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                         C O N N E C T I N G              W I T H      C U S T O M E R S

         nce again, Alta has added two of the industry’s most           Throne made nice TPI gains almost entirely on a markedly
         interesting new release Holstein bulls with the                improved Productive Life rating. This calving ease sire moves
         November US sire summaries. Along with nice                    back up over the 1600 TPI list as a result.
improvements for several bulls adding second and third
lactation daughters and the addition of a couple of bulls to the        Other Alta sires in the news include Norrielake Acclaim who
high-ranking, high reliability list and Alta is well positioned to      added 45 TPI points to his high component proof. Improved
continue on its growth trajectory in the coming months.                 overall type ratings and a nice jump on Productive Life are the
                                                                        source for this improvement. Another CheeseMaker bull
Most notably with this summary a pair of very balanced new              activated in August, Sikkema-Star-W M Money, made
release sires, Latuch Rolex and Sandy-Valley Granado, make              improvements to all type and production ratings with the
the line-up stronger. Both sires transmit very desirable type,          addition of more daughters. Meanwhile, long lasting daughters
production and components in a high TPI/NM$ package. Sired              push Dixie-Lee Destin to the ultra high Productive Life rating of
by the golden cross of Marty on Bellwood, Rolex follows on the          3.8, providing him with a 50 point TPI boost. Altagen Lotto, the
heels of Altagen Smarty as the second high impact, calving              Skychief son from Acme Star Lily gains significant production and
ease Marty son developed by Alta. Granado on the other hand,            moves to triple-two type status.
delivers slightly higher milk with solid type and udders, and
exceptional feet and legs. Both bulls easily exceed the 1600 TPI        With large additions of newly evaluated daughters, both
threshold and are potential top 25 sires.                               Lexvold Luke Hershel and Ricecrest Marshall have confirmed
                                                                        their elite first crop assessments, moving into the 99% reliability
While strong new performers are essential for the health of any AI      category with Dixie-Lee Aaron. In fact, Aaron and Marshall are
organization, bulls that continue to improve are also extremely         now the two highest ranked 99% reliable US sampled bulls for
welcome. Timlynn Adam is a good example, continuing to                  TPI with global availability. Meanwhile Kregnol Mandel Cevis
make headway with another 34 point TPI gain this round. Extra           has begun adding second crop daughters and moves up slightly
milk, fat and protein and especially another nice gain on               on type.
Productive Life are the reason why. This calving ease sire also
boasts a 90% reliability level. Timlynn Throne, the phenomenal          A few weeks ago with the early release of Canadian sire
type improver from the Dellia family, boasts even higher reliability    summaries, Altagen Smarty moved into the top 5 for LPI in
– he has nearly 200 milking daughters with 151 in his type proof!       Canada. In the Netherlands Lucky Leo son, De Crob Dynasty*cv,
                                                                                                    moves into 3rd position on the DPS
                                                                                                      list, while Lucky Mike, another
                                                                                                      Lucky Leo son not yet available in
                                                                                                      North America is immediately the
                                                                                                      top type sire among the Dutch
                                                                                                      top 100. In Germany, there is no
                                                                                                      update published in November,
                                                                                                      so Lancelot and Ramos continue
                                                                                                      to be top-5 ranked bulls there.
                                                                                                      And with Jauquet-Soukup
                                                                                                      Conquest, a new US release who
                                                                                                      easily attains top-10 NM$ status,
                                                                                                      Alta again has top ranked bulls in
                                                                                                      4 separate proving environments
                                                                                                      to offer dairymen. More diversity
                                                                                                      for every part of the marketplace –
                                                                                                      that’s what Alta delivers!
~ ARE YOU AT RISK?                                                                                       Article by Stace Wills,
                                                                                               Alta’s Manager of New Products

  t’s no secret. Unsafe levels of antibiotic residues in the food     For example, Cephapirin is the drug family for such popular
  chain are a bad thing. Not only are these residues a threat to      brands of mastitis therapies including Today and Tomorrow
  public safety, but they also affect the integrity of the quality    (Ft. Dodge). The FDA Tolerance or “Safe Level” for Cephapirin
and flavor of the milk products that dairy producers work so          is 20 ppb. That means that the regulators will approve your
hard to supply. That is why North American regulators                 milk sample if the result shows drug residues less than 20 ppb.
mandate that milk processors must test for certain residues at        Charm SL tests at 13.7 ppb, which is within 69% of the Safe
the plant level to ensure that such contaminated product does         Level. Alternative tests, such as Idexx Laboratories’ “SNAP”
not enter the food chain. Like the processor, the dairy               and DSM’s “Delvo P”, are considerably more sensitive. SNAP is
producer must also assume a share of responsibility for               within only 17.5% (3.5 ppb) of the Safe Level. Delvo P is within
ensuring the quality and safety of our milk supply and must           only 35% (7 ppb).
manage the risks accordingly.

The financial risks to the producer are obvious. They include
the cost of having to dump your tank as well as having to pay
for your neighbors’ load. More importantly, there are risks to
your livelihood, such as potentially losing your milk license and
the impact on your farm’s hard-earned reputation. And here’s
something else you might not have known: if your on-farm
drug test is not the same test that your processor is using at the
plant, then you are at a much greater risk of discarding a safe
load unnecessarily in the event of a positive reading. Here’s
why: over one half of the milk processing plants in the U.S. use      If you use SNAP or Delvo to test for Cephapirin on farm, but
the Charm SL test (manufactured by Charm Sciences Inc. of             your processor uses the less sensitive Charm test, then you
Lawrence, Massachusetts) to screen for antibiotic residues. In        could be dumping milk needlessly. You could test positive on
some states, over 90% of the processors are testing with              farm (for example: 10 ppb) but your processor considers the
Charm.                                                                load to be safe, since it tests below the 13.7 ppb set by
It comes down to a factor called “test sensitivity”. Sensitivity
is measured by the amount of drug residue in parts per billion        Dairy producers are in the business of managing risk. Using the
(ppb) that a test will detect. If the test is too sensitive, it may   same test as your milk buyer just makes sense – and it could
yield a positive (or “false violative”) result. If the test is not    save you a lot of money!
sensitive enough, it will give a false negative and will not be
                                                                      Born and raised on a farm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Stace is
approved by the regulators. The more sensitive the test, the          Alta’s Manager of New Products. He has over 10 years
greater the odds that you would be discarding milk                    experience in the analysis of new technologies and has been
unnecessarily!                                                        employed with Alta for two years.
                                                               Article by Dr. Chet Rawson, Alta Field Fertility Specialist

     his issue I would like to write about lameness and            Laminitis caused by mechanical insult is the result of too
     reproductive performance. As the number of lame               much standing or walking time on very hard surfaces
     cows increases in a herd for whatever reason,                 (cement). This results in a sinking of the live tissues within
reproduction suffers. This is due to a variety of factors;         the hoof shell which leads to tissue separation. This
lameness affects condition and intakes, mobility, estrus           problem becomes worse for cows in the periparturient
expression and increases stress. These are all negatives to        period (about three weeks pre-fresh to about three
efficient reproduction.                                            weeks post-fresh) because of an overall relaxation of the
                                                                   ligaments throughout the body. Ligaments in the birth
The causes of bovine lameness can be sorted into three             canal relax to allow expansion of the passage at birth.
groups; infectious, injury and laminitis.                          This is not a selective process and supporting ligaments
                                                                   of the hoof are also affected. It is essential that animals in
Infectious causes are essentially two: foot rot and hairy          this period have an opportunity and a place to rest
heel wart. Both of these conditions will increase with             comfortably.
greater cow densities and dirty environments. The old
statement about “Dry – Clean – Comfortable” applies for            Overall rating of herd mobility or locomotion is receiving
these two causes. Foot baths with antibiotic, copper               some attention. The concept is that locomotion scoring
sulfate or formaldehyde have proven to be of value in              will not only give us a measure of herd lameness, but
controlling these conditions. More serious cases should            when done on a regular basis and in a consistent manner
be treated individually. There is now a vaccine available          it will allow for evaluation of an improvement or decline
that is seeing some use in the industry.                           in herd lameness. Good detailed information on
                                                                   locomotion scoring can be found with a Google Search
Lameness from injury may occur due to stall design and             at www.vetmed.wisc.edu searching for locomotion.
maintenance, walking surfaces or rough handling. If there
are an increased number of injuries causing lameness on a
dairy the underlying causes should be identified and               FEET & LEG CHOICES - Genetics Play a Role
                                                                   Rear Leg Rear View                  Foot Angle
Lameness due to laminitis is caused by nutritional insult          ____________________                ____________________
(acidosis) and / or mechanical insult to the hoof structure.
The lesion of laminitis is a partial separation of tissues         Aaron              +3.82            Aaron             +3.25
within the claw leading to hemorrhage, white line                  Dante*cv           +3.44            Market            +3.01
separation and abcessation.                                        Destin             +3.17            Throne            +2.82
                                                                   Lotto              +3.08            Destin            +2.68
Proper ration balancing, ration mixing, ration delivery,           Bingo              +2.80            Coronation*cv     +2.54
consistent intakes and rumen adaptation will help to               Throne             +2.69            Bridge            +2.54
reduce rumen acidosis or subacute rumen acidosis.                  Rolex              +2.65            Butch*cv          +2.33
Acidosis in the cow causes swelling of the live tissue of          Cevis              +2.40            Lotto             +2.33
the hoof which is encased in a rigid hoof shell. This
                                                                   Dynasty*cv         +2.40            Nuclear*cv        +2.27
swelling causes some separation of live tissue from horny
tissue with resultant laminitis.                                   Elway              +2.37            Granado           +2.20
 A         re difficult calvings costing you money? Why not talk to your Alta sales representative today
           about incorporating Calving Ease sires (listed below) into your breeding program.                                                             SCE = Sire Calving Ease
                                                                                                                                                     MCE = Maternal Calving Ease

BullCode         BullName             Sire               TPI    NM    PTAM      %P     PTAP      %F   PTAF   R%      PL      SCS    SCE     MCE    PTAT      UDC        FLC

11HO5183         Adam                 Rudolph           1676   591    1649     0.06      63   -0.14    25    90     2.9     2.95     6       5     1.69     2.12      1.32
11HO6030         Conquest             Manfred           1625   643    2327     0.01      70   -0.04    74    77     2.5     3.02     7       6     0.27     0.37     -0.07
11HO5284         Throne               Formation         1618   471    1108     0.03      40   -0.06    26    94     2.5     3.00     8       7     2.47     2.82      2.43
11HO5929         Ally                 Manfred           1604   590    1269     0.06      52    0.20    96    91     2.1     3.33     5       6     1.03     1.25     -0.09
11HO6016         Smarty               Marty             1560   508    1392     0.03      50    0.08    69    81     1.0     3.16     8       8     1.42     1.55      1.04
11HO5549         Merchant             Wade              1525   373    1462    -0.03      36   -0.12    24    90     1.0     2.96     8       7     2.61     2.86      1.48
122HO1443        Froemming            Winchester        1519   519    1636     0.04      57    0.07    78    87     0.1     3.13     7       6     0.73     1.10      0.61
11HO6008         Biz                  Terry             1470   380    1849    -0.01      53   -0.07    48    90     0.5     3.16     8       6     1.62     0.52      0.83
11HO5778         Original             Formation         1456   418    1927    -0.02      53   -0.16    29    87     0.7     3.03     7       7     1.51     1.02      0.77
11HO5784         Define               Mattie            1424   424    1171     0.02      39    0.06    58    86     0.5     2.92     7       6     1.23     0.69      1.09
11HO5822         Daron                Aaron             1390   318    1125     0.00      34   -0.13     8    88     0.9     3.04     6       8     1.77     2.56      1.76
11HO4272         Dante*cv             Elton             1384   318     149     0.05      16    0.12    33    99     0.7     2.96     8       7     2.27     2.55      1.96
11HO5534         Elway                Formation         1347   289    1340    -0.03      32   -0.10    24    86     0.0     3.09     8       6     1.81     1.67      1.93
11HO5546         Karat                Formation         1316   311    1438    -0.05      30   -0.14    17    91     0.0     2.77     7       8     1.62     1.77      0.34
11HO5454         Four Star            Formation         1307   309    2117    -0.04      51   -0.16    36    94     0.0     3.33     7       8     0.54     0.70      0.40
Averages............................................ 1481      431    1464     0.01      45   -0.04    43    89     1.0     3.06    7.1 6.7       1.51      1.57      1.05

I n 2002 Alta launched Cheese Maker and with each subsequent proof round the Cheese Maker lineup continues
  to get stronger. We feel confident that there isn’t a better alternative anywhere. If you want high component sires
 that offer strong type improvement as well, Cheese Maker is the solution you’ve been looking for.

BullCode           Name               Sire              TPI    PTAM     %P    PTAP      %F    PTAF    R%      PL      NM$     CFP         PTAT    UDC         FLC        CE
11HO5863         Utah                Mattie            1540    2335    0.04    79      0.01    86     89     -0.5    505      165         0.57    0.14     -0.33          9
11HO6893         Dynasty*cv Lucky Leo                  1656    1371    0.12    69      0.13    82     83      0.5    554      151         1.34    0.61      1.62         10
11HO5929         Ally                Manfred           1604    1269    0.06    52      0.20    96     91      2.1    590      148         1.03    1.25     -0.09          5
11HO6030         Conquest            Manfred           1625    2327    0.01    70     -0.04    74     77      2.5    643      144         0.27    0.37     -0.07          7
11HO6671         Motion              Mattie            1575    1872    0.03    62      0.05    80     85      0.1    522      142         1.13    1.14      0.34         10
122HO1421        Money               Mattie            1614    2160    0.03    71     -0.04    69     83     -0.9    493      140         1.47    1.59      0.57         11
122HO1443        Froemming Winchester                  1519    1636    0.04    57      0.07    78     87      0.1    519      135         0.73    1.10      0.61          7
11HO5718         Stanford            Mattie            1505    1633    0.05    62      0.04    70     80     -0.1    494      132         0.73    0.46      0.55          7
11HO5696         Booker              Mattie            1576    1423    0.08    61      0.06    65     87      1.7    520      126         0.98    0.76      0.73         11
11HO7181         Kermit              Lukas             1561     613    0.13    50      0.21    73     82      1.3    479      123         1.45    1.23      1.50         10
122HO1309        Duncan              RC Matt           1532    2056   -0.02    55     -0.03    67     89      1.1    463      122         1.22    0.75      1.42          8
11HO6116         Rolex               Marty             1638    1593    0.06    62      0.00    57     80      0.7    525      119         1.84    2.06      1.01          8
11HO6016         Smarty              Marty             1560    1392    0.03    50      0.08    69     81      1.0    508      119         1.42    1.55      1.04          8
11HO5889         Acclaim             Mattie            1574    1210    0.10    60      0.02    49     89      1.4    537      109         1.11    1.58     -0.06          9
11HO5815         Granado             Manfred           1630    1988   -0.01    56     -0.09    50     85      2.4    534      106         1.60    1.33      2.04          9
122HO1354        Forrest             Duster            1574    1480    0.02    50     -0.03    47     80      2.5    499       97         1.54    0.97      1.13         10
Averages............................................   1580    1647    0.05    60      0.04    70     84      1.0    524      130         1.15    1.06      0.75          9
The Charm SL (Safe Level) Family of                                                            Buy now and
Drug Residue Testing Products:                                                                 receive up to
                                                                                              $150.00 of Alta
 • Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA) Incubators                                                     semen credits.
 • Charm SL Test Kits:     ∆ Beta Lactams
                           ∆ Tetracycline
                           ∆ Sulfadimethoxine / Sulfamethazine
                           ∆ Aflatoxin

Why Charm SL?
 • The Test of Choice for North American Milk Processors
 • Saves milk by matching closer to regulatory safety tolerance limits;
   use SL to avoid discarding “safe”milk
 • Easiest test to use – result in only 8 minutes, one-step “walk-away” test
 • Test your bulk tank or individual cows: increase the size of
   your milk check by releasing cows for milking more quickly
                                                                                           Ask us about the
                                                                                           ROSA Reader
Now available through your local Alta Rep., or                                             --on-farm, digital
in the US call AltaXpress at 1-800-426-3687 ext. 229
in Canada call 1-800-465-8858 ext. 236

    www.altagenetics.com                             Manufactured by
                                                     Charm Sciences Inc. of Lawrence, MA
           FROM SMARTY’S FAMILY                                                  FROM TITANIC’S FAMILY

              ALTAGEN RUDOLPH SHARON                                                  ALTAGEN FORMATION TAB
               VG-87 CAN VG-88 USA 6 YR                                                      VG-86 CAN 5 YR
      5-08 P305D M13364 F581 4.3% P432 3.1% kgs                             4-11 P305D M18409 F718 3.9% P571 3.1% kgs
                   29401 1278           950     lbs                                       40500 1580           1256    lbs
            Pedigree: 7 Generations of VG or EX                                    Pedigree: 4 Generations of VG or EX

           ]âáà t yxã Éy ÉâÜ Ätàxáà tww|à|ÉÇáAAA

          ALTA I CONVINCER NITA                        ALTA HERSHEL CARMONY                           ALTA HERSHEL JEMSTONE
           VG-85 CAN VG-87 USA 2YR                        GP-84 CAN GP-83 USA 2YR                       GP-81 CAN GP-81 USA 2YR
2-01 305D M12344 F494 4.0% P401 3.2% kgs        2-00 P305D M11639 F396 3.4% P348 3.0% kgs     01-10 P305D M12892 F446 3.5% P394 3.1% kgs
           27157 1087        882     lbs                     25606 871          766   lbs                  28362 981          867    lbs
     Pedigree: 4 Generations VG & EX              Pedigree:6 Generations of VG & EX             Pedigree: 4 Generations of VG & EX

The above noted cows plus many more are available through our Altagen program.
These cows are housed at Coopon Flora’s 200 cow free stall in Ontario, Canada.
Coopon boasts #3 LPI status for all herds in Canada with a herd average of
M12,255 440F 3.6% 371P 3.0% - BCA 302-286-284.

WE HAVE A LARGE SELECTION OF EMBRYOS                                                               R.R. 2 Balzac, Alberta, Canada T0M 0E0
FROM THESE FAMILIES AND OTHER ALTA                             For full donor and embryo listings visit our website at www.altagenetics.com
LEADING LADIES BY TOP CANADIAN & US SIRES.                      or CONTACT: Lexi Wright = lwright@altagenetics.com PH#403-226-4291 or
                                                                              Roger Turner = rturner@altagenetics.com PH#519-836-6898
                                                    ne of the real benefits of Alta’s ConceptPlus fertility
                                                    data is that valuable data is returned within 3 months
                                                    of graduating a bull to the marketing list. For
                                          example, Carters-Corner Ally was activated in August and
The ConceptPlus designation is based      three months later with nearly 900 services, it is already clear
on actual Pregnancy rates – which is a    that he is among Alta’s very best for settling cows. Providing
much better measure than Non-Return       early feedback on newly released bulls can work both ways.
Rates.                                    Advantage young sire data being collected provides a very
                                          early feed back mechanism long before a bull would ever be
                                          considered for marketing purposes. Furthermore, the
                                          ConceptPlus data has already been used to remove marketing
                                          bulls from Alta’s active sire listing.

                                          Several new bulls have demonstrated their strong fertility
                                          performance over the summer months. Not only Ally, but,
                                          Acclaim, Utah and Money and Nuclear clearly deserve the
         ConceptPlus Sires                ConceptPlus designation as well. The result is an expanded list
                           Observations   of ConceptPlus choices. What’s more, AgriTech Analytics
                                          (ATA) in California has also recently released a fertility
   11HO5929    Ally              898
                                          evaluation that’s based on the same basic statistical model as
   11HO5889    Acclaim           433      ConceptPlus. Not surprisingly, the ATA system agrees quite
  122HO1273    Andy           10,904      well with Alta’s in-house results.
   11HO5086    Blastoff        3,641
   11HO5071    Boss            8,419      With each proof update, the
                                          ConceptPlus evaluation
  122HO1309    Duncan         14,251
                                          data is becoming more
   11HO5454    Four Star      11,904      sought after by
   11HO6643    Jacob           5,606      producers who have
  122HO1342    Jevon           1,854      seen that selecting
   11HO5546    Karat           4,153      from the list does
                                          make a difference
   11HO7181    Kermit            790
                                          on fertility
   11HO4662    Marshall       42,326      performance in their
  122HO2070    Mentor         13,881      herd. It’s a difference
   11HO4658    Mitchell       10,624      that can help reduce
                                          days open and calving
  122HO1421    Money             634
                                          interval and deliver
   11HO5240    Nuclear           849      improved profitability
   11HO5284    Throne         16,839      to your dairy.
   11HO5486    Tomahawk       19,449
   11HO5683    Utah              672
          A HIT WITH
    ALTA CUSTOMERS                                                         Buy Direct and Save!

  n November 2002 Alta Genetics introduced a convenient and innovative way for producers to
  save time and money. AltaXpress was designed to offer existing and new customers the
  opportunity to make one simple phone call for instant dairy semen ordering. No hassle, no waiting
– and the opportunity to save money!

AltaXpress was designed to complement Alta’s existing sales force. Alta sales representatives
provide exceptional service and breeding advice and the addition of Field Fertility Specialists and
Large Herd Specialists to the growing Alta team demonstrates a commitment to provide more than
just exceptional genetic products.

Still, many dairy producers do not need to see their AI representative on a monthly basis. Some
prefer to deal with semen purchases when it’s convenient for them. Others want to order semen on
a just-in-time basis to reduce the capital tied up in inventory. For these and other reasons, more and
more producers are using the AltaXpress call center – and they are saving money by doing so.

The long-standing AI delivery model can be a costly way to do business. With the opportunity to
save money, dairy producers appear ready to embrace this new, efficient and personalized
approach. “I chanced upon Xpress from Alta’s advertising,” says John Brubaker of Knott-Run
Holsteins in Buhl Idaho. “I am the kind of person that likes to try new things. I called the 1-800
number, and within 2 days FedEx delivered my order and also picked up the tank to be returned. It
was an excellent buying experience”.

Alta Genetics has established the AltaXpress concept precisely for producers like John who know
what they want. So what about John’s local Alta rep? “I like my Alta rep,” explains John, “but my
operation is more suited to calling and getting what I want at my own time.” Of course not all dairy
producers want to fore-go the personal service and expert advice that an Alta sales representative
can offer. The AltaXpress option is designed to free up more time for sales representatives, so that
increased attention can be devoted to customers who value the
advice and additional services offered. Alta officials are quick to
point out, however, that dairies using the Xpress service should
feel comfortable knowing that when the need arises their Alta Rep
is still, just a call away.

For Holstein semen call1-800-426-3687 ext. 229
For Jersey semen call 1-800-426-3687 ext. 227

Buy Direct and Save!
  t isn’t every proof round that Alta has the privilege of graduating two new, extremely well balanced bulls to global dairy
  customers. After all, there are just a handful of bulls each proof round breaking into the ranks with at least +1600 TPI. For Latuch
  Rolex and Sandy-Valley Granado, a pleasing balance of type with production creates early optimism that indeed, two new high
impact sires have joined the Alta marketing list.

                                                                    Just three months ago bulls like Altagen Smarty and Sandy-
                                                                    Valley Butch*cv signaled the early success of Ricecrest Marty as
                                                                    a sire of sons. Now Rolex too demonstrates it. Bred from a high
                                                                    protein family noted for long framey cows that do it on their
                                                                    own in a no-nonsense, well-run commercial environment, Rolex
                                                                    represents the fortuitous cross of Marty’s width and udders on
                                                                    Bellwood’s production, dairyness and frames. Rolex’ Bellwood
                                                                    dam is in turn backed by VG daughters of Aerostar and Ned
                                                                    Boy. Rolex also has VG-89 and VG-86 point full sisters to
                                                                    emphasize the logic behind the mating.

                                                                    Alta Rolex Laddie

Rolex daughters are tall and upstanding with wide rumps and shallow, shapely udders that carry both extremely high and wide in
the rear and are smoothly attached in the fore. Rolex daughters also track extremely well – in fact he is among Alta’s very best bulls
for Rear Legs Rear View. Rolex has already been designated a CheeseMaker bull with strong protein expression and breakeven fat
percent leading to nearly +120 lbs of combined fat and protein (CFP). Rolex is also a calving ease sire. With all of these attributes
it is expected that Rolex will quickly gain favor with Alta customers.

Sandy-Valley Granado is another new CheeseMaker addition, delivering +106 lbs CFP and
nearly +2000 lbs milk. Granado hails from three generations of Excellent dams from the
                                              famous type-transmitting Gidget family.
                                              Gidget, also the dam of Miklin Luke Glenn,
                                              has established herself as among the
                                              noted brood cows in the US with
                                              numerous EX daughters to her credit,
                                              including Granado’s Slocum dam.                       Miklin Mascot Gidget EX-92-2E
                                              Interestingly, Gidget’s best daughter may                   Grandam of Granado
                                              well be Sandy-Valley Manf Gidget EX-90,
                                              demonstrating the merits of the Manfred
                                              cross on this exceptional udder family.

                                               Granado sires medium sized cows that
                                               exhibit a nice combination of strength and
     Spring Grove Granado 4722                 dairyness. He can be counted on to
                                               transmit beautiful textured udders with a
deep cleft and teats right under the quarter. Most notably, Granado is a feet and leg
specialist. His daughters walk on exceptional feet and they track extremely well. Expect
hard-working long-wearing profitable cows from this exciting new release.                        Sandy-Valley Manf Gidget EX-90
                                                                                                      Sister to Granado’s dam
SPRING GROVE DAIRY:                                                                                    “Our mission statement…Spring Grove
                                                                                                       Dairy was built from a vision based on
                                                                                                       diversified resources, experience and

                                                                                                       backgrounds combined with modern
                                                                                                       technology to create an environment for
                                                                                                       cows to be healthy, productive, and

                                                                                                       profitable........we don't just milk cows,
                                                                                                       we produce food and we do this with the
                                                                                                       best interest of our community, family,

          ith Spring Grove Dairy nestled into the heart of
                                                                                                       staff and guests in mind.” states Dan
          the flat lands of southern Green County,
                                                                                                       Monson, managing partner of Spring
          Wisconsin, Dan and Mary Monson and their 4                                                   Grove Dairy, Brodhead, Wisconsin.
children, Justin, Phillip, Adam and Anna are no strangers              Article by
to this area. And Dan, a previous Landmark                             Kelli Cull,
Genetics/Alta Genetics Inc. employee, knows the A.I.                   Alta Advantage               Ally 4643
business well. Receiving his A.I. training with Carnation              Consultant
Genetics in 1980, Dan was a herd manager at a dairy in                                                                                   Ally 4643
                                                                       Original 4751
Wisconsin that used Landmark Genetics’ proven bulls
and was active on their young sire program. This
opened his eyes to what Alta had to offer in terms of
products and programs. Dan accepted an opportunity
to work with Landmark in southwest Wisconsin and then
as a District Sales Manager in the south San Joaquin
Valley of southern California, a position he held until            Laurier 4766
returning to Wisconsin in 1996. Although Dan was
working for Purina Mills at the time as a large herd dairy
consultant, talks with the Kasbergen family proceeded                                                                             Dan Monson
as their interest to build Spring Grove unfolded.
                                                                                                                                     Granado 4722
The general partnership that exists at Spring Grove Dairy
consists of Dan and Mary along with Cornell Kasbergen
and his wife Teri, and George and Kara Kasbergen. Both                                                          Original 4760
Cornell and George operate other dairy facilities:
George and his family recently built a new 3,000 cow
dairy in north central Illinois and Cornell and his family
run a dairy in Tulare, California and milk 3,200 cows.

Spring Grove Dairy approaches Midwest dairying with a
California twist. “We took the business approach of the
West and combined it with the Midwest’s love for cows                 composite ratings demonstrating a break even on
and created what we feel is the best of both worlds                   components.”
wrapped up into one”, comments Dan.
                                                                      Recently, Spring Grove Dairy had 60 young sire
Dan’s history with Alta Genetics Inc. goes beyond his                 daughters scored on a scheduled SET through the
experiences as a California District Sales Manager. He                Holstein Association. During this SET, they were excited
clearly remembers a meeting with a group of                           to have 2 cows score VG-86, another VG-85, 15 score
management level staff that realized the needed to                    between GP 80-84, and 25 score between G 75-79. All
‘revamp’ Alta’s current young sire program. With Dan’s                of these daughters were sired by Alta Genetics
critical input, Alta’s new large herd young sire program,             Advantage bulls. Several of the daughters were
known today as “Advantage”, was given life. In addition               subsequently pictured for the Alta Genetics sire
to using Advantage young sires on the farm, as part of                directory.
their genetic selection process, Dan feels there are
some major components in choosing proven bulls on a                   Going on their fifth year and looking to the future, Dan
large dairy. “Feet and legs are the most important for                feels confident they have structured their business plan
me, because when an animal leaves the farm, a majority                to overcome any major economic curveballs the dairy
of that is dictated by her foot and leg health. In                    industry may throw at them. He sees the existing
addition to that, female reproduction and male                        facilities as a back bone for further development, not
conception play a major role. I like to stick to proven               only at the current dairy, but also to sights located in
bulls with at least 85% reliability, with solid udder                 other areas.

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