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					ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010

Notice of race
casa de campo, dominican Republic
21-24 April 2010


Casa de Campo YaCht Club
On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Farr 40 Class Association, I extend a
warm welcome and invite you to join us at Casa de Campo for the 13th annual Rolex
Farr 40 World Championship. With its distinctive blend of Caribbean chic and classic
elegance, the 7,000-acre resort on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic
provides an ideal setting for one of yachting’s finest championships.

Our race management team will be led once again by Peter Reggio, who will serve as
our Principal Race Officer. Returning as Jury Chair is Henry Menin. Both have been
good friends of the Farr 40 Class for many years and it is an honor to have them with
us in 2010.

Even with a great regatta venue, conditions, and management, our World Championship
would not be the wonderful event it has become without the ongoing and generous
support the Farr 40 Class receives from our title sponsor, Rolex. Quite simply, Rolex is
the best sponsor in the sport of sailing. The Farr 40 Class is delighted to be associated
with a company that shares our passion for yachting and sport.

I look forward to seeing you at Casa de Campo this April for our Rolex Farr 40 World

                                                                       Jim Richardson
                                                                Farr 40 Class President
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

                                         On behalf of Casa de Campo Marina
                                         and Casa de Campo Yacht Club, I would
                                         like to welcome you all to La Romana in
                                         Dominican Republic for the Rolex Farr 40
                                         World Championship 2010. This is the
                                         first time that a competition of such level
                                         as this will be held on the Caribbean Sea.
                                         A sea that, in its long history, has been
                                         sailed upon by some of the most famous
                                         ships and captains. This is a new era with
                                         new types of ships; however, the spirit of
                                         the captains remains the same especially
                                         at the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship.

                                         Casa de Campo Marina, CCYC, and I are
                                         proud to welcome you and your team.
                                         I am dedicated, along with the Farr 40
                                         Class, to make sure you enjoy the best-
                                         ever week of racing and entertainment,
                                         and experience the most unforgettable
                                         Championship yet held by Rolex and the
                                         Farr 40 Class.

                                         I look forward to seeing you on the

                                         Kindest regards,

                                                                 Gianfranco Fini
                                                       Casa de Campo Yacht Club
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

                                                                                           3.5 RRS 44.1 and 44.2 are changed
                                         1     ORGaniZinG                                  so that, except for infringements of Part 2
                                               aUthORitY                                   that occur within three boat lengths of a
                                         The Organizing Authority (OA) is the Casa         rounding mark or finishing mark, only one
                                         de Campo Yacht Club (CCYC) in conjunction         turn, including one tack and one gybe,
                                         with the Farr® 40 Class Association.              is required.
                                                                                           3.6 The maximum amount of drinkable
                                                                                           liquid aboard each yacht shall not exceed
                                         2     hEadQUaRt ERs                               six litres per person per day. This liquid
                                         The Rolex Farr 40 Worlds Championship             is included in the restrictions for movable
                                         2010 Regatta Headquarters will be at:             ballast in RRS 51.
                                         Marina Casa de Campo                              3.7 In RRS 61.1, after the second
                                         La Romana                                         sentence, add the words: “The red flag
                                         Dominican Republic                                shall have the minimum dimensions of
                                         Tel:   +809 523 8646                              45cm x 45 cm and shall be displayed
                                         Fax: +809 5238649                                 vertically from the backstay.” This changes
                                         Email:              RRS 61.1.
                                                        3.8 Video, data and/or photographs
                                                                                           taken from any source shall not be used as
                                                                                           evidence at protest hearings. This changes
                                         3     RULEs                                       RRS 63.6.

                                         3.1 This Regatta will be governed by the
                                         rules as defined in the 2009-2012 Racing
                                                                                           4     EL iG iB iLitY
                                         Rules of Sailing (RRS).
                                         3.2 Where there is conflict with the Notice       The regatta is open to all Farr 40 Class
                                         of Race, the Sailing Instructions shall prevail   yachts as defined by the Class Rules.
                                         except that neither shall change nor alter        Owners, Charterers and Substitute
                                         any Class Rules. This changes RRS 63.7.           helmsmen shall be current members
                                         3.3 Yachts shall comply with the 2009-            of the Farr 40 Class Association and
                                         2010 ISAF Offshore Special Regulations,           approved by the Farr 40 Class Eligibility
                                         Category 4 (except neither 5.01.2 nor             Review Committee.
                                         4.26.4(g) shall apply for this event) and
                                         Appendix 3 of the Farr 40 Class Rules. In the
                                         event of conflict, designer and manufacturers
                                         original standards shall prevail.
                                         3.4 Remove the second sentence of
                                         RRS 30.2 and replace with the following:
                                         “If a boat breaks this rule and is identified,
                                         she shall receive, without a hearing, a 10%
                                         scoring penalty calculated as stated in
                                         rule 44.3 (c)”.
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

                                                                                        (h)   Owner/Skipper shall be a member of
                                         5     E ntRY and                                     their Member National Authority;
                                               REGistRatiOn                             (i)   All owners, tacticians and boat cap-
                                         5.1 Entry Forms for Rolex Farr 40 World              tains shall have signed and submitted
                                         Championship (21–24 April 2010) are                  to the OA Appendix 10 stating that
                                         available at:                  their boat fully complies with Class
                                         5.2 Entry Forms, a copy of a valid 2010              Rules and that they will abide by said
                                         One Design Certificate and the Entry                 Class Rules while racing.
                                         Fee of $1800.00 shall be submitted to
                                         the Farr 40 Class Association no later
                                         than 1 March 2010. Late entries may be         6         schEdULE
                                         accepted, however an additional fee of         6.1 Please see
                                         $250 will be charged for entries received      April 15-16 Measurement*
                                         after 1 March 2010.                            April 15-16 Pre-Worlds Registration*
                                         5.3 Crew lists and ISAF Sailor User            April 15-16 Pre-Worlds Owner
                                         IDs for all crew, along with designation                       and Crew weigh-in
                                         of alternate, relief or substitute helmsmen    April 17-18 Rolex Farr 40 Pre-Worlds
                                         shall be submitted to Stagg Yachts no later    April 18        Worlds Crew weigh-in
                                         than 30 March 2010.                            April 19-20 Registration
                                         5.4 Registration shall be completed                            and Measurement*
                                         with the OA as described below. Sail           April 20        Tactician’s Briefing
                                         declarations may be made on site during                        and Skipper’s Meeting
                                         registration. No later than 1700 hours         April 21        1st Race Day
                                         on 20 April 2010 all entries shall have        April 22        2nd Race Day
                                         completed the following:                       April 23        3rd Race Day
                                         (a) Registration with OA, including            April 24        4th Race Day
                                                payment of all fees;                    *Measurement of sails and boat, and crew
                                         (b) Entry Form and 2010 One Design             weigh-in will be scheduled by the Class
                                                Certificate on file with the OA;        Association.
                                         (c) Owner, Charterer, and Substitute           6.2 The Race Committee intends to
                                                Helmsman Class Membership Dues          conduct as many races as practicable
                                                for 2010 paid and on file with Stagg    on each scheduled day of racing, up to a
                                                Yachts;                                 maximum of ten races for the Series. The
                                         (d) Skipper and crew weighing, and             Initial Warning Signal for racing each day is
                                                liability waivers signed and on file    scheduled to be made at 1100, however, no
                                                with the OA;                            Initial Warning Signal will be made after 1530
                                         (e) Sail Declaration form on file with         hours on the last scheduled day of racing.
                                                the OA;                                 6.3 After consultation with a non-
                                         (f)    Measurement forms on file with          competing Class Representative, the OA
                                                the OA;                                 and/or PRO may modify the above
                                         (g) Crew classification declared and           programme according to prevailing weather
                                                verified on the Sail/Crew Declaration   conditions and/or other unforeseen
                                                form, and on file with the OA;          circumstances.
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

7     mEas UREm Ent                               8     EVEnt ad VERtisin G
      and insp EctiOn                             8.1 Each yacht may be required to
7.1 Competitors shall complete keel and           display event advertising on the bow,
rudder templating, yacht weighing and             and may be strongly urged to display
boat inspection on 15-16 April 2010. Sail         advertising on the backstay and boom.
measurement is on 19-20 April 2010. The           While not racing, all yachts are strongly
Class Association will notify each yacht of its   urged to fly the event flag from the forestay.
intended measurement time and location.           8.2 One set of bow numbers per boat
7.2 Yachts shall provide a minimum of             will be issued for use in the Rolex Farr 40
two people to facilitate measurement.             Pre-Worlds and the Rolex Farr 40 World
7.3 Each yacht shall be presented for             Championship and shall be displayed as
measurement in Builder’s Weight condition         specified by the OA.
as outlined in Class Rules (15.1 and
Appendix A), except that each yacht shall
have its mast stepped, with the standing          9     saiLinG inst RUctiOns
rigging and boom attached, and the halyards       Sailing Instructions will be available at
led to the base of the mast. All sails and the    registration and at
spinnaker pole shall be removed prior to
the yacht arriving for inspection. Each yacht
shall arrive with its safety gear assembled       10 cOURsEs
in the cockpit, which will be unloaded and           and Racin G aREa
inspected as the yacht is weighed.
7.4 Each yacht may measure a maximum              Courses will be defined in the Sailing
of 12 sails and declare 9 sails (Class Rule       Instructions. Races will be held off Casa de
25.0). Sail buttons shall be sewn on prior to     Campo in the Caribbean Sea.
measurement. All sails shall be measured
and stamped by an ORC measurer on the
head and be Class legal before presentation.      11 pEnaLtiEs
Sails that do not meet initial measurement        11.1 RRS 44.1 and 44.2 are changed as
criteria may be re-measured once.                 described in NOR 3.5.
7.5 Crew will be weighed on the official          11.2 The penalty, if any, for any
scales at Race Headquarters.                      infringement of the rules (including the
7.6 Random yacht and equipment                    Class Rules and ISAF Offshore Special
inspections may be conducted prior to,            Regulations, Category 4) other than RRS
between races and after racing each day to        Part 2 is at the sole discretion of the Jury in
check for compliance with Class Rules, the        consultation with the Class representative,
NOR and the 2009-2010 ISAF Offshore               and may be other than disqualification. This
Special Regulations, Category 4.                  changes RRS 64.1.
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

                                                for a longer period, entrants may extend
12 scOR inG                                     the booking by contacting the Marina           18 mEdia & imaGE RiG hts
Each yacht’s score shall be the sum of          Office directly. Extended bookings will be        waiVER
all her races (no discards). Ten races          chargeable at the current marina rates.        18.1 The Rolex Media Centre will be at
are scheduled. Completion of four races         Early booking is recommended. Telephone        Regatta Headquarters.
constitutes a regatta. This Changes RRS A2.     bookings must be confirmed by fax, email       18.2 At no cost to the competitors, the
                                                or post.                                       OA may request the installation of onboard
                                                Casa de Campo Marina Harbormaster              tracking and/or video cameras for the
13 intER natiOnaL JURY                          Cap. Frank Castillo                            purposes of the official television production.
Decisions of the International Jury shall be    Tel: +809 523 2111/2112                        18.3 By entering this regatta, the owner (or
final (RRS 70.5).                               Fax: +809 523 2065                             charterer) and crew members on competing
                                                VHF channels: 16 & 68                          yachts grant at no cost the absolute right
                                                Email:        and permission to use their names, voices,
14 pRi ZEs                                                  images, likenesses, and biographical material,
                                                                                               as well as representations of their yacht:
                                                15.3 The OA will be responsible for the        (a) in any media (including television,
14.1 The World Cup trophy will be                                                                      print and internet), to the Organizing
                                                assignment of mooring positions for all
awarded to the yacht placing first overall,                                                            Authority, the Farr 40 Management
                                                entrants. All entrants will be notified on
and the owner will be awarded a specially                                                              Group, Stagg Yachts, the Farr 40
                                                their arrival in Casa de Campo of their
engraved Rolex timepiece. Trophies for first                                                           Executive Committee, Rolex S.A. and
                                                mooring position.
through seventh place overall, and for the                                                             affiliated companies, other sponsors;
winner of each individual race, will also be                                                   (b) in the “Perpetual Spirit by ROLEX”
awarded.                                                                                               magazine, edited by ROLEX S.A., to
                                                16 sUppORt BOats
14.2 The Corinthian trophy will be                                                                     Rolex S.A. and affiliated companies.
awarded to the top placed yacht that meets      16.1 Competitors’ attention is drawn to the
                                                                                               18.4 The Organizing Authority, the Farr 40
the Corinthian requirements.                    applicable Class Rules and Interpretations.
                                                                                               Management Group, Stagg Yachts, the Farr
14.3 For the Pre-Worlds, trophies for first     16.2 Support and Media boats shall
                                                                                               40 Executive Committee, Rolex S.A. and
through seventh place overall, and for          register with the OA.
                                                                                               affiliated companies and other sponsors
the winner of each individual race, will be
                                                                                               shall not use the names, voices, images,
                                                                                               likenesses or biographical material of an
                                                17 haUL-OUt                                    owner (charterer) or crew member in a way
                                                   RE stRicti Ons                              that constitutes an endorsement of ROLEX’s
15 dOcKaGE                                      Yachts may be hauled out after hull weighing   products unless the competitor or crew
                                                and during the regatta only with the prior     member is otherwise engaged by Rolex S.A.
15.1 The Entry Fee includes moorings            written permission of the International        or affiliated companies to endorse ROLEX’s
from 09.00 hrs on 14 April 2010 to              Jury, and under such terms as they may         products or otherwise gives his/her prior
10.00 hrs on 25 April 2010 provided that        decide. Normally, the Jury shall grant such    written consent to such use.
the completed Entry Form and Fee are            permission only if necessary to repair         18.5 Owners (charterers) and crew
received before 1 March 2010.                   damage. While hauled out, bottoms and          members shall acknowledge and accept
15.2 Payment for water, electricity and         foils shall not be sanded, polished, washed,   the granting of media rights referred to in
telephone will be responsibility of each        or otherwise worked on except as permitted     this paragraph 18 by signing the Entry Form
boat and shall be paid directly to the Marina   by the Jury in the area of repair. Hulls and   and the Disclaimer and Acknowledgement
Office. Should a mooring be required            appendages may be cleaned in the water.        of Rights Form provided by the OA.
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

                                         19 discLaimER                                                                                        21 fURth ER infORmatiOn
                                         19.1 All those taking part in the race do                                                               and cOntacts
                                         so at their own risk and responsibility. The                                                         Casa de Campo Yacht Club
                                         owner (charterer) and each crewmember:                                                               Barlovento # 1 Casa de Campo Marina
                                         (a) acknowledges and accepts the                                                                     Dominican Republic
                                                risks (including the risk of harm to                                                          Tel:    +809 523 2247
                                                persons and property and the risks                                                            Fax:    +809 523 8649
                                                associated with the perils of the                                                             Email:
                                                sea and the seaworthiness of any                                                    
                                                boat) associated with participation
                                                in this regatta and waives all rights                                                         Bunny Wayt
                                                against and releases the Organizing                                                           Farr® 40 Class Secretary
                                                Authority, the Farr 40 Management                                                             620 Chesapeake Ave.
                                                Group, Stagg Yachts, the Farr 40            19.2 Specific attention is drawn to RRS           Annapolis, MD 21403 - USA
                                                Executive Committee, Rolex S.A. and         Fundamental Rule 4, which states: “The            Tel:    +1 410 268 1001
                                                their respective officers, employees,       responsibility for a boat’s decision to           Fax:    +1 410 268 1137
                                                volunteers and members in respect           participate in a race or to continue racing is    Mobile: +1 443 926 6159
                                                of any loss of life or injury to persons,   hers alone”.                                      Email:
                                                or loss of or damage to property,           19.3 All competitors shall acknowledge  
                                                suffered in connection therewith;           this by signing the Disclaimer and
                                         (b) acknowledges that participation in             Acknowledgment of Rights Form provided
                                                this regatta by him or her is on the        by the Organizing Authority.
                                                basis that participation is entirely                                                          22 m Edia cOntacts
                                                at his or her risk and responsibility                                                         Media representatives wishing to cover the
                                                and that the Organizing Authority,          20 insURancE                                      event are requested to contact:
                                                the Farr 40 Management Group,               20.1 The safety of a boat and her entire
                                                Stagg Yachts, the Farr 40 Executive         management shall be the sole inescapable          International Media
                                                Committee, Rolex S.A. and their             responsibility of the owner/owners’               Key Partners (KPMS)
                                                respective officers, employees,             representative. It is the responsibility of the   Giles Pearman
                                                volunteers and members are not              owner to provide insurance for the yacht          Tel:    +41 32 724 2829
                                                responsible for any boat or its crew;       covering eventual damage to persons               Fax;    +41 32 724 2833
                                         (c) acknowledges and agrees that this              or property.                                      Email:
                                                form is governed by the laws of             20.2 The boat is required to hold adequate
                                                Italy and that any liability for harm to    insurance including third-party insurance of      North American Media
                                                persons that results from breach of an      minimum cover of $1,000,000 US, and it            Key Partners (KPMS)
                                                express or implied warranty that this       is the owner or owners’ representative’s          Susan Maffei Plowden
                                                regatta and all services relating thereto   sole and inescapable responsibility to            Tel:    +1 401 855 0234
                                                will be conducted or rendered with          ensure that the insurance is in place and is      Email:
                                                reasonable care and skill is excluded.      adequate prior to participating in this event.
ROLEX faRR® 40 wORLd champiOnship 2010
nOticE Of RacE

faRR 40 wORLd champiOns                                        ROLEX fa RR 40 wORLd   GEnERaL infORmatiOn
                                                               champiOnship VEnUEs
2009          BARKING MAD           Jim Richardson       USA                          casa dE campO maRina                        caR, scOOtER, BOat REntaL              hOtEL
                                                               2011 – March
2008          MASCALZONE LATINO     Vincenzo Onorato     ITA   Sydney, Australia      Casa De Campo Yacht Club                    Marine Trader Service                  Casa de Campo Hotel & Resort
                                                                                      Barlovento # 1 Casa De Campo Marina         Boat, Scooter, Bike & Car Rental       Tel:   +809 523 8698
2007          MASCALZONE LATINO     Vincenzo Onorato     ITA
                                                                                      Tel:   +809 523 2247                        Contact: Cap. Alvaro Acuña             Email:
2006          MASCALZONE LATINO     Vincenzo Onorato     ITA                          Fax: +809 523 8649                          Tel:   +809 523 2321 | +809 449 2848
2005          EVOLUTION             Richard Perini       AUS                          Email:        Email:
2004          BARKING MAD           Jim Richardson       USA                                                                        Casa de Campo Marina Real Estate
2003          NERONE                Mezzaroma/Migliori   ITA                          Casa de Campo Marina Harbor Master                                                 Barlovento # 3 Casa De Campo Marina
                                                                                      Cap. Frank Castillo (Harbor Master)         Casa De Campo Sailing School           Tel:   +809 523 8646
2002          LE RENARD             Steve Phillips       USA                                                                                                             Email:
                                                                                      Tel:   +809 523 2111/2112                   Boat Rental
2001          ALINGHI               Ernesto Bertarelli   SUI                          Fax. +809 523 2065                          Contact: Franco Pistone      
                                                                                      Email:     Tel:   +809 523 2739 | +829 707 2665
2000          SOUTHERN STAR         John Calvert-Jones   AUS                                                                                                             tRanspORt
1999          SAMBA PA TI           John Kilroy          USA                                                                                 Cargo Connection
                                                                                                                                                                         Yacht Transport Logistics
1998          BARKING MAD           Jim Richardson       USA
                                                                                      BOat YaRd sERVicEs                          National – Car Rental                  Contact: Andres Santana
                                                                                                                                  Tel:   +809 523 8191                   Av. Tiradentes No. 35, Edif. Marmer 3era
                                                                                      Inversiones Bastilla Del Caribe                                                    Planta, Santo Domingo
                                                                                                                                         +829 452 3131 & 3132
                                                                                      Av. La Marina # 54, Casa De Campo Marina                                           Tel:    +809 368 4880
intERnatiOna L JURY                                                                                                               Email:
                                                                                      Tel:    +809 449 3321/3323                                                         Email:
Henry Menin - ISV - Chairman                                                                                            
                                                                                      Fax: +809 523 2377
Mats Bjorklund - FIN                                                                  Email:                                                      aiRpORts
Maria Torrijo Moll – ESP                                                                                                          Budget – Car Rental
                                                                                                                                             La Romana Casa De Campo
Richard Slater - AUS                                                                                                              Tel: +809 813 9111
                                                                                                                                                                         International Airport
Eric Tulla - PUR                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                                                         10 min drive to Casa de Campo Hotel
Carlos Aguilo - DOM - Secretary
                                                                                                                                  Europcar – Car Rental                  Las Americas International Airpot (Aila)
                                                                                                                                  Tel: +809 813 9222                     Santo Domingo
pRincipaL Rac E OfficER                                                                                                                        1 h 20 min drive to Casa de Campo Hotel

Peter “Luigi” Reggio

                                                                                      USM is the official furniture supplier of
Rac E da Y pa RtnERs                                                                  the media centres at Rolex sponsored
                                                                                      international yachting events.
Casa de Campo Marina &                                                                International contact:
Casa de Campo
Yacht Club                                                                            USM | U. Schärer Söhne AG
                                                                                      3110 Münsingen | Switzerland
 CCYC                                                                                 Tel: +41 31 720 72 72
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