Room spray
This is an alcohol-based composition to spray around a room, conjuring up a fragrant
It is appreciated because the delicate gesture in itself is a real pleasure, and its scented
pschitt joyfully flies around the room, reaching every corner in an instant. It also comes
in a lovely bottle!

Instructions for optimal use:
Spray on curtains, cushions and carpets…any material that will absorb the fragrance and
gradually let it pervade through the house. Later, a few slight touches will be enough to
replenish the air …
Burning Oil
The burning oil gradually diffuses its fragrance when heated. A few drops poured onto a
porous terracotta ring to set on a lamp, radiator or any source of gentle heat.
It is appreciated because it conjures up the most traditional rites of perfuming, and
diffuses a permanent fragrance that can be enhanced or minimised (1 lamp, 3 lamps… 1
drop, 3 drops…).

Instructions for optimal use:
For optimal pleasure, use only 40- or 60-watt light bulbs. Halogens or more powerful
bulbs would burn the ring. Make sure you take the ring off the lamp each time you wish
to saturate it. In so doing, you will avoid spilling oil on the hot bulb, which would make it
Scented candle
- Its wax is impregnated with a powerful fragrance that diffuses when heated.
- These candles are appreciated because their fragrance is very subtle and strong, lasting
for more than 60 hours. And also because a candle burning in a room always makes the
house cosy & warm…

Instructions for optimal use:
- If you follow these instructions, your candle will burn down to the very last drop of
- The first time you light your candle, let it burn for at least two hours, so that the wax
becomes liquid over the entire whole surface.
- Cut the wick regularly so that the candle does not smoke (about 5mm) and re-centre the
wick once the candle is extinguished. (This will help to prevent darkening of the glass).
- Do not leave a burning candle near a curtain or an open window and do not forget to
blow your candle out when you leave your house!

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