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                                                                          Organization Spotlight: Pre-Pharmacy Club                                       Technique
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                                                              Reem Mansoura
                                                                                                   This student association helps students
                                                                                                   prepare for pharmacy school and encourages
                                                                                                   interest in pharmacy and related elds.
                                                                                                   Contact:                                                    February 27, 2009

                                                                                                                                                     Professor sheds
                                                                                                                                                         light on
  Da arat
  D ra                                                                                                                                                stimulus bill
                            ting event
    Mateens with record-set
                                                                                                                                                                   By Aaron Parkman
                                                                                                                                                                       Sta Writer

                                                                                                                                                        Congress passed the whopping $787 billion
                                                                                                                                                    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act this
                                                                                                                                                    month, intending to infuse the economy with a
                                                                                                                                                    much-needed dose of cash. Willie Belton, as-
                                                                                                                                                    sociate professor in the School of Economics,
                                                                                                                                                    shared his opinion on the bill this week, giving
                                                                                                                                                    expert insight into the issue.
           By Julia Turner                 rale dance. e purpose of the dance                                                                           “I think [the bill] is a very positive thing and
          Contributing Writer              was to keep everyone energized                                                                           is probably the only thing that [Congress] could
                                           throughout the marathon. e team                                                                          do,” Belton said. Although there is an ideologi-
    What happens when you combine          leaders, along with the morale team                                                                      cal dispute in Congress concerning the size of
music, a choreographed dance and           captain, taught part of the dance to                                                                     the bill, Belton said that the dispute is “pure
tons of spirit? A dance marathon!          the rest of the dance marathon par-                                                                      politics.”
       is past Saturday, Tech held its     ticipants. At the end of the night, all                                                                         e bill provides tax relief for individuals
seventh annual Dance Marathon at           the morale team leaders and partici-                                                                     and state and local governments. e bill also
the CRC to bene t the Children’s           pants danced the complete version of                                                                     pumps money into transportation and infra-
Miracle Network and Children’s             the morale team dance.                                                                                   structure, renewable energy and the healthcare
Healthcare of Atlanta.        roughout            roughout the night, the dance                                                                     system.
the school year, the Dance Marathon        marathon participants had the op-                                                                            From a Republican perspective, a spending
steering committee is in charge of         portunity to hear the stories of the                                                                     strategy that includes a $19.9 billion increase
planning and publicizing the event.        “miracle children” who had been                                                                          in food stamps and an $86.6 billion increase in
Students sign up to participate in the     saved by Children’s Healthcare hos-                                                                      Medicaid is irresponsible and will not stimu-
event with di erent student organi-        pitals. Ruth Woldetsadik’s daughter                                                                      late the economy, but Democratic congressmen
zations. Each team is responsible for      was a patient at Children’s Health-                                                                      claim that the increase is necessary to support
raising money throughout the year,         care of Atlanta who needed two                                                                           American families.
and every person on the team must          open-heart surgeries.                                                                                           e main ideological di erence between
raise at least $30 to participate in the       “You know, the donations are not                                                                     liberal and conservative economics has been a
event. is year’s theme was “keeping        much to [the students], but they save                                                                    point of contention since just after the Great
it sweet for the kids.” Participating      lives. I could not a ord the thou-                                                                       Depression, when the United States began to
groups ranged from Greek to fresh-         sands of dollars it costs for my daugh-                                                                  see more economic regulation by the federal
men organizations.                         ter’s medical care without them,” said                                                                   government as necessary.          e dispute has al-
    “ is year was our most successful      Woldetsadik, whose children were                                                                         ways concerned the reach of government.
Dance Marathon yet with just under         playing on the in atable obstacle                                                                            “We could probably do nothing, but I’m not
300 participants and about $12,000         course as she spoke.                                                                                     sure we want to feel that kind of pain,” Belton
[in donations],” said Craig Rawe,              For Woldetsadik, the most im-                                                                        said, alluding to the 25 percent unemployment
a fourth-year MGT major and ex-            portant thing in bringing her chil-                                                                      rate of the 1930s. Currently, the U.S. unem-
ecutive director of Dance Marathon.        dren was for the dancers to see where                                                                    ployment rate is only 7.6 percent, almost double
“We set our goal this year of grow-        their money is going and, speci cally,                                                                   what it was in March 2007. Georgia’s unem-
ing our event. We wanted the event         whom it is helping.                                                                                      ployment rate has also steadily increased, reach-
to include more people and a more              Terilyn     Walton,       Children’s                                                                 ing a 26-year high in December at 8.1 percent.
diverse set of organizations, and we       Healthcare liaison, has been active                                                                          Georgia Senate Majority Leader Chip Rog-
were proud when [we succeeded]”            in Tech’s Dance Marathon for the                                                                         ers (R-Woodstock) expressed his dissatisfaction
Rawe said.                                 past three years. Walton works at the                                                                    with the bill to reporters last week, speaking out
       e move from last year’s location    Foundation as a fundraiser. She keeps                                                                    against the “almost…trillion dollars in debt”
at the O’Keefe gym to the more spa-        the steering committee informed of                                                                       that the federal government is placing “on the
cious CRC basketball courts re ects        where the money they raise is going.                                                                     American people.”
the event’s goal-shattering growth.        Each year, the money is donated to                                                                           Regardless, the fact remains that Georgia is
       e steering committee was also       Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.                                                                        not doing any better economically than other
in charge of setting up several major          “I’ve enjoyed watching the pro-                                                                      states, bearing an unemployment rate that is 0.5
fundraising events for Dance Mara-         gram grow and maintain its identity                                                                      percent above the national average.
thon throughout the year.                  on campus,” Walton said. “It’s also                                                                          Last week, Governor Perdue signed a piece
    “We had a letter-writing campaign      neat to see people connect with the                                                                      of legislation that re-routes most of the $460
where family members of dancers            families, come back the next year                                                                        million of stimulus money intended for Geor-
sponsored them,” said Jenna Castle,        and still maintain that special con-                                                                     gia’s Medicaid. at legislation will essentially
a fourth-year INTA major and mo-           nection.”                                                                                                keep Georgia from bouncing the $200 to $300
rale team captain. “We also held a             “We came last year,” said Laura                                                                      checks it wrote to homeowners in the form of
co ee house fundraiser at Under the        Lewis, whose son Ryan was born with                                                                      tax relief grants last fall.
Couch where local bands played, and        only half a heart. “And the boys just                                                                        Some optimism came from Belton, say-
we charged an entrance fee. We also        couldn’t stop talking about it. Some                                                                     ing that “Georgia isn’t any better or any worse
had restaurants like Chick- l-A and        of the students gave them headbands,                                                                     than any [other state],” but also adding that the
Steak ‘n Shake donate a percentage         and they still have them!”                                                                               mortgage crisis is especially painful in Georgia.
of their pro ts on a particular day to         Before Lewis’s son had his heart                                                                         Still, there are many reasons why new gradu-
our Dance Marathon.”                       transplant in 2007, he had a lot of                                                                      ates or even current students may want to pur-
    While the event is called “dance       trouble getting around and often had                                                                     chase a home as opposed to renting in this eco-
marathon,” a variety of games and          to stop to catch his breath.                                                                             nomic climate.
activities, including dancing, took            “Now I can’t keep him still,” Lew-                                                                       First of all, homes are selling for historically
place during the seven-hour event.         is said, pointing to her son running                                                                     low prices, some auctioning for as little as a few
Some of the activities and entertain-      through the obstacle course. “He’s                                                                       thousand dollars. Also, rst-time home buyers
ment for the night included a live         just like any normal four-and-a-half                                                                     qualify for a tax credit of up to $8,000 under
band, dodgeball, a relay race and          year old boy.”                                                                                           the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
dance performances and lessons from            Many of the morale team leaders                                                                             e thing to keep in mind when buying an
the GT Salsa Club, Tekstyles, the          expressed how much they enjoyed                                                                          auctioned home, however, is that the costs as-
Ballroom Dancing Club and Delta            dancing for a greater purpose. “I re-                                                                    sociated with making the home livable are of-
Sigma eta Sorority Inc.                    ally like Dance Marathon because all                                                                     ten more than the purchase price. Distressed
                                                                                                    Photo by Ben Keyserling/ Student Publications
    At the top of every hour, the mo-      the miracle children make the whole                                                                      homes cost tens of thousands of dollars to re-
rale team leaders, the volunteers who      event so much more real,” said Drew         Dance Marathon participants pledge to                        store, not to mention the thousands of dollars
are in charge of their teams, per-                                                     remain moving throughout the night,                          per year in property tax.
formed part of a choreographed mo-                             See Marathon, page 15   raising money for Children’s Healthcare.
                                                                                                                                                                                    See Stimulus, page 14
                        Technique                                                                      FOCUS

Stimulus             from page 13
                                       looking forward to an infusion
                                       of funding to universities from                   Facebook app provides shipping savings
    If one is looking to make a        the federal government. Although
  nancial investment, Belton sug-      Tech only receives 35 percent of                           By Chris Russell              pay for their own purchases sepa-        fty on which site they want to
gests “following the government’s      its funding through the govern-                               Sta Writer                 rately.                                go to. By restricting ShipTogether
lead,” meaning that if the govern-     ment, every little bit helps.                                                                “[ShipTogether] started o as a     to just Amazon, I can make sure
ment is preparing to pour billions            anks to the stimulus bill,                     We’ve all had to go through it.    small hack to save on shipping for     that it is more likely they can get a
of dollars into infrastructure, now    Georgia’s educational system will                 At one point or another, we have       a few of my friends and me and         shipping buddy to share their pur-
is the time to invest in road-build-   be able to stave o further loss-                  all spent hours tracking down          evolved over time as more people       chase,” Ravichandran said.
ing companies.                         es. e state will no longer have                   some random purchase in local          were interested in it,” Ravichan-          “Currently, the Facebook ver-
    Concerning the stock market,       to cut $20 million in education                   stores to save on shipping, only       dran said. “But one of my main         sion is the only one that is avail-
the Dow Jones Industrial Average       funding for the year 2010. Count-                 to give up and resign ourselves        motivations to actually spend          able. Depending on user response,
has dropped 21 percent since the       ing K-12 schools and universities                 to paying for the three pounds of      time and e ort on developing a         I might have a stand-alone site
beginning of 2009.                     together, the system was already                  cardboard and packing peanuts          Facebook application was to re-        authenticated by Facebook Con-
    While some Americans at-           dealing with budget cuts of more                  that are apparently needed to pro-     duce the impact on the environ-        nect,” Ravichandran said.
tribute losses to poor decisions       than $150 million this year.                      tect a paperback book from the         ment. It actually turns out that           ShipTogether is not the rst
being made in Washington right             In response to an outcry from                 hazards of UPS.                        this is a win-win-win situation for    program of its kind that Ravi-
now, others point to a ripple ef-      college students, Pell Grants were                    Ram Ravichandran, CS ‘04,          customers, Amazon and the envi-        chandran has developed.
fect coming from the recently          increased by $500 per student.                    thought there had to be a bet-         ronment.                                   “I like to develop stu that
distressed economies of Romania        Nationally, an additional $200                    ter, more cost-e cient and eco-            “For customers, this means         would be useful for a few people
and Hungary.                           million was set aside for work-                   friendly solution.      us, ShipTo-    no shipping charges, no postpon-       around me, and then eventu-
    For Americans, the trillion        study programs.                                   gether was born.                       ing orders and no ller items; [in      ally expand it as more people use
dollar question is: How long will          Whether or not spending has                       According to Ravichandran,         other words] it saves them time        it,” Ravichandran said. “While
the bill in question take to work?     been strategic is a question that                 ShipTogether provides “carpool-        and frustration,” Ravichandran         at Tech, I did something simi-
To some, the road ahead looks like     economists can theorize about                     ing for your online purchases.”        said. “ e shipping costs that          lar with food—a project called
an eternity, but to Belton, “[ e       now but will not be able to answer                It is a Facebook application that      Amazon absorbs when the total is       OrderKhana. ‘Khana’ in Hindi
bill] is already having an impact      for years. “I think [Congress] is                 allows Amazon shoppers to com-         over $25 makes a lot more sense        means food. I am a vegetarian,
on expectations.”                      spending the money [in] the only                  bine their orders and save on ship-    only when people actually buy          and when I came to the U.S. in
    Citing some of his own expec-      places they can spend the money,”                 ping costs by making it easier to      stu worth $30 or more per cart.        1999, I had trouble nding good
tations, Belton said that he was       Belton said.                                      meet the $25 minimum order for         But by adding ller items, people       Indian vegetarian food around
                                                                                         free shipping. e application also      get the order total to just over $25   campus.
                                                                                         scores bonus points for helping        and, in e ect, Amazon makes less           “On the other hand, there were
                                                                                         the environment by reducing the        pro t from them. Lastly, shipping      these Indian housewives (moth-
                                                                                         amount of packaging required.          together saves the environment.        ers of friends) who could legally
                                                                                             ShipTogether works by rst          One-third of the stu in land lls       work, but didn’t due to language
                                                                                         having a user pick what they want      is from packaging materials…. By       and cultural barriers. ey would,
                                                                                         to order, then pick who they feel      shipping together, users can re-       however, make the most amaz-
                                                                                         comfortable sharing shipping           ally reduce [the amount of pack-       ing food…. So I started a website
                                                                                         with (just friends, people in their    ing materials used to pack smaller     service called OrderKhana where
                                                                                         networks, etc.) and how long they      items].”                               students could place orders for
                                                                                         want to look for a match (any du-          Ravichandran explains that         home-cooked food, and Indian
                                                                                         ration between one day and two         although he plans on expanding         housewives would basically cook
                                                                                         weeks). After a match has been         ShipTogether to include other          and drop o the food at predeter-
                                                                                         found and the users have ap-           sites, it makes more sense to lim-     mined locations and times around
                                                                                         proved each other, a single-click      it the number of sites available       campus,” Ravichandran said.
                                                                                         link to Amazon’s checkout win-         through the service.                       Ravichandran is currently pur-
                                                                                         dow is generated with both users’          “I am planning to add support      suing a Ph.D. in Computer Sci-
                                                                                         purchases selected. e purchase         for, Barnes and Noble          ence at Carnegie-Mellon Univer-
                                                                                         is then ready for payment.             and VitaminShoppe,” Ravichan-          sity in Pittsburgh.
                                                                                             Currently, one user pays for       dran said.                                 His area of study encompasses
                                                                                         and receives both shoppers’ pur-            “I didn’t want to dilute the      the interactions between comput-
                                                                                         chases. It is up to the two users to   market by giving people too many       ers, economics and business, while
                                             Photo by Kelvin Kuo/ Student Publications
                                                                                         work out the reimbursement on          options. For instance, if someone      his current research focuses on the
Economics professor Willie Belton says the stimulus bill recently                        their own.                             found a book at the same price         evolution of privacy policies in so-
passed by Congress was the only choice they had, though he                                   However, there is a system in      at both Amazon and Barnes and          cial networks and the viral adop-
acknowledged the size of the bill was controversial.                                     the works that will allow users to     Noble, they might choose fty-          tion of new products.

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                                                                                         FOCUS                                             Technique                                           15

Marathon           from page 13      Grace said.
                                         While many teams relied on
                                                                           has enjoyed seeing how di erent
                                                                           student organizations continue to
Pak, a rst-year INTA major and       individual contributions as their     come together for the same cause.
morale team leader for the FAB       main fundraising strategy, other          At the end of the night, awards
Runts. “At other charity events,     organizations held speci c fund-      were given for the top fundrais-
you don’t immediately see the im-    raising events. FreShGA, for ex-      ers.    is year, Phi Mu won for
pact of your e orts. With Dance      ample, sold chicken biscuits in       organization fundraising, raising
Marathon, the evidence of your       front of the Athletic Association     approximately $4,800. Meg Gun-
hard work is right in front you.”    for the week preceding the event.     ther and Drew Pak tied for rst in
   For Margaret DeGrace, a rst-      Phi Mu, whose national philan-        the individual division with $225.
year INTA major who organized        thropy is the Children’s Miracle          With such a staggering success
Alpha Xi Delta’s team, the char-     Network, held a bake sale and be-     rate at this year’s Dance Mara-
ity was a little more personal.      gan fundraising for Dance Mara-       thon, it seems that next year’s
DeGrace has close ties to the        thon during football games rst        steering committee will have a lot
Children’s Miracle Network after     semester.                             to live up to. In fact, applications
having been a patient and volun-         “We went canning at football      are already up for positions on
teer there for several years.        tailgates and asked for donations,”   next year’s committee. Interested
   “I have a peanut allergy, [and]   said Sarah Watson, a second-year      students should check out http://
my best friend had a lot of heart    MGT major. “In two weeks, we’re for an ap-
problems, so I have been volun-      doing a Tea Social to raise money.”   plication.                                                            Photo by Ben Keyserling/ Student Publications

teering [at Children’s Healthcare        Watson also participated in           Or just get out there and          Dance Marathon organizers announce total donations of
of Atlanta] for a few years,” De-    Dance Marathon last year and          dance—it could save a lot of lives.    $11,718.65 for Children’s Healthcare on Feb. 22, 2009.

                                                                                                                                               $300/Day Potential.
                                                                                                                                               No Experience Necessary.
                                                                                                                                               Training Provided. Age 18+ OK.
                                                                                                                                               Call 1-800-965-6520 X216.

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