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									                      8 Perfect Picnic Recipes
                                                             1- No-fuss dishes
                                                             Need a healthy, portable recipe
                                                             for your next outdoor event?
                                                             We've got eight delicious, low-
                                                             cal recipes that are picnic-

                                                             Confetti Slaw With Poppy-
                                                             Seed Dressing

                                                             This low-cal side dish combines
                                                             sweet honey with spicy Dijon
                                                             mustard for a tangy addition to
                                                             the vitamin C-packed cabbage.

                                                             Ingredients: Cider vinegar,
                                                             honey, Dijon mustard, fresh dill,
                                                             poppy seeds, olive oil, green
                                                             cabbage, red cabbage,
                                                             matchstick carrots

2- Edamame "Guacamole" With Chile-Dusted Pita Chips
Using edamame instead of avocados gives you 12 grams of protein, and olive oil adds in heart-
                                                            healthy fats. Toss in a dash of
                                                            lime juice and jalapeño, and you
                                                            have a spicy, slimming snack.

                                                             Ingredients: Frozen edamame,
                                                             olive oil, red onion, roasted red
                                                             peppers, yellow bell pepper,
                                                             limes, jalapeño, cilantro, parsley,
                                                             pitas, chili powder
3-Light and Fresh
Potato Salad

We love this potato salad
because it cuts out the fattening
mayo and replaces it with a light
vinaigrette. This Mediterranean
side dish also packs in
antioxidant-rich tomatoes and
bell peppers.

Ingredients: Canola oil,
seasoned rice vinegar, red
potatoes, cucumber, cherry
tomatoes, green bell pepper,
orange bell pepper, green
onions, ripe olives

4-Raspberry Lemonade
This drink combination is a
match made in heaven; it's
sweet, tart, and 100% refreshing.
Just stick it in a thermos, and it's
picnic appropriate.

Ingredients: Lemon juice,
sugar, raspberry puree, ice cubes
5- Updated Waldorf

Using low-fat mayo keeps this
salad creamy but under 10 grams
of fat. Plus the lemon juice adds
a tangy taste and keeps the
apples from browning.

Ingredients: Low-fat
mayonnaise, lemon juice,
apples, red grapes, cranberries,
chopped walnuts, sliced celery,
Bibb lettuce

6- Bacon and Cheddar
Tea Sandwiches
The small portion sizes keep
these decadent nibbles at a low
130 calories. Though the recipe
calls for white bread, use rye or
multigrain for a boost of fiber.

Ingredients: Reduced-fat
cheddar cheese, fat-free cream
cheese, green onions, fat-free
mayonnaise, hot sauce, bacon,
7-Curried Chicken
Salad Sandwiches
Curry powder, red onion, and
pineapple take this simple
sandwich from ho-hum to yum!
And using whole-wheat bread
gives you 10 grams of figure-
friendly fiber.

Ingredients: Light mayonnaise,
low-fat yogurt, curry powder,
lemon juice, cooked chicken
breast, red grapes, walnuts,
pineapple, red onion, double-
fiber whole-wheat bread

8-Mini PB&J Cupcakes
Your inner kid will rejoice when
you taste this dessert that's part
sandwich, part delicious treat.
And you get all the flavor for
under 200 calories.

Ingredients: Cake flour, all-
purpose flour, sugar, baking
soda, unsalted butter, canola oil,
low-fat buttermilk, eggs, vanilla
extract, grape jelly.

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