the television
package of frozen lasagna were to        a milliammeter.                         producers decided to dramatize it
microwave the contents for 25                                                    in a six-part miniseries instead of a
minutes.                                 millionairess                           movie.

midbrain                                 milonga                                 mink
                                         n                                       n
middling                                 / mDSlONgE /                            / SmiNk /
adj                                      Sp                                      E
/ SmidliN /                              an Argentine ballroom dance that        any of several slender-bodied
E                                        preceded the tango early in the 20th    semiaquatic carnivorous mammals
falling between two extremes.            century.                                that resemble and are closely
The fugitive was described as a          It is unusual to see anyone dance       related to the weasels.
man of middling height, with             the milonga nowadays.                   The American mink generally feeds
blonde hair, and wearing a cape.                                                 on fish, muskrats, rabbits, and
                                         milquetoast                             birds.
adv                                      mime                                    minnesinger
/ SmidTwC /                                                                      n
E                                        minauderie                              / SminGTsiNE(r) /
in the middle of the distance.                                                   G
The alderman’s proposal was              mince                                   one of a class of aristocratic
midway between revolution and                                                    German lyric poets and musicians
reform.                                  mineral                                 of the 12th to the 14th centuries
                                                                                 characterized by having love and
miff                                     mineralize                              beauty as the subject of their songs.
                                         v                                       The folk tale ended with the
milanaise                                / Smin(E)rETlIz /                       revelation that the apprentice
                                         L + Ecf                                 minnesinger was actually the son of
mile                                     supply with minerals or any             a German prince.
n                                        inorganic compound.
/ SmIl /                                 Mary’s science project was a            minniebush
E                                        poster explaining how fluorine ions
a unit of distance equal to 5,280        in toothpaste help to mineralize        miraculously
feet.                                    teeth and thereby fight decay.
Sasha thought it terribly unfair that                                            mirifical
he had to walk a mile to school.         mineralogy
military                                 minification
millennial                               minikin
millesimal                               minimal

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
misemphasize                            mission                                 mitchella
v                                       n
/ TmisSem(p)fETsIz /                    / SmishEn /                             miticide
Ecf + Gk                                L
give a misplaced or wrong stress or     a ministry (as preaching or             mitigation
relative importance to.                 educational or medical work)
Mona worried that the highlighting      commissioned by a church or some        mitimae
in the used textbook would              other religious organization for the
misemphasize the important points       purpose of propagating its faith or     mitral
she should learn.                       carrying on humanitarian work.
                                        Most young Mormon men serve a           mixer
misfortune                              two-year mission overseas.              n
n                                                                               / SmiksE(r) /
/ misSfOrchEn /                         missive                                 L + Ecf
Ecf + L > F > E                                                                 a stationary or portable kitchen
an instance of bad luck.                missorted                               utensil equipped with one or more
What victim of a misfortune has not     v                                       beaters for mixing, beating,
asked “Why me?”                         / mi(s)SsO(E)rZDd /                     creaming, or whipping a variety of
mishit                                  Ecf + E                                 foods.
n                                       incorrectly put in a given place or     Grace and Harry received a large
/ SmisThit /                            rank according to kind, class, or       mixer as a wedding present.
E + ON + E                              nature.
a poor hit in cricket.                  If the dirty laundry is missorted,      moarian
David’s first swing was deemed a        some nice clothes could be ruined.
mishit and booed by the crowd.                                                  moat
                                        misspeak                                n
misinterpret                            v                                       / SmPt /
v                                       / mi(s)SspGk /                          F>E
/ TmisDnStErprDt /                      Ecf + E                                 [has homonym: mote] a deep and
Ecf + L                                 utter words or articulate sounds        wide trench surrounding a castle.
give an incorrect explanation to :      incorrectly.                            The oily, dark waters of the moat
explain wrongly.                        The president was relieved when he      swirled as some unknown creature
It would be very hard to                did not misspeak any words in his       passed close to the surface.
misinterpret the body language          inaugural address.
conveyed by the rolling of one’s                                                mobcap
eyes.                                   misstrike                               n
                                        n                                       / SmBbTkap /
miso                                    / mi(s)SstrIk /                         D? + L > E
n                                       Ecf + E                                 a woman’s indoor cap; especially :
/ SmG(T)sP /                            a coin whose design is off center.      a fancy cap made of sheer material
Jpn                                     The misstrike in the coin collector’s   with a high full crown and often
a paste used in preparing soups and     shadow box is extremely valuable.       tied under the chin.
other foods that is made by                                                     The chambermaid, dressed in black
grinding a mixture of steamed rice,     mistakes                                and wearing a mobcap and a white
cooked soybeans, and salt and           n pl                                    apron, brought in the refreshments.
fermenting it in brine.                 / mDSstCks /
Akira made a light soup of miso,        ON > E                                  mobster
spinach, and tofu.                      wrong actions or statements             n
                                        proceeding from faulty judgment,        / SmBbstE(r) /
misorientation                          inadequate knowledge, or                L
n                                       inattention : unintentional errors.     a member of a criminal gang.
/ TmisTPrGEnStCshEn /                   The princess explained, “You must       The mobster ordered Tony to pay
Ecf + L                                 never feel badly about making           his gambling debts or else.
the act of wrongly or incorrectly       mistakes as long as you take the
determining one’s bearings or           trouble to learn from them.”            mockado
settling one’s sense of direction.      mistreat
The pilot’s misorientation led him
to believe that the water below him     mistrust
was the sky.

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
mode                                     molecular                               monogamy
n                                        adj
/ SmPd /                                 / mESlekyElE(r) /                       monograph
L                                        L>F
[Note: The definition provided is        relating to, connected with,            monohull
not the one most commonly                produced by, or consisting of units
associated with this word. In            of matter that are the smallest         monology
addition, word has homonym:              particles of an element or chemical     n
mowed.] the value that occurs most       combination of atoms (as a              / mESnBlEjG /
frequently : the most common             compound) capable of retaining          Gk
value.                                   chemical identity with the              the habit of talking to oneself.
In the set {2, 4, 6, 6, 8} the mode is   substance in mass.                      Dmitri defended his monology,
6.                                       A molecular formula shows the           saying that only if he argued with
                                         exact number of atoms of each           himself should it be of concern.
moderne                                  element in a molecule.
modernize                                mollifier
modestly                                 mollyhawk
adv                                      n                                       monopolizer
/ SmBdDstlG /                            / SmBlGThOk /
L                                        D>E                                     monopolylogue
with a moderate opinion of one’s         [Note: Could be confused with
own importance or merits.                mollymawk.] one of several large        monopsony
The firefighter who rescued the          oceanic birds (as the fulmar or
child modestly explained that he         petrel).                                monotheism
was just doing his job.                  A mollyhawk dove into the water
                                         and plucked out a wriggling fish.       monotheistic
modulus                                                                          adj
                                         molybdenum                              / TmBnE(T)thGSistik /
mofussil                                                                         Gk + Gk
                                         mombin                                  of, relating to, or characterized by
moire                                                                            the doctrine or belief that there is
                                         momentous                               but one God.
mole                                                                             Zoroastrianism is perhaps the
n                                        momus                                   oldest monotheistic religion.
/ SmPlG /                                n
Nahuatl > AmerSp                         / SmPmEs /                              monoxenous
[has homonym: moly] a highly             Gk name
spiced sauce made principally of         a carping critic : faultfinder.         montane
chili and chocolate but containing       People might enjoy Molly’s
numerous other ingredients and           company more if she were not such       monuron
served with meat (as beef or             a momus.
turkey).                                                                         moody
Maria’s recipe for mole requires         monarchical                             adj
four different kinds of chile                                                    / SmVdG /
peppers.                                 monarchy                                E
                                                                                 subject to or characterized by
                                         monasterial                             depression or discontent : sullen.
                                                                                 The band’s lead singer is
                                         mondial                                 notoriously moody and publicity-

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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
moorage                                  mulct                                   musicale
                                         v                                       n
moray                                    / SmElkt /                              / TmVzDSkal /
                                         L                                       F
morbidity                                defraud especially of money :           a usually private concert of music
                                         swindle.                                typically comprising a social
morbilli                                 The con artist will mulct Mrs.          entertainment.
                                         Crawford of her savings if she falls    The governor’s mansion was the
morcellement                             for his story.                          site of a well-attended musicale
                                                                                 celebrating New Year’s Day.
morosophist                              muleta
morphine                                 muleteer                                n
                                                                                 / myVSzishEn /
morphogeny                               mull                                    L>F>E
                                         v                                       one skilled in music.
morphology                               / SmEl /                                Although she worked at a bank,
                                         E                                       Shirley always told people she was
mortgagee                                consider or talk over the aspects of    a musician when asked what her
                                         at length or at leisure.                profession was.
mortmain                                 After he finished the book, Simon
                                         tried to mull it over, but he kept      musk
mosesite                                 being distracted.                       n
                                                                                 / SmEsk /
motion                                   mullet                                  Skt > Per > Gk > L > F > E
                                                                                 a substance that has a penetrating
motivation                               multiplex                               persistent odor that is obtained
                                         n                                       from the male musk deer.
motocross                                / SmEltETpleks /                        Musk is used in many perfumes and
                                         L+L                                     in medicine as an antispasmodic.
motorcycle                               a complex housing several movie
                                         theaters.                               mussalchee
mottlement                               The new multiplex featured a coffee
                                         shop in its lobby for its theater       mustard
mournful                                 patrons.                                adj
                                                                                 / SmEstE(r)d /
movement                                 munchausen                              L>F>E
n                                                                                a pungent yellow condiment which
/ SmVvmEnt /                             muniments                               is sometimes mixed with water and
L + Ecf                                                                          vinegar and applied to the skin as a
the action of moving : change of         murine                                  poultice for skin irritation.
position.                                                                        Angelique had been up during the
Serena’s jerky movement threw her        murre                                   night making mustard plasters to
partner off balance.                                                             relieve his colic.
moving                                                                           mutagenesis
muddled                                                                          mutchkin
                                         muscular                                n
mudskipper                                                                       / SmEchkDn /
                                         museology                               E
muffled                                                                          [has near homonym: munchkin] a
                                         mushroom                                Scotch unit of liquid capacity equal
mug                                                                              to 0.9 pint.
                                                                                 Mrs. Calderwood ordered a
muguet                                                                           mutchkin of lemon juice from the


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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
mutilator                                nacho                                    nasology
mutinously                               / SnBch(T)P /                            nastiness
mycology                                 a tortilla chip topped with cheese       nationalism
n                                        and a savory substance (as chili
/ mISkBlEjG /                            peppers or refried beans) and            native
Gk                                       broiled.
a branch of the science of plant life    Stevie grabbed the last nacho off        naturalism
dealing with fungi.                      the platter just as his little brother   n
Dana’s neighbor has studied              reached for it.                          / Snach(E)rETlizEm /
mycology and probably knows the                                                   L
name of the fungus that is killing       nachtmusik                               the quality, rendering, or
her flowers.                                                                      expression of art or literature
                                         nacre                                    executed according to the theory
myelography                                                                       that art or literature should conform
                                         nacreous                                 exactly to nature or depict every
myelosis                                                                          appearance of the subject that
                                         namaycush                                comes to the artist’s attention.
myology                                                                           Naturalism in plays is often
n                                        nameless                                 exemplified by tough,
/ mISBlEjG /                                                                      unsentimental characters, sordid
Gk                                       namely                                   urban settings, and fast-paced
a scientific study of muscles.           adv                                      slangy dialogue.
The pediatrician recommended that        / SnCmlG /
Ron’s baby brother, who has              E                                        nautch
trouble swallowing, be taken to a        that is to say : to wit.
specialist in orofacial myology.         Yola chalked up another triumph to       navar
                                         her growing list; namely, she
myopically                               secured the biggest account in her       navigable
                                         company’s history.
myriameters                                                                       nearsighted
n pl                                     nameplate
/ SmirGETmGZE(r)z /                                                               nebulization
Gk > F                                   nanmu
metric units of length, each equal to                                             necessarily
10,000 meters.                           nao
The surveyors calculated that a                                                   necessitate
bridge over the narrowest part of        nappe
the lake would shorten the route                                                  necrolatry
between the towns by several             nappy
myriameters.                                                                      necrology
myrrhed                                                                           necrotic
mysticism                                                                         nectariferous
mythologist                                                                       neencephalon
mythology                                                                         negate
nabby                                    n                                        neglected
                                         / SnCzberG /
                                         L > Sp > E                               negligibility
                                         the fruit of the sapodilla tree with a
                                         rough brownish skin and very             neighbor
                                         sweet brownish pulp.
                                         The naseberry is a popular fruit
                                         export of Jamaica.

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
neighborhood                            neurility                               nightcap
n                                       n                                       n
/ SnCbE(r)ThUd /                        / n(y)VSrilEZG /                        / SnItTkap /
E+E                                     Gk + Ecff                               E+L>E
a number of people forming a            the special properties and functions    a cloth cap worn with nightclothes.
loosely cohesive community within       of the nerves.                          The cartoon depicted an elderly
a larger unit.                          When nerve fibers are subjected to      gentleman in bed, complete with
“I’ve been in the neighborhood          injury, neurility is adversely          tasseled nightcap, casting a fly
only a short time,” Mrs.                affected.                               across the room into a large urn.
Underwood explained.
                                        neurolysis                              nightjar
                                        neuropsychic                            nightshade
                                        neurosis                                nil
neofascist                                                                      n
                                        neurotransmitter                        / Snil /
neolithic                               n                                       L
                                        / Tn(y)VrPtran(t)SsmiZE(r) /            nothing, zero.
neology                                 Gk + L + L                              Jill gave up making crafts for sale
                                        a chemical substance that transmits     at fairs because she felt she was
neoplasm                                nerve impulses across a synapse.        earning absolutely nil.
                                        Parkinson’s disease is caused by a
neoteric                                lack of the neurotransmitter            nilpotent
adj                                     dopamine in the brain.                  adj
/ TnGESterik /                                                                  / TnilSpPtFnt /
Gk > L                                  neuter                                  L
recent in origin : modern.                                                      equal to zero when raised to some
Richard was a fan of neoteric           neutrality                              power.
interior design.                                                                The number zero is nilpotent for
                                        next                                    every power except zero.
nephogram                               adj
                                        / Snekst /                              nincompoop
nephrite                                E
                                        following that approaching or in        nineties
nervulose                               progress.                               n pl
                                        After the June test date, the next      / SnIntGz /
ness                                    date for the SAT I is not until         E
                                        October.                                the numbers 90 to 99 inclusive.
nether                                                                          Jack should make an A in math this
adj                                     ngege                                   term because all his test scores are
/ SneLE(r) /                                                                    in the high nineties.
E                                       nicad
lower, under.                           n                                       ninety
Mr. Ward feared that his company        / SnITkad /
would be ground to powder               Sw? + Gk > L                            nippers
between the upper millstone of          a rechargeable dry cell that has a
rigidly set price ceilings and the      nickel cathode and a cadmium            nisse
nether millstone of high labor          anode.
costs.                                  The nicad in Carl’s shaver worked       nitrite
                                        even after having been left idle for    n
                                        three years.                            / SnITtrIt /
                                                                                Gk > ISV
                                        nickeline                               a salt or ester of an unstable acid
                                                                                known only in pale blue solution.
                                        nidology                                In the soil, ammonium from plants
                                                                                and animals becomes nitrite as part
                                        niggle                                  of the nitrogen cycle.

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
nitwit                                    nomarchy                                nonnegotiable
nivation                                  nomenclatural                           / TnBnnDSgPsh(G)EbEl /
nix                                       nominative                              that is not open to discussion or
n                                                                                 question or dispute.
/ Sniks /                                 nomothetic                              The company’s settlement offer was
G                                                                                 nonnegotiable; Cameron was told
[Note: The definition provided is         nonagesimal                             to “take it or leave it.”
not the one most commonly                 adj
associated with this word. Word           / TnBnESjesEmEl /                       nonpartisan
has homonyms: knicks, nicks.] a           L
creature originating in German            being number 90 in a countable          noological
folklore usually having the form of       series.
half human and half fish and              The party for the queen mother’s        nopalry
usually unfriendly to humans.             nonagesimal birthday paled in
The nix is the Germanic version of        comparison with the celebration         normality
the water monster we commonly             honoring her hundredth birthday.        n
call a “mermaid.”                                                                 / nO(r)SmalEZG /
                                          nonce                                   L > F?
nobelium                                  adj                                     of a solution : concentration
                                          / SnBn(t)s /                            expressed in gram equivalents of
nobility                                  E                                       solute per liter.
                                          occurring, used, or made only once      The normality of a given solution
noble                                     or for a special occasion.              depends on its molarity as well as
adj                                       The teacher could not challenge the     the reaction that is undergone by
/ SnPbEl /                                spelling of the nonce terms Devon       the oxidizing or reducing agent.
L                                         sprinkled throughout his report.
resisting chemical action :                                                       normosplanchnic
chemically inert or inactive.             nonet
All noble gases, with the exception       n                                       normothermia
of helium, have completely filled         / nPSnet /                              n
outer subshells and therefore will        L > It                                  / TnOrmESthErmGE /
not react with other substances.          a combination of nine instruments       L + Gk
                                          or voices; also : a musical             typical body temperature.
noblesse                                  composition for such a                  For small children, normothermia
                                          combination.                            is often higher than it is in adults.
noctidiurnal                              Four violins, two violas, two cellos,
                                          and a double bass made up the           norns
noctilucence                              nonet.                                  n pl
                                                                                  / SnO(E)rnz /
nocturnality                              nonjoinder                              ON
                                                                                  goddesses presiding over personal
nodding                                   nonnecessity                            destiny.
                                          n                                       Occasionally Roberta goes out and
noise                                     / TnBnnDSsesEZG /                       buys something she cannot afford
                                          L                                       as a gesture of defiance of the
noisettes                                 something that is not needed.           norns.
n pl                                      Gaynor’s suitcase exceeded the
/ nwESzets /                              weight limit, but she considered no     norseller
L>F                                       packed item a nonnecessity.
small rounded morsels of food.                                                    northabout
The noisettes of lamb are the local
French restaurant’s specialty of the                                              northerly



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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
nosebleed                                 notitia                                 nutation
adj                                                                               n
/ SnPzTblGd /                             notochord                               / n(y)VStCshEn /
E                                                                                 L
bleeding from the nose.                   notorious                               an involuntary nodding of the head.
Jim’s severe nosebleed finally            adj                                     When Harold started falling asleep
stopped after half an hour.               / nPStPrGEs /                           in class, his nutation tipped off the
                                          L                                       teacher.
nosh                                      being or constituting something
                                          commonly known : well known.            nuzzle
nosology                                  Our town is notorious throughout        v
                                          the Midwest for noise and               / SnEzEl /
nostrils                                  pollution.                              E
n pl                                                                              work with or as if with the nose :
/ SnBstrElz /                             nourish                                 root.
E                                                                                 When the mare would nuzzle into
the external openings of the nose or      nous                                    his neck, Al would give her a pat
nasal cavity of a vertebrate.                                                     and gently push her away.
The bull’s wide eyes and flared           novelettist
nostrils were signs that he was                                                   nyctitropism
unhappy.                                  novella
                                          n                                       nymphal
notable                                   / nPSvelE /                             adj
adj                                       L                                       / nim(p)fEl /
/ SnPZEbEl /                              a story with a compact and pointed      Gk
L                                         plot.                                   of, relating to, or being an insect in
being of much weight, scope, or           “The selection is not a major work      the late larval stage of
significance : memorable.                 of fiction, but as a novella it is a    development.
Despite his many successful               gem,,” wrote Newsweek.                  The spinose ear tick attaches inside
cookbooks, Raoul felt that his most                                               an animal’s ear during the
notable achievement was winning           novelty                                 parasitic larval and nymphal
the Iron Chef competition.                                                        stages.
notan                                                                             nymphish
notarization                                                                      nymphs
notation                                                                          nyssa
note                                      adj                                     oatmeal
v                                         / Sen(t)th /
/ SnPt /                                  E                                       obduce
L                                         numbered with some unspecified or
record or fix in the mind or              indefinitely large ordinal number.      oberek
memory.                                   The computer quietly crunched
Lorraine was pleased to note that         through the numbers, figuring pi to     object
she had been given the seat of            the nth decimal.
honor at this year’s banquet.                                                     objection
notion                                                                            oblate
n                                         nullo
/ SnPshEn /                                                                       oblateness
L                                         nummular
the meaning or context assigned by                                                oblectation
the mind to a term.                       nunatak
The teacher admitted that his                                                     obley
notion of Abraham Lincoln’s oral          nunciature
delivery came more from old                                                       obligatum
movies than from history books.

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
oblige                                    oceanic                                 odorant
obliging                                  octagonal                               / SPdErEnt /
obliteration                              octennial                               that emits a scent.
                                                                                  At night, the odorant forests roar
oblivious                                 octonocular                             with the dread sound of fierce
obnebulate                                octopod
v                                         adj                                     odorivector
/ BbSnebyETlCt /                          / SBktETpBd /
L                                         Gk                                      oenophile
[Note: Could be confused with             having eight feet, limbs, or arms.
obnubilate.] becloud, befog.              The octopod robot walked with           oenotherapy
The early morning haze will               remarkable smoothness.
obnebulate the mountainscape.                                                     offbeat
obnubilation                                                                      offeree
obrotund                                  n                                       officer
adj                                       / BkSt(y)VplDkDt /
/ TBbrEStEnd /                            L                                       officialese
L                                         eight copies all alike—used with in.
nearly spherical but with one             The documentation had to be             officinal
diameter slightly exceeding the           submitted in octuplicate so that
others.                                   each judge could review it              offscour
The obrotund object in the museum         independently and simultaneously.
case was an old torpedo.                                                          oidioid
obscenity                                                                         olden
obscurative                               adj                                     oleraceous
                                          / Bd /
observe                                   ON > E                                  oligarchical
v                                         [has homonym and near homonym:
/ EbSzErv /                               od and awed] being any member of        olivesheen
L                                         a sequence of positive integers
conform one’s action or practice to       beginning with one and counting         olivine
: heed, obey.                             by twos : not divisible exactly by
Anyone who does not observe the           two—opposed to even.                    oloroso
rules will have to go to detention        Answers to the math problems that
hall.                                     are designated by odd numbers are       Olympian
                                          in the back of the textbook.            n
obsess                                                                            / PSlimpGEn /
                                          ode                                     Gk geog name
obstinacy                                 n                                       a being of lofty detachment or
                                          / SPd /                                 superior attainments.
obvolute                                  Gk > L                                  Standing beside the Olympian was
                                          [has homonym: owed] a lyric             a less conspicuous achiever who
occasional                                poem usually marked by particular       was glad for his modest honors.
                                          exaltation of feeling and style.
occidental                                Every element of the victory ode        omissibility
                                          was designed to praise the athlete.
occultism                                                                         ommateal
occultist                                                                         omnicompetent

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
once                                      opportunity                             orienteering
adv                                                                               n
/ SwEn(t)s /                              oppose                                  / TPrGEnSti(E)riN /
E                                         v                                       L
one time and no more.                     / ESpPz /                               a cross-country race in which each
Cathy knows no one who has seen           L                                       participant uses a map and compass
The Wizard of Oz only once.               [Note: Could be confused with           to navigate between checkpoints
                                          appose.] place over against             along an unfamiliar course.
oncological                               something so as to provide              Orienteering is used by the army as
                                          resistance, counterbalance, or          a way to train recruits in outdoor
oneirocritic                              contrast.                               survival skills.
                                          Although Jim’s political beliefs
ongoing                                   oppose Francine’s, the two are the      origin
                                          best of friends.
oolemma                                                                           orlean
                                          oppressor                               n
oologize                                                                          / SOrlGEn /
                                          opt                                     Sp name > L > F
oops                                                                              a red or yellowish red dyestuff
                                          optical                                 containing bixin prepared from the
opaline                                                                           pulp surrounding the seeds of the
adj                                       optically                               annatto tree.
/ SPpElIn /                                                                       Orlean can be used as a food
Skt > L                                   optimal                                 coloring.
resembling especially in
appearance a mineral that is less         orangeade                               ornate
dense than quartz and typically
with definite and often marked            orbit                                   orneriness
iridescent play of colors.
The fish’s opaline scales glimmered       orc                                     ornithophilous
softly in the aquarium.
                                          orchesis                                orology
opaqueness                                                                        n
                                          orchestral                              / OSrBlEjG /
opaquer                                                                           Gk
                                          ordinary                                the science of mountains.
opening                                   adj                                     To Gina, a particularly fascinating
                                          / SO(r)dFnTerG /                        aspect of orology is the influence
operation                                 L                                       mountains have on precipitation.
n                                         occurring or encountered in the
/ TBpESrCshEn /                           usual course of events : not            orometry
L                                         uncommon.
the quality or state of being             The artist had a knack for taking       orphans
functional—used with in or into.          ordinary objects and turning them
The new factory has been in               into works of art.                      orthodontist
operation for a few weeks.
                                          ordnancemen                             orthography
ophiomorphic                                                                      n
                                          orfe                                    / O(r)SthBgrEfG /
opinion                                                                           Gk
                                          orgeat                                  a method of representing the
opinioned                                                                         sounds of a language by written or
                                          orhamwood                               printed symbols.
opisthenar                                                                        After their conquest of England, the
                                          oriency                                 Norman invaders immediately took
oppenheimer                                                                       to reforming English orthography.
opponency                                                                         orthopter

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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
orthorhombic                              osteosarcoma                             overseas
/ TO(r)JESrBmbik /                        otosclerosis                             overseer
of, relating to, or characterized by      otosis                                   overshoe
the crystal system characterized by                                                n
three unequal axes at right angles.       ouabain                                  / SPvE(r)TshV /
Josquin did not understand the            n                                        E+E
difference between an                     / wBSbIDn /                              a shoe that is worn over another (as
orthorhombic and a tetragonal             F? > ISV                                 for extra warmth or for protection
crystal until he saw an illustration      a very toxic compound obtained           from wet); especially : a galosh.
of the crystal system.                    from the seeds of an African shrub       Karl’s overshoe proved to be too
                                          or tree that is used similarly to        small to fit over his new shoe.
orthotics                                 digitalis and in Africa as an arrow
                                          poison.                                  overslaugh
orwellian                                 After being hit with an arrow
                                          smeared with ouabain, the antelope       overture
orzo                                      ran about 50 yards and then fell.
n                                                                                  overvoltage
/ SOrd(T)zP /                             oud                                      n
L > It                                                                             / SPvE(r)TvPltij /
rice-shaped pasta.                        ought                                    E + It name > ISV
Orzo is often cooked, then added to                                                the excess potential required for the
thick Italian soups.                      ousia                                    discharge of an ion at an electrode
                                                                                   over and above the equilibrium
oscillations                              ouster                                   potential of the electrode.
                                                                                   Because the overvoltage required
osmagogue                                 outburst                                 to form oxygen is quite high,
                                                                                   chlorine is more likely than oxygen
osmics                                    outright                                 to form at the anode.

osmium                                    outspoken                                overwhelmed
osmotic                                   overboard                                / TPvE(r)S(h)welmd /
adj                                                                                E
/ BzSmBZik /                              overhead                                 subjected to the grip of an
Gk                                        adv                                      overpowering emotion.
of, relating to, or having the            / TovE(r)Shed /                          Trudy was overwhelmed when she
property of the flow or diffusion         E                                        found out that she had the winning
that takes place through a                above one’s head.                        lottery ticket.
semipermeable membrane typically          The stewardess warned us that the
separating either a solvent and a         contents of the compartments might       overwhelming
solution or a dilute solution and a       shift overhead during the flight.
concentrated solution.                                                             ovoviviparous
The large quantity of sugar in            overindulgence
home-preserved jams and jellies                                                    owelty
helps to kill bacteria through            overpowering
osmotic action that shrinks the           adj                                      owing
bacteria cells.                           / TPvE(r)SpaU(E)riN /
                                          E+L>F>E                                  owlets
osphretic                                 exercising an irresistible influence :
                                          overwhelming.                            owner
osteogenous                               Leslie’s overpowering garlic
adj                                       breath kept his friends at arm’s         oxer
/ TBstGSBjEnEs /                          length.
Gk + Gk                                                                            oxidizable
originating in bone.                      overripe
Chemotherapy is used to treat
osteogenous cancer.                       overrule

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
oxidize                                 palberry                                panic
v                                       n                                       v
/ SBksETdIz /                           / SpalTb(E)rG /                         / Spanik /
Gk > F > ISV                            Austral > E                             Gk name
combine with oxygen or with more        the edible berry of an Australian       be stricken with a sudden terror
oxygen.                                 tree.                                   often accompanied by unreasoning
The sodium hypochlorite in bleach       The palberry is sometimes referred      or frantic efforts to secure safety.
can oxidize the color-bearing           to as “native currant.”                 “Get in position and do not panic,”
substances in stains.                                                           said the teacher calmly when the
                                        paleology                               tornado warning was announced.
                                        paletot                                 pannierman
                                        palisades                               pannikin
                                        palleting                               panornithic
                                        palmaceous                              panpipe
n                                       paloma                                  pansophism
/ SPTzPTnIzE(r) /                       n
Gk > G + Ecff                           / pESlPmE /                             pansophy
an apparatus for converting             L > Sp
ordinary oxygen into ozone.             any of several sharks used as food.     Pantagruelism
One type of ozonizer works by           Ling decided to be adventurous and      n
passing a silent electric discharge     ordered the grilled paloma.             / TpantESgrVETlizEm /
through a current of oxygen or air.                                             F name
                                        paloverde                               buffoonery or coarse humor with a
pacific                                                                         satirical purpose : cynical humor.
                                        palsy                                   Josh’s cynical humor is tiring to
pack                                                                            everyone except those who enjoy
n                                       pancetta                                Pantagruelism.
/ Spak /                                n
G>E                                     / (T)panScheZE /                        pantaloons
[has homonym: pac] a group of           L > It
usually wild animals of the same        unsmoked bacon used in Italian          pantheistic
kind congregating in herds, flocks,     cuisine.
or schools; specifically : a group of   Pancetta is cured with salt rather      pantheress
predatory animals hunting together.     than smoked.
A pack of wild dogs was reported                                                pantomimic
to have killed sheep on several         panchax
farms in the county.                                                            pantry
package                                                                         paparazzo
padding                                                                         papeteries
padrone                                 n                                       papillon
                                        / SpandDt /
pail                                    Skt > Hindi                             papoose
                                        a Brahman expert in Sanskrit and in
paint                                   the science, laws, and religion of      parabolic
                                        the Hindus.
paintbrush                              The temple’s senior priest was a        parabomb
                                        pandit from southern India.
palaka                                                                          parabrake


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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
parade                                    parlatory                               passel
n                                                                                 n
/ pESrCd /                                parlay                                  / SpasEl /
F                                                                                 L>F>E
a formal public procession : the          parlor                                  a large number : group.
movement of any body of people or         n                                       Mr. Jones is considering buying an
things marshaled in something like        / SpBrlEr /                             old school bus so he can take his
military order.                           F>E                                     passel of grandchildren on a cross-
The annual Thanksgiving Day               a room used primarily for               country trip.
parade featured many new floats           conversation or the reception of
and balloons.                             guests.                                 passerelle
                                          “You are by yourself?” he asked,
paradiddle                                looking through the doorway into        passionate
                                          the parlor.
paradisiacal                                                                      passkey
adj                                       paroemiology
/ TparEdDSsIEkEl /                                                                Passover
Gk                                        parole                                  n
of, relating to, or resembling                                                    / SpasTPvEr /
paradise.                                 paronychia                              L>F>E+E
Marjorie’s parents decided to                                                     an annual religious and spring
celebrate their 25th wedding              parorexia                               agricultural festival of the Jews that
anniversary on a paradisiacal                                                     commemorates the liberation of the
tropical island.                          parotic                                 Hebrews from slavery in Egypt.
                                                                                  At Passover, special dishes that
paralipomena                              parry                                   symbolize various elements of the
                                          v                                       flight from Egypt are eaten.
parallelogram                             / SparG /
                                          L > OProv > F                           paste
paralogistic                              [has near homonyms: peri, perry]        v
                                          ward off a weapon or blow by            / SpCst /
paralytic                                 means of a defensive action.            Gk > L > F > E
                                          Lola’s fencing opponent forced her      [has homonym: paced] cause to
parament                                  to parry repeatedly, and she lost       adhere by or as if by means of a
                                          ground quickly.                         soft plastic mixture or composition.
parameter                                                                         “Let’s see if we can paste the
                                          parson                                  decorations on our masks without
paramilitary                                                                      getting anything on our clothes,”
                                          partition                               said the kindergarten teacher.
n                                         partway                                 pasteboard
/ pESrandrEs /                            adv
Gk                                        / SpBrtTwC /                            pasticcio
a mythical stag being able to             L>F>E+E                                 n
change colors like the chameleon.         to some extent.                         / paSstG(T)chP /
When Vera learned what a                  There was a detour because the          L > It
parandrus was, she immediately            freeway was only partway finished.      a musical composition or piece of
thought about the horse who pulled                                                writing (as an opera or play) made
the carriage in Oz.                       partygoer                               up of selections from different
parent                                    passable                                The orchestra played a pasticcio of
                                                                                  works from the Romantic period.
parergal                                  passageway




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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
pastina                                   patricide                              peculation
n                                         n                                      n
/ pBSstGnE /                              / SpatrETsId /                         / TpekyESlCshEn /
L > It                                    L                                      L
very small bits of pasta used             one that murders his or her own        the act or practice of stealing or
especially in soup or broth.              father.                                appropriating wrongfully to one’s
Pastina in the shape of little stars is   The patricide expressed no remorse     own use especially public money
usually served to babies and small        before being sentenced to life         entrusted to one’s care :
children.                                 imprisonment.                          embezzlement.
                                                                                 The governor promised to crack
pastoralist                               patrilineal                            down on the peculation and
n                                                                                inefficiency of state administrators.
/ Spast(E)rETlDst /                       patrix
L                                                                                peculiarity
a breeder of cattle or sheep.             patrolman
Mr. Chambers often dreams of                                                     pedagogic
quitting the urban rat race and           patsy
becoming a pastoralist.                                                          pedant
                                          patulously                             n
pastrycook                                                                       / SpedFnt /
                                          pavid                                  L > It > F
patch                                                                            one who is uninspired,
n                                         pavlova                                unimaginative, or narrowly
/ Spach /                                 n                                      academic or who unduly
It? > E                                   / paSvlPvE /                           emphasizes minutiae in the
[Note: The definition provided is         Russ name                              presentation or use of knowledge.
not the one most commonly                 a dessert of Australian and New        Harold got no respect from his
associated with this word.] a             Zealand origin consisting of a         colleagues on campus, all of whom
domestic fool or jester.                  meringue shell topped with             viewed him as a mere pedant.
Stuart is playing a patch in the          whipped cream and fruit.
school play.                              Pavlova was named for a famous         pedicled
                                          Russian ballerina.
patent                                                                           pedigree
patentee                                                                         pedometer
paternal                                                                         peduncle
pathogenic                                                                       pellicle
patience                                  n                                      pelycosaur
                                          / SpezFnt /
patient                                   F>E                                    pencil
                                          one of a chiefly European class that
patriarchally                             tills the soil as small free           penduline
adv                                       landowners or hired laborers.
/ TpCtrGSBrkElG /                         The painting depicted a peasant        penicillate
Gk + Ecf                                  working with a hoe.
in a manner characteristic of or                                                 peninsulate
suggestive of a man regarded as           peckish
father or founder (as of a race,                                                 penne
science, religion, or class of            pectin                                 n
people).                                                                         / SpenTC /
After listening to his advisers, the      peculate                               L > It
president patriarchally delivered                                                short thick diagonally cut tubular
his decisions to be carried out.          peculated                              pasta.
                                                                                 Penne is a sturdy pasta that is often
                                                                                 served with thick, hearty sauces.

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             2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
penniless                               perchance                               periapt
                                        adv                                     n
pennyroyal                              / pE(r)Schan(t)s /                      / SperGTapt /
n                                       L>F>E+L>F>E                             Gk
/ SpenGTrOi(y)El /                      perhaps, possibly.                      a charm worn especially as a
F>E                                     David hopes that perchance Fiona        protection against disease or
a European perennial mint with          saw his calculator in the lounge        mischief : amulet.
small pungently aromatic leaves.        and picked it up for him.               Tonya’s research revealed that it
The pennyroyal makes a nice                                                     was not uncommon for soldiers to
ground cover and is known to repel      perchlorinate                           wear a periapt into battle for
flies.                                  v                                       protection.
                                        / TpErSklPrETnCt /
pension                                 L + Gk > ISV + L > F + Ecff             perimeter
                                        combine with the maximum
pensum                                  amount of chlorine especially in        period
                                        place of hydrogen.
pentalogy                               Mr. Petty helped the students           periodical
n                                       perchlorinate the compound safely.
/ penStalEjG /                                                                  periodontist
Gk + Gk                                 percussion
a series of five closely related                                                periotic
published works.                        percutaneous
Evelyn had read all but one novel                                               periplus
in the pentalogy.                       percutaneously
pentarchy                               perduellion
pentatonic                              peregrinations
pentryl                                 perforce                                adj
                                                                                / TperESstOltik /
people                                  performance                             Gk
                                        n                                       of, relating to, resulting from, or
pepper                                  / pE(r)SfOrmEn(t)s /                    being successive waves of
                                        L>F>E                                   involuntary contraction passing
peptide                                 a public presentation (as of a          along the walls of the intestine or
n                                       dramatic work).                         other hollow muscular structure
/ SpepTtId /                            Jennifer bought a ticket to a           and forcing the contents onward.
Gk > G > ISV + ISVcf                    matinee performance of Giselle.         What grandpa called indigestion,
any of a class of amides that are                                               the doctor diagnosed as faulty
derived from two or more amino          perfumery                               peristaltic action.
acids by combination of the amino
group of one acid with the carboxyl     perfunctorily                           peristylar
group of another.                       adv
Two glycine molecules can join          / pErSfENkt(E)rElG /                    periwinkle
together to form a peptide and one      L
water molecule.                         in a manner characterized by            perky
                                        routine or superficiality.              adj
perambulator                            The substitute teacher told the class   / SpErkG /
                                        rather perfunctorily not to run in      L>F>E
percalines                              the halls.                              briskly self-assured.
                                                                                Perky staffers were on hand to
percentage                              pergameneous                            greet the visitors to the theme park.


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               2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
perlingual                                pewterer                                philosophy
adj                                                                               n
/ TpErSliNg(yE)wEl /                      pezograph                               / fDSlBs(E)fG /
L                                                                                 Gk
through or by way of the tongue.          phantasmal                              a science that comprises logic,
Patients in the perlingual treatment                                              ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and
group had results comparable to           pharisaic                               epistemology.
those who received the medication                                                 Jeff’s study of philosophy enabled
intravenously.                            pharmacognosy                           him to make many cogent remarks
                                          n                                       regarding ethics in the workplace.
permeameter                               / TfBrmESkBgnEsG /
                                          Gk                                      philtrum
permillage                                a science dealing with the
                                          composition, production, use, and       phlebotomy
perorate                                  history of drugs of plant and animal
v                                         origin.                                 phlogogenic
/ SperETrCt /                             Research in pharmacognosy led to
L                                         the use of the heart stimulant          phon
speak at length.                          digitalis, which is obtained from       n
Granddad loves to perorate about          the foxglove plant.                     / SfBn /
his experiences as a Grand Canyon                                                 Gk
trail guide.                              pharmacopedia                           [has homonyms: faun, fawn] the
                                                                                  unit of loudness level on a scale
perpetrate                                phenakistoscope                         beginning at 0 for the faintest
                                                                                  audible sound and corresponding to
perpetually                               phengite                                the decibel scale of sound intensity.
                                                                                  Jared fervently wished that his
persona                                   phenom                                  baby brother would cry at just 1
personable                                phenotype
perspicaciously                           philobiblist
                                          n                                       phonily
perspicuous                               / TfilESbiblDst /
                                          Gk + Gk                                 phonodeik
persuasive                                a lover of books.
                                          The philobiblist had stacks of books    phorometry
pert                                      throughout the house, even in the
                                          kitchen sink.                           phot
perverse                                                                          n
                                          philogynous                             / SfPt /
peskiness                                 adj                                     Gk
                                          / fDSlBjEnEs /                          the centimeter-gram-second unit of
pesto                                     Gk                                      illumination equal to 1 lumen per
n                                         [Note: Base word could be               square centimeter and therefore to
/ Spe(T)stP /                             confused with                           10,000 luxes or about 929
L > It                                    philogeny/phylogeny.] fond of           footcandles.
a green spaghetti sauce made of           women.                                  In his lab report Richard was
green herbs, garlic, and olive oil.       The philogynous James Bond              required to note how many
Luigi put some spinach and basil          always seems to have a beautiful        footcandles are in 1 phot.
pesto on his spaghetti.                   woman at his side.

petiole                                   philologaster




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              2004 Scripps National Spelling Bee Consolidated Word List: Words Appearing Infrequently
photolysis                               picksome                                pinata
n                                                                                n
/ fPStBlEsDs /                           picosecond                              / TpGnSyBZE /
Gk                                                                               L > It > Sp
chemical decomposition or                pictorialization                        a decorated container filled with
dissociation by the action of radiant                                            candies or other gifts and usually
energy (as light).                       pier                                    suspended from the ceiling that
High-intensity ultraviolet light has                                             blindfolded children try to break
been used to break down fats by          pierce                                  with a stick.
photolysis.                                                                      The best part of Sadie’s birthday
                                         piers                                   party was the breaking of the
photostat                                n pl                                    pinata.
                                         / Spi(E)rz /
phreatophyte                             L>E                                     pincers
                                         [has homonym: peers] structures
phthalate                                built out into the water on piles for   pincette
                                         use as landing places or pleasure
phthisiology                             resorts.                                pineal
n                                        One of the huge piers at Myrtle
/ TthizGSBlEjG /                         Beach was destroyed by the              pineapple
Gk                                       hurricane.
[Note: Could be confused with                                                    pinecone
physiology.] the care, treatment,        piezometry
and study of tuberculosis.                                                       pinhead
The expert in phthisiology reported      pigsney
that up to 15 million Americans are                                              pinion
estimated to have latent                 pigtail                                 v
tuberculosis infections.                                                         / SpinyEn /
                                         pikestaff                               F>E
phyllite                                                                         [has homonym and near homonym:
                                         pileiform                               pinyon and pinyin] disable or
phyllogenetic                                                                    restrain by binding the arms usually
                                         pillow                                  to the body.
phyllophagous                                                                    The police officer struggled to
adj                                      pilotage                                pinion the suspect and radio for
/ fDSlBfEgEs /                                                                   help at the same time.
Gk + Gk + Ecf                            pilpulist
feeding on leaves.                                                               pinking
Some farmers use pesticides to rid       pimento
their crops of phyllophagous                                                     pint
insects.                                 pimple                                  n
                                                                                 / SpInt /
physiolatry                              pinaceous                               L>F>E
                                                                                 any of various units of capacity
phytocidal                               pinacotheca                             equal to ½ quart.
                                                                                 Ben constantly argued that a lunch
picacho                                  pinard                                  consisting of four turkey
                                                                                 sandwiches, two apples, and a pint
pickpocket                                                                       of milk was not enough for a
n                                                                                growing boy.
/ SpikTpBkDt /
F&E + Gmc > F > E                                                                pinto
one who steals money or valuables
that someone is carrying in his or                                               pinwheel
her pockets or on his or her person.
The pickpocket quickly disposed of                                               piolet
his victim’s wallet after relieving it
of the money.

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