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					                                             Project Management
                                             In PMBOK (4 days)
                                             This advanced course is intended for experienced project managers or
                                             those who have several years project experience at a senior level. This
                                             course is based on the PMBOK (Project Management Institute Project
                                             Management Body of Knowledge) and covers preparation for the PE
                                             offers foundation courses in project management through to preparation
                                             for the PMI Project Management Professional exam.

  Course Tutor
  Master Trainer Mr. Peter Ferrao is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a part-time Lecturer at the Hong Kong Management Association
  and at ABRS Professional Learning Services. He is certified as a Project Management Professional and is an Instructor in a
  classroom setting for Project Management and the PMP exam preparation courses. He has taught for Global Knowledge in Seoul,
  Korea at Hewlett Packard for the Hong Kong Chapter of the Project Management Institute and at China Telecom & China Mobile in
  Guangzhou, China for Beijing Modern Management Technology Exchange Centre.

What the participant will receive …
    Handouts of presentation, exercises, and case studies
    Certificate of Completion of 32 PDU’s of education in Project Management

Fundamentals                                                             Unit 6 - Project Human Resource Management Ch. 9
    Project management fundamentals and definitions                          Overall approach to project HR management:
    Project, Program, Operations, Life Cycle, Applications                   Forms of organizational structures
    Stakeholder knowledge                                                    Functional, Project Expediter, Project Coordinator, Weak
    Constraint, Assumptions, Managing Triple Constraints                     Matrix, Strong Matrix, Projectized
    Key competencies of a successful Project Manager                         Types of power
    Process groups - Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and       Project Conflict, Conflict Management
    Closing                                                                  Motivational theories

Unit 1 - Project Integration Management PMBOK Ch. 4                      Unit 7 - Communication Management PMBOK Ch. 10
    General management skills, Management by objectives,                     Communication Model, Communication Channels
    Change and Change Control System, Configuration Management               Types of Communication, Barriers to Communication
    Project Evaluation, Progress Reports, Lessons Learned                    Role of Project Manager
                                                                             Building Effective Team Communication
Unit 2 - Scope Management PMBOK Ch. 5                                        Communication Styles
    Needs, Specification, Exclusion                                          Organization Structure and Communication
    Project Selection Techniques
    Work Breakdown Structure                                             Unit 8 - Project Risk Management Ch. 11
    Scope Control and Conflict                                               Risk Management Defined – Classification of risks
                                                                             Risk Planning, Identifying & Analyses – Tolerances,
Unit 3 - Project Time Management PMBOK Ch. 6                                 Triggers, Scales of probability & impact, Expected
    PERT, CPM, PDM, GERT - Definitions                                       monetary value
    Crashing and Fast-Tracking Schedules                                     Risk response – Thresholds, Owners, Residual & secondary
    Monte Carlo Analysis                                                     risks
    Networks – Calculating Critical Path, Forward and Backward Pass          Risk Monitoring & Control – Alternatives, Corrective action,
Unit 4 - Project Cost Management PMBOK Ch. 7
    Financial tools; Net Present Value, Benefit Cost Ratio, IRR,         Unit Nine Project Procurement Management Ch. 12
    Payback, Sunk Cost                                                       Procurement Planning
    Estimates; Order of Magnitude, Budget, Definitive                        Solicitation Planning
    Basic Cost Management Terminology                                        Contract Types and allocation of risk Contract
    Reserves; Contingency and Management                                     Administration
    Life Cycle Cost (LCC)                                                    Contract closeout
                                                                         Unit Ten Professional Responsibility
Unit 5 - Project Quality Management PMBOK Ch. 8                                PMP Code of Conduct
    Quality: Defined, Planning, Assurance, Control                             Integrity and Professionalism, Interaction between
    Tools & Techniques Benefit/cost analysis, Benchmarking,                    stakeholders
    Flowcharting, Design of experiments Cost of quality, Inspection,           Advancing the project management profession
    Control charts, Pareto diagrams, Statistical sampling and Trend            Enhance competence, Balance stakeholders’ interests
    Design and Quality
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