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					        Laugh Out Loud Mum’s Support Group                                           Most weeks ladies bring some knitting or crocheting to do, and
                                                                                     sometimes a new craft skill is shared. Occasionally we have a
                                                                                     cooking demonstration of healthy meal ideas, which children will
                          Known simply as L.O.L.                                     appreciate. The meeting time is informal and relaxed, which aids
Major Laura Radvanyi           Ulverstone Corps, Tasmania Division                   easy conversation. Sometimes the sharing is very personal and
                               Australia Southern Territory                          intense, but group members always respond in a positive, helpful
                                                                                     and supportive manner.
The need for this group was recognised when one of our
volunteers requested that she and a few friends be able to use the                   It is our desire that through this group we will be able to:
hall to meet and “chill-out” from the rigours of motherhood. The                          1. Support mums so they will be better able to cope
group was commenced and the name chosen by them – signifying                                  emotionally with the challenges and difficulties they face.
the freedom to share openly and honestly, being able to laugh at                          2. Improve parenting skills and capabilities.
mistakes, and permission to take time to sit back and enjoy                               3. Build bridges to other Salvation Army activities and
themselves in an otherwise stressful and challenging week.                                    meetings.
                                                                                          4. Our ultimate goal is their salvation.
The group basically meets to give emotional (and sometimes
physical) support to mums finding it difficult to cope with their                    We have found that the leader of this group should be someone
children/teenagers. Although not restricted, it seems to be                          who has undertaken counselling training, or is willing and able to
finding a niche with the mothers of older children and those                         do so.
raising their grandchildren. It is my observation that a lot of
younger mums find support through Play Group, but these                              A short thought or devotion concludes the afternoon.
mothers either have no preschool children or do not fit in with the
younger mum age group.

The meeting begins with lunch at 12:30pm and finishes about
2:45pm – when it is time to pick the children up from school.
The regulars bring something to contribute for a simple lunch,
usually sandwiches and sometimes soup. There is no charge, but
often those able to do so will make a small donation.

Informal sharing and “unloading” of the previous week’s traumas
usually happens over lunch and the chatting is fairly light and
easy. After lunch, topics might be picked up that were introduced
during lunch and discussed at a deeper level, or a speaker might
be asked to come in the following week to talk on the subject.

Australia Southern Territory                     January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups            Australia Southern Territory
             My Big Fat Greek Wedding Night                                       Competition

Major Michele Terracini        Tuggeranong Corps, ACT & South NSW Division            1. What is the capital of Greece?
                               Australia Eastern Territory
                                                                                      2. What is the name of the large sea that borders Greece on
                                                                                         the south?
Preparation                                                                           3. What is the name of the sea that separates Greece from
Send wedding style invitations to all ladies – ask the ladies to                         Turkey?
come dressed as a ‘Greek’ woman.
                                                                                      4. What is the name of the large Greek island south of the
Decorate the hall with a Greek flag, Greek poster and Greek                              mainland?
newspapers from the Greek Embassy or travel agents.                                   5. What is the name of the country that borders Greece on
                                                                                         the northwest (on the Ionian Sea)?
The best-dressed ‘Greek woman’ wins the DVD of “My Big Fat
Greek Wedding”.                                                                       6. What is the currency of Greece?
                                                                                      7. What are the colours of the Greek flag?
                                                                                      8. In what month were the Olympic Games held in Greece in
Traditional Greek Fare: Moussaka, Baklava, Dolmades and
Greek shortbread. Recipes can be found in the Women’s Weekly
Greek Cookbook and from Greek friends.                                                9. What year can the ancient Olympic Games be traced back
Outline                                                                               10. Name two popular Greek dishes.
Commence with a Greek Island tour (photos obtained from the
                                                                                      Answers to competition
A short competition about Greece.                                                     1. Athens    2. Mediterranean Sea    3. Aegean Sea
                                                                                      4. Crete 5. Albania       6. Drachma     7. Blue & White
Watch the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.                                           8. August     9. 776 BC       10. Moussaka & Baklava

Conclude with supper and judging of the best ‘Greek woman’.                       (Adapted from Working With Women Resource Manual, Australia Eastern
                                                                                  Territory, July-Dec 2005)

Devotions – Read 1 Corinthians 13 or have printed on a card for
the women to take home.

Cost: $5.00 per head – fundraiser for the Missionary Project.

Australia Southern Territory                  January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups            Australia Southern Territory
                                 Soap Savers                                                                     The Lion’s Den
Mrs Lorraine Adnams            Campbelltown Corps, South Australia Division          Wendy Claridge
                               Australia Southern Territory
                                                                                     What is “The Lion’s Den”?
In 1996 a group of ladies from the Campbelltown Salvation Army                       It’s our exciting new “Small Group” at Menai Salvos. It’s a
decided that it was time we lost some weight, and so was born                        small group full of ladies who wish to be smaller! It’s a weight-
our weight loss group. One of our ladies said she would not                          loss group with a difference, and we call it “The Lion’s Den”.
come to a group called “Weight Watchers” and so we set about
thinking up a name for the group. Another lady was heard to say,                     Why “The Lion’s Den”?
“I said to my husband, if we were to lose weight we could save a                     We feel that if God can shut up the mouths of hungry lions so that
fortune on soap as we wouldn’t have so much to wash!” And                            they didn’t eat Daniel … then God can also help us to shut our
there was born our name ‘Soap Savers’.                                               mouths when chocolate cake (or any other unnecessary but
                                                                                     deliciously tempting comestible) comes our way!
We were able to purchase a set of counterweight scales from a
disbanded weight watchers group at a really good price. These                        What makes this weight-loss group different?
scales give a much more accurate weigh than bathroom scales.                              It’s Biblically based
We charge $10.00 to join and $1.00 per week to weigh. Each                                There’s no diet plan involved
week the person to lose the most weight gets their dollar back,                           The accent is very much on prayer, fun, laughter and
and at the end of each month the ‘loser’ of the month wins $5.00                          mutual support
and a large basket of fruit.
                                                                                     How do we make it Biblically based?
At our meetings we discuss ways to lose weight, and at times do                           Our time together each week is, first and foremost, a time
exercise to aerobic videos. Toward the end of our first year it                           of Christian fellowship and support.
was announced in the Sunday morning meeting that we had a                                 We start with a time of prayer – for the group in general,
combined loss of 96kg! One very small lady in the meeting was                             and also for each other.
heard to say, “That’s two of me!” Over the years some of us                               Then we have a wonderful time of singing praise songs to
have backslidden a little, but we have found that by weighing                             God.
each week we are keeping our weight at a manageable level.                                We also end the meeting with more praise songs and
                                                                                          another time of prayer, perhaps for more specific needs
The best outcome of our group is that we have three ladies now                            that have become known during the course of our time
attending Home League and Women’s Fellowship, and one of                                  together in the meeting.
them has become an Adherent.

Australia Southern Territory                     January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups            Australia Southern Territory
Diet Plan?                                                                          enable us to live the happy, healthy, positive lives He
Our Lion’s Den has no specific diet regime. We are all different,                   intends for us.
and we all know by now which diets work for us and which
don’t. The “bottom line” (so to speak) for all diets is self-              Structure of the meeting
discipline. Therefore, some of us count calories and kilojoules,                  Pray together
some of us count carbs, some count grams of fat, one was just
                                                                                    Sing praise songs to our great God
doing the “Kick Start” diet, and some don’t count anything – they
are just more careful, and being part of the group helps them to be                 “Weigh in”. The scales are in a corner; no one needs to
more conscious during the week.                                                     know each other’s weight. If anyone wants to cheat,
                                                                                    that’s their own problem.
Our motto                                                                           Record your own weight and the date on your own card,
One of the ladies has come up with a perfect Bible verse for our                    and one lady keeps the cards in a special box she has
motto. She has had it printed and laminated with a magnet on the                    provided. Whoever loses the most weight during the
back of each one, so that we can all keep one on our fridge door.                   week gets to take home the “trophy” for the week – a silly
The motto: “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it                      fluffy miniature lion that roars when you squash it! (It
all for the glory of God” (1 Cor 10:31). Hopefully, this makes                      cost the vast sum of a whole dollar from the Salvo Family
us think now before we open the fridge door! And what we feel                       Store!)
is even more important: it reminds us that whatever we do needs
to be for God’s glory. We have also collected a list of Bible                       Have lunch together! We each bring our own lunch
verses to learn, one for each week. They are all to do with self-                   according to what is appropriate for our own specific diet
discipline and self-control, and with God’s help, we know that                      – the various different lunches are really interesting, and
they can keep us on track.                                                          ideas are shared. But more than that, it’s a time for
                                                                                    sharing laughter (or possibly tears) and it’s a safe place
Our Aim and Mission Statement                                                       for sharing anything and everything, with the firm
The leader of our group, Sharon, has come up with an A4 sheet                       understanding that nothing shared in confidence in the
for each of us, and on it is printed the aim of the group, and a                    group will go outside. Sometimes the burdens we need to
beautiful “mission statement”.                                                      lose are more than just extra kilos.
       Aim: As a group and individually, to focus more on God,                      Conclude the meeting with more prayer and more praise
       with prayer and support, to eventually see less of                           songs. I can’t think of a more positive way to leave a
       ourselves.                                                                   meeting that with hearts and minds filled with praise to
       Mission Statement: Meeting together at a regular time to                     God!
       share with each other any blessings or concerns, and
       encourage each other by joining in prayer and praise,               (Adapted from Working With Women Resource Manual, Australia Eastern
       confident that with God’s help we can work towards                  Territory, July-Dec 2005)
       losing weight, which will in turn – and in His time –

Australia Southern Territory           January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups             Australia Southern Territory
                          Women at the Well                                           going to meet a need and that the programme would be supported
                                                                                      before we started it officially. When we first commenced we
Major Rosslyn Casey            Adelaide Congress Hall, South Australia Division       gave out personal invitations to women at the corps.
                               Australia Southern Territory
                                                                                      Each member of the focus group was asked to pray for direction
Aim/purpose of the group                                                              regarding who the leader would be. The appointing of a leader,
Proverbs 11:25 – She who refreshes others will herself be                             and allowing that leader to select their own team was vital to
refreshed.                                                                            ensure the programme ran successfully. So much has depended
The aim was to create an avenue for women of all ages to come                         upon who the leader and team members are. We have a team,
together to have some “time out” and to pray, share the word and                      which involves women from different generations, with different
support one another. One of the aims was to fulfil a cross-                           gifts and abilities. The team leader is an experienced, mature
generational need in our church, specifically for                                     leader and there are six team members. The team meets monthly
women to share common experiences and to                                              for tea to organise and review the programme.
engender role modelling within our corps. We
meet on a Saturday morning from 10am –                                                Prayerful consideration, creativity and variety have been essential
12noon, once a month.                                                                 elements to the success of this group.
We have been intentional in creating an                                               How it works?
atmosphere of informality. We want our women                                          Structure
to feel relaxed, special and important. Each time                                     We are well organised with a set structure for each session that
we meet we have a specific theme, which runs                                          includes a time line. We aim to be intentional, yet informal and
throughout the whole of the activities. Some of                                       relaxed. We have set times so that the session does not drag and
the themes have been: Miracles & Memorials, Fruit of the Spirit,                      adequate time is given for each activity. This also means that the
and Encouragement. We try to achieve this by giving the women                         women get the most out of our time together.
a small gift each time, having a flower arrangement in the room,
lighting candles, serving coffee, and providing special tissues in                    Cost
the bathrooms. We try to add extra finishing touches. This is                         We have budgeted $500 for the year. Each session in total costs
easy for us to do, yet means so much to our women.                                    between $20-$50 dollars, however, this includes money spent on
                                                                                      finishing touches (such as flowers, brewed coffee, candles,
How we got started                                                                    special tissues etc) and a small gift for each person.
We started with a focus group of various ages in order to
determine whether the concept would be supported and whether                          Team Involvement
there was a need within the corps for this type of venture. We                        As previously mentioned, a team was hand picked by the leader
introduced concepts such as Resting in God, Hearing from God                          of Women at the Well. The team consists of six women of
and Soul Replenishment. We wanted to make sure we were

Australia Southern Territory                      January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups            Australia Southern Territory
varying ages. These women share the responsibility of leading            Example Outline
and organising Bible studies, sharing times and activities.
                                                                         10:00 – 10:20am            Informal chat
Logo                                                                                                Morning tea
One of our creative young women designed a full size origami                                        Name badges
                                                                         10:20 – 10:35am            Welcome – Introduction game
                                                                                                    Bags with rosemary, lemon, mint,
                                                                                                    cinnamon, lavender, rose petals. ‘Guess
                                                                                                    the fragrance.’

                                                                         10:35 – 10:50am            Recap – previous Women at the Well
                                                                                                    Two people to share:
                                                                                                         What I thought when I heard about
                                                                                                         Women at the Well – or my
                                                                                                         impressions on last time we met.
                                                                                                         Why I came today?

                                                                         10:50 – 10:55am            Introduction to today’s theme:
The desire for the group                                                                            “An aroma pleasing to God”
To support women in our corps and also build bridges between
ages. We aim to do this in a non-threatening way, by keeping the         10:55 – 11:00am            Transition into short Bible study
atmosphere relaxed and trying to make each woman feel special
and important.                                                           11:00 – 11:30am            Bible study in small groups
Anticipated Outcomes                                                     11:30 – 11:55am            Prayer:
Integration and Community.                                                                               Thanksgiving
Prayer support for various life issues relating to different age                                         Requests – prayer journals
Developing mentoring relationships: cross-generational ministry.         12:00noon                  Closing prayer
                                                                                                    Mother Teresa’s prayer

Australia Southern Territory         January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups               Australia Southern Territory
“An Aroma pleasing to God”                                                   Questions for thought and discussion
Anointing of Jesus’ feet by Mary                                               1. Can you recall four smells from your childhood that are
                                                                                   distinct and memorable? Share your memories.
John 12:1-8 (Mark 14:3-9, Matt 26:6-13)                                        2. Have you done anything as spontaneous as Mary’s act?
                                                                                   What was it?
Throughout the Old Testament it was common practice to offer a                 3. What was the reaction of those around Mary? What was
burnt offering, an aroma pleasing to the Lord. A sacrifice or                      Jesus’ response?
offering was primarily a gift to God. “Qoorban” – meaning                      4. What impresses you most about Mary’s act?
‘offering or gift’, is a term used by Leviticus, Numbers and                   5. How do you feel when you consider yourself as an
Ezekiel for all kinds of offerings. It is from the root qarabh,                    acceptable offering to the Lord?
which means “to bring near”. The gift/offering brings man near                 6. If you were Mary, what might Jesus say to you today?
to God. But it is not just man’s gift to God; it is also God’s gift to             What might you want to say to Jesus?
man, since in the sacrifice God has fellowship with man.                       7. What is the key impression/thought you will take away
                                                                                   with you today?
In the Old Testament bringing a burnt offering was a requirement
of God’s law – however it had no effect unless it was done in the            Read Ephesians 4:29 – 5:2 and 2 Corinthians 2:14-16
right spirit, in humility and transparency. The sacrifice was to be
no less than an outward expression of an inward and spiritual                Personal reflection:
attitude. “You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; you               Considering your own story – what might you need to
do not take pleasure in burnt offerings. The sacrifices of God are                 give over to God as an offering?
a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not                  When you think of Christ as a fragrant offering to God,
despise.” (Psalm 51:16,17)                                                         and yourself as “the aroma of Christ to God”, what is the
                                                                                   impact on you?
In the New Testament bringing a burnt offering was no longer a
requirement of God’s people. Jesus had become the acceptable                 “So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your
offering to God, and because of this all those who believed in               everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work
Him were a sweet fragrant offering to God. Mary’s act was                    and walking around life – and place it before God as an
motivated by love and devotion, with very little thought given to            offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing
her own needs. The very act of giving cost her something, but                you can do for Him.
there appears to be no thought of the cost. The gift/offering was                                               Romans 12:1 (The Message)
acceptable to Jesus even though those who witnessed it saw it as
being extravagant. Jesus received the gift and was pleased.

Australia Southern Territory             January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups         Australia Southern Territory
Mother Teresa’s Daily prayer                                                                             Life’s Sweet Aromas
                               “Radiating Christ”                                Tracy Ovalle & Captain Reta Hughes     USA Eastern Territory

Dear Jesus                                                                       Preparation
Help us to spread your fragrance everywhere we go. Flood our                     Fill vases with cut flowers that have a strong aroma so that their
souls with your Spirit and life. Penetrate and possess our whole                 fragrance fills the room. If fresh flowers are not in your January
being so utterly, that our lives may be a radiance of yours. Shine               budget, use scented candles surrounded by silk flowers.
through us and be so in us, that every soul we come in contact
with may feel your presence in their soul. Let them look up and                  Refreshments
see no longer us, but only Jesus. Stay with us, and then we shall                To reinforce the theme, bake chocolate chip cookies during the
begin to shine as you shine, so to shine as to be a light to others.             programme, so that the aroma fills the room. Serve them
The light, O Jesus will be all from you; none of it will be ours. It             following the devotional.
will be you shining on others through us. Let us thus praise you
in the way you love best, by shining on those around us. Let us                  Outline
preach you without preaching, not by words but by example, by                    Guess the Scent
the catching force, the sympathetic influence of what we do; the                 Place items with strong aromas in unmarked containers. Use fruit
evident fullness of the love our hearts bear to you.                             – oranges, lemons, strawberries, or vegetables – onions, garlic,
                                                                                 cucumbers, or use scented candles or lotions. Have each person
Amen.                                                                            smell the containers and try to identify the items. Use scented
                                                                                 candles or bath products as prizes.

                                                                                 Scents of the Past
                                                                                 Have each woman share a scent that reminds her of a past
                                                                                 memory, such as baking cookies with Grandma. Encourage the
                                                                                 women to think of funny stories, fond memories or even life-
                                                                                 altering events.

                                                                                 Craft Ideas
                                                                                 Scented Soaps
                                                                                 Most craft stores sell kits to make scented soaps, which are fairly
                                                                                 easy to use.

Australia Southern Territory                 January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups            Australia Southern Territory
Scrapbook Pages                                                           sang, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” for the spring
Scratch and sniff stickers are still available. Have the women            concert, she made me stand in the front row. Even now as an
create a scrapbook page using a photo and stickers in the scent           adult, every time I smell perm solution I find myself singing,
that reminds them of that particular event. Encourage women to            “The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that
tell the story behind the photo somewhere on the page. If they do         tomorrow…” For me that is a funny memory. But some scents
not have a scrapbook, the page can be displayed in a frame.               evoke more serious or trying times in our lives.

A ‘Scent-sational’ Scrambler                                              During early Roman times, a conquering general would bring
Scrambled Words            Answer                                         back treasures and captives to display in a triumphal entry from
1. bytrsarwer              Strawberry                                     the battlefield. They burned incense to their gods during these
2. tnccoou                 Coconut                                        processions to express victory for some, and defeat for others.
3. minacnno                Cinnamon
4. oerss                   Roses                                          2 Corinthians 2:14 states, “But thanks be to God, who always
5. woisbner                Brownies                                       leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us
6. eholcaoct ipch koiocse  Chocolate chip cookies                         spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.”
7. mfpeeru                 Perfume                                        Christ leads us to triumph throughout our lives. Our witness to
8. plpea ipe               Apple pie                                      His enabling power is the sweet incense that burns for the entire
9. scnaatoirn              Carnations                                     world to see. To some that aroma is a sweet scent and they
10. stsrihacm seret        Christmas trees                                accept Christ’s gift of salvation. To others, it is a foul odour that
                                                                          they reject. But no matter how the message we bring is received,
An aroma                                                                  verse 15 says “For we are to God the aroma of Christ among
Award a prize to the woman who can make the most words                    those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”
beginning with the letters in the word “aroma”. These must be
items having a smell or words that are associated with an aroma.          Being a sweet aroma so that others will sense the presence of
For example: apple, roses, oranges, odour, mangos, mouthwash,             Christ is a great responsibility and as outlined in verse 16 “…who
algae, aerosol.                                                           is equal to such a task?” What an awesome job to share the
                                                                          sweet aroma of Christ with the world. How can we complete
The Aroma of Christ                                                       such a task? The answer comes in 2 Corinthians 3:5, “Not that
Scents are all around us. Some are good and some bad. Many                we are competent in ourselves…but our competence comes from
evoke memories from our childhood. I remember getting my first            God.” He will give us the words to say and will help us
permanent when I was about 12 years old. The smell was horrid             overcome our feelings of inadequacy to reach others in His
and seemed to last for days. My hair was brown with reddish               Name. When we serve Christ wholeheartedly, we become a
highlights and was cut short. Of course, the perm made it curl            sweet aroma to the world.
tightly all over my head. I had a strange resemblance to Little
Orphan Annie. My school chorus teacher agreed and when we                 (Adapted from Women’s Ministries Resources, USA Territory, 2005/2006)

Australia Southern Territory          January – June 2006: Focus Groups   January – June 2006: Focus Groups                Australia Southern Territory
                           Coffee in the Mall
Captain Beverley Demopoulos      Parafield Gardens Corps
                                 South Australia Division
                                 Australia Southern Territory

Coffee in the Mall is a fairly unstructured group. However it is a
great way to invite anyone along for a coffee, and to meet people
from the corps. The whole purpose is to establish friendships in a
place where outreach can happen, and where everyone feels quite
comfortable. During time spent over coffee, conversation often
flows freely, and experiences, pains and joys are all shared.

No fund-raising is required as each person is responsible for the
expense of their own order. Many coffee places offer customer
reward cards, i.e. buy so many coffees, and you receive one free.
We have chosen one of these outlets. People can do their
groceries, pay bills, go to the post office etc before or after their
coffee without having to drive anywhere else. This activity suits
all ages and if there are those with children, some coffee shops
also have a play area. Coffee shops and malls are open at all
hours, so this could be done at a convenient time for any group
within the corps.

The main goal of this activity is to build relationships in a
comfortable environment. A lot of people who would not come
to our corps buildings are provided with an opportunity to meet
the ‘Salvos’. Just as Jesus went amongst the people, it is
important for us to do the same; otherwise the only other time
they meet us is when we are collecting.

Coffee in the Mall has provided us with a great opportunity to
share our faith, who we are, and why we exist. Down the track
we hope to link these people with other groups in the corps, and
then into the congregation. Every opportunity for Jesus is vital.

Australia Southern Territory               January – June 2006: Focus Groups

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