Title I Parental Involvement Policies-Requirements of Section 1118 Of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 by coopmike48


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									Title I Parental Involvement Policies
Requirements of Section 1118 Of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Bonnie McFarland Orange County Department of Education Southern California Comprehensive Assistance Center

Local Education Agency Policy
• Section 1118 (a) (1)
• An LEA may receive Title I funds only if it implements programs, activities and procedures for the involvement of parents. • Such programs, activities and procedures shall be planned and implemented with meaningful consultation with parents of participating children.

LEA Written Policy
• Sec. 1118 (a) (2)
• Written LEA parent involvement policy shall be Developed jointly with Agreed on with Distributed to …….parents of participating children Incorporated in the LEA Plan Establish the LEA’s expectations for parent involvement • And……. • • • • •

Written LEA policy shall describe how the agency will:
• Involve parents in the joint development of the LEA Plan (sec.1112) and in the school review and improvement process (sec. 1116) • Assist schools in implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve academic achievement

LEA Policy will describe how the LEA will…
(Section 1118 (2) continued) • Build schools’ and parents’ capacity for strong parent involvement based on requirements in section 1118 (e) • Coordinate and integrate Title I parental involvement strategies with those of other programs such as Head Start, Reading First & Early Reading First, Even Start…..

LEA Policy will describe how the LEA will…
(continued) • Conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of parental involvement in improving the academic quality of schools served under this part, including……

LEA Policy/Annual Evaluation
• …..identifying barriers to greater participation of parents….with particular attention to parents who are:
• Economically disadvantaged • Disabled • Have limited literacy • Are of any racial or ethnic minority
• And use those findings to revise the policy and/or design more effective parental involvement strategies

LEA Parent Involvement Policy

Finally….. the policy will… • Describe how the LEA will involve parents in the activities of Title I schools

LEA Reservation of Funds
• LEA shall reserve at least 1% of Title I Part A funds for parental involvement • Parents of Title I parents shall be involved in decisions regarding use of reserved funds • At least 95% of the reservation shall be distributed to schools

School Parental Involvement Policies Sec. 1118(b)
• Written parental involvement policy jointly developed and distributed to parents of Title I students. • Describe the means for carrying out parent involvement requirements. • Parents notified of the policy in a understandable and uniform format. • Made available to local community. • Updated periodically.

School Level Policy
Section 1118(b) (2)-(4)

• Existing parental involvement policy that applies to all parents may be amended to meet sec, 1118 requirements. • Existing LEA parental involvement policy that applies to all parents may be amended to meet these requirements. • LEA must submit parent comments if LEA plan is not satisfactory with parents.

Each Title I School Shall:
• Convene an annual meeting • Offer a flexible number of meetings • Involve parents in …
• Planning, review, and improvement of Title I programs • Improvement of school parental involvement policy • Development of a schoolwide program plan under section 1114(b)(2)


a school has in place a process for involving parents in the joint planning and design of the school’s programs, the school may use that process, if such process includes an adequate representation of parents of participating children.” Sec. 1118 ©(3)

Each school shall provide parents of participating children…
• Timely information about Title I programs • Description and explanation of
• Curriculum • Forms of assessment • Proficiency levels students are expected to meet

If requested by parents, opportunities for regular meetings to participate in decisions about their children’s education

Shared Responsibilities of High Student Academic Achievement
• Student-Parent Compact
• Describes the school’s responsibilities to ensure a quality education • Describes parent’s responsibilities for supporting their child’s learning • Addresses importance of ongoing communication between teachers and parents through…. Annual
conferences(elementary schools), frequent progress reports, reasonable access to staff, opportunities to observe and participate in their child’s class.

Building Capacity for Involvement Sec. 1118 (e)
• Each School and LEA shall:
• Provide assistance to parents in understanding state content standards, state academic achievement standards, state and local academic assessments and how parents may monitor and support their child’s academic progress

Building Capacity (cont)
• Each school and LEA shall;
• Provide materials and training to help parents support their children’s education. • Educate school staff on the value of parental involvement…how to reach out, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners.

Building Capacity (cont.)
• Each school and LEA shall:
• Coordinate activities with other parent involvement activities such as those under Head Start, Reading First and Early Reading First, Even Start…etc. • Ensure information is communicated to parents in a format and language that is understandable.

Building Capacity cont.
• Each school and LEA may:
• Involve parents in the development of staff training • Provide funds for literacy training if no other sources are available. • Pay for parent transportation, child care, and other reasonable costs to support parent participation.

Building Capacity (cont.)
• Each school and LEA may:
• Arrange school meeting and in-home conferences at a variety of times to maximize parent involvement. • Adopt and implement model approaches to parental involvement. • Establish a districtwide parent advisory council to provide input on Title I parent involvement. programs. • Develop roles for community and business participation • Shall provide other reasonable support for parental involvement as parents may request.

Section 1118(f) • Each school and LEA shall:
• Provide full opportunities for participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children and provide required information and school reports to those parents in an understandable format and language.

Parent Information and Resource Centers
• Provide parents with information about the existence and purpose of Parent Centers.

Parental Involvement - Review
• The State Educational Agency (SEA) shall review the LEA’s parental involvement policies and practices to determine if the polices and practices meet the requirements of this section.

This PowerPoint was created by Bonnie McFarland Orange County Department of Education Southern California Comprehensive Assistance Center

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