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Brand Equity - PowerPoint Presen


  This course runs every Tuesday & Thursday
 (6:00 to 9:00 P.M.) from June 8 up to July 27,
   2010 at the RCBC Plaza in Ayala Avenue,
                  Makati City

  Brand Equity is the second module of the
  Marketing Communications Management
Series of Seminars, being offered by the De La
     Salle Graduate School of Business in
 partnership with the Philippine Association of
  National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF)
•   As today’s marketing environment become more and more
    competitive, the effective life cycle of new products are getting
    shorter. Even brands that had been in the market for decades
    can be upstaged by new brand upstarts which may present
    more meaningful brand proposition for today’s consumers.
•   The importance of achieving and maintaining strong brand
    equity cannot be underestimated as it has direct impact of
    sales revenues and profitability. Brands with higher equity are
    less vulnerable to competitive marketing efforts and can better
    withstand marketing crises. Higher equity brands command
    larger margins, and are able to raise prices without necessarily
    losing significant volume. They also have greater trade
    cooperation and increased marketing communication
•   Recent marketing studies reveal that more and more brands are
    becoming commodities, and consumers increasingly see price
    as the only differentiation between brands.
                Course Benefits
This course tackles three crucial issues in brand management as
1) What does it take to build and maintain strong brand equity?
2) How can brand equity be effectively measured?
3) How can the company best capitalize on the strength of its brand
     equity in expanding its business?
Through this course, students will:
•    Recognize the long term benefits of effectively building and
     managing brand equity
•    Gain knowledge and understanding of the marketing tools
     necessary in managing a portfolio of brand equities
•    Gain an appreciation of the function of brand management in
     delivering sustained consumer value and building brand loyalty
•    Gain understanding on how to effectively harness the brand’s
     equity in planning and implementing effective brand strategies
     and programs
•    Know how to effectively monitor and measure the effects of the
     various marketing mix elements towards brand equity development
 Who Should Attend?
• This course is intended for marketing and
  sales personnel as well as marketing
  support groups who are involved in
  planning, implementing and monitoring
  brand strategies and programs.
• Knowledge gained in this course will help
  improve strategic decision making in the
  areas of marketing, advertising, media,
  sales promotions, brand activation, public
  relations and sales management.
        Course Description
• This course gives brand managers, and anyone involved in
  brand marketing, awareness and understanding of the
  spectrum of issues confronting brand management.
• The course will provide a venue for participants to learn
  strategies that would help their brand survive and thrive in
  today’s competitive marketing environment.
• By the end of the course, participants will have been exposed
  to a variety of situations that would hone their management
  skills and would be of immediate use in their current jobs.
• Class sessions will consist of lectures, exercises, case
  discussions, and a final project that will integrate and apply
  the key learnings from the course.
• Industry practitioners with extensive experience on the
  subject will be tapped as resource persons. This should help
  enrich the perspective of classroom discussions.
              Course Outline
1. The Power of Brands
•      Introduction to Brands, The Role of Brands, Brands & Corporate
       Strategy, The Power of the Name, Symbols, Trademarks & Logos, Brand
       Character, The Aspects of Brand, Brand Relationships, The Facets of
       Brand Identity, Brand Identity Planning, Brand Character, Brand Image
2. Brand Strategy
•      Developing Brand Vision, Establishing Brand Vision, Fulfilling Brand
       Contract, Communicating Brand Position, Measuring Return on Brand
       Investment, Planning & Implementing Brand Marketing Programs,
       Creating and Managing Brand Equity, Brand Equity - 6 Dimensions,
       Elements of Brand Equity, Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness, Perceived
       Quality, Brand Associations, Product Life Cycle and Brand Strategy
3. Brand Positioning
•      Basic Positioning Concepts, Brand Positioning Analysis - 4 Questions,
       Brand Positioning Strategies, Target Market, Consumer Segmentation,
       B2B Segmentation, Competitive Scenario, Points of Difference, Points of
       Parity, Updating Brand Positioning, Repositioning Strategies, Strategic
       Positioning Issues
              Course Outline
4. Creating A Brand
•     Product & Branding, Brand Elements, Criteria for Choosing Brand
      Elements, Naming the Brand, Brand Linguistics, URLs, Logo Symbols,
      Characters, Slogans, Packaging, Service Branding, Luxury Branding,
      Retailer Brands, Exemplary World Class Brands (Case Studies), Major
      Brand Failures (Case Studies), Major Reasons for Brand Failures &
      Successes, Branding Strategies
5. Managing the Brand Portfolio
•     Brand Building, Brand Product Mix, Breadth and Depth of Branding
      Strategy, Brand Hierarchy, Brand Maintenance, Revitalizing Brands,
      Brand Extensions, Planned Obsolescence Strategies, Product Deletion
      Strategies, Do’s & Don’ts of Brand Portfolio Management, Market
      Development Strategies, Brands and 4 Ps, Product Strategy, Pricing
      Strategy, Channel Strategy, Promotions Strategy
6. Managing Integrated Brand Communications
•     Role of Marketing Communications, Information Processing Model,
      Promotion Mix, Integrated Media Mix, Planning the Communications
      Program, Making the Most Use of Brand Advertising, Sales Promotions,
      Direct Response & Public Relations, Making the Most Use of Traditional
      & Non-Traditional and Interactive Media
             Course Outline
7. Globalization of Brands
• Challenges to Brands, Features of Global Brands, Geographical
    Expansion, Barriers to Globalization, Managing a Global Brand, Global
    Framework - Local Action, From National Name to World Brand (Case
8. Brand Equity Measurement and Management System
• The Need to Measure Brand Equity, The Brand Value Chain, Brand
    Tracking Studies, Product-Brand Tracking, Global Tracking, Brand
    Equity Management System
9. Brand Valuation
• Approaches for Valuing Brands, Valuation Based on Historical Costs,
    Based on Replacement Costs, Based on Market Price and Potential
    Earnings, Multi-Criteria Valuation of a Brand’s Potential, The Brand’s
    Impact on the Balance Sheet
10. FINAL PROJECT - Re-Launching an Actual Brand

                                                Total Number of Hours - 42
                                                  Number of Meetings - 14
                               Jun G. Alcantara
                      General Manager - Advertising Standards Council
                                  Course Facilitator

•   Jun is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate in Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the UST and was
    conferred the Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence by the same school.
•   He took his MBA at De La Salle University, Manila and was a Professorial Lecturer in
    Marketing for 10 years in the College of Business and Economics.
•   His professional marketing career started with Unilever where he acquired his expertise in
    the areas of Marketing Research, Brand Management, Sales Promotions and Special Events
•   While in Unilever, he was cross-posted to Unilever Indonesia for 2 years and trained in
    International Marketing and Advertising at the Unilever Head Office in Blackfriars, London.
•   After Unilever, Jun had a 2-year stint with JWT Philippines where he managed the
    advertising requirements of Pilipinas Shell, Citytrust, Land Bank, National Panasonic,
    Kodak, Rolex Watches and Rotary International..
•   After JWT, he joined Asia Brewery where he set up its marketing department and launched
    most of its current brands in the market.
•   Jun has extensive experience in the academe as professorial lecturer in top local
    universities for more than 15 years.
•   He is a most sought after marketing trainer, handling in-house and public marketing
    seminars in and outside the country.
•   He has been actively involved in professional marketing and advertising organizations such
    as the PANA (President for 2 years), Advertising Foundation of the Philippines (Founding
    Pillar & Director), and AdBoard (Former Member of the Board and the Advertising Content
    & Regulation Committee).
•   He has been an active panelist of the Advertising Standards Council since it started
    operations in April 2008. Just this January 15, 2010, he assumed the General Manager
    position of the ASC.

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