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                                    ORIGINS	                       4

                                    SkIN	CARE	BENEfITS	            8
                                      Aloe Vera
                                      Jojoba Oil
                                      La Source

                                    HANd	THERAPY	COllECTION	      14

                                    AROMATHERAPY	dISTIllATIONS	   18

                                    INdIA	HICkS                   22
                                      Island Living
                                      Island Night

                                    NATuRAlS	COllECTION	          28

                                    OuR	fAvOuRITE	WAYS	           2

                                    ENGlISH	flORAl	               6
                                      Evelyn Rose
                                      Lily of the Valley

                                    ClASSIC	BATH	&	HOME           8

                                    SCARBOROuGH                   42
                                      Summer Hill
                                      Nantucket Briar

                                    GARdENERS	                    46

                                    MEN’S	COllECTION	             48

                                    GIfT	COllECTION	              52

                                    COMESTIBlES	                  56

                                    STORE	lISTING	                58

                                                                                                            OuR	                                                                                             “
                                                                                                            INSPIRATIONS                                                                 John Evelyn – gardener, traveller,
                                                                                                                                                                                          diarist and ‘food lover’ and the
                                                                                                                                                                                           ‘man who planted trees’ is the
                                                                                                                                                                                             inspiration for our name.

   Crabtree & Evelyn                                                                                                                                                                                         ”

                                                                                                            JOHN	EvElYN	
                                                                                                            31	October	1620	–	27	february	1706
                                                                                                            Crabtree & Evelyn is inspired by John Evelyn, a 17th
                                                                                                            Century Englishman who was a visionary of his time.
                                                                                                            One of the first naturalists and conservationists,
                                                                                                            Evelyn travelled Europe experiencing the wonderful
                                                                                                            cultures and natural environments which he shared
                                                                                                            with his friends in British society. His great estate,
                                                                                                            Sayes Court, was planted with large expanses of
                                                                                                            elm trees, and the magnificent gardens Evelyn
       Purveyors of
                                                                                                            created were a wonder of the age.
                                                                                                            The diary of John Evelyn is a remarkable picture of
                                                                                                                                                                         THE	CRAB	APPlE	TREE	SYMBOl
   Toiletries based on                                                                                      17th Century life, both in England and on the continent.     Our icon, the Crab Apple Tree (Pyrus malus), is native to Britain
                                                                                                            Evelyn’s personal motto “ Explore everything. Keep           and the ancestor of all cultivated apple trees. Prized for its lovely
   natural ingredients                                                                                      the best.” has provided inspiration from our founding        form and its usefulness in the home apothecary, the Crab Apple Tree
   for Gentlemen and                                                                                        to this day.                                                 represents beauty and the natural goodness inherent in our brand.

                                                                                                                                                 THE	STIll	ROOM
            ”                                                                                                                                    Our inspirational model is the early home apothecary,
                                                                                                                                                 or ‘still room’ as it was called in England. Still rooms
                                                                                                                                                 existed at a time when the garden played an integral
                                                                                                                                                 role in daily life – a time when fresh flowers, herbs and
                                                                                                                                                 fruits from the gardens and orchards were distilled
                                                                                                                                                 to make fragrant waters for the bath and soothing

                         dRAWN	fROM	NATuRE
                                                                                                                                                 essences for the skin. Fruit preserves were also
                                                                                                                                                 created to brighten the winter larder.
                                                                                                                                                 From the magic of the still room came the little luxuries
                         Founded in 1972 by Cyrus Harvey, Crabtree & Evelyn evolved from a small,
                                                                                                                                                 and necessities that enhanced the quality of everyday
                         family-run business – specialising in fine soaps from around the world –                                                life. This innovative spirit built on the foundation of
                         to an international company, well known and respected for its original                                                  Crabtree & Evelyn’s rich heritage and relationship
                         fragrances, luxurious toiletries, gourmet foods – and gifts for those who                                               to the garden, inspires us today.
                         enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle.
                         Long before the natural and wellness movement became popular, we were
                         wholeheartedly embracing the riches of the natural world, introducing
                         product ranges made with fruit, flower and plant essences. We are dedicated
                         to creating products and gifts that transform the ordinary rituals of daily life
                         into extraordinary pleasurable experiences.

lifestyle                                                                                         Lavender Soap Milled                                                                                            “
                                                                                                      /100g, $26.95                                                                  La Source created a splash in 1994 –
                                                                                                                                                                                         energetic, young and modern.
   OuR	PROduCT                                                                                                                          THE	ENGlISH	                                                              ”
                                                                                                                                        HAT	BOx	
                                                                                                                                                                                     fOOdS:	PRESERvING	
                                                                                                                                        An icon of British elegance, the hat
                                                                                                                                        was a status symbol in Edwardian
                                                                                                                                                                                     A	fINE	TRAdITION
                                                                                                                                        times. Our iconic Crabtree & Evelyn          Decades ago, we introduced our fine foods, historically
                                                                                                                                        Hat boxes epitomise luxury and our                                   .
                                                                                                                                                                                     known as ‘comestibles’ Our inspirational model was the
                                                                                                                                        passion for attention to detail.             English still room – where fresh ingredients, gathered
            SOAP                                                                                                                        La Source Deluxe Hat Box
                                                                                                                                                                                     from hives, gardens and orchards, were transformed
                                                                                                                                                                                     into delicious foods to brighten the winter pantry.
            In the 17th Century, Henrietta Marie, wife of King Charles I,                             “
                                                                                               Crabtree & Evelyn
                                                                                                                                        $94.95                                       In an age of over-refined and mass produced foods,
            introduced the first soaps scented with lavender, to the                                                                                                                 we were determined that ours would be as close to
            English court.                                                                   Swiss Soaps – a return                                                                  homemade as possible.
            Crabtree & Evelyn soaps have become the benchmark standard.                     to the golden age of 19th
            We work with the world’s finest soap makers to create our
            distinctive English saddle-shape soaps, known for their rich                    Century soap making of                                                                                                              “
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Every product
            creamy lather and beautiful fragrances that remain true to the                  purity and craftmanship.
            last sliver. Our jewel-like true glycerine soaps, are renowned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        has a story to tell.
            for their purity, mildness and delicate fragrances.                                          ”
                                        EvElYN	ROSE
                                        ‘Evelyn’ was the first flower in the world expressly created as inspiration
                                        for a perfume. We asked David Austin, renowned English rose expert,
                                        to create a flower of singular beauty with a fragrance distinctive enough
                                        for a perfume. Eight years and 0,000 seedlings later, he presented us
                                        with ‘Evelyn’ – a breathtakingly beautiful English rose with an exquisite
                                        fragrance to match.
                                        Our story moves to the South of France where V. Mane Fils, a fourth
                                        generation perfume house, accepted the challenge of recreating
                                        Evelyn’s fragrance in an Eau de Parfum. Using the technology of ‘head
                                        space analysis’, master perfumers were able to capture the fragrance
                                        of the living rose – so very different from the cut flower – and recreate
                                        it in liquid form.
                                        The result – a fragrance of remarkable sophistication and depth,                 THE	ENGlISH	HAMPER	
                                        Evelyn’s elegant rose bouquet is enhanced with subtle nuances of
                                        peony and a velvety peach accord.                                                Abundantly provisioned wicker hampers, brimming with all the best
                                                                                                                         refreshments, are still popular at English society events like the Henley
                                                                                                                         Regatta and Ascot Races. Carrying on the tradition, Crabtree & Evelyn’s
                                                                                                                         iconic English wicker hampers are favourite gifts for family and friends.
                                                It is such a great
                                           adventure to assemble an                                                                                                               Nomad Invigorating Hair & Body Wash
                                            extraordinary collection                                                                                                                                   200ml, $26.95

                                               of perfumer’s art.                                                        THE	ROYAl	WARRANT	
                                                Quotation from the introduction of                                       A mark of exceptional quality, The Royal Warrant is granted exclusively to goods and
                                          Crabtree & Evelyn’s fifth catalogue, circa 1973                                services selected for use by the British Royal family. Currently, three members of the
                                                                                                                         Royal Family grant Warrants, HM the Queen of England, who has two Royal Arms,
                                                                                                                         one used in Scotland, HRH the Prince of Wales, who also holds the title of Duke of
                                                                                                                         Rothesay in Scotland and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.
                                        Evelyn Rose Eau de Parfum
                                        50ml, $69.95                                                                     Crabtree & Evelyn Overseas Limited was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to
                                        Evelyn Rose Eau de Parfum                                                        HRH the Prince of Wales in January 1997. Presently, the Royal Arms are displayed
                                        Traveller 4.4ml, $24.95                                                          on Crabtree & Evelyn men’s grooming products and India Hicks Island Living Spider
                                                                                                                         Lily and India Hicks Island Night packaging.

                                                                  AlOE	vERA

 	BENEfITS                                                                                8500                                          0102                                            10065

  Create a home spa experience with Crabtree & Evelyn’s
  Skin Care Benefits Collection, consisting of four unique
  ranges each with its own light, but distinctive fragrance;
  Aloe Vera, Goatmilk, Jojoba and La Source.
  Each range has been chosen for the effectiveness in soothing,                          52002                                           10064                                            010

  moisturising and conditioning the skin and the fragrance
  helps to establish a sensual and relaxing environment.          JOJOBA	OIl

                                                                                         8474                                          0198                                            27727

                                                                  AlOE	vERA                                        GOATMIlk                                         JOJOBA	OIl
                                                                  8500    Soap /100g                    $26.95   8476    Soap Milled /100g             $26.95   8474    Soap Seashell Milled /100g      $26.95
                                                                  27726    Conditioning Hand Wash 250ml   $26.95   0104    Comforting Body Wash 250ml     $26.95   10072    Soap Seashell Milled 00g        $19.95
                                                                  0102    Hydrating Body Wash 250ml      $26.95   10066    Comforting Body Lotion 250ml   $26.95   27727    Conditioning Hand Wash 250ml     $26.95
                                                                  10065    Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml    $26.95   0199   Comforting Body Cream 200g     $9.95   010    Moisturising Body Wash 250ml     $26.95
                                                                  48018   Lip Balm                        $4.95                                                    10064    Moisturising Body Lotion 250ml   $26.95
                                                                  52002    Shampoo 00ml                  $26.95                                                    0198   Moisturising Body Cream 200g     $9.95
                                                                  5200    Conditioner 00ml              $26.95                                                    48028   Lip Balm                          $4.95
                                                                                                                                                                    52000    Conditioning Shampoo 00ml       $26.95
                                                                                                                                                                    52001    Conditioner 00ml                $26.95
                                                                                                                                                                    2864    Hand & Cuticle Cream 100g        $24.95

feature                                                   lA	SOuRCE

  HYdRATING	CREAM	                                                                10067                                           0105                                      0719

  Our intensive moisturising treatment for dry skin
  is enriched with emollient beeswax, nourishing borage
  oil and soothing chamomile – as well as a protective
  blend of antioxidants. To help restore suppleness to
  dry skin, we recommend our rich Hydrating Cream
  enriched with vitamins A and E for daily use after
  a shower or bath.

                                                                                  1444                                           10465                                      28222

                                                                                 07169                                           14420                                     100484

                                                          lA	SOuRCE
                                                          14420   Soap Milled /100g              $26.95   0742    Volumising Seaweed                79460    Hand Remedy 100ml                 $4.95
                                                          0719    Invigorating Body Scrub 200ml   $29.95            Shampoo 00ml            $26.95   10465    60 Second Fix for Hands           $49.95
                                                          0105    Relaxing Body Wash 250ml        $26.95   074    Revitalising Seaweed              10991    60 Second Fix for Feet            $6.95
                                                                                                                     Conditioner 200ml        $26.95
                                                          1444    Revitalising Mineral                                                                1009   Intensive Nail & Cuticle Cream 15g $14.95
                                                                   Muscle Soak 200g                $4.95   79457    Scrub Cleanser 250ml     $26.95
                                                                                                                                                       10082   Foot Smoother 150g                $19.95
                                                          10076   Relaxing Bath Tablets Box/10    $24.95   79458    Creamy Cleanser 250ml    $26.95
                                                                                                                                                       100484   Extreme Foot Therapy 100ml        $24.95
                                                          10067    Relaxing Body Lotion 250ml      $26.95   144    Hand Recovery 100g       $29.95
                                                          28222   Hydrating Cream                          07169   Hand Therapy Pump 250g   $9.95
                                                                   with Vitamins A & E 200g        $44.95   1445    Hand Therapy Tube 100g   $24.95
                                                                                                            07168   Hand Therapy Tube 50g    $17.95

                                                              Goatmilk Milled Soap with Milk Proteins
                                                              /100g, $26.95

                                          Skin Care                                                                                          Not all milk is created equal

                                                                                                                                             While all milk softens and calms the skin,
                                                                                                                                             and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and
                                                                                                                                             lipids, the milk from goats is far richer
                                                                                                                                             in skin nourishing proteins than ordinary
                                                                                                                                             cow’s milk and is especially soothing

                                                                                                                                             for sensitive skin.

                                                                              Goatmilk Comforting Body Lotion

                                                                                              250ml, $26.95

                                                              JOJOBA	OIl
                                                              Our Jojoba Oil Shell Soap is truly impressive.
                                                              Made with first pressed golden jojoba oil
                                                              and a special blend of moisturising ingredients,
                                                              this vegetable based soap is ever so gentle
                                                              on the skin. Refreshing herbal fragrance.

                                                                                                                                      Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Soap
                                                                                                                                      /100g, $26.95

                                                                     Aloe Vera Hydrating
                                                              Body Lotion 250ml, $26.95

                                                                                                                                           AlOE	vERA
                                                                                                                                           Using a pure and very highly concentrated
                                                                                                                                           extract, Crabtree & Evelyn’s Aloe Vera
                                                                                                                                           range soothes and refreshes to leave skin
                                                                                                                                           clean and soft. The fragrance is clean and
                                                                                                                                           fresh with bright notes of citrus and bergamot
                                                                                                                                           blended with warm lavender and rosy
                                                                                                                                           hyacinth to add depth.

                                                                                                        Aloe Vera Conditioning Hand Wash
                                                                                                        250ml, $26.95

                                                             lA	SOuRCE
   Crabtree & Evelyn’s Skin Care Benefits
                                                             The La Source treatment line is designed to restore
   collection offers real results. Specially                 and condition the body from head to toe with stress
   formulated with natural ingredients                       reducing products that also relax, refresh and energise.
   of optimum quality to provide specific                    For centuries the time-tested benefits of seawater,
                                                             sea salt and seaweed have been used in skincare.
   benefits – healing, protecting, moisturising,
   and nourishing.

                                                                                                         La Source Revitalising
                                                                                                          Mineral Muscle Soak
                                                                                                                200g, $4.95

range                                                                                                                                       CITRON,	HONEY	&	CORIANdER

  At Crabtree & Evelyn, we believe your hands deserve
  the same level of care as your face. That’s why we have                                                                                                          794                                             79485                                      79481

  created a naturally inspired hand care collection of
  cleansing, moisturising and age defying products.                                                                                         ROSEWATER	&	lAvENdER
  Every product in our Hand Therapy Collection is
  crafted from botanical ingredients and is free from
  parabens, mineral oil and propylene glycol to help
  you take care of your hand’s delicate skin.

                                                                                                                                                                   79447                                             7949                                      79440

                                                                                                                                            lA	SOuRCE

                                                                                                                                                                   79458                                             79455                                      79446

  CITRON,	HONEY	&	CORIANdER                 GARdENERS                                            lAvENdER                                   lA	SOuRCE                                            ROSEWATER                                 SuMMER	HIll
  794   Scrub Cleanser 250ml     $26.95   7940    Scrub Cleanser 250ml              $26.95    7944    Scrub Cleanser 250ml     $26.95   79457    Scrub Cleanser 250ml              $26.95    7946   Scrub Cleanser 250ml     $26.95   555     Hand Therapy Pump 250ml   $9.95
  79485   Creamy Cleanser 250ml    $26.95   79482    Creamy Cleanser 250ml             $26.95    79444    Creamy Cleanser 250ml    $26.95   79458    Creamy Cleanser 250ml             $26.95    7947   Creamy Cleanser 250ml    $26.95   405     Hand Therapy Tube 100ml   $24.95
  79489   Hand Recovery 100g       $29.95   144    Hand Recovery 100g                $29.95    79447    Hand Recovery 100g       $29.95   07169   Hand Therapy Pump 250g            $9.95    79440   Hand Recovery 100g       $29.95   07160   Hand Therapy Tube 50ml    $17.95
  7944   Hand Therapy Pump 250g   $9.95   411     Hand Therapy Pump 250g            $9.95    07165   Hand Therapy Pump 250g   $9.95   1445    Hand Therapy Tube 100g            $24.95    7948   Hand Therapy Pump 250g   $9.95
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NANTuCkET	BRIAR
  79481   Hand Therapy Tube 100g   $24.95   27920    Hand Therapy Tube 100g            $24.95    98     Hand Therapy Tube 100g   $24.95   07168   Hand Therapy Tube 50g             $17.95    559    Hand Therapy Tube 100g   $24.95
  79486   Hand Therapy Tube 50g    $17.95   27961    Hand Therapy Tube 50g             $17.95    07164   Hand Therapy Tube 50g    $17.95   79460    Hand Remedy 100ml                 $4.95    0144   Hand Therapy Tube 50g    $17.95   07161   Hand Therapy Tube 100ml   $24.95

  79487   Hand Remedy 100ml        $4.95   79484    Hand Remedy 100ml                 $4.95    79446    Hand Remedy 100ml        $4.95   10465    60 Second Fix for Hands           $49.95    7949   Hand Remedy 100ml        $4.95
                                            10177   60 Second Fix for Hands           $49.95                                               144    Hand Recovery 100g                $29.95
                                            27946    Intensive Nail & Cuticle Cream 15g $14.95                                              1009   Intensive Nail & Cuticle Cream 15g $14.95


   Hand Therapy                                                                             Scrub Cleanser
    Collection                                                                              Have cleaner, softer, more youthful hands with our gentle

                                                                                            Scrub Cleanser. Tough enough to clean deeply, but gentle                                                                        Gardeners
                                                                                            enough to use throughout the day that won’t strip your skin                                                                 Scrub Cleanser
                                                                                            of its natural oils.                                                                                                        250ml, $26.95
                                                                                            Creamy Cleanser                                                                                                            Creamy Cleanser

  	 fOR	YOuR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        250ml, $26.95
                                                                                            Treat your hands to the luxurious touch of our rich Creamy
                                                                                            Cleanser. A blend of olive, soy and cottonseed oils keeps                                                                   Scrub Cleanser
                                                                                            hands supple and moisturised, while extra mild plant-derived

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        250ml, $26.95
                                                                                            cleansers purify.

                                                                                                                 Hand Recovery
                                                                                                                 Unveil beautiful, polished hands with our innovative Hand Recovery.
                                                                                                                 Two grades of sea salt crystals and finely ground pumice naturally
                                                                                                                 exfoliate, while a moisturising blend of oils leave hands silky smooth.
                                                                   We believe your hands                                                                                          La Source
                                                                                                                                                                              Hand Recovery
                                                                   deserve the same level                                                                                      100g, $29.95
                                                                                                 Citron, Honey
                                                                    of care as your face.          & Coriander

                                                                                                 Hand Therapy

                                                                                                 100g, $24.95

   Looking after your hands takes just a small investment
   of time and effort. Simply follow our hand care ritual
   for beautiful, healthy and younger looking hands.                                                                                                           MOISTuRISE
                                                                                                                                                               Hand Therapy
                                                                                                                                                               Experience softer hands after each application with our nourishing
                                                                                                                                                               Hand Therapy. Moisturising macadamia nut oil and shea butter
             EvERY	dAY	

                                                                                                                                                               promotes long-lasting hydration and conditioning, whilst extract
             ClEANSE	&	MOISTuRISE                                                                                                                              of myrrh replenishes skin and locks in moisture.
             Cleanse your hands with Scrub Cleanser or Creamy
             Cleanser to purify and revitalise skin.

     2       Rejuvenate mature or chapped skin with Hand
             Remedy to protect hands from damage and reduce
             the visible signs of ageing.                                                                                                                                           Gardeners

                                                                                                                                                                                 Hand Remedy
                                                                                                                                                                                100ml, $4.95
             Moisturise your hands with Hand Therapy for softer,
             nourished skin.

             TWICE	A	WEEk	                                                                  Hand Remedy

                                                                                            Turn back the years with our age-defying Hand Remedy. Time-released anti-oxidants
             POlISH	&	PROTECT                                                               Vitamin C and Vitamin E defend skin from free radicals. A pea and sugar complex
             Retexture and moisturise your hands with Hand                                  helps even skin tone, while peptides help plump the skin. Shea butter and our blend
             Recovery for smoother, polished skin.                                          of jojoba, soybean and sweet almond oils moisturise and condition.

     2       Soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails with
             Intensive Nail & Cuticle Therapy.

range                                                           AROMATHERAPY	dISTIllATIONS

 			dISTIllATIONS                                                                     7910                                             79168                                             79175

                    Aromatherapy Distillations body care
                    and home collection, combines the
                    benefits of 100% essential oils with
                    natural ingredients gathered from
                    around the world to create a holistic
                    approach to care for the senses and skin.
                    Aromatherapy Distillations is grouped
                    into three sensory benefit ranges –
                    Relaxing, Revitalising and Purifying.                             79169                                             7911                                             79190

                    Each product is a sensory experience –
                    created to help enjoy moments of
                    serenity, energy and clarity.

                                                                                      79170                                             79167                                             79148

                                                                RElAxING                                          PuRIfYING                                        REvITAlISING
                                                                79168   Gentle Creamy Body Wash 200ml $28.95      7916   Deep Cleansing                           7917    Skin Conditioning
                                                                79169   Floral Body Smoother 450g        $4.95           Body Wash 200ml                 $28.95            Body Wash 200ml                    $28.95
                                                                7910   Skin Softening Milk Bath 250ml   $4.95   79164   Clarifying Body Scrub 450g      $4.95   79175    Cleansing Body Polisher 200g       $29.95
                                                                7911   Soothing Body Lotion 250ml       $28.95   7916   Seven Seas Bath Salts 907g      $44.95   79172    Conditioning Body Lotion 250ml     $28.95
                                                                79170   Comforting Body                           79162   Refreshing Body Lotion 250ml    $28.95   79190   Ultra Moisturising
                                                                        Night Cream 200g                 $9.95   79141   Body and Massage Oil 200ml      $29.95            Body Butter 200g                   $9.95
                                                                7912   Relaxing Essential Oil Blend              79142   Purifying Essential Oil Blend            79147    Revitalising Essential Oil Blend
                                                                        8/1.5ml                          $24.95           8/1.5ml                         $24.95            8/1.5ml                            $24.95
                                                                791   Aromatic Candle                  $9.95   79166   Aromatic Candle                 $9.95   79148    Aromatic Candle                    $9.95
                                                                7914   Aromatic Diffuser                $59.95   79167   Aromatic Diffuser               $59.95   79176    Aromatic Diffuser                  $59.95

lifestyle                                                                                                                                                                                       Aromatherapy Distillations
                                                                                                                                                                                                Skin Conditioning Body Wash
                                                                                                                                                                                                250ml, $28.95

                                                                           PuRIfYING	COllECTION
                                                                           This collection helps to cleanse, clear the senses, and
                                                                           refresh with purifying bath and body treatments. A clear,
                                                                           crisp blend of eucalyptus & lime, grapefruit and rosemary
                                                                           essential oils helps clear the senses and uplifts the spirit
                                                                           while botanicals of seaweed, cucumber, lemongrass
                                                                           and sea salts help cleanse and clarify your skin.

                                                                                                                                    Aromatherapy Distillations
                                                                                                                                Glass Timer with Sand $14.95
                                                                                                                                    Aromatherapy Distillations
                                                                                                                                    Aromatic Diffuser $59.95

                                                                                                                     REvITAlISING	COllECTION
                                                                             Aromatherapy Distillations
                                                                              Cleansing Body Polisher                This collection helps revive and energise the spirit with
                                                                                              $29.95                 revitalising bath and body treatments. A refreshing blend
                                                                             Aromatherapy Distillations              of invigorating lemon & coriander, spearmint and mandarin
                                                                                    Ultra Moisturising
                                                                                 Body Butter $9.95                  essential oils work to refresh and energise the senses,
                                                                                                                     while botanicals of acai extract, guava, coconut oil, tiare
                                                                                                                     flower, and ginger revitalise and revive the skin.


                                                                                                                                       Aromatherapy Distillations
                                                                                                                                              Relaxing Essential
                                                                                                                                               Oil Blend $24.95
                                                                                                                                       Aromatherapy Distillations
                                                                                                                                       Aromatic Diffuser $59.95

  	YOuR	           A collection of exceptional quality, Aromatherapy
                                                                                                                                       RElAxING	COllECTION
                                                                                                                                       The relaxing range creates a tranquil haven for

                                                                                                                                       the spirit and skin with bath and body treatments.
                   Distillations was created in a unique collaboration                                                                 A calming blend that features pure lavender and
                   with an aromatherapist and international perfumers.                                                                 rosewood essential oils eases the senses while
                   Following aromatherapy principles, they created                                                                     natural ingredients such as argan oil, evening
                   beautifully crafted essential oil blends that provide                                                               primrose, milk proteins, lavender buds, and
                   a holistic approach to both the care of the senses                                                                  chamomile help comfort and condition the skin.
                   and skin.
                   Aromatherapy Distillations is grouped into three
                   sensory benefits – Relaxing, Revitalising, and
                   Purifying. Bath and body products from each range                                                                                                dId	YOu	kNOW
                   include natural ingredients that have been specially                                                                                             Did you know that the Seven Seas Bath Salts
                   selected and gathered from around the world,                                                                                                     have been harvested from seven different seas:
                   such as acai from Brazil and argan from Morocco.                                                                                                 South Seas, Northern Atlantic Sea, Mediterranean
                                                                           Aromatherapy Distillations
                   All body care products are also free from parabens,     Aromatic Candle $9.95                                                                   Sea, Dead Sea, Pacific Ocean, South Atlantic
                   colourants, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sodium                                                                                            Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
                   lauryl and laureth sulphate and propylene glycol.       AROMATIC	CANdlES                                                                         The salts from each different sea all have
                                                                           All Aromatherapy Distillations Aromatic                                                  different properties that help refocus your
                                                                           Candles are artfully blended to help create                                              senses and flush impurities from your skin.
                                                                           an environment that envelops the senses
                   Aromatherapy Distillations                              in a calming, energising or clarifying aroma.                                         Aromatherapy Distillations
                   Purifying Essential Oil Blend $24.95                    All candles burn for approximately 40 hours.                                          Seven Seas Bath Salts $44.95

range                                                                    INdIA	HICkS	ISlANd	lIvING

              INdIA	HICkS
          ISlANd	                                                                               5604                                              560                                               5605

           To create her Island Living Body & Home Collections,
         India Hicks was inspired by her life on a beautiful island
          in the Caribbean. Her Spider Lily Body Collection is a
           refreshingly modern fragrance that blends the delicate                               566                                              5601                                               5600
        perfume of the spider lilies that grow by the edge of the sea.
         Whilst the Casuarina Home Collection, is reminiscent of
           the island breezes that sweep over her veranda at sunset,
                   bringing with them the scent of Casuarina trees,
                       orange blossom, coconut palms and salty air.

                                                                                                5609                                              5606                                               5608

                                                                         INdIA	HICkS	ISlANd	lIvING
                                                                         5604   Spider Lily Natural Triple Milled            5605   Spider Lily Bath Salt 450g       $49.95    5609   Casuarina Room Fragrance 100ml $26.95
                                                                                 Soap 2/100g                         $28.95   566   Spider Lily Body Lotion 250ml    $29.95    5607   Casuarina Scented Candle      $49.95
                                                                         5602   Spider Lily Shower Gel 00ml        $29.95   5601   Spider Lily Body Cream 200g      $46.95    5606   Casuarina Three-wick
                                                                         560   Spider Lily Body Polish 175g        $4.95   5600   Spider Lily Eau de Toilette 100ml $79.95           Scented Candle                $114.95
                                                                         5611   Spider Lily Liquid                                                                              5608   Casuarina Fragrance
                                                                                 Hand Wash 00ml                     $29.95                                                              Diffuser 200ml                $89.95
                                                                                                                                                                                 5647   Casuarina Diffuser Refill
                                                                                                                                                                                         with Reeds 162ml              $49.95

range                                  INdIA	HICkS	ISlANd	NIGHT

 NIGHT                                           562                                          569                         56

  Inspired by India Hicks’ life
  in the Caribbean, Island Night
  captures the essence of twilight
  in the islands, a mood of barefoot
  elegance on an evening lit only by
  the stars and moon. A luminous
  fragrance of purple and white
  orchids, night blooming jasmine
  and orange blossom nectar                                       561                                               567

  entwined with a sensuous
  musk accord.

                                                                  564                                               565

                                                                          INdIA	HICkS	ISlANd	NIGHT
                                                                          562   Creamy Body Wash 200ml     $29.95
                                                                          569   Milky Bath 250ml           $4.95
                                                                          56   Smooth Body Lotion 240ml   $29.95
                                                                          561   Rich Body Cream 200g       $46.95
                                                                          567   Eau de Toilette 100ml      $79.95
                                                                          564   Scented Candle             $54.95
                                                                          565   Fragrance Diffuser         $89.95

lifestyle                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I have very dry skin, so the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      rich body cream is perfect.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Plus, I run every day, so the
                                              India Hicks                                                                                                                                                            bath salts soothe my muscles.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    ISlANd	NIGHT	
                                                                                                                                                                                                    The luminous scent of purple orchids and
                                                                                                                                                                                                    night blooming jasmine evokes a mood
                                                                                                                                                                                                    of barefoot elegance in a moonlit tropical
                                                                                                                                                                                                    garden. Bath and body care formulas,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    with silk amino acids and crushed pearl,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    impart a smooth silky sheen.

       India Hicks Island Living
       Casuarina Room Spray                                                                               “
                                                                                                     All day long,
       100ml, $26.95

                                   Crabtree & Evelyn’s muse, India Hicks, is a                    the sweet scents of
                                   designer, model, author, and goddaughter                     the spider lily, jasmine
                                   of the Prince of Wales, has embraced the
                                   simplicity of island life in the Bahamas,                     and orange blossom               India Hicks Island   India Hicks Island
                                                                                                                                  Night Creamy           Night Rich Body
                                   which is centred on her family, and an                         evoke a revitalising            Body Wash                 Cream 200g
                                   appreciation of the nature that surrounds her.                                                 200ml, $29.95                  $46.95
                                   Working closely with Crabtree & Evelyn                           tropical dream.
                                   India Hicks drew on inspiration from her life                          ”
                                   in the Caribbean for her Island Living and
                                   Island Night body and home collections.                                                                 “ The Casuarina Fragrance
                                                                                                                                             Diffuser Box is modelled
                                   ISlANd	lIvING	                                                                                           after her great grandfathers
                                   COllECTION                                                                                                      duelling case.”
                                   Spider	lily	Body	Collection	
                                   A refreshingly modern fragrance that blends
                                   the delicate perfume of the spider lily with
   India Hicks Island Living       tropical citruses, orange blossom, night
   Spider Lily Eau de Toilette                                                                                                                                              India Hicks Island
   100ml, $79.95
                                   blooming jasmine, palm leaves and a touch
                                                                                                                                                                             Night Milky Bath
   India Hicks Island Living
                                   of sea air. Island Living bath and body care                                                                                               250ml, $4.95
   Spider Lily Body Cream          formulas nourish and soften your skin.
   200g, $46.95
   India Hicks Island Living       Casuarina	Home	Collection                                                                                                                              India Hicks Island Night
   Spider Lily Body Polish
   175g, $4.95
                                   For her Casuarina collection, India worked to                                                                                                         Scented Candle, $54.95
                                   capture the scent of the island breezes that
                                   sweep over her veranda at sunset. The fresh,
                                   green fragrance of the casuarina, a native                                                India Hicks
                                   tree, is blended with island wildflowers, orange                                        Island Living
                                   blossom, green palms and sea air accords.                                                  Casuarina
   India Hicks Island Living                                                                                                    Diffuser
   Casuarina Poured Candle                                                 India Hicks Island Living                             $89.95                                                                                                        India Hicks Island Night
    Wick, $114.95                                             Spider Lily Bath Salt 450g, $49.95                                                                                                                                        Eau de Toilette 100ml, $79.95

range                                                       NATuRAlS

  Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals Collection is a range                                1415                                         14158                                              14161
  of good-for-you beauty remedies that blend together
  the highest grade botanical extracts, oils and mineral
  complexes to deliver high performance benefits and
  textures without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic dyes,
  sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.
  Products include Botanical Body Lotions,
  Creamy Body Washes, Body Butters,
  Shower Mousses, Body Scrubs and
  Body Bars.
  The Naturals collection is for those
  seeking innovative ‘must have’
                                                                                  14187                                         14145                                              14181
  product alongside the forthright
  goodness of nature.

                                                                                  14148                                         14120                                              14122

                                                            ClEANSE                                        ClEANSE                                           MOISTuRISE
                                                            14161   Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber             1418   Mango Butter & Cranberry                  14148   Milk, Soy & Sugar
                                                                    Shower Mousse 200ml           $24.95           Body Bar 150g                   $12.95            Body Lotion 250ml               $24.95
                                                            14158   Mango & Grapefruit                     1419   Mint, Fennel & Ivy Body Bar 150g $12.95   14149   Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber
                                                                    Shower Mousse 200ml           $24.95   1415   Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg                              Body Lotion 250ml               $24.95
                                                            14159   Lemongrass & Sugarcane                         & Cardamom Body Bar 150g        $12.95    14181   Pineapple & Ginger
                                                                    Shower Mousse 200ml           $24.95   1416   Verbena & Sage Body Bar 150g    $12.95            Body Lotion 250ml               $24.95
                                                            14160   Olive, Almond & Myrtle                 14187   Mango Butter & Grapefruit                 14122   Avocado Butter, Olive & Basil
                                                                    Shower Mousse 200ml           $24.95           Creamy Body Wash 190ml          $22.95            Body Butter 200g                $9.95
                                                            14176   Milk, Soy & Sugar                      14186   Cocoa, Nutmeg & Cardamom                  14120   Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg
                                                                    Shower Mousse 200ml           $24.95           Creamy Body Wash 190ml          $22.95            & Cardamom Body Butter 200g     $9.95
                                                            14189   Pineapple & Ginger Refining            141   Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg                      14121   Mango Butter & Grapefruit
                                                                    Shower & Bath Gel 00ml       $26.95           & Cardamom Body Scrub 250g      $9.95            Body Butter 200g                $9.95
                                                                                                           14145   Lemongrass & Brown Sugar
                                                                                                                   Body Scrub 250g                 $9.95

                                                                                                                                                                          Botanical body
                                                                                     Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg
                                                                                     & Cardamom Body Scrub                                                               care with benefits.
                                                                                     250g, $9.95
                                                                                     Cocoa Butter,
                                                                                     Nutmeg & Cardamom
                                                                                     Creamy Body Wash
                                                                                     200ml, $22.95

   Naturals                                                                                                                                                                           Milk, Soy & Sugar

                                                                                                                                                                                            Body Lotion
                                                                                                                                                                                        250ml, $24.95

                                                                                                                       HEAlTH	fOOd	
                                                                                                                       fOR	YOuR	SkIN
                                                                                                                       If you like the idea of living with more
                                                                                                                       natural ingredients and fewer synthetics,
                                                                                                                       Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals is for you.
                                                                                                                       We’ve been making botanically based products
                                                                                                                       for over 5 years and our Naturals range
                                                                                                                       is among the best we’ve ever produced.

                                                                                                                       WHAT’S	IN	IT?	
                                                                                                                       Premium grade botanical oils, tropical butters,
                                                                                                                       phytonutrients and plant extracts gathered
                                                                                                                       from around the world are used at efficacious
                                                                                                                       levels to deliver high performance benefits
                                                                                                                       to your skin.

    Our Naturals products are
                                                                                                                         WHAT’S	NOT?
                                                                                                                         Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals products have
    based on synergetic blends                                                                                           been screened of parabens, preservatives,
       using key botanicals.                                                                                             sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral

                   ”                                                                  Olive, Almond & Myrtle Shower
                                                                                                                         oil or colourants – ingredients that may
                                                                                                                         irritate some skins.
                                                                                              Mousse 200ml, $24.95
                                                                                       Avocado Butter, Olive & Basil
                                                                                          Body Butter 200g, $9.95
                                                                                                                         NATuRAl	SYNERGY
                                                                                                                         Our Naturals products are based on synergetic               Mango & Grapefruit
                                                                                                                                                                                       Shower Mousse
                                                                                                                         blends using key botanicals. Each formula                      200ml, $24.95
                                                                                                                         contains a combination of select botanical
                                                                                                                         ingredients that deliver a greater benefit to
                                                                                                                         your skin than the individual ingredients.
                                                                                                                         For example, the Mango Butter & Grapefruit
                                                                                                                         synergy has a rejuvenating effect.

   Crabtree & Evelyn, an expert in naturally based formulas                                                                                 “
                                                                                                                                We’ve been making
   created Naturals – botanical body care with benefits.
                                                                                                                                 botanically based
   Naturals is comprised of eclectic blends of botanical                                                                            products for
   extracts, botanical oils and mineral complexes – and is                                                                         over 35 years.
   free of parabens, mineral oil, colourants, sodium lauryl
   sulphate and propylene glycol.                                                                                                           ”
                                                              Naturals Body Butter
                                                                    200g, $9.95

         Top 10
                                                                                                                                                         EvElYN	ROSE	

                                                                                                                                                         EAu	dE	PARfuM
                                                                                                                                                         50ml, $69.95

                                                                                                                                                        “Our signature fragrance captures
                                                                                                                                                         the delicate scent of an English rose.

  		YOuR	BOdY
                                                                                                                                                         Unique in the world, it is the only
                                                                                                                                                         perfume that has been developed
                                                                                                                                                                                                  AROMATHERAPY	dISTIllATIONS	
                                                                                                                                                         from a rose, the Evelyn rose,            COMfORTING	BOdY	NIGHT	CREAM
                                                                                                                                                         specially grown for us for its           200g $9.95
                                                                                                                                                         exquisite fragrance. The Eau de          “Envelop your senses and calm your spirit with our relaxing blend of
                                                                                                                                                         Parfum is perfect for any time            essential oils – featuring lavender and rosewood with violet and tonka –
  In England, the bath is a time-honoured ritual for renewing both body                                                                                  of the day.”                              while preparing for a peaceful sleep. Apply just before bed then relax
  and spirit. A lovely soak in a warm bath perfumed with rose or lavender,                                                                                                                         as this calming scent soothes and comforts you throughout the night.”
  is a gift for all of the senses.

                                                                                    3                                                                7                                                        8
  Crabtree & Evelyn is dedicated to reviving the art of the bath and all of the
  little luxuries that bring pleasure to the rituals of daily life. The following
  are a few of our favourite products that bring pleasure to our daily rituals.

                                                                                    lAvENdER	                                   lA	SOuRCE	                                                                       GARdENERS	
                                                                                    BATH	&	SHOWER	GEl	                          60	SECONd	                                                                       HANd	RECOvERY
                                                                                    250ml $26.95
                                                                                                                                fIx	fOR	                                                                         100g $29.95
                                                                                    “A refreshing shower with our aromatic      HANdS	GIfT
                                                                                     Lavender Bath and Shower Gel gets your                                                                                     “Designed to be used 2 to  times per
                                                                                                                                $49.95                                                                           week, this revolutionary conditioning
                                                                                     day off to a invigorating start.”
                                                                                                                                “This two-part kit contains                                                      treatment leaves hands feeling
                                                                                                                                 everything you need – our                                                       noticeably softer and smoother
                                                                                                                                 revolutionary Hand Recovery                                                     immediately. Three sizes of natural

                                                                                                                                 treatment – a manicure in a                                                     exfoliants polish and re-texturise

                                                                                                                                 tube and our intensive Hand                                                     skin, whilst a blend of emollients
                                        ROSEWATER	                                                                               Therapy moisturiser to keep                                                     condition even the driest of hands.”
                                        GlYCERINE	SOAP                                                                           hands baby-soft all day long.”
                                         /100g $26.95

                                        “Formulated with refreshing rosewater
                                         and pure glycerine, this soap leaves

                                         skin feeling as soft as rose petals.”

                                                                                                JOJOBA	OIl	
                                                                                                BOdY	lOTION

                                                                                                250ml $26.95

                                                                                               “When your skin needs
                                                                                                a little extra moisturising
                                                                                                but you don’t quite need                                                                                                              INdIA	HICkS	
                                                                                                a cream, this sheer, light                          lA	SOuRCE	ExTREME	                                                                ISlANd	lIvING	
                                                                                                lotion is perfect. It absorbs                       fOOT	THERAPY                                                                      SPIdER	lIlY	
                                                                                                easily leaving the skin                             100ml $24.95                                                                      EAu	dE	TOIlETTE
                              lA	SOuRCE	                                                        feeling noticeably softer                          “Therapy for your feet – softens even rough,                                       100ml $79.95
                              HANd	THERAPY                                                      with each use.”                                     dry, callused feet with an exclusive blend
                              250g $9.95                                                                                                                                                                                             “India Hicks worked closely with a
                                                                                                                                                    of seaweed extract, emollient oils and                                             team of perfumers to capture the
                              “Our shea butter hand cream formula                                                                                   natural rice flour. Leaves skin feeling                                            spirit of the islands in this unique,
                               leaves your hands feeling incredibly                                                                                 silky and dry to the touch.”                                                       soft blend of spider lily, citruses,
                               smooth and soft. Soothes, conditions                                                                                                                                                                    orange blossom, tropical fruits,
                               and moisturises your hands, leaving                                                                                                                                                                     night blooming jasmine, green
                               them with a relaxing sea air fragrance.”                                                                                                                                                                palms and sea air accords.     ”


          Top 10
  		fRAGRANCE	                                                                                                                        4                                                     5                                                  6
                                                                                                                                                                                                PuRIfYING	ESSENTIAl	
                                                                                                                                      AROMATHERAPY	                                             OIl	BlENd                                      lAvENdER	HOME	
                                                                                                                                      dISTIllATIONS	                                            $24.95                                         fRAGRANCE	OIl
                                                                                                                                      RElAxING	CANdlE                                          “Create a clarifying aromatherapy experience    $14.95
  Our selection of scented poured candles, room sprays, environmental                                                                 $9.95                                                    with this blend of eucalyptus, bergamot,       “Lavender is well known for its
  oils and diffusers instantly conjure up aromas of balmy island breezes,                                                             “Infused with lavender, vanilla,                          rosemary and geranium essential oils. This      calming effect on the senses.
                                                                                                                                       cardamom and vetiver essential                           versatile oil blend can be dabbed directly      Use a few drops of our
  a walk through a lavender field, or a springtime stroll through the                                                                  oils, this aromatic candle helps                         on pulse points, mixed with massage oil,        environmental oil in any oil
  English countryside.                                                                                                                 create a soothing atmosphere to                          or used in an oil burner to both clarify        burner to scent a room.”
                                                                                                                                       ease the body and the mind.”                             thoughts and clear the senses.”
  The following are a few of our favourite products that create the
  perfect atmosphere in any living environment, be it any room in
  the house or office.

1                                             2                                  3                                                    7                                   8                                    9                                               10

  SuMMER	HIll	                                INdIA	HICkS	                                INdIA	HICkS	                                 INdIA	HICkS	                       AROMATHERAPY	                        ROSEWATER		                       ROSEWATER	
  ROOM	SPRAY                                  ISlANd	NIGHT	CANdlE                         ISlANd	NIGHT	dIffuSER                        ISlANd	lIvING	                     dISTIllATIONS	                       ROOM	SPRAY                        dRAWER	lINERS
  100ml $19.95                                $54.95                                      $89.95                                       CASuARINA	                         RElAxING	                            100ml $19.95                      $4.95
  “Our light, sensuous white floral bouquet   “Illuminate the night with this beautiful   “The perfect decorative piece for any        CANdlE                             AROMATIC	                            “The delicate aroma of this      “These drawer liners feature
   blended with summer grasses and             scented candle, poured into indigo          home, this diffuser infuses the air with    $49.95                             dIffuSER	$59.95                       room spray creates a clear       a decorative rose pattern and
   orchard fruits, captures the mood           glass and wrapped in a bracelet of          the scent of an island evening under       “This stylish candle in a hand-     “The scent of this relaxing blend     sweet fragrance in any room.     are delicately scented to keep
   and feeling of a perfect summer day.”       silvery coral it brings the scent of an     the stars.”                                 crafted rattan basket captures      emanates from the branches of        A fine mist will refresh any     clothes smelling fragrant
                                               island night to life.”                                                                  the fresh island breezes that       this diffuser creating a tranquil    soft furnishings as well as      and fresh.”
                                                                                                                                       sweep over India Hicks’s            atmosphere. The perfect              our own Rosewater Drawer
                                                                                                                                       verandah at sunset.”                accessory for any bedroom.”          Liners.”

range                                             EvElYN	ROSE

  Inspired by the divine decadence of                                   07116                                            07115                                           07126

  Hollywood’s heyday, Crabtree & Evelyn
  has returned to the art of perfumery with
  its signature fine fragrance collection,        lIlY	Of	THE	vAllEY
  English Floral. Luxurious, ultra-feminine
  and refined, English Floral comprises
  premium fragrances inspired by the
  seasonal scent of classic English flowers:
  Evelyn Rose, Lily of the Valley and Wisteria.
  Indulgent and distinctly feminine,
  English Floral is the perfect collection
  for an opulent boudoir dressing table;
  to pamper and perfume for all occasions.
                                                                        07089                                            07085                                           07082


                                                                        28701                                             28700                                            28698

                                                  EvElYN	ROSE                                       lIlY	Of	THE	vAllEY                                WISTERIA
                                                  07118   Soap Milled /100g              $28.95   07089   Soap Milled /100g              $28.95   2870   Soap Milled /100g              $28.95
                                                  07116   Bath & Shower Gel 250ml         $28.95   07087   Bath & Shower Gel 250ml         $28.95   28701   Bath & Shower Gel 250ml         $28.95
                                                  07114   Body Lotion 250ml               $28.95   07085   Body Lotion 250ml               $28.95   28699   Body Lotion 250ml               $28.95
                                                  07115   Body Cream 200ml                $42.95   07086   Body Cream 200ml                $42.95   28700   Body Cream 200ml                $42.95
                                                  0711   Eau de Toilette 100ml           $64.95   07084   Eau de Toilette 100ml           $64.95   28698   Eau de Toilette 100ml           $64.95
                                                  07110   Eau de Parfum 50ml              $69.95   07082   Eau de Parfum 50ml              $69.95   28696   Eau de Parfum 50ml              $69.95
                                                  07126   Eau de Parfum Traveller 4.4ml   $24.95   0714   Eau de Parfum Traveller 4.4ml   $24.95   28708   Eau de Parfum Traveller 4.4ml   $24.95

range                                                                          ROSEWATER

         Sweet and delicate, the inspiration for Rosewater comes from
         the classic English rose. The fragrance used in our range is pure
         and delicate with the clear scent of roses enhanced by a soft green                        5260                                          6560                                      0114

         top note. Rose essential oil is added to create this clear and pure
         fragrance, with added benefits for soothing the skin.

                                                                                                    699                                          7949                                      5268

                                                                                                    88000                                          482208                                     28280

                                                                               5260    Soap Milled /100g            $26.95   5682   Talc-Free Powder 75g    $19.95   7948    Hand Therapy Pump 250g        $9.95
                                                                               6560    Soap Glycerine /100g         $26.95   5268   Eau Fraiche 100ml       $2.95   559     Hand Therapy Tube 100g        $24.95
                                                                               4807   Soap Leaves Pack/20            $7.95   7946   Scrub Cleanser 250ml    $26.95   0144    Hand Therapy Tube 50g         $17.95
                                                                               0109    Hand Wash 250ml               $26.95   7947   Creamy Cleanser 250ml   $26.95   7949    Hand Remedy 100ml             $4.95
                                                                               690    Bath & Shower Gel 250ml       $26.95   79440   Hand Recovery 100g      $29.95   88000    Room Spray 100ml              $19.95
                                                                               0114    Hand & Body Lotion Pump 250ml $26.95                                            482208   Environmental Oil 9ml         $14.95
                                                                               699    Body Cream 250ml              $26.95                                            28280   Scented Drawer Lining Paper   $4.95

range                                                                           lAvENdER

                                                                                                      011                                          4172                                       0127

                                                                                                     0128                                           568                                       07165

        Often regarded as a classic English fragrance, in fact the Romans
        first brought lavender to Britain where it became not only a popular
        fragrance but in the 19th century was also used as a restorative
        and relaxant to cure the ‘vapours’ and relieve headaches.
        Crabtree & Evelyn’s Lavender fragrance is a fresh bouquet of florals,
        which weaves natural lavender and orange blossom throughout
        a rose-jasmine complex with a trace of musk for added depth.

                                                                                                      98                                           0124                                        451

                                                                                011    Soap Milled /100g            $26.95   0124    Lavender Water 100ml     $2.95   79446    Hand Remedy 100ml             $4.95
                                                                                4808   Soap Leaves Pack/20            $7.95   7944    Scrub Cleanser 250ml     $26.95   451     Room Spray 100ml              $19.95
                                                                                4172    Hand Wash 250ml               $26.95   79444    Creamy Cleanser 250ml    $26.95   482209   Environmental Oil 9ml         $14.95
                                                                                0127    Bath & Shower Gel 250ml       $26.95   79447    Hand Recovery 100g       $29.95   4171    Scented Drawer Lining Paper   $4.95
                                                                                417    Hand & Body Lotion Pump 250ml $26.95   07165   Hand Therapy Pump 250g   $9.95
                                                                                0128    Body Cream 250ml              $26.95   98     Hand Therapy Tube 100g   $24.95
                                                                                568    Talc-Free Powder 75g          $19.95   07164   Hand Therapy Tube 50g    $17.95

range                                          SuMMER	HIll

                                                                    282769                                          101640                                      172164

  Memories of languid summer afternoons,
  wildflowers in full bloom and sun-
  warmed winds have inspired this white
  f loral bouquet of peach blossom, freesia,
  blended with tuberose, madonna lily
  and warm woods.

                                                                     405                                            555                                      282291

                                                                    282529                                          282546                                     7711

                                               SuMMER	HIll
                                               101640   Soap Milled /100g          $26.95   555     Hand Therapy Pump 250ml   $9.95   7711   Room Spray 100ml              $19.95
                                               172164   Bath & Shower Gel 200ml     $26.95   405     Hand Therapy Tube 100ml   $24.95   282529    Environmental Oil 9ml         $14.95
                                               282769   Body Lotion 200ml           $26.95   07160   Hand Therapy Tube 50ml    $17.95   282546    Scented Drawer Lining Paper   $4.95
                                               07098   Talc-Free Body Powder 75g   $19.95   282291 Eau   de Toilette 60ml     $46.95

range                                        NANTuCkET	BRIAR

  Inspired by the natural beauty of this
  New England island with its meandering                          101660                                        282775                                         28277
  trails down to the sea, salt-weathered
  cottages and briar roses, this fragrance
  of bergamot and wild roses is blended
  with warm notes of amber and vanilla.

                                                                  07097                                        07161                                        2822941

                                                                  7511                                       282528                                         282545

                                             NANTuCkET	BRIAR
                                             101660   Soap Milled /100g        $26.95   07097    Talc-Free Body Powder 75g   $19.95   7511   Room Spray 100ml              $19.95
                                             282775   Bath & Shower Gel 200ml   $26.95   07161    Hand Therapy Tube 100ml     $24.95   282528    Environmental Oil 9ml         $14.95
                                             28277   Body Lotion 200ml         $26.95   2822941   Eau de Toilette 60ml        $46.95   282545    Scented Drawer Lining Paper   $4.95
                                             282288   Dusting Powder 127g       $29.95

range                                              GARdENERS

  Our English passion for gardening inspired
                                                                        2781                                      1451                                      27870
  our intensive formulas to help restore, soothe
  and protect work-roughened hands. Even those
  who have never touched a trowel adore using
  our Gardeners shea butter rich hand care.

                                                                       14448                                      411                                      27920

                                                                       27961                                      27946                                      10177

                                                   2781    Liquid Hand Soap 00ml   $26.95   79482    Creamy Cleanser 250ml    $26.95   27946    Intensive Nail &
                                                   1451   Hand Scrub with                   14448   Hand Recovery 100g       $29.95            Cuticle Cream 15g         $14.95
                                                           Pumice Tube 195g         $19.95   411     Hand Therapy Pump 250g   $9.95   10177   60 Second Fix for Hands   $49.95
                                                   27870   Hand Scrub with                   27920    Hand Therapy Tube 100g   $24.95
                                                           Pumice Jar 50g          $29.95
                                                                                             27961    Hand Therapy Tube 50g    $17.95
                                                   7940   Scrub Cleanser 250ml     $26.95
                                                                                             79484    Hand Remedy 100ml        $4.95

range                                           NOMAd

  Crabtree & Evelyn has created a collection                          216006                                                     216012                                                    216000

  of shaving and grooming essentials for men.
  Carefully selected natural ingredients –
                                                SANdAlWOOd	/	SIENNA
  almond oil, vitamin E and glycerine –
  soothe, calm and protect the skin.
  After-Shave Balms are alcohol-free, Soaps
  are moisturising and rich- lathering and
  the Hair & Body Wash is an all-in-one
  formula for hair, scalp and body.

                                                                      217001                                                     217004                                                    218005

                                                WEST	INdIAN	lIME

                                                                                                   71602                                                     71600

                                                NOMAd                                                      SANdAlWOOd                                                SIENNA
                                                216002   Soap Milled /150g               $29.95           217001   Soap Milled /150g             $29.95            218001   Soap Milled /150g              $29.95
                                                216006   Invigorating Hair & Body Wash                     21700   Calming Shave Cream Jar 150g   $29.95            218005   Luxury Shave Cream Jar 150g     $29.95
                                                         200ml                            $26.95
                                                                                                                    Wooden Shave Bowl 100g         $29.95
                                                                                                           217011                                                    218009   Wooden Shave Bowl 100g          $29.95
                                                216004   Calming Shave Cream Jar 150g     $29.95
                                                                                                                    Shave Bowl Refill 100g          $9.95
                                                                                                           217007                                                    218010   Shave Bowl Refills 100g          $9.95
                                                216012   Calming Shave Soap                                         Aromatic After Shave Balm 100ml $9.95
                                                                                                           217004                                                    21800   Luxury After Shave Balm 100ml   $9.95
                                                         in Wooden Bowl 100g              $29.95
                                                                                                           217000   Eau de Toilette 100ml          $59.95            218000   Eau de Toilette 100ml           $59.95
                                                21601   Calming Shave Soap Refill 100g    $9.95
                                                216005   Calming After Shave Balm 100ml $9.95                                                                       WEST	INdIAN	lIME
                                                216000   Eau de Toilette 100ml            $59.95                                                                     71602    Body Wash 00ml                 $26.95
                                                                                                                                                                     71600    Cologne 100ml                   $59.95




                                                                        HOW	TO	ACHIEvE	
                                                                        THE	PERfECT	SHAvE
                                                                        Crabtree & Evelyn has perfected the art of shaving with                                 “
                                                                                                                                                Always shave in the direction
                                                                        an exclusive line of benefit-driven collection of shaving
                                                                        and grooming essentials for men.                                             the beard grows.
                                                                                  4	EASY	STEPS

                                                                                  Open pores and soften hair in preparation for a comfortable
                                                                                  wet shave. Dampen the beard area with warm water and
                                                                                  place a towel saturated with hot water over the face for
                                                                                  0 seconds making the hair easier to remove.

                                                                                  MOISTEN	&	lATHER
                                                                                  Moisten a shave brush with warm water. Work Shave
                                                                                  Soap in Wooden Bowl into a rich lather and apply to
                                                                                  beard. Massage into the beard. Alternatively, massage
                                                                                  a small amount of Shave Cream into beard to lift hair
                                                                                  in preparation for a wet shave.

                                                                                  Always shave in the direction the beard grows. Warm a
                                                                                  shaving blade in hot water. Glide the razor over the skin
                                                                                  without applying too much pressure. Start below the
                                                                                  sideburns and work down each side of the face towards
                                                                                  the chin, finishing at the neck.


                                                                                  RINSE	&	HYdRATE
                                         Fortified with extracts of               Remove excess soap with cold water to close the pores.
                                        moisturising glycerine and                Apply After Shave Balm to soothe the skin – a gentle
                                                                                  alternative to the traditional bracing splash. Our balms
                                        vitamin E to calm and heal,               are alcohol free and enriched with nourishing almond oil
                                       this leaves skin ultra smooth.             and vitamin E and dry to a smooth, matte finish.                     Sandalwood Eau de Toilette 100ml, $59.95

                                                                                                                                                        Sandalwood Wooden Shave Bowl, $29.95
   Sienna Soap Milled /150g, $29.95                                                                                                                        Sandalwood Shave Bowl Refill, $9.95

range                                                                TRAvEllERS

                                                                                            44102                                         44104                                                                        44105

                                                                                            44100                                         44120                                                                        44121

        Crabtree & Evelyn is synonymous with beautiful gifts
        that capture the essence of English style. Whether
        treating yourself or another, our luxurious gifts and
        exquisite hatboxes are designed to surprise and delight –
        and to be treasured long after the contents have finished.

                                                                                            44107                                         44108                                                                        44112

                                                                     TRAvEllERS	                                                                                                         duOS
                                                                     44100   La Source Traveller         $24.95   44105   Rosewater Traveller                          $24.95            44107     Summer Hill Duo                                 $42.95
                                                                     44101   Aloe Vera Traveller         $24.95   44106   Lavender Traveller                           $24.95            44108     Nantucket Briar Duo                             $42.95
                                                                     44102   Jojoba Oil Traveller        $24.95   44120   Evelyn Rose Traveller                        $28.95            44109     Rosewater Duo                                   $42.95
                                                                     4410   Summer Hill Traveller       $24.95   44121   Lily of the Valley Traveller                 $28.95            44110     Lavender Duo                                    $42.95
                                                                     44104   Nantucket Briar Traveller   $24.95   44122   Wisteria Traveller                           $28.95            44111     La Source Duo                                   $42.95
                                                                                                                                                                                         44112     Jojoba Oil Duo                                  $42.95
                                                                                                                                                                                         4411     Aloe Vera Duo                                   $42.95

                                                                                                                                    *The gift products featured on this page are subject to availability and may not be in stock all year round at all stores.



                      4419                                        4415                                       4416                                               44128                                            44124                                                                       10177

luxuRY	HAT	BOx

                      44129                                        4410                                       4411                                               4414                                            44149                                                                        44172

dEluxE	HAT	BOx

                      44165                                        44164                                       44161                                               44146                                            44147                                                                        44148

ESSENTIAlS                                    luxuRIES                                    dEluxE                                             GARdENERS                                       SAMPlERS
4415   La Source Essentials         $59.95   44129   La Source Luxuries         $69.95   44162   Summer Hill Deluxe Hat Box       $94.95    44128    Gardeners Hand Renewal Tote   $69.95   44146   English Floral Bath Gel Sampler             $17.95            44172     Aromatherapy Relaxing Sampler                    $16.95
4416   Summer Hill Essentials       $59.95   4410   Summer Hill Luxuries       $69.95   4416   Nantucket Briar Deluxe Hat Box   $94.95    44124    Gardeners Mini Sampler        $29.95   44170   Jojoba Guest Soap Sampler 6x25g $17.95                        4417     Aromatherapy Purifying Sampler                   $16.95
4417   Nantucket Briar Essentials   $59.95   4411   Nantucket Briar Luxuries   $69.95   44164   Rosewater Deluxe Hat Box         $94.95    10177   60 Second Fix for Hands       $49.95   44171   Jojoba Bath Soap Sampler 4x50g $19.95                         44174     Aromatherapy Revitalising Sampler $16.95
4418   Rosewater Essentials         $59.95   4412   Rosewater Luxuries         $69.95   44165   Lavender Deluxe Hat Box          $94.95                                                    44147   English Floral Gel                                            4414     Hand Therapy Sampler x50ml                     $9.95
4419   Lavender Essentials          $59.95   441   Lavender Luxuries          $69.95   44161   La Source Deluxe Hat Box         $94.95                                                            & Lotion Sampler                            $24.95            44149     Hand Therapy Sampler 6x25ml                     $9.95
                                                                                          44166   Evelyn Rose Deluxe Vanity Case $124.95                                                     44148   Nantucket Briar / Summer Hill
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gel & Lotion Sampler                        $2.95
                                                                                          44167   Lily of the Valley
                                                                                                  Deluxe Vanity Case               $124.95
                                                                                          44168   Wisteria Deluxe Vanity Case      $124.95

                                                                                                                                                                                                              *The gift products featured on this page are subject to availability and may not be in stock all year round at all stores.

range                                                                                COMESTIBlES

        Our tea time treats are as close to homemade as possible. Inspired by
        the English still room – where fresh ingredients, gathered from the hives,
        gardens and orchards were transformed into delicious foods – we make
        our preserve, fruit curds and biscuits to traditional recipes, using time
        honoured methods and the freshest ingredients available.
                                                                                                           74641                                                   65176                                                                      65191

                                                                                                            6567                                                    6068                                                                       6066

                                                                                                            6082                                                   50451                                                                      5045

                                                                                     BISCuITS                                                                                                                    PRESERvES
                                                                                     74681    All Butter Cinnamon Cookies 200g $9.95      65176   Stem Ginger & Lemon Zest                                       6066      Organic Raspberry Preserve 227g                  $7.95
                                                                                     74671    All Butter Ginger Cookies 200g     $9.95            Cookies 220g                                  $12.95           6065      Organic Strawberry Preserve 227g $7.95
                                                                                     74661    All Butter Hazelnut Cookies 200g   $9.95    65191   Strawberry & Cream Cookies 200g $12.95                         6067      Organic Apricot Preserve 227g                    $7.95
                                                                                     74641    All Butter Lemon Cookies 200g      $9.95    65175   White Chocolate Chunk &                                        6082      Organic Blueberry Preserve 227g                  $7.95
                                                                                                                                                  Raspberry Cookies 200g                       $12.95
                                                                                     74651    All Butter Orange Cookies 200g     $9.95
                                                                                                                                          6567    Traditional Shortbread 00g                  $14.95            TEAS
                                                                                     182111   Double Chocolate
                                                                                              Chip Cookies 250g                  $12.95                                                                          50451     English Breakfast Tea 25 sachets                 $9.95
                                                                                     74691    Breakfast Cookies 250g             $12.95                                                                          50452     Afternoon Tea 25 sachets                         $9.95
                                                                                                                                          6068    Organic Breakfast Marmalade 227g $7.95
                                                                                     65174    Oatflake & Cranberry                                                                                               5045     Earl Grey Tea 25 sachets                         $9.95
                                                                                              Biscuits 200g                      $12.95
                                                                                                                                                     *The comestible products featured on this page are subject to availability and may not be in stock all year round at all stores.
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