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					ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009

Race & entRy infoRmation
cowes – Fastnet Rock – Plymouth
9 August 2009

Royal ocean Racing club
Welcome to the 43rd Rolex Fastnet Race

The Royal Ocean Racing Club has come a long way since 1925 when 16 entered and
only 7 came to the starting line of the first race. The main restriction of the time, “no more
paid hands than can be accommodated in the foc’sle”, has been more than superseded.

This race is our raison d’être. It is the reason the Club was founded and in the early years
it was our only race. Equipment has improved out of all recognition since that time, but
the race still remains a major test of crew and boats, and it is this that continues to attract
top class competition from all over the world. Completing the race remains a means of
qualification for RORC membership.

This year is of course an important anniversary, thirty years since the famous – or
perhaps infamous – event in 1979. Although it was the worst catastrophe in our history
an enormous amount was learned. The lessons have been applied and explain some of
the restrictions placed upon competitors, which are necessary for safe passage to and
from the “rock”.

Hopefully conditions will be a little kinder this year than 2007, when we faced the
unprecedented situation of a 24-hour postponement. The race that unfolded was a clear
reminder why we expect crews to have completed adequate qualification races and to
have up-to-date sea survival training. Whatever the weather, one thing remains certain –
the Rolex Fastnet will always be a personal challenge for everyone taking part.

Our tracker system was a major development last time and the website received an
astonishing 48 million hits. I am sure it will be just as useful and popular this time. The
limit of 300 boats will be applied again this year so I encourage you to get your entry in
early to avoid the waiting list.

I look forward to meeting many of you before and after the race.

Andrew McIrvine
Commodore | Royal Ocean Racing Club
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                          1    intRODUctiOn                            2     RacE inFORMatiOn
                          The Rolex Fastnet Race 2009 will be          Prior to the event race information can be
                          conducted in the waters of the Solent,       obtained from:
                          English Channel and Celtic Sea.              The Racing Manager
                          Owners and Charterers of eligible boats      Royal Ocean Racing Club
                          are invited to apply for entry on the        20 St James’s Place
                          conditions stated in the Notice of Race      London, SW1A 1NN
                          which can be found in the 2009 RORC          Tel:    + 44 (0) 20 7493 2248
                          Programme. The first warning signal for      Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7493 5252
                          the start of the race will be at 11.50 BST   Email:
                          on Sunday, 9 August 2009. The Race will
                          start from the Royal Yacht Squadron line     Race Headquarters from Thursday,
                          in Cowes. Yachts will race on a course of    23 July 2009 until the start
                          approximately 608 miles via the Fastnet      The Racing Manager
                          Rock to the finish line at the western end   Royal Ocean Racing Club
                          of the breakwater in Plymouth Harbour.       The Disrespect
                          Details of the course and marks will be      82 High Street
                          in the Sailing Instructions.                 Cowes | Isle of Wight, PO31 7AJ
                          The organising authority is the Royal        Tel:    + 44 (0) 1983 295144
                          Ocean Racing Club in association with        Fax: + 44 (0) 1983 292242
                          the Royal Western Yacht Club and the         Email:
                          Royal Yacht Squadron. The title sponsor
                          is Rolex SA of Geneva.                       Contact Details for the Race Headquarters
                                                                       after the start will be published in the Sailing

                                                                       3     EntRiEs
                                                                       The number of entries will be limited to
                                                                       a maximum of 300. Registration opens:
                                                                       Monday, 5 January 2009. The closing date
                                                                       for entries is Thursday, 23 July 2009
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                                                                                                                      3.    A current rating or class certificate
                                                                       5     EntRY PROcEDURE                          as appropriate. The certificate shall detail
                                                                       The allocation of places in the race will      STIX & AVS or SSS as appropriate to the
                                                                       operate on a “first come first served”         required level; see Appendix B for details.
                                                                       basis and will be subject to completion of     4.    A Hull Construction Certificate in
                                                                       the experience and training qualification      accordance with ISAF Offshore Special
                                                                       requirements and the other entry               Regulation 3.03
                                                                       requirements listed below.                     *Note: In exceptional circumstances
                                                                       Owners of yachts intending to compete          when a yacht has good reason for there
                                                                       in the race must complete all parts of the     to be a delay in submitting any of the
                                                                       official Race Entry Form (preferably online    above then they should contact the
                                                                       at and pay the appropriate       RORC immediately. The RORC shall
                                                                       race entry fee to register their interest.     have the discretion to allocate places
                                                                       Submission of an Entry Form and payment        subject to a timetable for the supply
                                                                       of the fee will not guarantee a place in the   of information. Failure to supply the
                                                                       race; all other entry requirements must be     required information may result in a
                                                                       completed to the satisfaction of the Royal     yacht forfeiting her allocated place.
                                                                       Ocean Racing Club Ltd (RORC).
                                                                       The first 300 registered yachts to supply      IN ADDITION A YACHT WHICH HAS
                                                                       the information listed below will be           BEEN ALLOCATED A PLACE SHALL
                                                                       allocated places.                              SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING NO LATER
                                                                       When the entry limit of 300 yachts has been    THAN THURSDAY, 23 JULY 2009:
                                                                       reached subsequent entries will be placed      5.     An ISAF Offshore Special Regula-
                                                                       on a waiting list. Allocation of places from   tions Checklist to Category 2 plus RORC
                                                                       the waiting list shall be in the discretion    Prescriptions completed to the satisfaction
                                                                       of the RORC. Preference will be given to       of the RORC.
                                                                       members of the RORC.                           6.     A complete Crew List with Next of
                                                                       In the event of the RORC being unable          Kin details, see Appendix E.
                                                                       to allocate a place in the race the race       7.     A Disclaimer and Media Rights Waiver
                                                                       entry fee shall be refunded except for         signed by all of the crew, see Appendix F.
                                                                       an administration fee of £20.00. See           8.     The 15 digit HEX ID of the yachts
                                                                       Cancellation Policy Appendix H.                406 EPIRB.
                                                                                                                      9.     Copies of the yacht’s Liferaft
                                                                       TO BE ALLOCATED A PLACE IN THE                 servicing/inspection certificates. Please
                                                                       RACE A YACHT SHALL SUPPLY*:                    note that copies of liferaft servicing/
                                                                       1.     A proposal to satisfy the experience    inspection certificates shall be supplied
                                                                       qualification requirement which has been       before a yacht’s first offshore race of the
                                                                       accepted by the RORC in writing; see           season.
                                                                       Appendix A for details.                        10. Evidence of her crew having satisfied
                          4     cLassEs                                2.     Evidence of their crew having           the training requirement if a proposal was
                          IRC (for yachts up to 30.5 metres LOA),      satisfied, or a proposal acceptable to the     accepted in 2 above.
                          Class 40, Multihulls, Two-Handed Division    RORC to satisfy, the training requirements;
                          – see General Conditions, Appendix l & II.   see Appendix D for details
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                          6     BRiEFinG
                          A briefing will be held in Cowes at 16.00
                          on Saturday, 8 August at the Cowes Yacht
                          Haven. Two representatives from each
                          boat will be invited. This briefing is not
                          mandatory. Information will also be on the
                          RORC website:

                          7     intERnatiOnaL JURY
                          Decisions of the International Jury will be
                          final as provided in RRS 70.5.

                          8     s POnsORs FLaGs
                                                                                                                          1.     300 miles of RORC offshore racing,
                                anD BOW sticKERs                           10 t ROPHiE s                                  or If the yacht is normally kept in a place
                          Race sponsor’s flags may be provided, and        Trophies are for corrected time results        without reasonable access to RORC racing:
                          if so shall be flown from the backstay at all    except where stated. A Rolex Chronometer       2.     one RORC offshore race plus
                          times during the race. Class and sponsor’s       may be awarded to the Fastnet Challenge        offshore racing* or a non-stop passage,
                          flags shall be flown at a level above that of    Cup winner and the line honours monohull       to be proposed to and agreed by RORC,
                          the upper lifelines. Bow stickers may be         winner. In the event of one boat winning       making a total of at least 300 miles, or
                          provided and every effort shall be made to       both trophies only one chronometer will        3.     other qualifications similar to (2) above
                          retain them on the bows. Race sponsor’s          be presented.                                  to be proposed to and agreed by RORC.
                          battle flags will be provided, and shall be                                                     *To qualify as “offshore racing” a race must
                          flown from the forestay while berthed in                                                        be of at least 75 miles duration and include
                          Plymouth. A competitor may not protest           11 DEtaiLs                                     at least one night at sea.
                          this requirement.                                   OF REQUiREMEnts                             Notes
                                                                           APPENDIX A                                          1. When plans to qualify as above
                                                                           EXPERIENCE QUALIFICATION                               cannot be completed (e.g. a race
                          9     PRiZEGiVinG                                REQUIREMENT                                            becalmed) or in exceptional cir-
                          The Rolex Fastnet prizegiving will be held in    The Rolex Fastnet Race is not a race for               cumstances, alternative proposals
                          Plymouth on Friday, 14 August 2009. Details      novices. Every crewmember must have                    must be made to RORC as soon
                          will be published in the Sailing Instructions.   experience of sailing a yacht offshore, and            as possible.
                          RORC medallions will be presented at             be prepared to encounter heavy weather.             2. A service yacht may qualify as
                          19.30 on Tuesday, 8 September at the             Competitors may be required to provide                 above or submit written authority
                          Clubhouse, 20 St James’s Place, London,          evidence of offshore experience.                       from her service establishment.
                          SW1 1NN. All crews welcome.                      The Person in Charge with at least half the         3. The acceptance by RORC of any
                          A Rolex Fastnet Certificate will be sent         crew must have completed, in the yacht in              experience qualification does
                          on request to every crewmember who               which they will race the Rolex Fastnet Race,           not warrant suitability for the
                          completes the course.                            in the 12 months preceding the start:-                 Rolex Fastnet Race.
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                          APPENDIX B                                       In addition at least one member of the
                          STIX & AVS / SSS REQUIREMENTS                    crew shall hold a current Senior First Aid
                          Monohulls - SSS MINIMUM BASE VALUE:              Certificate or equivalent (in accordance with
                          28 or STIX MINIMUM 32 and AVS                    OSR 6.05.2) and should be familiar with the
                          MINIMUM 130-0.002 x m (where m is                management of medical emergencies that
                          minimum sailing weight in Kg).                   may occur at sea including Hypothermia,
                          Yachts with series date of 1995 and later        and radio communications operations for
                          will be categorised under STIX & AVS only.       obtaining medical advice by radio.
                          Yachts with series date before 1995 may be       The training must have taken place after
                          categorised under either STIX & AVS or SSS.      the 1 January 2004. Copies of these
                          Multihulls - shall exceed 9.15m/30’ LOA.         Certificates/Letters of Attendance must
                          Multihull entries will be screened by RORC       be lodged with the RORC no later than
                          on an individual basis in conjunction with       Thursday, 23 July 2009
                                                                           APPENDIX E
                          APPENDIX C                                       CREW LIST WITH NEXT OF KIN DETAILS
                          SPECIAL REGULATIONS                              It is the Person in Charge’s responsibility
                          Category 2 with RORC Prescriptions               to collate a crew list complete with names
                          An ISAF Offshore Special Regulations             and addresses and next of kin details. A
                          Checklist shall be completed to Category         crew list complete with details of the whole
                          2 and submitted to the RORC no later than        crew shall be submitted to the RORC by
                          Thursday, 23 July 2009                           Thursday, 23 July 2009.
                          The Checklist shall include the 15 digit HEX
                          ID of the yachts EPIRBS(S) (which must be        APPENDIX F
                          registered with the appropriate authority) and   DISCLAIMER
                          the serial numbers of the liferaft(s). Copies    AND MEDIA RIGHTS WAIVER
                          of the yacht’s liferaft servicing/inspection     As part of the formal entry/registration
                          certificate(s) or proof that the liferaft(s)     process, all competitors will be required to
                          predates its first service shall be attached.    sign and lodge with the RORC by Thursday,
                                                                           23 July 2009 the following disclaimer
                          APPENDIX D                                       and media, photographic / television rights
                          TRAINING REQUIREMENT                             statement.
                          It is the Person in Charge’s responsibility
                          to ensure that the following criteria are met
                          and that copies of Certificates or Letters of
                          Attendance are submitted to RORC.
                          At least 30% of the crew including the
                          Person in Charge must have completed
                          training to Section 6 of the ISAF Offshore
                          Special Regulations. Appendix G to the
                          regulations provides a model training
                          course. In the Two-Handed Division both
                          crewmembers must have received training.
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

DISCLAIMER                                        MEDIA RELEASE                                   APPENDIX G
I agree to be bound by International Sailing      Competitors and crew members on the             TRACKING
Federation Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)          competing yachts grant, at no cost, the         It will be mandatory for yachts to carry and
2009/2012, by the Sailing Instructions and        ROYAL OCEAN RACING CLUB LIMITED                 keep switched on while competing in the
the Notice of Race. I agree that the sole and     and ROLEX SA the absolute right and             Rolex Fastnet Race an OCTracker unit. The
inescapable responsibility for the nautical       permission to use their name, voice,            units are standalone and will be supplied by
qualities of any yacht participating in the       image, likeness, biographical material as       the RORC. The cost is inclusive in the entry
Rolex Fastnet Race 2009, her rigging,             well as representations of the boats in any     fee. A deposit, which may be set against a
the safety equipment on board and the             media (being television, print and internet     credit card, will be required. Full details will
competence, behaviour and dress of her            media), including video footage, for the sole   be issued to entries separately.
crew is that of the Person in Charge of           purposes of advertising, promoting, reporting
the yacht as designated by the owner or           and disseminating information relating to       APPENDIX H
charterer (to the exclusion of the Royal          ROLEX SA’s involvement in sailing events,       CANCELLATION POLICY
Ocean Racing Club, its servants, agents           in particular ROLEX FASTNET RACE 2009            Cancellations can be accepted either:
and sponsors and of ROLEX SA and                  (“the race”) and to the competitors and crew    (i)      before the closing date, when a
affiliated companies).                            members’ participation to the regatta.          complete refund except a £20 x the fee
I also agree to take any and all responsibility   Competitors and crew members on the             multiplier may be claimed or
for all damages whatsoever caused                 competing yachts also grant, at no cost,        (ii)     between the closing date and the
to third persons or their belongings,             ROLEX SA and affiliated companies the           start, when 50% of the fee may be claimed.
to myself or to my belongings, ashore             absolute right and permission to use
and at sea as a consequence of my                 their name, image, likeness, biographical
participation in the regatta, and hereby          material as well as representations of the
relieve from any responsibility, and agree        boats in the “Perpetual Spirit” magazine,
to indemnify on a full indemnity basis            edited by ROLEX SA.
and hold harmless, the Royal Ocean                Competitors and crew members’ name,
Racing Club Limited, its servants, agents         voice, image, likeness and biographical
and sponsors (in particular but not only          material shall not be used by ROLEX SA          USM is the official furniture supplier of
ROLEX SA and affiliated companies) and            and affiliated companies in a way which         the media centres at Rolex sponsored
their representatives in respect of any           constitutes an endorsement of ROLEX SA’s        international yachting events.
claim arising therefrom.                          products by said competitors and crew           International contact:
I am acquainted with ISAF RRS Part 1              members, unless the relevant competitor or      USM | U. Schärer Söhne AG
Fundamental Rule 4: “A boat is solely             crew member is engaged by ROLEX SA to           3110 Münsingen | Switzerland
responsible for deciding whether or not to        endorse Rolex SA’s products or gives his/       Tel: +41 31 720 72 72
start or to continue racing”.                     her prior written consent to such use.
In any case, I agree that the ROYAL
servants, agents and sponsors (in particular
but not only ROLEX SA and affiliated
companies) and their representatives have                                                         Sutton Harbour Marina
no responsibility for loss of life or injury to                                                   is the primary berthing
participants in the Rolex Fastnet Race or                                                         in Plymouth for the
others, or for the loss of, or damage to any                                                      2009 Rolex Fastnet fleet.
vessel or property.                                                                     
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

FastnEt RacE REcORDs
                                      Yacht Name                 Year     Speed
Fastest monohull with canting keel    ICAP LEOPARD 3             2007     13.72 knots
Fastest monohull with water ballast   RAMBLER                    2007     13.50 knots
Fastest monohull without
          movable/variable ballast    BOOMERANG                  1999     11.13 knots
Fastest 60ft multihull                FUJICOLOR                  1999     15.03 knots
Fastest multihull under 50ft          SPIRIT OF ENGLAND          1997      8.38 knots
Fastest Volvo Ocean Race Yacht        ILLBRUCK 2 (Volvo 60) 1999          11.36 knots
Fastest IMOCA Open 60                 PRB                        2007     12.09 knots

iRc tROPHiEs
Fastnet Challenge Cup                 Best Overall
Kees Van Dam Memorial Trophy          Second Best Overall
Erroll Bruce Cup                      First Yacht Home (SZ)
Jolie Brise Cup                       First Yacht Home (Classes 0-3)
Clarion Cup                           First British Yacht Home
Hong Kong Cup                         IRC SZ
West Mersea YC Trophy                 IRC 0
Foxhound Cup                          IRC 1
Favona Cup                            IRC 2
Iolaire Cup                           IRC 3
Brunskill Trophy                      Best Two-Handed Yacht Overall
Berrimilla Dog Bowl                   Best Two-Handed Yacht in IRC 3
Alf Loomis Trophy                     Navigator of Best Yacht Overall
Joggernaut Trophy                     Best Irish Yacht Overall
Arambalza Cup                         Best Overall Non-British Yacht
Roger Justice Trophy                  Best Sailing School Yacht Overall
Inter-Regimental Cup                  Best Service Yacht Overall
Whirlwind Trophy                      Best Swan Yacht Overall
Bloodhound Cup                        Best Corporate Yacht
Martin Illingworth Trophy             Inter-Club for teams of 3 yachts nominated
                                      by an affiliated Club
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                                                                FastnEt ROUnDinG tROPHiEs
                                                                Irish Lights Trophy                 First IRC Yacht on the water
                                                                Culdrose Trophy                     Best IRC Service Yacht round on corrected time

                                                                sPEciaL tROPHiEs
                                                                RORC Open 60 Trophy                 First IMOCA Open 60 Home
                                                                Philip Whitehead Cup                First Class 40 Home
                                                                Spangle Trophy                      First Contessa 32
                                                                Hobo Bowl                           Best IRC One-Design Yacht
                                                                The Sparkman & Stephens Trophy      Best Sparkman & Stephens designed Yacht
                                                                RORC Bowl                           Best IRC Swan in the Dinard/St Malo and Fastnet Races
                                                                Royal Thames Spirit Cup             First Royal Thames YC Yacht Home
                                                                Duncan Munro-Kerr Memorial Trophy   Best Yacht with skipper aged between 18 and not more than 30 on 9th August 2009
                                                                Maite de Arambalza Trophy           Best Yacht with a Female Skipper
                                                                Iolaire Block                       Oldest Yacht to complete the Course
                                                                Dennis Doyle Memorial Salver        Skipper who has done the greatest number of Fastnet Races including the current one
                                                                Coates Scholfield Trophy            The Yacht whose crew have sailed the furthest to complete the race
                                                                Galley Slaves Trophy                Galley Slave of the Yacht with the greatest elapsed time

                                                                MULtiHULL tROPHiEs
                                                                RORC Trophy                         First Multihull Home
                                                                MOCRA Muster Trophy                 First MOCRA Rated Multihull under 50ft Home
                                                                MOCRA Crystal Trophy                Best MOCRA Rated Multihull under 50ft

Ger O’Rourke’s CHIEFTAIN overall winner of Rolex Fastnet 2007
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                          PLYMOUtH sHOREGUiDE

                          Plymouth Code +44 (0)1752                      Richmond Walk                        T: 01803 882704
                          Tourist Information & Accommodation            T: 500121                            Falmouth Maritime Rescue
                          T: 306330                                      Charts & Pilot Books                 T: 01326 310800
                                        The Sea Chest
                                                                                                              Harbour Commission
                                                                         Queen Anne’s Battery
                          Yacht Clubs                                                                         Cattewater
                                                                         T: 222012
                          Royal Western Yacht Club                                                            T: 665934
                          Queen Anne’s Battery                                                      
                          T: 660077                                      Electrical & Electronics Engineers   HM Customs
                          www.rwyc .org                                  Waypoint 1 | Queen Anne’s Battery    T: 234600
                                                                         T: 661913                            Plymouth Hospital
                          Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club
                          Madeira Road | T: 664327
                                                                         Plymouth Marine Electronics          T: 777111
                                                                         Sutton Harbour             
                          Marinas                                        T: 227711
                          Sutton Harbour Marina                
                                                                                                              T: 660648
                          The Jetty, Sutton Harbour
                                                                         Riggers                              Weather
                          VHF Channel 12
                                                                         Allspars | Queen Anne’s Battery      Marinecall
                          T: 204702
                                                                         T: 266766                            T: 0871 200 3985
                                                                                  South West
                          Queen Anne’s Battery – MDL
                                                                         Yacht Rigging Services               T: 09068 500 458
                          VHF Channel 80 (&37)
                                                                         Commercial Road            
                          T: 671142
                                                                         T: 0800 9158609
                          Mayflower International                                                             Barclays – Princess Street
                          Richmond Walk | VHF Channel 80 (&37)           Boat Yards                           NatWest – Old Town Street
                          T: 556633                                      Mashford Bros. Ltd                   HSBC – Old Town Street
                                      Cremyll Shipyard                     Lloyds TSB – Royal Parade
                                                                         T: 822232
                          Boat Hoist                                                                          Travel
                          Queen Anne’s Battery – MDL                                                          Rail
                                                                         A. Blagdon | Richmond Walk
                          25 ton capacity yacht hoist (16 foot beam)                                          T: 08457 484950
                                                                         T: 561830
                          Mayflower                                                                           Airport
                          25 tonne capacity yacht hoist (17 foot beam)   Police                               Air Southwest | T: 242628
                          750kg jib crane (masts/engines)                Emergency: 999             
                                                                         Enquiries: 08705 777444              Ferry
                                                                                                              T: 08705 360360
                          Yacht Parts Plymouth                           Coastguard
                          Queen Anne’s Battery | T: 252489               Emergency: 999                       Taxi
                                                       Taxi Fast | T: 222222
                          Mayflower Chandlery & Store                    Brixham Maritime Rescue              Plymouth Taxi | T: 606060
ROLEX FastnEt RacE 2009
nOticE OF RacE

                                                          cREW PREPaRatiOn                        PLYMOUtH a WORtHY FinisH

Ever since the tragic loss of life during      The Special Regulations also demand a              At the mouth of the River Tamar, where          The region is rich in social history too.
the Fastnet Race of 1979, the RORC has         406 MHz EPIRB and that this be tested              it forms the border between Devon and           Dartmoor hosts ancient settlements,
been at pains to ensure that the crews         according to the manufacturer’s instructions.      Cornwall, beneath the wild uplands of the       standing stones, medieval bridges and the
that take part in the race are thoroughly      These Emergency Position Indicating Radio          Dartmoor and above the sparkling waters         aptly named Grimespound, high on a bleak
prepared. The effect of the storm in the       Beacons are now widely used in conjunction         of the sound, is the magnificent setting of     hillside. In the city there’s Prysten House
1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race has           with Search and Rescue authorities.                the city of Plymouth.                           the oldest house in Plymouth built in 1498,
seen similar changes take place in the         The RORC also demands that the skipper             Once famous explorers set sail from its         along with the 16th century Merchants
regulations for that classic ocean race as     and at least half the crew of each yacht must      great natural harbour to the four corners of    House and the Mayflower Steps, symbolic
well. While it is not possible to cover all    have offshore racing experience in the 12          the globe to discover and settle new lands.     leaving point for the New World in 1620
eventualities in what is acknowledged to be    months preceding the start of the race AND         On their voyages they founded over forty        by the Pilgrim Fathers. Plymouth Gin is the
a potentially dangerous sport, the RORC        in the yacht entered for the Rolex Fastnet.        other towns and cities of the same name         unique liquor traditionally provided to men
attempts to minimise the eventuality of        This will amount to a minimum equivalent           around the world.                               on Royal Navy ships, and is still made at
serious accidents.                             of 300 miles of RORC racing, or similar            The city is set amidst some of England’s        Black Friar’s Distillery in Southside Street,
The rules for the Rolex Fastnet prescribe      for foreign entries. The summer of a Rolex         most glorious countryside and with its          formerly a monastery. The Pilgrim Fathers
that all yachts conform to Category 2 of       Fastnet will witness a high entry level in         unique waterfront ambience, entwined            spent their last night here before their
the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and      RORC races in many cases to qualify.               with the spirit of the sea, it offers great     departure, after reputedly collecting water
these are printed in full in the 2009 RORC     Under the regulations, at least 30% (and           opportunities to explore the culture of         for their journey from the well in the Prysten
Programme, a copy of which is sent to          a minimum of 2) of the crew including the          Britain.                                        House. West Hoe, where the memorial to
every Club member and entry in the race.       Skipper must have completed training to            The city owes much of its existence and         Sir Francis Drake and the Armada now
These state that the responsibility for “the   Section 6 of the ISAF Offshore Special             history to the shelter provided by Plymouth     stands, was quarried for some of London’s
safety of a yacht and her crew is the          Regulations. This covers First Aid and             Sound. Sutton Harbour in the Barbican           most famous buildings.
sole and inescapable responsibility of the     instruction in the use of liferafts. It has been   is the original port of Plymouth and is         If exploring the coastline and countryside
Person in Charge...”, and that the decision    realised that when pushed to the limits,           still home to the fishing fleet. The British    is more appealing, the open expanse of
to race or to continue to race is that of      while sailors have a maxim of staying with         Royal Navy’s links to the city go back to       Dartmoor to the north and the coastal
the yacht.                                     the ship, the ultimate overwhelming can            the ships that sailed from the mouth of the     farmland of the South Hams to the east
Most of the rest of the Category 2 Special     occur and it is best for crews to be ready for     River Plym to defeat the Spanish Armada         are highly regarded. Despite a huge
Regulations concern the vessel and her         all eventualities.                                 in 1588. The Royal Citadel, which has           influx of visitors in the summer months,
equipment, particularly the amount of and                                                         commanding views over the sound (and            tranquillity remains part of the scenery.
type of safety equipment that is carried,                                                         which hosted the Rolex Fastnet Race prize       There are numerous quaint inns and pubs
including spares. These Regulations have                                                          giving for the first time in 2003), was built   across the villages and market towns
been developed over a number of years                                                             1662 for Charles II as a fortress against       of South Devon, offering local ales and
and the RORC has been a leader in their                                                           the local Parliamentarians. In 1691, a          wonderful food. The area has its share
development. Included in the equipment                                                            major naval dockyard was established in         of stately homes and buildings too. The
is the marine radio requirement of a VHF                                                          the River Tamar. Devonport is now the           Cremyll Foot Ferry will take one to the
Radio capable of 25 Watts output that                                                             largest naval base in Western Europe. It        formal gardens and parkland of Mount
must have a masthead antenna, plus an                                                             covers over 650 acres, has 15 dry docks,        Edgcumbe. Saltram House boasts the
emergency antenna, and a radio receiver                                                           four miles of waterfront, 25 tidal berths,      massive Great Kitchen, Buckland Abbey
capable of receiving weather bulletins.                                                           five basins and 1,750 civilian and service      was once home to Sir Francis Drake and
                                                                                                  personnel committed «To Support the             the Lutyens designed Castle Drogo is
                                                                                                  Fleet Worldwide.»                               20th Century design unmatched.
    where do you begin improving
on a masterpiece?
              at the starting line.

An extraordinary technological innovation for regattas has no sails. It is the new Rolex Yacht-Master II, featuring
a reprogrammable countdown with mechanical memory that can be set to mark separate countdown times. The
first and only one of its kind, it is indispensable at the starting line of a regatta. More than an essential yachting
tool, the Yacht-Master II is a new-generation watch for all sailing enthusiasts, on land or at sea. ROLEX.COM

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