Work and learn at Baker Tilly

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Work and learn at Baker Tilly
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Represented worldwide by Baker Tilly Interna-       such as HKICPA, and CPA Australia will be           ed to perform effectively and efficiently,” said
tional, the eighth largest network of accounting    reimbursed.                                         Ferreira.
firms worldwide by fee income, Baker Tilly              Obviously, Baker Tilly Hong Kong puts               “The people elements are considered as
Hong Kong is a leading independent firm of cer-     extra focus on their people. Commenting on          major assets at Baker Tilly Hong Kong, and it is
tified public accountants and business advisers,    motivational strategies, Janet Bibi Ferreira, Di-   under this concept that the company caters to
specializing in integrated services for account-    rector of Human Resources & Administration,         the work-life balance of its staff. As many peo-
ing practices and business services networks.       Baker Tilly Hong Kong, remarked: “Empower-          ple realize, accountancy is a hard industry with
    Audit is the biggest team at Baker Tilly,       ment is one of the strategies we use. We encour-    long working hours. We put a lot of effort into
boasting 110 employees among a total of 180         age staff participation in management decisions     staff scheduling, ensuring staff are not seriously
employees in Hong Kong alone. On top of this,       through having them involved in a number of         overworked, a very common phenomenon in
Baker Tilly also has offices in Macau and Shen-     committees in the firm which deal with a wide       our industry,” said Ferreira. “Extra effort is
 Bar 2 more than
zhen, with(Left) 20 staff.                          range of issues including staff.”                   put into arranging staff social activities that          Janet Bibi Ferreira,
                                                                                                                                                                 Director of Human Resources &
    Independence and professionalism are two            Instead of hiring outsource firms to organ-     facilitate interaction among staff. For example          Administration, Baker Tilly Hong Kong
key values that Baker Tilly Hong Kong holds.        ize major events, Baker Tilly Hong Kong sets up     the theme for our Annual Dinner this year was
That is why they offer both technical and soft      a task force and delegates this important task      ‘The Clone.’ Staff were to pair up from two to       encourage individualism. Hence, we prefer
skills training to all levels of staff. In 2008,    to them. “A successful leader places a high level   six people and dress identically. The three win-     newcomers to possess a friendly and cooperative
Baker Tilly Hong Kong organized 79 in-house         of trust in his people. In return, these people     ning teams were awarded cash prizes. We work         attitude,” said Ferreira. “Therefore, there will
training sessions for various levels of employees   accelerate and give their best performance to       hard but we play hard too. Such activities help      also be an aptitude test on top of the general in-
in different departments. Moreover, the com-        achieve best results. Staff can be motivated to     to build strong relationships, encourage com-        terview during the recruitment process.”
pany also provides a training allowance to each     proactively take on leadership opportunities        mitment and a sense of belonging, ingredients            Job interviews are not all about employers
professional staff. Employees who attend tech-      under an encouraging culture.”                      for the team environment we are seeking to           picking the right candidates; they are also about
nical training organized by professional bodies         Other motivational strategies include an im-    achieve.”                                            a job seeker to find out if the company suits. “In
                                                    partial reward system, a good learning ground           As the people element is such a valuable fac-    search for a career,” she said, “the two most im-
                                                    and a friendly working environment that allows      tor for Baker Tilly Hong Kong; what kind of re-      portant factors that a candidate would be look-
                                                    them to retain high flyers.                         cruit does the company seek? “Staff, particularly    ing at are learning and development opportuni-
Bar 3 (Right)                                           “Providing a promising career is another        good ones, are hard to get and harder to retain.     ties plus a friendly working environment. Here
                                                    motivation strategy,” she said. “Out of the 10      We choose our people for their flair and com-        at Baker Tilly Hong Kong, we offer a friendly,
                                                    directors in the firm, seven, including myself,     mercial acumen, their creativity and dynamic         cooperative and efficient work environment
                                                    were internally promoted. This demonstrates         approach. Apart from technical competencies,         with challenging assignments. The latest Job
                                                    that we can, and do, develop our own people;        we look for staff who believe in our culture, that   Satisfaction survey conducted in October 2008
                                                    staff can expect a promising career at Baker        is a friendly and learning oriented culture. We      showed that over 70% of our staff were happy
                                                    Tilly Hong Kong. As a result, staff are motivat-    strive to build strong team spirit rather than       about their job here,” concluded Ferreira.

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