Protecting Magnetic Island's Wildlife Wildlife Reflector Program by sdfwerte


									unnecessary road crossings to obtain an                  Assist with monitoring by reporting:
                                                                                                    Townsville City Council
easy meal.                                                    §    Any injured wildlife to
                                                              North Qld Wildlife Care Inc. on
                                                                       0414 717374
     Protecting Local Wildlife                       Independent Wildlife Carers Association Inc.
                                                                   0412 123 783
The reflectors aim to reduce the number                Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
of wildlife killed on the road. This in
turn will protect the biodiversity of
                                                                    4778 5378                       Protecting Magnetic
Island fauna.                                             §  Damaged or broken reflectors
                                                             to Townsville City Council
                                                                                                     Island’s Wildlife
                                                        Environmental Management Services
The Magnetic Island wildlife is              an                   (07) 4727 9310
important tourism attraction for            the
island. This program is aimed                at    This project is a joint initiative between
assisting with the protection of            the   Townsville City Council and Wildlife Carer
animals for all people to enjoy.                               Jenny Mulcahy

                                                  The project is generously supported by
                                                   many community members through
                                                      donations and Ergon Energy

                                                                                                     Magnetic Island Allied Rock Wallaby

How the reflectors work

 Reflection of headlights onto the side of the
                                                                                                      Wildlife Reflector
            road (Swareflex 1998)                                                                         Program
                                                    Townsville City Council (07) 4727 9310
                                                                                                     other similar sized animals from being
   Wildlife on Magnetic Island                                                                       injured or killed on Magnetic Island Roads.
Wildlife crosses Magnetic Island roads                                                                   How do the Reflectors Work?
on a daily basis. Wildlife needs to cross
the roads for a variety of reasons;
 §   To search for food                                                                              Reflectors are installed on both sides of the
 §   Moving from one habitat to another                                                              road and are activated by headlights of
 §   During their breeding season in                                                                 approaching vehicles. They reflect light into
     search of a mate.                                                                               the surrounding bush producing an optical
                                                                                                     warning fence that causes the animal to
Road kills account for a large number of                                                             freeze but is unnoticeable to the driver of
native animals killed on Magnetic Island                                                             the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle has
roads each year. The most common                                                                     passed the reflectors become inactive. The
species killed on the road are wallabies                                                             wildlife can then cross the road safely.
and possums.

Factors that contribute to road kill
include the following:
                                                                                                     What you can do to help Magnetic
                                             Magnetic Island habitat supports an array of wildlife
§   Excessive speeds                                                                                         Islands Wildlife
§   Fresh grass growing on the side of
    the road.                                        What are Wildlife Reflectors
                                                                                                     §   Drive slowly on Magnetic Island roads,
§   Roads crossing through habitat areas                                                                 especially where the roads pass
§   Driving at night.                        Following years of research Overseas a reflector            National Park.
                                             has been developed in an effort to reduce the           §   Be aware of wildlife crossing the road
In an effort to reduce the number of         number of animals killed on roads each year.            §   Report any missing or damaged
animals killed Townsville City Council       The reflectors are attached to guide posts, and are         reflectors to Townsville City Council
has been working with local Wildlife         designed to keep wildlife paths open for animals        §   Report any road kill to Townsville City
Carer, Jenny Mulcahy, to coordinate the      and not restrict their movements like fencing               Council
installation of Wildlife Reflectors on the   would.                                                  §   Drive carefully at night and stick to the
main roads of Magnetic Island.                                                                           speed limits
                                             The installation of the reflectors aims to              §   Do not feed the local wildlife, this can
                                             significantly reduce the number of wallabies and            encourage the animals to make

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