CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

                                                     Liberty Pawn & Gold
                                                       5026 Plank Road
                                                  Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Date: _________

Thank you for choosing Liberty Pawn & Gold, LLC, (hereinafter referred to in this document as Liberty Pawn) to consign your items.
We look forward to an ongoing mutually successful business relationship.

Please supply the following information:

Consignor’s Name:
Fed. Tax ID#:
Consignor’s Mailing Address:

City, State, ZIP:
Consignor’s Phone #:                                              (Day)

Describe item(s) to be placed on consignment on the attached schedule. Please include a photo(s) of your item(s) along with this

Terms of this Consignment Agreement

Consignor agrees to

          1.   Consign items for 90 days.
          2.   Pickup any unsold items within 5 business days after expiration of 90-day agreement.
          3.   Liberty Pawn withholding 25% of the selling price of each item, excluding sales tax, as payment of commission.
          4.   Securely attach price tags with inventory control #s, description, and selling price for each consigned item at the
               bottom, back or hem of items placed on consignment.
          5.   Write the word FIRM on price tags of item(s) that are not to be discounted.
          6.   Furnish Liberty Pawn with any change of address for twelve months following last payment from Liberty Pawn for IRS
               reporting purposes.

Liberty Pawn agrees to

          1.   Pay consignee 75% of selling price, net of taxes on sold items.
          2.   Collect and remit Virginia sales tax on sale of consignment items.
          3.   Pay credit card processing (transaction) fees charged to merchant for sold items.
          4.   Make payment by check along with a statement to the Consignor for articles sold by the 15th of each month following
          5.   Make reasonable effort to insure articles left on consignment are as well cared for and as secure as its own.
          6.   Will not be responsible for theft, damage to, or breakage of articles left on consignment.
          7.   Display and market consigned articles in a professional, retail setting without prejudice to consignor, type of article, or
               volume of consignments; however, placement and display of consigned articles, hours and days of store operation,
               advertising, and ALL MANAGEMENT DECISIONS will be at the sole discretion of Liberty Pawn.


          1.   Liberty Pawn reserves the right to refuse new items, and/or to terminate or rollover existing consignment agreements
               for any reason whatsoever.
          2.   Any property or item not picked up within 5 business days of the expiration of the 90-day consignment agreement will
               become the property of Liberty Pawn.
          3.   Liberty Pawn will make reasonable effort to secure and protect consigned articles; however, we will not be responsible
               for breakage, damage, or theft of consigned item(s).

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