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Keeping in Touch _


									                                      February 2003

                            Keeping in Touch !
                                           Shelley McVittie's

Add a little warmth to your day…
                                   On this very cold & chilly day, I am writing to
                           invite you to visit us at our gallery. However, unless
                           you are the more adventurous type, a trip to the
                           woods in this kind of weather may not exactly be
                           your cup of tea.
                           So we invite you to visit us on line, that is until the       Shelley’s 2003
                           weather warms up then a visit to our cottage gallery
                                                                                         Show Schedule
                           amid the towering pine of Pinecroft is a must.

                                                                                           June 7th & 8th
Grab a cup of coffee,    put up your feet, and venture through our site at
                                                                                           Art in the Park Be among our friends that receive special offers
on our newest releases (available only at our website gallery)                        Willistead Park, Windsor

Keep current with                                                                       August 23rd & 24th
our on line news-                                                                         Art by the River
letters that come                                                                    Fort Malden, Amherstburg
complete with no-
tices of the latest
events, offers &                                                                        November 6th—9th
specials ….                                                                            Shelley’s Open House
                                                                                     Elsie Perrin Williams Estate
Special Offer just for you….
                                                                                        Nothing anyone
…. By the Light & The Silvery Moon….                                                 does is ever random…
       Created to be relaxing - warm – romantic – inspiring—reminding
                                                                                           Call it luck,
       this wonderful set of co-ordinates is sure to be heirloom pieces….
                                                                                           Call it fate,
                        Shelley’s On Line Special Offer:
                                                                                      Or call it whatever
               pre-print special of 15% off the print retail price                        you want,…
               of this pair of prints if ordered before June 30th, 2003….
                                                                                     But I believe there is
**when ordering please let gallery or studio be aware you would like to take
                                                                                        A master plan...
        advantage of the on line special offer on this set…. Thank you!
                                   O Canada !
                                      Official Lyrics of O Canada!              O Canada was proclaimed
                                                                               Canada’s official anthem on
                                               O’ Canada!                            July 1, 1980
                                      Our home and native land!
                                                                                100 years after it was first
                              True patriot love in all thy sons command.         sung on June 24th 1880

                                   With glowing hearts we see they rise,             And guess what!!
                                      The True North strong & free!               We have the shirts!
                                                                                A lot of folks are wanting to
                                             From far & wide,                 show their Canadian pride this
                                   O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.        year, and our crisp white &
                                                                               red t’s with their darling little
                                    God keep our land glorious and free!        patriot standing tall will do
                                   O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.                    that...
                                                                                    Order yours today!
                                   O Canada we stand on guard for thee.

Pamper Packages …. Just in time for Mother’s Day
  Dazzle the Mother, Wife, Lover in your life with our latest & special

                      “Pamper Package”
                                                                               Tomo rr ow’s Life is too late,
Her Pamper Package would include:
                                                                                        Live today
      a bottle of Award Winning Wine from Rush Creek Fruit Wineries
      Lunch for one at Pinecroft
      A half hour massage to be enjoyed at the Massage Hut
      A 7 oz scented candle from Sparta Country Candles
      And Greeting notes from Shelley’s Studio so the recipient can
      write to thank the person who gave them this lovely day out of rest
      & relaxation
                Special Price Offer for only $58.50

Plan to visit our neighbours at Rush Creek during the month of March...
Step into March with excitement                                   Every Saturday during March meet with
                                          MARCH 8 th— 30th
and join our friends at Rush Creek                                the Author Racheal Flintoft who will be
Wines for their sweet offerings of                                on hand to sign her wonderful new book
Daily Wine & Cheese Sampling                                                “From Plate To Palate!”
Wine Jelly Tasting—( makes for
                                                                  Also on site will be Chef Joan Winfield to
great hostess gifts, here’s your
                                                                  show all the folks how to cook up her su-
chance to try it !)
                                                                  perb recipes using the flavorful additions of
                                                                  the Fruit Wines…
Artist Displays, (local talent pre-
sented during this month, as well as                        “From Plate to Palate” is a brilliant collec-
                            tion of recipes using Fruit Wines….
Shelley’s Art will be featured….
 Page 2                                                                                          Keeping in Touch !
                                           Two Little Pairs…              by Mrs. Susan Teall Perry

                                            Two little pairs of boots, to-night,
                                            Before the fire are drying;
                                                                                       Shelley McVittie’s
                                            Two little pairs of tired feet                       Gallery
                                            In a trundle bed are lying;
                                            The tracks they left upon the floor                   Opens
                                            Make me feel like sighing.
                                                                                             March 15th
                     (2)                                       (3)
Those little boots with copper toes!        They walk about the new plowed ground
                                                                                                 For the
They run the livelong day;                  Where mud in plenty lies;                                 2003
And oftentimes I almost wish                They roll it up in marbles round,
They were miles away;                       They bake it into pies,                             Season!
So tired am I to hear so oft                And then, at night upon the floor,
Their heavy tramp at play.                  In every shape it dries!

                     (4)                                       (5)
To-day I was disposed to scold,             For in a trunk up stairs I’ve laid
But when I look to-night                    Two socks of white and blue’
At those little boots before the fire,      If called to put those boots away,
With copper toes so bright,                 Oh God, what should I do?
I think how sad my heart would be           I mourn that there are not to-night
To put them out of sight.                   Three pairs instead of two.

                     (6)                                       (7)
I mourn because I thought how nice          We mothers weary get, and worn,
My neighbour ‘cross the way,                Over our load of care;
Could keep her carpets all the year         But how we speak to these little ones
From getting worn and gray;                 Let each of us beware;                         Gallery opened daily
Yet well I know she’d smile to own          For what would our fireside be to-night,
                                                                                             Monday —Sunday
Some little boots to-day.                   If no little boots were there?
Cross Stitch Kits are back in stock….                                                     Online we are opened
This pleasant past time is making        For month of March
a quick come back…                       We will include a
                                         special thank you
I think with all the stressful lives
                                         gift with every kit
we all seem to acquire, that it is          purchased….                                    “N othi ng is i mpossibl e
nice that in these cold winter                SPECIAL
days we can enjoy a relaxing and                                                                To th e wi ll i ng
yet rewarding calm of cross
Check out our Cross Stitch gal-
lery on line and see which kits we
have to offer..
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                               Page 3
Shelley McVittie's
 8122 Rogers Rd South
 R R # 5 Aylmer West, ON
 N5H 2R4

Once inside our cottage gallery or in
our web site—we offer to you:
-Original Paintings
-Limited Editions with hand painted                                IF OU T & AB OUT—D O D R OP IN!
mattes creating personalized treasures.
-Artist silk screened t-shirts
-Artist Cross Stitch Kits & Charts
-Framed Inspirational Notes,
-Dreams & Wishes Candle Lamps                                                 FIND OUT WHAT IS
-Scented candles and much more to                                                PUZZLING US
numerous to list in this short                                                  NEXT    ISSUE... you will just have to drop in
and see for yourself…..we welcome you!

getting a little help from our friends...                                        W A TC H FOR OUR
                                                                                         N E W RE L E AS E S !
                                      Homes as well as St Thomas…
     Mary Anne Verberne of
                                      She is the one who also adds the
      McLennan Flowers                sparkle to our own home show…
has generously offered us space in    She welcomes your visit…..
her bustling Floral shop in Lam-
beth. To be part of this shop-
keeper’s atmosphere of fragrances,
colours and be surrounded by the
beauty of Mary Ann’s exquisite flo-
                                         McLennan Flowers
ral arrangements and bouquets of              2445 Main St.
same is a welcome relief from                Lambeth Station                                 IF YOU
these dreary winter doldrums…                                                           ENJOYED THIS
                                               London, ON
We are excited to have another                                                          NEWSLETTER -
                                                N6P 1R1
outlet for our Prints in an equally
artistic shop...Mary Ann is a well            519-652-2042                         WE HOPE YOU SHARE IT
respected florist & designer and              Pssst: tell them Shelley                    WITH YOUR
one of the most celebrated design-
                                                   Sent you                                 FRIENDS
ers of the London Show Case of

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