SMARL Leaflet _March 04_

					Smart Equipment Remnant                                      Wireless and Web-based
Life Predictor                                               Machine Condition Monitoring
                                                             and Control System

                                                                                 PCs on

                                                                                                        Other PCs in Different Offices

                                                                         PC for
                                                                                        The Internet          Portable Data Collectors

                                                                                            Telephone           Mobile Phone
The smart system is capable of predicting the remnant life
of the inspected equipment prior to its fatal breakdown.

                                                              Some of the State-of-the-Art
Smart Maintenance Activity                                    Instruments at SAM
Scheduler                                                    • Handheld Thermal Infrared Camera
                                                             • Wireless Sensors – Radio Frequency, Infrared
                                                             • Laser Based Instruments – Doppler Vibrometer, Align-
                                                               ment and Balancing
                                                             • Spectrum Analyzers – B&K, CSi, HP, etc.                                   Contact Person:
                                                             • Handheld Analyzers – CSi, B&K, SKF                                        Ir Dr. Peter W. Tse
                                                             • Data Acquisition System – National Instruments, Sony                      Director, Smart Asset Management (SAM)
                                                               DAT recorder, DSP Based Multi-channel Acoustic Emis-                      Laboratory
                                                               sion System, Dewetron High Frequency Data Recorder                        Department of Manufacturing Engineering &
                                                             • Industrial Testing Platform – Motor-Pump Gear-Driven                      Engineering Management
                                                               Systems, Motor Belt-Driven System for Balancing and                       City University of Hong Kong
                                                               Alignment, Rotor Fault Simulators, Bearing Fault Dem-                     83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                                                               onstrators                                                                Tel: (852) 2788 8431 Fax:(852) 2788 8423
The smart system can intelligently schedule maintenance
                                                             • Other Supporting Instruments – Oscilloscopes, Infrared                    E-mail:
activities according to the operating conditions of the
                                                               Thermometers, Current Sensors, Ultrasonic Inspection            
equipment. Hence, manpower and resource maintenance
requirements can be planned in advance.                        and Analysis System, Acoustic Emission Detector, Laser
                                                               Temperature Probe, Tri-axial Accelerometers, Phase
                                                               Angle Detector, Digital Leak Detector

 Mission                                                          Industrial Applications                                      Examples of Recently Developed Systems for Maintenance
• To provide support to industry, especially public utilities,   Tested Applications                                           Management and Equipment Condition Monitoring
  manufacturing, and transportations, for near-zero break-       Traction motors for trains, chillers and air conditioning
  down of products, components and systems via smart             systems for buildings and shopping malls, various sea-       Smart Asset Maintenance Systems (SAMS)
  management of assets                                           water and cool-water pumps for water supply, stacker
• Aspire to become the leader in smart asset management          crane for logistics, printing machinery, beverage
  technologies through R&D activities in collaboration with      production system, gas leakage detection, etc.
  related industries                                             Other Potential Applications
                                                                 Airplanes, manufacturing machines, cars, buses, elevators,
                                                                 escalators, pipelines, etc. Our systems can be applied to
 The First Intelligent
                                                                 all kind of rotary machines and selected reciprocating
 Maintenance Consortium in                                       machines
 Hong Kong
                                                                  Benefits of Collaborating with
• The first Smart Asset Management (SAM) Laboratory in
  Hong Kong
                                                                  SAM, City U — The First
                                                                  Intelligent Maintenance
• SAM has formed a global consortium with other
  worldwide maintenance centres.
                                                                  Consortium in Hong Kong:
• SAM has industrial collaborations with over 20 companies       When you collaborate with us, you can
  in Hong Kong.
                                                                 • access our foremost asset management tools and
 Our Services
                                                                 • join our training courses on asset management at a
• Web-based equipment condition monitoring system                  discount rate

• Virtual instrument for signal and data collection and          • have priority in using SAM newly developed tools to help
  processing                                                       your maintenance activities

• Vibration and acoustic measurement and analysis for            • explore new research and application projects with us
  defect and leakage detection                                     to benefit your company

• Equipment failure investigation and failure cause
• Fracture and fatigue analysis
• Non-destructive testing and high precision temperature
• Reliability engineering and risk analysis                                                                                   SAMS is smart but low cost, portable and user friendly tool   Signal Filtering, Statistical Analyses, Conventional and
                                                                 One of our projects is supported by                          for equipment condition monitoring, fault detection and       Advanced Wavelet Analyses, Active Noise Cancellation,
• Equipment remnant life prediction
                                                                 $4.7 millions in sponsorships from the                       diagnosis.                                                    Signal Decomposition, Impact Test, Database, Temporal
                                                                 Innovation and Technology Fund and                           Current Functions
                                                                                                                                                                                            Signal Trend, Web Publishing, Automatic Report
                                                                 the printing industries.                                     Fast Fourier Transforms, Envelop Detection, Digital
                                                                                                                                                                                            Generation, etc.

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