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					Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                    1-505-325-7579 10 Rd. 1768 Farmington, NM 87401

      Gel, Molds, Glitter, Sand, Dye, Scent, Embeds, Glow Gel, Kits, Crystal Rocks,
                Water Crystals, Gel Cubes, Flex Molds, And Much More! (1 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

 Your one stop gel candle supply shop for a fraction of the price with
                         double the quality!

                                           Gelly Candle is The single Largest Gel Candle Safe

                                                   Fragrance Suppliers On the Intranet!

                                         Our gel candle fragrance oils number over 135 and still

                                   growing. They are gel, soap, candle, and skin safe fragrance oils.

                                     All of our gel candle fragrance oils have a flash point of over

                                      175% and are non polar which means they will not separate

                                                                 from the gel.

                                      Shop at Gelly candle. And Make Your Gel Candles Safe for

                                                                  the Public! (2 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                                           Color Blocks
                                  Our Color Blocks will color up to 50 lbs of gel and 25 lbs of wax.
                                     4 pack $1.20 Single Block .30 100 of a single color $20.00

                                                                                  Black Color Blocks

                                                                                   Blue Color Blocks

                                                                                Burgundy Color Blocks

                                                                                Chocolate Color Blocks

                                                                               Cola Brown Color Blocks

                                                                                  Green Color Blocks

                                                                                   Gold Color Blocks (3 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                                                                 Orange Color Blocks

                                                                                  Peach Color Blocks

                                                                                     Color Blocks

                                                                                   Red Color Blocks

                                                                                  White Color Blocks

                                                                                 Yellow Color Blocks

                                                                              Liquid Colorant
                                                                              Same Colors as above.
                                                                                  $4.00 for 2 oz.
                                                                                  $16.00 for 1 lb.
                                                                         Highly Concentrated. Use at 2-4%

                                        Water Crystals

                                  Our Color Blocks will color up to 50 lbs of gel and 25 lbs of wax.
                                     4 pack $1.20 Single Block .30 100 of a single color $20.00

                          Water Crystals By The 1/2 lb
                                                                                                       $4.50 per Lb. (4 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                                       Sea Crystals
                          All New!!! Sea Crystals!

                          Just add our scent for a delightful new type of air freshener.

                          Sea Crystals
                                                                                                       $1.05 per Lb.
                          Approximately 1/3 in. in diameter. Make air fresheners

                                              Wax Fruit Embeds
  Our wax fruit embeds are made of a melt point was of over 210% They are also made with our famous non bleeding
            colorant! Most of our fruit embed molds were cast from the real fruit for a life like appearance!

                                                                                           $.07 Each
                            Fruit Slices. Our fruit slices come in lemon, lime,
                                          orange, peach, & pear. (5 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                            Fruit Cocktail: Our fruit cocktail is made up of             $.05 Each
                          chunks of pineapple, peach, and pear. It also has the
                             cherries and grapes. One of our best sellers!        Order more than 5 please!

                          Fruit Chunks: Our fruit chunks are loaded with scent
                            and make great fresheners even without burning!
                             They come in apple, peach, pear, lemon, lime,
                                                                                         $.04 Each
                          orange, coconut, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe,
                                            and honeydew.
                                        Approx. 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/3
                          Apple Slices: Comes in Red apple, green apple, and
                          Yellow apple. Each apple slice is hand over-dipped
                                   in the skin color of your choice!
                                           2 1/2 x 3/4 in size.

                            Round Fruit: Comes in Red Cherry, Bing Cherry,
                             Green Grape, and Purple Grape. Each berry is                   $.07
                                       approx. 1/2" in diameter.

                            Melon Balls: Our melon balls are about 3/4 of an
                          inch in diameter. Comes in Watermelon, Cantaloupe,                $.09
                                             and Honey dew

                                           More Fruit Embeds (6 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                           Berries: Our berries come in raspberry, blackberry,
                           and boysenberry. Try all three for a delightful very      $.05
                                                berry pie!

                             Lemon, Lime, and Orange Citrus Wedges, very
                            details. Each wedge is hand over-dipped and then         $.18
                             textured to give the appearance of the live fruit!

                           Whole Strawberries. Any where from 1/2" tall to 2"
                          tall. These are sure to fool your friends into believing   $.15
                                                they are real!

                           Strawberry halves about 1/2" across and 2/3" high.        $.07

                                  Life like Peach Slices. 2 1/4" long 1/2" wide.     $.14

                           Banana 1/4 the detail will amaze you. About 2 1/4"
                               long and 1" wide and tall. These are 3D! (7 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                                      Candle Gel
      Our gel is easy to work with. crystal clear, and low bubble yield! Our Candle Gel is Penreco Quality, Medium

                                       Gel By The Pound                                      $2.10

                                       35# Bucket Of Gel
                           Remember, our cart is set up to
                          give a discount for volume orders                                $2.00 lb.
                          so you save the more your order!
                          Gel Cubes. These are high density
                           gel cubes. Great for supporting
                                                                                           $2.50 lb.
                           glass embeds, and making drink

                                             Candle Kits
                           1 lb. Gel kit with how to make gel
                                     candles e-book

                                             5 # Gel Kit                                    $28.00

                                           10 lb. Gel Kit                                   $56.00

                                            35 # Gel Kit                                    $105.00

                           Banana Split Wax and Gel Candle

                                        1# Apple Gift Kit                                    $5.00 (8 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                    1# Strawberry Gift Kit                                      $5.00

                                        1# Peach Gift Kit                                       $5.00

            All of our gift kit's can be drop shipped with a gift invoice and message from you! No extra charge!!

  24 oz cobalt blue wire bale jar.
          Holds 24 oz.

                                                                                            $1.00 Each or
   24 oz. wire bale jar. Holds 24
        oz! Octagon shape.
                                                                                             10 for $9.00

   3 piece wire bale mini jar set.
                                                                                          $1.50 for set of 3
         Holds 3 oz. each.

  2 piece Wire Bale Mini Jar set.
                                                                                            $1.50 Set of 2
         Holds 5 oz. each.

  Wrought iron holder and glass
  square container. Holds 5 oz.                                                              $1.00 Each

    Martini Glass holds 6 oz. of
                                                                                              $.75 Each

                                                 Sea Glass                                 $2.00 1 lb. Bag

                                                Sea Shells                                 $2.00 1 lb. Bag (9 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                                All of our glitter is a cosmetic Grade

                                              To prevent sinking and wick clogging.
                                                  Pricing is Sample Pack $1.00

                                                           2 oz. Pack $4.50

                                                              1 lb. $21.50

                                  Gold Glitter

                      Green Glitter Sample Pack

                                  Purple Glitter (10 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                    Raspberry Glitter Sample Pa

                                  Silver Glitter

                       Teal Glitter Sample Pack

                     Yellow Glitter Sample Pack

                                           Glow Gel
                                          $5.50 Per Lb
                             Our colored Glow Gel will light up your candle without even lighting it!

                                          Great for children's night lights with no wick!

                             Our glow gel is supper iridescent and will stay glowing for over 10 hours
                                           with only 1 hour sunlight or florescent light.

                                   Glow Blue (11 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                    Glow Gold

                                    Glow Green

                                   Glow Orange

                                     Glow Red


        $ 1.50                    Black Southwestern Sand 1lb
                           Cocoa Brown Southwestern Sand
        $ 1.50

        $ 1.50             Dark Blue Southwestern Sand 1lb

                            Dark Brown Southwestern Sand
        $ 1.50
                                         1lb (12 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

        $ 1.50

        $ 1.50           Dark Green Southwestern Sand 1lb

                            Dark Purple Southwestern Sand
        $ 1.50
        $ 1.50             Dark Red Southwestern Sand 1lb
        $ 1.50                    Gold Southwestern Sand 1lb
        $ 1.50                Green Southwestern Sand 1lb
        $ 1.50               Natural Southwestern Sand 1lb

        $ 1.50                    Rust Southwestern Sand 1lb

        $ 1.50            Turquoise Southwestern Sand 1lb
        $ 2.50                        White Fine Sand 8oz

                              Wax And Additives
                                  Embed Wax By The Pound

                                          Paraflint Additive

                                            Vybar Additive

                                                        Fragrance Oils
  All of our scents are gel candle safe with a flash point of 170% or higher. They are non polar (will not separate in mineral oil and gel test),
                                        and most will not discolor your gel. They will not cloud the gel.
                                             Our scents are highly concentrated at a 3% - 4% usage rate.
                                               Use no more than 3/4 of an ounce per lb of our mp gel.
                                                               Our Scents Prices are:
                                                                   $12.00 for 16 oz.
                                                                    $4.00 for 2 oz.
                                                               $2.00 For 1 oz. Sample

  Miscellaneous Scents        Bakery Type Scents                Fruit Type Scents              Floral Type Scents       Drink Type Scents (13 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

        Country                                                                   Carnation           Café Mocha
     Clothesline                    Apple                                            Cedar            Cappuccino
    Baby Powder                   Apricot                                        Eucalyptus           Cherry Coke
       Bayberry                Banana Blast               Almond Joy Type        Garden Path       Cinnamon Coffee
    Butterscotch               Black Cherry              Banana Cream Pie          Gardenia           Citrus Soda
  Cucumber melon                 Blueberry               Banana Nut Bread           Heather               Coffee
   Heavenly Angel               Cantaloupe             Blueberry Cheesecake     Honeysuckle            Coke Type
         Myrrh                     Cherry                 Blueberry Muffin         Jasmine            Fruit Punch
        Oriental                  Coconut                     Chocolate            Lavender           Fuzzy Navel
       Potpourri                 Cranberry                 Chocolate Chip             Lilac             Hazelnut
     Sea Breeze                 Fruit Slices            Chocolate Cream Pie     Lilly Of Valley      Hot Chocolate
      Smoke Out                    Grape                      Cinnamon          Musk (Floral)            Ice Tea
  Tropical Paradise             Grapefruit                 Cinnamon Bun        Orange Blossom         Irish Coffee
   Deserted Island                 Guava                        Clove            Pine Needle          Irish Cream
     Irish Spring               Honey Dew                Coconut Cream Pie           Rose          Kaluah & Cream
     Island Rain                   Lemon                    Dream-Sickle             Sage              Lemonade
     Ocean Reef                     Lime                    French Vanilla       Sandalwood             Margarita
   Paradise Island           Macintosh Apple                Hot Apple Pie         Sunflower          Orange Juice
         Rain                      Mango                       Licorice              Violet          Orange Soda
     Rain Forest                   Melon                    Lime Sherbet                              Pina Colada
       Sea Mist                  Mulberry                   Mounds Type                           Sex On The Beach
      Sea Spray                   Orange                       Nutmeg                             Strawberry Daiquiri
   Tropical Breeze                 Peach                   Nutty Explosion                          Tequila Sunrise
    Tropical Rain               Pear berry                 Orange Sherbet                             Vanilla Coke
     Bubble Gum                  Pineapple                 Peach Preserve
    Hawaiian Rain              Pomegranate              Peaches and Cream
  Hawaiian Breeze               Strawberry                  Peanut Butter
                            Sun Ripe Raspberry           Peanut Butter Cup
                                Tutti Frutti                 Peppermint
                               Watermelon                Pineapple Sherbet
                                Wild Berry                  Plum Pudding
                                                         Raspberry Sherbet
                                                             Spiced Pear
                                                       Strawberry Short Cake
                                                            Sugar Cookie
                                                           Summer Sorbet
                                                          Vanilla Hazelnut

                                            Pre Made Candles (14 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                        Our pie candles are home made with love. Fresh from Karla's Wax Kitchen!
                           Each pie will stand alone in a full wax shell. Or place it in a pie tin. Place
   candles on a flat fire proof container before burning. Never leave a candle unattended. Our pies can also be cut into
                                                  slices using a hot knife, Then
                          take out one slice at a time to burn each slice individually, leaving the rest
                                                          to look pretty!

                                  Our wicks are paper core and contain no harmful fumes or properties.

     Our gel candles are tested time and again for safety. We use only non-polar gel candle fragrances to assure your
                       Our Gel Candles are made of medium density high quality gel. Each candle
                       batch is tested for safety and quality before selling. Gel candles when made
   right with high flash point, scent, proper gel, and proper wicks and embeds are completely safe and a beautiful way
                                            to both scent and decorate your home.
                       We use only safe quality products in our candles. Our embeds will not bleed
                                        so the beauty of your candle will last for ages!

                                    Small pot pie size 5" $7.00 Large 9 1/2" $15.00

    Cherry Pie

     Peach Pie

    Very Berry Pie

  Apple Crumb Pie

       Pecan Pie (15 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

    Strawberry Pie

                                                 Drink Candles

                              Coke, Coke scented


                Cherry Coke: Cherry Coke Scented

                Vanilla Coke: Vanilla Coke Scented                        $5.00

     Sprite with a cherry. Sprite Scented with a hint of
                     Lemonade: Lemonade Scented                           $5.00

          Margarita With a lime: Margarita Scented                        $6.00

             Pink Lady: Strawberry Vanilla scented.

                 Blue Squirrel: Very Berry Scented
            Tequila Sunrise: Tequila Sunrise Scented

          Banana Daiquiri: Banana Daiquiri Scented.                       $6.00

               Martini With a olive. Vanilla Scented.                     $4.00 (16 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

      Fiery Gates of Hell. Made with glow gel! Flame
     shown is not an actual flame. Our very own Wild
                       Thing Scent!
   Strawberry Daiquiri. Strawberry Daiquiri Scented.                           $6.00

           Baby in the bathtub gel candle
                      8 oz of gel
             Scented with baby Powder
    all hand painted ceramic tub, duck and baby!
                     Reusable!!!                                                       $25.00

                Try our Easter Embeds! Only $4.00 Each Package!

                         Wax Easter Animal Assortment Baby
                         Lambs, Ducks, Bunnies. 20 embeds per                  $2.00
                                  package.1'2" tall

                                  Wax Easter Egg Assortment. 20
                                          1" long. 3d.

                                     Wax Crosses 10 1' tall.                   $2.00

                           Wax Jelly Beans! Assorted colors. 50
                             beans per PKG., 3d 1/4" long.

                           Wax Easter Embed Assortment from
                                 1" to 1 1'2" tall. (10)

                                                       Mineral Oil and Resin (17 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                    Our Mineral oil is a food grade white mineral oil which contains no harmful
      properties, odors, or colors. It is crystal clear and odor free! A quality which far surpasses any on the gel
                                                       market today!
                              Our resin is not cp9000 but a much higher quality thermo
                             plastic rubber. It takes only 30 lbs of our resin per 55 gallon
                               drum of oil to thicken the oil verses the cp-9000 taking 40
                            and still not thickening the oil as well! Why pay more for less
                                                   thickening properties!
                            Note please select freight shipping upon check out if ordering
                                            the 55 gallon drum or more of oil.
                    We sell mineral oil and resin, we are not responsible for what you do with it.
                     Remember Penreco has the patent on gel so we are not responsible if that is
                     what you are doing with the resin and oil you buy from us. Mineral oil and
                    resin both have many uses from making Vaseline, gel clear candle base and
                   much more! You can find many recipes on line to make a variety of things from
                                               mineral oil or resin or both!
                              1 gallon Mineral oil
                             5 Gallons Mineral oil
                            55 gallons Mineral Oil                                         $211.75
                                  1/2 lb resin                                               $2.78
                                    3 lb resin                                              $16.68
                                   30 lb resin                                             $129.30

                              THERE NOT TARTS! THERE SMELTS! TM@
                             WE CALL THEM SMELTS INSTEAD OF TARTS!

                  TART FOR A MUCH LOWER PRICE! (18 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                             THEY ARE


   our large smelts are 2 1/4" wide by 3/4" deep Approx. 3/4 oz. each tart will last 10 to
                      16 hours unlike the tarts which only last 8 - 10.
   our small smelts are approx. 1/4 oz. and measure 1 1/2 by 1/4" perfect for our small
                                        Special qualities found in our smelts?

   There are so many, for one each smelt when set up will easily slip out of the melt pot
       so you can change scents at any time and re use the old one at a later time.

                                           They have a greater scent throw.

                                      They last 2 to 3 times longer than tarts.

   only need a 7 watt light bulb instead of 20 or 25 watt! These bulbs you can buy for 2
       for a dollar! And think of how much safer and energy efficient they will be!
                             Our Smelts are $1.25 for a bag of 4 or $25.00 per 100.
                             SCENT                                            COLOR
                  BABY POWDER                                                BABY BLUE
                  BERRY-LICIOUS                                                 BLUE
                   BUBBLEGUM                                                POWDER PINK
                  CHERRY COKE                                               COLA BROWN
                   CHOCOLATE                                              CHOCOLATE BROWN
                  CITRUS CIRCUS                                               ORANGE
                HEAVENLY GARDEN                                                 GOLD
                   JELLY BEAN                                                  BLACK
                      LILAC                                                     LILAC
               MUSCADINE MADNESS                                               PURPLE
                      PEACH                                                    PEACH
                  RAIN FORREST                                                 GREEN
                      ROSE                                                   BURGUNDY (19 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                  SEX ON THE BEACH                                                      YELLOW
                     SMOKE OUT                                                      EMERALD GREEN
                    STRAWBERRY                                                            RED
                  TROPICAL BREEZE                                                   SEA FOAM GREEN
                       VANILLA                                                           WHITE
                                                   Electric or Melting pots
      Each pot is hand poured, painted, and carved. Your sure to
         enjoy our unique Original Southwestern Art Work!
      Our pots are specially designed to conduct the heat to where
             you need it. This allows use of a 7 watt bulb.
                            Small Pots: 15.99
                                                  Large Pots $19.99
                     Each pot comes with 4 free smelts!
            Large pot Gecco Style                 19.99
            Large Acoma Style Pot                 19.99
            Large Kokopelli Style                 19.99
             Small Melting Pots                   15.99
                                                         Pictures available soon.

                                            Fruits, Nuts, & Veggies Molds
     Our Plastic Molds are made of a strong plastic. Each sheet is approximately 8"x5" They will withstand around
                           150%-190% pouring temp. All of our plastic molds are $1.75 Each
                                                    Plastic Molds for Embeds:
                       For use with wax, food, gel, and soaps.To view larger pictures click on picture.
                    Cucumber Slice or mint patty, or wafer cookie.

                                  Asst Strawberry Mold

                                  Pumpkin, Corn , Carrot (20 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                   Apple, Pear, Banana, pineapple, orange, cherry

                              Cherry, Grapes, Strawberry



                                     Walnut Shell

                                                                  10      50 Pack   100 Pack
    Item Number                   Item Name
                                                    $1.20                  $5.00     $9.00
     Small Wicks 6" long3mm Base stem
              Melt Pool 3 1/2"

                                                                  10      50 Pack   100 Pack
    Wick Assortment Packs: with some of                          Pack
          each size wick we carry.                                93         94        95
                                                                 $1.20     $5.00      $9.00
                                                                  10      50 Pack   100 Pack
              Large 10" long wicks
                                                                  94         95        96
                Melt Pool 5 1/2"
                                                                  10      50 Pack   100 Pack
                                                                  97         98        99
             Large 6" Length Wicks
                                                                 $1.20     $5.00      $9.00
                                                                   10     50 Pack   100 Pack
           Medium 6" length Wicks:                               Pack
              5 1/4 " melt pool
                                                                  100      101        102 (21 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

          These are htp wicks size 104.                          $1.20                  $5.00                    $9.00
                                                                   10                  50 Pack                 100 Pack
           Medium 10" Length Wicks
                                                                  103                    104                     105
                                                                 $1.40                  $6.00                   $11.00
                                                                   10                  50 Pack                 100 Pack
               Medium votive wicks                               Pack
                                                                  108                     109                     110
       3" In height. up to 3" melt pool.
                                                                 $1.00                   $4.50                   $8.50

    These are not your every day wicks! Our wicks have a 210 % melt point wax to assure stiffness, and no melting of the wax to
   cloud the gel. They also have a 6 mm collar on the wick tabs to prevent the gel from burning to the bottom of the container and
  causing any heat over flow and bursting the container. They have no metal core and have no harmful properties. Our wicks are
                                                  safe to the environment and you!

                            B02 E-Book

    How to make Wax Embeds. This book contains over
       150 pages of fully color illustrated step by step
    instructions on making gel candles. Also has a color
                        mixing chart!
                        B01 E-Book

      How to make Gel Candles. Featuring full color                                          $7.95
  illustrations and form sheet for having in home parties.

                        Buy Direct
       How to Make Gel Candles That sell Like Wild Fire (22 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                                                        Order Form
           Item #                          Item Name                          Quantity            Price

                                                                             Sub Total

                                                                              $1.49 lb.
                                                               Mail orders to
                                                         Gelly Candle10 Rd 1768
                                                          Farmington NM 87401
                                                     Or call Monday Through Friday
                                              10:00 am to 5:00 Pm Mountain Standard Time
                                                      1-505-325-7579 or 1-215-3828
                                            You can order on line at (23 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]
Gelly Candle Full Color Catalog

                             Thank You for Shopping With Gelly CandleFor more information please call
                                                                  10 Rd. 1768
                                                          Farmington, NM 87401
   Type in CATALOG In our shopping cart coupon code box while ordering on line and receive a 15% discount on all products. Offer
                                                           last until April 20, 2003.
  By purchasing this catalog you are also entered into a drawing. 5 pre- selected random Catalog numbers have all ready been entered into
  our computer. If your order is the catalog number that has been selected you will receive 50% off your order up to $100.00. Make sure
                            you use CATALOG in the coupon box on our web site to be entered in the drawing.
           Winners will be posted on our web site unless you request not to be announced. We use First Names only and State. (24 of 24) [3/24/03 5:22:07 AM]

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