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Spring 2002                                                             The Seasonal Publication of Southern California's Leading Full Choice Pharmacy

     Balance in Life ........................... Cover
     Editor’s Note .......................................3    Balance
     HIV and HCV in Blood......................4
     How Clean is Your Liver? ................5
                                                                            omeostasis is the continual process of balance that
                                                                            the human body strives to achieve every minute. Good
                                                                            health and a feeling of well-being are a reflection of
     Exploiting Ephedra.............................6          homeostasis, the state of physiological equilibrium produced by
                                                               a balance of functions and a balance of chemical composition.
                                                               Homeostasis enables the body to stand up to offending environ-
     Lectures ...........................................8-9   mental stresses and agents, giving it the ability to heal and reju-
                                                               venate itself. Without homeostasis, healthy cells transform into
                                                               unhealthy cells that begin to break down and destroy themselves.

     Testimonial: Re-Liv.......................... 11          The conditions of modern life continually create obstacles for
                                                               the body, preventing it from achieving homeostasis. Along with
                                                               the numerous advances in modern life, have come stresses and
     FDA Updates: HIV .......................... 14            environmental changes which compromise our health by disrupting
                                                               homeostasis. These include pollutants of every kind: Toxins in our
                                                               air, water, food and skin care products, as well as toxins in building
     What’s Happening.......................... 16             materials and the components of common household furnishings.
                                                               Societal addictions to pharmaceuticals, fast food, caffeine, refined
                                                               sugars, and sugar substitutes compound the problem. In addi-
                                                               tion to these stresses are those produced by business, personal
                                                               relationships and even instant world-wide communication.

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newsletter created by Capitol
                                      Editor’s Note
Drugs, Inc.       We believe that
health is a dynamic balance           As we settle into spring, I am reminded that it has historically been a time for
of body, mind and spirit. To          cleansing and rebirth. Most religions include rituals or holidays around this time
help you make informed health         for renewal. Whether it’s “spring cleaning” in our homes, clarifying relationships
decisions, we offer a full range      or cleansing our bodies, spring brings it out of us.
of nutritional, homeopathic, herbal
and aromatherapy supplements,         This issue of Creative Health includes information on how to keep our bodies
in addition to standard allopathic    clean and why. Ridding the body of toxins, and creating an environment in
medicines. Capitol Drugs pro-
                                      which the body can deal with these toxins as they arrive can prevent many
duces a catalog of health
                                      health conditions. Starting with a clean slate can help prepare us for what’s
enhancement products, also called
                                      ahead, whatever that might be.
Creative Health.

Sherman Oaks-818.905.8338             Our cover story, submitted by Sian Comora talks about homeostasis and how
4454 Van Nuys Blvd.                   important it is to find balance within our bodies. Learn about liver function and
                                      how to “keep it clean” with an article by our wonderfully committed pharmacist
West Hollywood-310.289.1125           Kim Ockrim, Pharm.D. and a testimonial by our West Hollywood Store Man-
8578 Santa Monica Blvd.               ager Karlton Johnson, Nutritional Consultant. We have a new contributor that
                                      I am very excited about – David Anthonie, from Personal Trainers Los Angeles.
                                      He has written an article on Ma Huang, which should answer many questions
              Loyd Tittle             about this controversial herb. Look for more articles from him in the future. I
              (1951-1993)             have also included important FDA updates in reference to HIV.
                                      I would like to take a moment to thank those that support us. As you know,
                                      this is a free publication and with that comes a commitment of many people to
                                      make that possible. The doctors, practitioners and staff members who submit
              Ruth Tittle             articles, and conduct lectures do this on their own time without compensation.
              President/CEO           They do it because they believe in getting important information to you, and
                                      taking part in this community service.

                                      The funds generated from the advertisers in the newsletter help cover the
                                      financial expenses and help to make this possible. The mere fact that they’ve
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              Robert Frydrych
              Vice President/CFO      I am particularly proud of this issue and I hope you enjoy it. As always, I would
                                      love to hear your thoughts, concerns, experiences and anything else you care
                                      to share. n

                                      Kelly Gordon, Editor
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   Finding HIV and HCV
         in Donated Blood
    What The FDA is doing to prevent the spread of Human
    Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

   The Food and Drug Administration has licensed the first       donor can be infected, but have negative screening tests.
   nucleic acid test (NAT) system intended for screening         With the use of NAT for HCV, the window period is reduced
   donors of whole blood and blood components intended           by approximately 57 days (from an average of 82 days to 25
   for use in transfusion. This test system can simultaneously   days). For HIV-1, the average window period with antibody
   detect the presence of HIV and Hepatitis C Virus in blood     is 22 days. This window period is reduced approximately to
   using a semi-automated system and is expected to further      16 days with antigen testing and to 12 days with NAT.
   ensure the safety of whole
   blood and blood components,                                                             This will also allow testing of
   including fresh plasma, red                                                             individual samples from whole
   cells and platelets by permitting                                                       blood collections. If a test pool
   earlier detection of HIV and                                                            is positive for either virus, the
   HCV infections in donors.                                                               individual donation suspected of
                                                                                           containing a virus can be identi-
   Blood donors have been tested                                                           fied and not transfused. The
   for evidence of HIV infection                                                           donor can then be notified and
   since 1985 and for evidence                                                             deferred from donating blood.
   of HCV infection since 1990.                                                            The use of the licensed test will
   Although increasingly sensi-                                                            allow blood banks that imple-
   tive tests for detection of HIV                                                         ment it to discontinue antigen
   and HCV antibodies and HIV                                                              testing, although blood dona-
   antigen were implemented                                                                tions will continue to be tested
   during the past decade, in rare                                                         by antibody tests. FDA plans
   instances infections in donors                                                          to issue guidance on the use of
   have been missed.                                                                       NAT in the near future. n

   The NAT system is capable                                                               The information in this article
   of detecting more infectious                                                            was taken form the Febru-
                                                                                           ary 28, 2001 FDA Talk
   donations than current tests
                                                                                           Paper. The complete article
   because it detects viral genes                                                          can be found on the web
   rather than antibodies or anti-                                                         at http://www.fda.gov/bbs/
   gens (proteins from the virus).                                                         topics/ANSWERS/2002/
   Detection of viral genes permits                                                        ANS01140.html )
   detection earlier in the infection since the appearance of
                                                                 Stay informed!
   antibodies requires time for the donor to develop an immune
                                                                 To subscribe to FDA-HIV-AIDS E-mail list please go to:
   response, and since detection of antigens requires time for   http://www.fda.gov/oashi/aids/email.html
   a higher level of virus to appear in the bloodstream.
   However, there is still a “window period” during which a
                                                                                       CREATIVEHEALTH          / SPRING 2002 5

How Clean is Your Liver?
By Kimberly Ockrim, Pharm.D.

What is the function of our liver?                                 mins and minerals, which are needed for the detoxification
The liver is the most important organ in detoxification, as it     pathways in the liver.
is the body’s premier cleansing organ. All the blood in the
body passes through the liver, which removes toxins, impuri-       How can we detoxify and protect our liver?
ties, and debris from the bloodstream. The liver stores fat-       The diet should include plenty of organic, refined, unpro-
soluble substances; these can include chemicals, which can         cessed food, as fresh as possible and in their natural state.
be stored in the liver for years. Hormones are metabolized         Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and unrefined
by the liver. Estrogen produced by the body and from hor-          carbohydrates should make up the majority of the diet.
mone replacement therapies is broken down. The liver also          Foods to avoid include red meats, animal fats, sugars and
makes bile to digest fats; chemically changes many foods           refined foods. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.
into vitamins and enzymes; converts carbohydrates and              Also, it is very important to drink plenty of bottled water or
proteins into glucose for brain fuel and glycogen for muscu-       diluted juice.
lar energy; and stores nutrients to be secreted as needed by
the body to build and maintain cells.                              What vitamins or supplements are available to help
                                                                   with the detoxification process?
What happens when our liver is stressed-out?                       The following might help protect liver cells while ridding
If the liver cannot perform its functions well, you may exhibit    our body of poisons: Antioxidant vitamins such as C, E,
a number of symptoms. These include but are not limited to         and beta-carotene, minerals such as zinc and selenium,
the following: Gas, constipation, a feeling of fullness, loss of   B-vitamins that aid alcohol metabolism, and herbs such as
appetite, nausea after fatty meals, an oily taste in the mouth,    milk thistle, dandelion root, schizandra, artichoke and
revulsion to fatty foods, frequent headaches not related to        sarsaparilla.
                                                                                                               Continued on page 10
stress, weak ligaments, tendons and
muscles, skin problems and emotional
excesses.                                                                                               Hyland's has been a
                                                                                                        friend of the family
What can affect our liver?                                                                              since 1903 providing
More than ever before in the history                                                                    the highest quality
of mankind, human beings need to                                                                        natural medicines for
have healthy livers to break down the                                                                   generations.
chemicals that have crept into the
                                                                                                        These medicines are
environment. Thousands of chemi-
                                                                                                        sugar free and work
cals are added to food and over 700
                                                                                                        without side effects.
have been identified in drinking water.
Fruit is sprayed with toxic chemicals,                                                                  Keep your children
animals are injected with potent                                                                        healthy with the
hormones and antibiotics and a sig-                                                                     natural choice.
nificant amount of our food is geneti-
cally engineered, processed, refined,
frozen and cooked. Toxins also lurk
in prescription medications and air
pollutants. All of these chemicals can
                                                Available at Capitol Drugs!
lead to destruction of delicate vita-

                                                                                        By David Anthonie
                                                                                        Personal Trainer, PTLA

   We’ve been taking ephedrine in our                              risk. Ephedra (Ma Huang) contains properties that encour-
   common over the counter medica-                                 age an increased metabolism and a suppressed appetite.
   tions for years. And, now a warn-                               In moderation, this herb has the power to help us in our
   ing? Suddenly, after thousands of                               woes of weight loss. However, too much of this good herb
   years, an ancient Chinese herbal                                (Ephedra) can cause an increased heart rate, increased
   medicine is on trial for murder. Is                             blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, nervousness, insomnia,
                                                                   headache, and gastrointestinal distress.
   it the herb (Ma Huang) that’s changed or has it just been
   ruined by a spoiled society? Traditionally, Ephedra has
                                                                   Risks withstanding, we continue to push the limits of our
   been used to treat asthma, upper respiratory infections,
                                                                   body’s boundaries. Rather than change our wayward ways,
   allergic reactions, fevers, body and joint pain and shortness
                                                                   we buy the promises and guarantees sold by an indus-
   of breath. Fast forward to a people obsessed with instant
                                                                   try hungry for profits. Fallen prey to a fancy label with sly
   gratification and you find Ephedra exploited in supplements
                                                                   double-talk, we believe without a second thought to our long
   for weight loss, enhanced athletic performance, mental
                                                                   term wellness. Indeed, we’ve wittingly swallowed the worst
   stimulation and abused as an illicit drug.
                                                                   of lies and then, all too quickly, passed the blame. Literally,
                                                                   we want to have our cake and eat it too.
   In our desperate search for an implicit pardon of our
   gluttonous behaviors, we’ve fallen victim to a faux-
                                                                   The cure for a simple disposition is knowledge. We are
   dimensional figure of health. By the masses we’re drawn
                                                                   responsible for our own therapies. Shaping a silhouette
   to a complicated solution, without first understanding the
                                                                               CREATIVEHEALTH       / SPRING 2002 7

formed and figured is something we can realize. Without
abandoning clinical facts, we can benefit from Mother
Nature’s herbal remedies. Neglect isn’t a luxury we can
afford when it comes to our well being. A healthy approach
to an advanced life is one of patience and diligence. We
are not without authority and we are not subject to igno-
rance. Empower yourself and take control of your health by
asking questions. Know what your taking, why your taking it
and when you should take it.

Achieving excellence in body composition involves a strict
course of therapy. Whether your interest is fat loss, muscle
gain, sports specific or an issue of virility, the answer is con-
sistent. The key to better health and an attractive physique
                                                                    Capitol Drugs is proud to
is exercise, sleep, proper nutrition, and a well managed
                                                                    accept the PTLA member
supplement program.
                                                                    discount program.
Ma Huang, like many herbs, can be a healthy part of your            For more information please visit
wellness therapy. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or                www.personaltrainerslosangeles.com or
                                                                    www.capitoldrugs.com and go to the PowerZone link.
assume dietary methods. For best results, consult a fitness
professional for exercise direction, a nutritionist for dietary
suggestions and an herbalist for herb supplementation. n
Lecture space is limited.
 Please call ahead for
                                       West Hollywood
     a reservation.
Sherman Oaks 818.905.8338
                                        Native Herbs
West Hollywood 310.289.1125             & Their Health Applications
                                        William Broen, Bioregional Herbalist
CAPITOL DRUGS has developed             Mr. Broen is an L.A. based “Bioregional Herbalist” (one
its Lecture Series during the past      who focuses on herbs that grow in the local region).
fifteen years into a lively, varied     He attended the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine
forum where community experts           in Oakland, CA and uses a constitutional approach
and consumers gather to learn and       to herbalism. Mr. Broen also leads walks in the local
share information that helps heal       Southern California Mountains. In this lecture, William
and save lives. We believe health       Broen will focus on select wild and local herbs and will
extends to the physical, mental,
                                        discuss their applications to various organ systems.
emotional and spiritual aspects of
                                        Wednesday, April 17 from 7:00 - 8:00pm
the whole person. Our lectures
reflect and amplify this philosophy.
While providing a platform for
others to speak, Capitol Drugs          The Conscious Shopper-
does not necessarily endorse the        Healthy Food for Busy People
material presented in this Series.      Lorinda Hill, Food Coach
                                        Lorinda is a food consultant, past VP of the Chicago
    If You Would Like                   Vegetarian Society, guest chef for Leslie Limberg’s 12
                                        Minute Meal, and cooking instructor for Whole Foods
                                        Market in Chicago and for Cancer Treatment Centers
  CREATIVE HEALTH                       of America. She is committed to helping people learn
       NEWSLETTER                       how to make healthy, delicious food that will nourish
Delivered To Your Home,                 their bodies. Let Lorinda Hill help you find the answers
     Absolutely FREE                    you need to incorporate healthy eating, even if you think
                                        you’re too busy to do so.
    Call 310.289.5293
                                        Wednesday, May 22 from 7:00 - 8:00pm
       Ask For Rosa.
The information presented in this       Liver Health & Rejuvenation
newsletter is intended for educa-       Dr. Charles Cochran
tional purposes and is obtained         Dr. Cochran is a clinical researcher and Doctor of
and extrapolated from published         Chiropractic who has owned and operated a multi-dis-
research and books. It is not           ciplined clinic since 1984. He has taught college-level
intended to be prescriptive, nor
                                        anatomy and physiology and was COO of a very large
to replace the care of a licensed
                                        nutritional company. Presently, Dr. Cochran co-owns
health professional in the diagnosis
                                        Real Health, a company specializing in cutting edge
and treatment of illness.
                                        nutritional products and speciality formulas. In this
  Send Correspondence to:               lecture he will discuss the importance of a healthy liver,
  Kelly Gordon                          and present information on an extraordinary herbal
  10554 Riverside Drive                 formula which has been shown in clinical trials to have
  Toluca Lake, CA 91602                 potent cleansing and rejuvenating properties.
  kelly@3rdpath.com                     Wednesday, June 26 from 7:00 - 8:00pm
Sherman Lectures
Candida - The Silent Epidemic                                  Spiritual Astrology
Ann Boroch, N.D., C.Ht.                                        & Your Health
Are you one out of three people suffering from candida         Dr. Michelle Levan, Ph.D., HMD
overgrowth? It is one of the greatest causes of physical       The psyche plays a large role in the dynamics of heal-
imbalance today. Learn what Candida is, what causes            ing. There must be a balance of the mind, body and
its overgrowth, and what you can do about it. This is a        emotions in order for health to ensue. If you are taking
lecture you don’t want to miss if you have cravings for        supplements, eating right and still getting sick, come
sugars and breads and experience fatigue, allergies,           and learn how astrology can help solve your problems.
gastrointestinal problems, hypoglycemia, thyroid imbal-        In addition to lecturing and teaching classes. Dr. Levan
ances, sinusitis, hormonal disorders, or an autoimmune         has a private practice in Sherman Oaks.
disease. Ann will also demonstrate her testing methods         Thursday, June 13 from 7:00 - 8:00pm
and treatments. Ann Boroch is a Naturopathic Doctor
and Clinical Hypnotherapist with her private practice in
West Hollywood.                                                A Solution For Menopause -
Wednesday, April 18 from 7:00 - 8:00pm                         With Acupuncture & Chinese
                                                               Yael Merav, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac.
My Aching Head                                                 Menopause is not a disease, it is a normal physiologi-
Sian Comora, DHM, DIHOM, B.S., FBIH
                                                               cal change in life. It’s nature’s way of slowing down
Fellow, British Institute of Homeopathy
                                                               the aging process in women past child-bearing age.
& Complementary Medicine
                                                               As women approach and enter this passage, they are
Headaches may be due to many different causes.
                                                               demanding more information, new and better options
Some of the main ones include: Stress and tension,
                                                               for medical treatment when necessary, and alternatives
toxicity, Candida (yeast), hormonal imbalances, allergies
                                                               to standard Western medical therapies. Ms. Merav can
(food/pollen), and high blood pressure. Many individu-
                                                               help with this transition.
als suffer from headaches and receive conventional
                                                               Thursday, July 18 from 7:00 - 8:00pm
treatments with no improvement. Join Dr. Comora to
learn more about headaches and how this condition can
benefit from a holistic medical approach including organ
system support/rebalancing and detoxification.
Thursday, May 9 from 7:00 - 8:00

                                                                    If you are interested
Treat Your Pet Naturally
Carol Dietz                                                            in lecturing at
Our furry family members can benefit from complemen-                    Capitol Drugs
tary medicines, as humans do. Driven by her extreme
love of animals, Carol will share what she has learned                        Please Call:
from experiences with her own pets, along with those of
friends and family members. Become aware of alterna-
                                                                    Jonathan at Sherman Oaks 818.905.8338
tives in treating your pets, it can make all the difference.
Thursday, May 23 from 7:00 - 8:00pm                                 Karlton at West Hollywood 310.289.1125

                                                                        Rubin at PowerZone 310.289.1125

   Clean Liver                                                     (Continued from page 5)

                                               Fre                       rdyhobrac denfi
                                                  sh                seta                    ern
                                                     fru          s                             u
                                                         its, h                                   d
                                                             veg                                  n
                                                                ld et                          ,a
                                                                  m           , whole grains
                                                                                       y of th
                                                                                              e diet.

   Milk                                                                                               salt, wheat, corn or milk. This
   thistle                                                                                              high potency anti-oxidant is
   is one                                                                                                  recommended for those
   of the most                                                                                               who are overweight,
   well known                                                                                                 have been taking medi-
   herbs for liver cleans-                                                                                    cation for extended
   ing. It is found in several products                                                                        period of time, want to
   sold at Capitol Drugs. The most                                                                             promote longevity, are
   popular and widely sold products                                                                           exposed to environmen-
   include Silymarin 80% (Jarrow                                                                             tal pollutants or cigarette
   Formulas), Liver Support Factors                                                                         smoke or those who have
   (Biochem), LiverRx (MRM), and Liver                                                                   a history of liver or gall
   Health (GAIA Herbs). Side effects from                                                              bladder and poor digestion.
   correctly administered milk thistle usage are
   thought to be rare and it is usually considered                                                    Is there anything else to know
   to have a low toxicity. A mild laxative effect (from                                           before beginning a detoxification
   increased bile secretion) usually does not require medical                               program?
   attention; however, stop usage and report it to your health          It is very important that you consult with your doctor before
   care professional if it continues, is bothersome or worsens.         beginning a detoxification program because when toxins
   Also, please consult with your pharmacist or doctor if you           are released too quickly the following symptoms may occur:
   are taking any prescription medication.                              Headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, irritability, and light-headed-
                                                                        ness. However, if detoxification is done properly, removal of
   A newer product, Re-Liv, carried at Capitol Drugs contains a         toxins gives many positive health benefits including energy,
   powerful combination of artichoke and sarsaparilla, which is         clear skin, vitality, and a general feeling of well being. n
   extremely effective for detoxifying. This supplement contains
   no artificial preservatives, color, flavors, sugar, starch, yeast,
                                                                                       CREATIVEHEALTH          / SPRING 2002 11

Re-Liv Testimonial
Karlton Johnson, Nutritional Consultant & West Hollywood Store Manager

I first began taking Re-Liv because of my passionate inter-        was thoroughly impressed with both the spirit of the people
est in liver health and rejuvenation, but more specifically,       involved as well as the research data. This formula is not
because for the first time in 16 years of living with HIV, I had   only a potent cleanser but more importantly a phenomenal
begun a pharmaceutical regime for HIV infection and was            antioxidant supplement which has been shown to rebuild the
concerned about the potential toxic side effects.                  integrity of the liver. Finally my own extraordinary personal
                                                                   experience from taking the supplement convinced me of
My diet, herbal and vitamin/mineral supplementation, along         its efficacy to cleanse and rejuvenate the liver. I took one
with a serious commitment to emotional, artistic and spiritual     capsule 3 times per day, one half hour before meals for the
healing and growth have been my major tools to sustain a           first 10 days, and then increased my dosage to 2 capsules
vibrant immune system. I began to realize however, that            3 times per day for the next 45-60 days. My bowel began
many life factors contribute to vibrant or diminished liver        to move more freely than in years and my skin and eyes took
health including: Stress, digestive strength, emotional            on a new vibrancy and glow. I also experienced a sense of
health, diet and the challenge of the liver to process not only    clarity in mind and emotions like never before.
prescription drugs, but natural supplements as well.
                                                                   The liver is an extraordinary organ that acts as a filter for
I had the great pleasure of meeting with the founder of            our blood, which in metaphysical terms is the “river” of our
the company which manufactures Re-Liv. This in conjunc-            life, and I am convinced that by paying close attention to
tion with my personal research and conversation with Dr.           diet, stress, emotions and ultimately by regular use of a liver
Cochran (the original formulator of this potent blend of           cleanser and rejuvinator such as Re-Liv , one can greatly
Artichoke and Sarsaparilla), led me to choose Re-Liv. I            enhance the quality of every area of life. n

               Hirani Wellness
                        Medical Center, Inc.
               Board Certified Family Physician
               Integrative Medicine, Nutritionist
     • Women's Health                      • Anti-Aging
     • Natural Hormone Replacement         • Chronic Illness
     • Allergy & Environmental Medicine    • Prevention
   12732 West Washington Blvd, Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90066
   (310) 577-0753 (310) 577-0724 FAX karima@drhirani.com

   Balance in Life                                                             (Continued from cover)

   There are favorable and unfavorable results of
   modern living. We are living longer over all, thanks to
   numerous advances in many aspects of our lives.
   Our bodies are not only the recipients of the
   healthful effects but also the damaging influ-
   ences of everyday life. We find ourselves
                                                                        D i et
   suffering from many chronic, degenerative
   diseases, and are seeing an increase in
   the prevalence of cancer. Homeosta-
                                              R el a x a

   sis within the body is being chal-
   lenged beyond anything we could
   have imagined.

                                                                                   e r ci s e
   Cancer and other degenerative
   diseases are complex in nature
   and there are many factors that
   contribute to these illnesses.
   Over time, organ system com-

   munication breaks down and                                o                Me
   organ systems deteriorate,                                    d i t at i
   thus disrupting the homeo-
   static mechanisms within the
   body. In the case of cancer,
   internal cellular changes
   occur as though repro-
   grammed, which lead to
   abnormal cellular behavior.
   The cells no longer behave
   in a normal fashion, exhibit-
   ing uncontrolled growth
   and sometimes travel to
   other areas of the body
   (metastasis). The immune
   system, bombarded by all
   of the stresses previously
   mentioned, is no longer
   able to function at maximum
   capacity. It is therefore
   unable to hunt down the
   abnormal cells and destroy
   them, or even to meet other
                                                                                                 CREATIVEHEALTH              / SPRING 2002 13

serious health challenges. The end result is an out-of-                  Homeostasis also requires that the body cleanse itself
balance, non-homeostatic state.                                          efficiently. When we nourish the body, we must balance it
                                                                         by supporting the cleansing organs. It is essential to sup-
Can we make decisions that support homeostasis and                       port the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymph system. These
thereby decrease the possibility of developing cancer and                organ systems help remove toxins from the body which
other degenerative diseases? The answer is unquestion-                   cause cancer and other degenerative diseases when stored
ably “yes!” Our first step is to become aware of our external            within our tissues. For cleansing purposes, many herb
environment and to become conscious of and listen to our                 foods such as dandelion, chards, beets, radishes, mustard
internal environment. Balanced lifestyle choices need to                 greens, lotus root, watercress, garlic, and ginger are tradi-
become a regular part of our lives. Thoughtful diet and nutri-           tionally overlooked or even non-existent in our diets.
tion can most definitely support homeostasis. Our bodies
need balanced nutrition consisting of complex carbohy-                   Homeopathic cell salts, specific drainage remedies,
drates, proteins, and “good” fats.                                       Gemmotherapy, or Organo Therapy (all widely used
                                                                         throughout Europe) are all extremely effective in support-
Due to our daily routine of familiar foods, we tend to over-             ing and stimulating organ systems in general. Additionally,
look or ignore the abilities of certain foods to strengthen,             medicinal herbs and herb foods will assist the body and help
regenerate, and cleanse organ systems and stimulate body                 it rebalance as well.
functions. The stresses and toxins in our environment are
continually breaking down our systems resulting in
oxidation. Choosing processed, preservative filled and
                                                                                                                             Continued on page 14
chemically laden foods only add to this deterioration.

To combat degeneration and re-
balance our bodies, we should be
eating regenerative foods rich in                        The
antioxidants, virtually unprocessed,
                                                       Total EFA
                                                          NOW il
and free from as many chemicals and
preservatives as possible. Foods low
on the food chain, such as whole plant
foods - an array of vegetables, espe-
                                                       with Fish
cially green leafy ones, and seaweeds
- whole grains, beans, and fish fall into
this category. These foods support the         What's the Best Way
immune system as do fruits, nuts, and          to Meet Your Daily EFA Needs?
seeds, which are also essential. Our
                                               Meeting your daily EFA needs is not as complicated as it may seem. The Total EFA from
diets should be high in fiber and low in       Health From the Sun elimates the guess work and makes it easy for you. The Total EFA has it
animal foods, sugars (especially refined       all - omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids in one easy-to-use form. The capsules are a
sugars), and certain fats (transfatty          combination of certified organic flax-oil, deep sea cold-water fish oil and borage oil, available
acids or hydrogenated oils being the           in 60 or 90 capusules. The 8 & 16oz. vegetarian liquid is a blend of certified organic high
                                               lignan flax oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil. And is now available with fish oil!
worst).                                        Meeting your daily EFA needs is easy. Just take the Total EFA, "the multivitamin of EFA's™.

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   Balance in Life
   (Continued from page 13)                                              FDA Updates in
                                                                        Reference to HIV
                                                                      The FDA approved a new dosing regimen for
   Everyday life is fast-paced and emotionally and physically
                                                                      Agenerase (amprenavir) and Norvir (ritonavir) used
   stressful. Because we are preoccupied, we are no longer
                                                                      in combination. Stating that when amprenavir and
   engaged in moment-to-moment “Mindfulness Living.” Even
                                                                      ritonavir are co-administered for HIV, the dosage of
   our exercise workouts tend to be intensive, fast-paced
                                                                      amprenavir should be reduced.
   aerobic activities. Our bodies need harmony to keep us in
   balance. We should therefore be engaging in relaxation
                                                                      The Dosage and Administration section of the
   techniques such as meditation, or incorporating exercises
                                                                      amprenavir package insert was revised to include
   based upon achieving internal harmony such as yoga,
                                                                      the following statement: If Agenerase and ritonavir
   Tai Chi, or Qi Gong. Additionally, just giving ourselves daily
                                                                      are used in combination, the recommended dosage
   quiet time will do wonders for relaxing and rebalancing our
                                                                      regimens are: Agenerase 1200 mg with ritonavir
   bodies. The intelligence of our body is astonishing.
                                                                      200 mg once daily or Agenerase 600 mg with
                                                                      ritonavir 100 mg twice daily. ALWAYS talk to your
   Homeostasis will be optimally achieved only if we support
                                                                      doctor to find the appropriate dosing regimen
   the process by taking charge of our own health. It is our
                                                                      for you.
   responsibility to listen and learn how to support this pre-
   cious, naturally existing, harmony-seeking process within
                                                                      To read the revised label go to:
   the body. We are all unique individuals. For some people,
   simple changes in lifestyle (including diet) can greatly
   improve health and maintain homeostasis within the body.
   Others may need more intensive lifestyle changes and pro-
                                                                      The FDA also approved a new formulation of
   fessional support as well.
                                                                      Sustiva (efavirenz), which is used for the treatment
                                                                      of HIV infection. Sustiva will now be available as a
   As a doctor of Homeopathic and Complementary Medicine,
                                                                      600 mg tablet to be taken once daily, in combina-
   I help my patients gain optimum health through homeopa-
                                                                      tion with a protease inhibitor and/or nucleoside
   thy, regenerative herbs, and nutrition. I am also a lifestyle
                                                                      analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs).
   coach, helping people learn what lifestyle changes would
                                                                      Sustiva, will continue to be available in the 50mg,
   improve their health and be best for them. We can all be
                                                                      100, and 200 mg capsules in addition to the new
   blessed with good health and prosperity by taking advan-
                                                                      600 mg tablet.
   tage of the numerous ways available to us that will bring
   about harmony and support homeostasis within the body. n
                                                                      In addition, the CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY and
                                                                      PRECAUTIONS sections of the package insert
   Dr. Sian Comora, DHM, DIHom, FBIH, is a Homeopathic                have been updated to include drug interaction
   and Complementary Medicine Practitioner and a Biomedical           information on Sustiva with the following medica-
   researcher in the fields of Oncology and Immunology. She is a
                                                                      tions; St. John’s wort, lorazepam, methadone,
   published author and has lectured to the medical community and
   the public on numerous health topics. Dr. Comora’s experience      cetirizine and rifabutin.
   is unique due to her extensive biomedical research background
   and her Education in Europe where holistic medicine is practiced   To read the revised label go to:
   more widely and in a more mainstream fashion. She may be
   contacted at (818) 407-4112 or by email: drhomeopath@aol.com       http://www.fda.gov/cder/foi/label/2002/
   for consultations or educational classes.                          21360lbl.pdf

   *References available upon request
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