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Development Sub Committee Report

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									                                 Bath Football Club (RFU) Past
                                      Players Association

                               Rugby Old Times July 2006
                                         Message from the President
                                  First of all I would like       However, I am especially pleased to know that Mrs
                                  to say how honoured             Anne-Marie Thorne will become our Hon.
                                  I felt when Allen Gay           Communications Officer. She will be pivotal in the
                                  asked me to be his              dissemination of information on all aspects of our
                                  Vice President back             activities, and will include information concerning
                                  in August 2005. The             Past Player‟s indispositions. (See other pages). The
                                  full implication of             Committee will be advised and will then assess the
                                  which was revealed              situation and respond accordingly.
                                  just after I accepted           In another development the Committee has set aside
                                  his offer, i.e. I was by        funds for local good causes. These causes should
                                  default        President        have a link with rugby and would be local charities or
Elect, and if all went well I would be President of this          the local branch of a national charity. The intention
wonderful association at the end of his term of office            here is to widen our welfare activity to include others
– providing my nomination were to be accepted by                  outside our Association subject to certain criteria
the Committee of course.                                          being met at Committee level.
At the Annual General Meeting held in the                         We are also looking for an Editor for the
Clubhouse in June 2006 it was accepted, so I would                Association‟s magazine; so if there is anyone
like to thank them for their confidence in me and to              reading this that would like to take over, or knows
assure you all that I will carry out the duties of the            somebody with expertise in the field, please contact
office to the best of my ability.                                 the Hon Secretary.
As we know the Development Sub-Committee is                       The links between the Bath club and the Bath
currently examining the roles for the President and               Combination were forged in the amateur days,
other members of the Committee. So I am waiting to                particularly with the exchange of players. This laid
see what the new format will look like and what will              the foundation for the current situation where Past
be expected of me, although I am already very                     Players from all clubs continue to meet socially. I
interested in, and will do as much as I can, to foster            would like to see this social integration improve and
good relations with Bath Rugby and local clubs. I                 expand. As regards expansion, there is still room for
have an interest in the welfare of Past Players and               our own ranks to expand. Looking at the number of
for that reason, was delighted to hear that Brian                 players up to the end of amateur days, a rough
Jenkins had volunteered to become the                             estimate would reveal that 800 have worn our
Association‟s Hon. Welfare Officer. This appointment              colours. Of these only 300 are paid up members of
is covered elsewhere.                                             the Association. Notwithstanding that, we still remain
Following on from that, I am concerned that some                  the largest, and probably most active, of all senior
Past Players fall on hard times, become ill or are                club Past Player‟s Associations. No mean
hospitalised, and quite often the Committee only                  achievement when you consider that we have no
hears about it when it is too late to help. We have a             permanent „clubhouse‟ Of course if you know an ex-
Benevolent Fund that was designed to help Past                    player that is not a member of the Association – get
Players in this situation. What we lack is the                    him to join!
information upon which we can act.
                                                                  Derek Stent.
          Bath Football Club Past Players Association Match Collection

            Bath Rugby v Newcastle Falcons Saturday March 11th 2006.
There was a very good turn out of volunteers manning the buckets on the day and I am extremely grateful to the
following Peter Bliss, Maurice Bailey, Jeremy Barber, Roger Berry, Tim Carson, John Cousins, Leonard (Patchy)
Davis, Peter Fale, Gareth George, David (Jammy) Hartley, Brian Jenkins, Tom Martland, Ian McLennan, Geoff
Pillinger, Dave Ponsford, David Taylor, Radley Wheeler, and Phil Winchcombe. I am especially grateful to Duncan
McLennan who took a photograph of the group, and to Tom Martland, Peter Fale and Patchy Davis. The reason
being that I dispatched them to a remote part of the ground, (which I had discovered previously when collecting for
Guide Dogs), that was used by spectators entering the Hampton Stand and the Hospitality Boxes. Peter Bliss,
Chairman of the Club, also was able to enter parts of the stand that normally are out of bounds.

The tabards we were wearing were well received by the volunteers. Feedback confirms that they made a
difference in terms of identity, which in turn helped with the giving of donations. It transpires that the leaflets we
were handing out were making a significant impact. Patchy told me how one person threw a couple of coins in the
bucket, took a leaflet that Patchy gave him, and walked off. He later returned having read the leaflet and gave a
ten-pound note, saying, “I had no idea you did all these things, I thought you were just a beer drinking club!”
I decided that we would collect before the match, during half time and after the match. This extended the
„collecting time‟ and together with favorable weather, (remember last year!) this increased the amount raised to a
level that, according to Allen Gay, was the second highest total on record. I am grateful to Allen, his daughter
Rachel, and my wife Norma for the assistance they gave when counting the money at Rainbow Wood Farm on the
Sunday after the match. The figure that day was £1,306.64p, but I later received a letter from Alec Lewis wishing
us success with the fundraising enclosing a very generous cheque for £50.00p. Thank you Alec.

I would also like to thank the ladies that counted the collection for many years in the past namely Mrs. Perry and
Mrs Marchant. Their assistance as cashiers, I know, was much appreciated by Chris Perry for it is a time-
consuming task especially if the money is wet! My thanks are also due to the Club through Bob Calleja and his
team for giving us the opportunity to collect for our Benevolent Fund, a fund that is used for our welfare work. The
club has many calls upon its good offices in this respect and we are particularly grateful for being regular

                                 Our intrepid collectors

                                                                                               The Membership
                                                                                               Book is to be re-
                                                                                               issued in the next
                                                                                               few months. We
                                                                                               apologise for the
                                                                                               incorrect Data and
                                                                                               the glaring
                                                                                               omissions and will
                                                                                               ensure this is put
                                                                                               right before

The Bath Past Players Association (BPPA) has recognised that there is an
urgent need to review the way in which the members are kept informed of
forthcoming events, current happenings and past events. Many events held
in the near past have been poorly supported by the members, many
complaining that they did not know of events until too late or they had

You may recall that over the past 12 months we have been looking for
someone who would take on the role of Communications Officer.

Unfortunately, no one from our 350+ strong membership came forward.
However, due to the endeavours of your new President, Derek Stent, we
have a volunteer.
She, yes she, is Annemarie Thorne, a one time programme seller at the Recreation Ground during the 1980‟s and
a keen Bath supporter. She runs her own Business and has extensive knowledge of public relations issues.

After a lengthy discussion with myself and Derek over a pint or 2, Annemarie agreed to have a go at the role and
help to bring our membership in closer contact with everyday occurrences. She was co-opted onto the BPPA
Committee on 11th July and you will soon see the impact of her arrival I am sure.

Congratulations Annemarie and thank you for volunteering.

The main part of Annemarie‟s role will be:-
    To play a lead role in the Communication network for the Past Players
       Suggestion:- Each member could act as a Focal Point for receiving and passing on information, whether
       it be about past events, forthcoming events, sickness reports, points of view, new members, careers,
       sponsorship activities, golf, skittles etc
       The Communications Officer would ensure that information was transmitted quickly and efficiently to each
       Focal Point and to ensure that received information was fed to the BPPA Committee and other members
       as appropriate. This would ensure continuity of information and ensure that members are informed quickly
       and effectively
       From the membership booklet, each member, acting as a Focal point, could pick 10 names – names of
       members from their own playing era. It would become their job to ensure that each of the 10 receives
       information quickly, is kept up to speed with everything which is happening and that news from members
       is fed back quickly to the Central Communications Officer
       It would only take a little time from each member, perhaps an hour a month at the most.
       What do you think? Answers / suggestions to Annemarie

     To be responsible for ensuring that the BPPA members are kept informed of BPPA Committee decisions
      made on behalf of the members.
              This will ensure that members are made aware of the decisions made by the Committee and will
              be able to express opinions by direct response to Annemarie

     To be responsible for ensuring that the BPPA members are kept informed of arranged activities and
      special events
              Activities such as “a day at the Races”, Social Extravaganza, Annual Re-union are not as well
              supported as expected. More involvement, particularly from the younger members, needs to be
              sought and encouraged

 To be responsible for keeping members informed about news of the welfare and well being of other
  members and to keep members informed of those who have achieved memorable things or carried out
  memorable exploits etc

 To provide a single point of contact for incoming and outgoing information from and to the membership
          Information currently arrives in differing guises and is sent to various members of the Committee.
          It can be up to 4 weeks before the information is fed to other members who may be interested.

 To communicate directly with Bath Rugby plc on behalf of the Past Players
        Supplies information on BPPA activities to Bath Rugby for inclusion on the web site or match day

 Develop electronic links with the membership & external contacts
         Develop the content of the membership database to ensure that members can easily be
         Introduce electronic links (email, internet etc) to reduce publication and postal costs

                         Patchy hangs up his Committee boots.
After serving on the Bath Rugby Football          As you may recall, Patchy has been both our
Club Old Players / Past Players Committee         Chairman and President at different times
for 47 years, Patchy Davis formally               and we thank him sincerely for his dedication
announced at the AGM his retirement due to        to the tasks and the manner in which he
ill health. Patchy has been suffering with        carried them out.
angina and has been told not to drive at
night, hence his decision to call it a day.       Patchy‟s playing career, unfortunately, was
                                                  not as long as his service on our Committee.
The Bath PPA Committee and I‟m sure all           He first played for Bath in 1947 but his
BPPA members are sorry to lose his                appearances in the 1st XV were limited –
services.                                         Played 12 between 1955 and 1959 before
Patchy has steadfastly held raffles at our        retiring through injury. Gordon Drewett was
Committee meetings for as long as anyone          Captain, Fred Book led the pack for the first
can remember, resulting in a steady income        time, Roy Farnham, J Dolman, M Martin and
of £12+ each month. He has also supported         T Hopson were the try scorers. We believe
all our social events and more recently our       his last game was against Llanelli away,
visits to local combination clubs when we         where Bath lost 11-25. In that game Peter
carried out our match ball sponsorship            Parfitt and M Martin made their debuts,
                                                  Photographs of Patchy in his playing days
Patchy has actively supported the Harvest         are even more difficult to acquire than gold
Festival auctions (jointly held with Walcot       dust! However, we have managed to find the
RFC) on your behalf, ensuring that produce        two below. They don‟t do you justice Patchy!
was obtained, pleasantly displayed and
auctioned.                                        From the BPPA Committee, thank you for
                                                      your unwavering service as a Committee
                                                      member, your support to everything we
                                                      have organised and all your efforts on
                                                      behalf of the membership. We are
                                                      deeply indebted to you, have a happy
                                                      „retirement‟, but make sure you get to
                                                      the Re-Union and the Social

                                                                   1STXV RECORD
                                                              Years        Games
                                                              1955-56      4
                                                              1956-57      2
                                                              1957-58      5
                                                              1958-59      1
                                                              TOTAL       12

                                            From the Archives
Patchy’s Final Game
6/9/1958 v Llanelly, Away, Lost 11-25. Team:- I A Balding, J R Dolman (T), R Ford, R Farnham (T), A H Guest, T
Hopson, G F Drewett (Capt.) (1g), F J Book, P J Hill, P Parfitt, L Davis, A Jacob, B J Peasley, G Jones, M Martin
(T). Fred Book led the pack for the first time.

M Martin & Pete Parfitt – first games for Club
Bath were reduced to 14 men before half-time, L (Patchy) Davis having to leave the field, after trying to cope
with Llanelly's 34 stone of
second row brawn. The
visitors worked manfully to                                      Our Patchy
reduce the arrears after the
interval. There was a relatively
quiet start to the game,
although Carwyn James was a
constant threat to the Bath line.
Bath spoilt many of their moves
by falling off-side, and
conceded eight penalties in the
first 20 minutes. Llanelli took the
lead after 25 minutes, when
after a frantic scramble for
possession, Ray Williams touch
down wide out. Next Keith
Rowland bowled over for
another unconverted try, then G
Jenkins, for Cyril Davies to
convert. Carwyn James piled on the agony with a smart drop goal on half time. At re-commencement, Llanelly
continued to pound the beleaguered Bath defenders. Numbers were evened up when K Rowlands left the field,
but the Welshmen remained in complete control. Bath were forced to bow to the inevitable, as James brought the
Scarlets' total to 17; winger Ray Williams was next on the score sheet.
Perhaps it was Llanelly's overconfidence, but Bath at last, came into the game, when Dolman picked up a loose
ball and scored in the corner. Then a foot rush led by Book produced another unconverted try by Hopson. The
knowledgeable home crowd were brought to their feet when Bath scored another fine try, this time by Roy
Farnham, converted by Drewett. Thus Bath, after languishing at 0-20, had pulled up to 11-20, with all Bath's
scoring confined to a 'purple patch' of 12 minutes!
Llanelly then steadied, and Denis Evans concluded a high scoring romp with a superb 60 yard run, to touch down,
for Davies to convert.

L. 'Patchy' Davis, was injured in the Llanelli game and specialists told him that he would not play again that
season. He had just informed the Club that he intended to start light training after Christmas, and play some rugby
soon after.
Veteran, Tommy Hicks and John Roberts (retired) turned out for the 'A's against Prior Park College on
Thursday. Their presence was not enough to ensure victory!
Morton Evans and Ray Gazard turned out together for the United. They were old friends, and appeared in the
Welsh Athletic squad the previous year. Primarily an athlete, Morton Evans became the Great Britain Pole Vault
Coach in later years.

                                               Welfare Report
As an Association of ageing Past Players we are extremely interested in keeping in contact with other members,
especially those with whom we shared our playing careers. Unfortunately, the game and the succeeding years
take their toll and we start to suffer ill effects, require operations and generally get more and more „creaky‟.

It is very difficult to get to know how members are health wise and to that end we have been considering re-
introducing the role of Welfare Officer to the Association. For those of you with long memories, a certain Mr Gough
used to carry out this role. I am pleased to report that Brian Jenkins has agreed to take up the role on your behalf.

We wish him luck in the role and would request that if you have any news of members suffering with ill health,
needing assistance, needing a chat or have unfortunately left us for the great rugby pitch in the sky, please contact
Brian direct so that he can make whatever arrangements are suitable.

Brian's Jenkins: 76 Ambleside Road, Kingsway, Bath BA2 2LP Tel: 01225 427721

Please give Brian every assistance in carrying out a very demanding task on your behalf

Geoff Pillinger

 The Annual Reunion took place on the 15th April 2006 and once again was held
                           at the Guildhall, Bath.
A total of 91 Past Players turned up from 11.45am and later in the day watched an excellent game
of rugby between Bath and Bristol. Many thanks to Bath Rugby for providing tickets to allow Past
Players to watch this derby game.

Our outgoing President, Allen Gay, thanked everyone for coming. He expressed a wish that
younger Past Players should get involved with the activities organised by the Past Players

Allen publicly thanked the executors of the late Alan Jenkins for the kind donation he left to the
association members to be enjoyed by the members at the Reunion.

Many thanks to Radley and Sandy Wheeler and their helpers for providing and distributing the
food and to Roger Elliott for acquiring our free Courage Bitter.

Chris Perry

  Your Committee relies heavily on membership information which we
  keep in a database. Help us to ensure your address, phone number,
  mobile number and email address are correct by advising us of any
  changes as they happen or ensuring that you quote them all every
  time you communicate with your Committee.
                       Support to Local Combination Junior Clubs
                                   Sponsoring the Ball

                                                                      During the past season the
                                                                      Bath Past Players
                                                                      Association has sponsored
                                                                      the match at 5 local club
                                                                      games. At each match we
                                                                      have averaged 8 Past
                                                                      Players in attendance.

                                                                      The Committees of the
                                                                      home clubs have made us
                                                                      most welcome and,
                                                                      although not requested,
                                                                      have provided attendees
                                                                      with a buffet lunch before
the games. Our grateful thanks go to you all for your hospitality.

The Oldfield v Frome game provided a fine advertisement for Junior Rugby. Oldfield, in second
place, needed to beat league leaders Frome to gain automatic promotion. Oldfield, the highest
points scorers in the league, were up against a side that had conceded just over 100 points in 20
games. A mammoth battle ensued with good rugby played by both sides and vociferous support
provided by an enthusiastic crowd.
Frome sealed a win with a
drop goal 2 minutes from full

The photographs show
BPPA President Allen Gay
presenting a cheque to
Oldfield President Ben
Hartley and our Hon
Treasurer Brendan Perry
with Alan Parfitt and Allen
Gay before entering the
clubhouse for a swift half or

Our sincere thanks to Allen for being an excellent President over the last two years and for
providing us with the idea of sponsoring a match ball for the Junior Clubs.

Chris Perry
                      Bath F.C. Past Players Golf Society

Following the successful format of           some 12 years now, was played on a
last year, matches against the same          glorious afternoon and is clearly well
Past Players        Societies were           established in the Henbury
arranged for 2006.To date 4 matches          G.C.calendar, with the President,
have been completed and, so far, 29          Captain, Vice-Captain and Past
of our past players have participated.       Captain all attending the post match
The match against Leicester Past             dinner. The result was the normal
Players is arranged for 24th August at       one, with Henbury winning
Chipping Norton G.C.,and an end of           comfortably - local knowledge – and
season return match against                  our friends from Bristol just beating
Gloucester at Ross on Wye a           us by 5 points for second place. So
strong possibility.                          once again Bath P.P. was the
                                             strongest team! This was Mario
Details of the matches played are as         Polledri’s last match before
follows:-                                    emigrating with his family to Texas,
1] Gloucester Past Players. Monday,          and was a great opportunity to wish
May 8th. The Bristol G.C.                    him well.
                                             Team:- Brian Collins [c], Mario
A wet day at The Bristol for this            Polledri, Gerry Crosby, Mike Knight,
matchplay event, but this did not            Simon Jones, John Monahan, Mike
prevent everyone from completing             Richardson, Geoff Hancock, Fred
their matches, even Kingsholm                Psyk, Gareth George, Roger Elliott,
stalwarts Eric Stephens, John Baylis,        Barney Beddow.
Dick Smith and Terry Hopson! Phil
Hall was our Captain for the day for         3] Northampton Latter Day Saints.
“old times sake”, but we can’t really        Monday, June 19th. Naunton Downs
blame Phil for the weather! Result –         G.C.
Draw 3-3.
Team:- Phil Hall[c],Geoff                    Northampton were badly depleted by
Hancock,Barry Cannell,Vince                  injuries for this, the second annual
Gaiger,Tim Carson, Eric Hopton,              match - Bob Taylor - knee
Tony Mason, Mario Polledri, Tom              replacement, Jim Clark – back
Martland, Rob Rowland, Richard               problem, Peter Haddon - heart
Andrew, Brian Collins.                       surgery, Robbie George and Herbie
                                             Going – knee surgery, - and finally
2] Bristol Past                              fielded 8 players. We were 14 and so
Players/Henbury.Wednesday, June              a Stableford was played, with the
7th. Henbury G.C.                            total points for each team being
                                             divided by the number of players.
This annual 3-team stableford event,         After several recounts and much
which has been held at Henbury for           arithmetic dexterity the final result on
average score was Northampton                 Frankcom, John Rees, Bruce
27.62; Bath 27.28, which meant The            Thompson, Brian Collins, Simon
Saints retained the cup, which was            Jones, Vince Gaiger.
duly presented to Captain, Roger              BATH 2. Tom Martland, Roger Elliott,
Arneil. A great day on a great golf           Colin Brint, David Trick, Barney
course!                                       Beddow, Mike Knight, Gerry Crosby.
Team:- Brian Collins[c], John Gifford,
Tom Martland, Phil Hall, John Rees,           The autumn tour, organised by Tony
Geoff Frankcom, Colin Hemming,                Mason, will be at Trevose G.C. from
Barry Cannell, Rob Rowland, Mike              29th.September to 1st October and
Knight, Richard Andrew, Gerry                 we look forward to an entertaining
Crosby, Eric Hopton, John Monahan.            weekend!
                                              Details for the Leicester match will
4] Walcot/ Bath Combination.                  be circulated
Thursday July 13th.Lansdown G.C.              in early
                                              August, and
For this evening match opposition             we are also
organiser John Gifford had 7 players          planning to
and we therefore provided 14, split           resurrect the
into 2 teams, BATH 1 and BATH 2,              Christmas
enabling play in 3 balls, one from            event at
each team, with scoring on the 4-2-0          Bath G.C.
system per hole. On a beautiful               [Sham] this
evening local knowledge again                 year –
prevailed – all the Walcot/ Bath              details to
Combination players were Lansdown             follow.
members – and in spite of attempts
to negotiate compensation for this,           My thanks to all past players
the final result stood Walcot – 287;          involved in 2006!
Bath 1 – 244; Bath 2 – 221.
The second year of an annual event!           Brian Collins
Teams:- BATH 1. Tony Comer, Geoff

               Visit of Dax OP Golfers to Bath; May 2006.
Little did we think 9 years ago, when we first trudged down by car to Dax to renew
acquaintance with a few Frenchmen whom we had met in the Bath clubhouse bar,
after the Bath-Dax European Cup match, that we would now be celebrating an
event that has grown into something of an unmissable annual feast. Over the years
the two groups have become firm friends and each year the visit, whether to Dax or
to Bath, is eagerly anticipated by all.

This year we were due to meet eleven 'Dacquois' at Bristol Airport, but only ten
arrived. Jean Bernard, having left his passport at home, discovered that his ID Card
was out-of-date, so had to return to Dax for his passport! He duly arrived a day late.

For the first time in five visits to Bath, our French friends discovered that the sun
doesn't always shine! We played at Cumberwell first, starting in heavy rain. Luckily
the rain stopped after a while and we managed to get round in reasonable shape.
The 'nearest the hole' competition almost had to be re-named 'nearest the green',
thanks to the appalling standard of play, but luckily the last group managed to find
the green and honour was salved. In the evening we dined at the Bath Clubhouse,
where we enjoyed an excellent meal, organised by Roger Berry, followed by a visit
to the Pulteney Arms, where a few songs were performed, in English, Welsh,
French and Basque!

Next day was Roger Elliott's solo; not only did he organise the golf at Cumberwell
but also entertained us at his establishment, the Talbot, at Mells, for dinner.
Cumberwell was great, except that the rain came thick and fast in the afternoon,
before most could complete their round. Bedraggled fairly describes their
appearance! We adjourned to the Talbot via Tucker's Grave, which again intrigued
the French! The meal at the Talbot was superb, our guests wondering at the choice
of vegetables available; French restaurants seem not to bother with veg. these

The final day's golf was played at Sham, where the Cup was at stake. We had only
won twice previously, so there was a certain determination this year to win. This we
duly achieved and this time the weather was fine, so a good day was had by all.
The final evening was spent, as usual, at Woods, a splendid venue for such an
event, enlivened by the presence of a singles party that added greatly to the
entertainment! Afterwards, some of us dragged ourselves off home, but I
understand that a quorum of hardies adjourned to the Star for more fun and games
until the early hours. Another highly successful visit; roll on next year!

Geoff Frankcom

                                        Chairman’s Report
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for all the work they
 have carried out during the past year to ensure that various activities took place.

 I would also like to thank all those members who supported the activities i.e. the
 reunion, golf days, race day, sponsor the ball, harvest festival, skittle evenings,
 benevolent fund collection and the Hilton Hotel social.

 There is no doubt that your committee have a few unresolved problems to sort out
 such as, better communication with the membership etc. A sub committee under
 the direction of Geoff Pillinger have been working hard to address these and other

 One recent success announced at our last meeting by Geoff was the appointment
 of Annemarie Thorn as our Communications Officer. This will hopefully ensure our
 membership is kept up to date with all news relating to activities and when they are

 Finally I would like to give special thanks to Allen Gay who
 steps down as our President. Allen has been a pro active
 President, and it was his idea to sponsor the ball at a
 number of junior rugby games each season. I hope Derek
 Stent will enjoy his 2 years as President as much as Allen

 Chris Perry

                                         In Memoriam 2006

Fred Hayman (centre / wing in the 50s)

Phil Hardy (Full back in the 50s - as well as Oldfield

Brian Henson (Player and long time committee member - editor
ROT five years)

Hal Capper (Ex Rosslyn Park, Bath and well known local

There has been some confusion with what to put on your cheques ever since we became Bath Past Players Association.
 Your Committee has agreed to change the account name and therefore you can put BPPA on your cheques in future.


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