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									                            Training Workshop on                                                                          Trainer
      Premarital Counseling and Marriage Enrichment                                     Dr. Simon Yiu Chuen LEE, since completing his graduate professional
                                                                                        counseling training in 1985 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver,
Premarital counseling and marriage enrichment are important counseling                  Canada, has been working and teaching in the area of marriage and family
methods to build strong and healthy marriages, much needed in our society               counseling and pastoral ministry, both in Canada and in Hong Kong. He is
where marriage and family problems are on the rise, ending in painful                   now an individual, marriage and family therapist at Marriage and Child
separations and divorces.      The Prepare/Enrich program is designed for               Guidance in Hong Kong, on a consultant basis. As a professor, for the past 12
preventive and educational counseling with couples before problems with                 years, Dr. Lee had been involved in the training and supervision of counseling
relationships become serious and irreversible. The training workshop will               trainees. Rev. Lee is currently teaching at the Chinese University of Hong
train people who are in the helping professions, including doctors,                     Kong with the Divinity School of Chung Chi College as Associate Director of
psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, counselors,              Pastoral program. Dr. Lee is the Hon. Executive Director, Associate Fellow
pastors and pastoral workers, teachers, counseling students and others, with            and Consultant Supervisor of Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association.
prior training in counseling, to use the Prepare/Enrich inventories in                  He has authored or edited over 20 books in the area of counseling and
assessing couple relationships accurately and comprehensively, and to use the           spirituality. Dr. Lee is also a weekly columnist at Christian Times, as wells as
detailed 15-page computer generated report in counseling.                               a regular columnist in Sing Tao Daily newspapers.
Each trainee will receive a certificate of attendance with a counselor
number that qualifies him or her to start using this useful tool in counseling
                                                                                        Ms. Koesen Ka Wai LEE, is presently a deputy manager in Methodist
with couples.
                                                                                        Centre. She is certified in the use of Prepare/Enrich Inventories and T.J.T.A
Workshop objectives:                                                                    (Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis) for couples. Trained in counseling
    1. To understand the theory and practice of premarital counseling and               and psychology, she has nine years of experience in individual counseling and
       marriage enrichment.                                                             family therapy, as well as training professionals.
    2. To learn to use the Prepare/Enrich inventories in making assessment              Training Workshop Outline:
       of couple relationships.                                                                         Overview of the training course
                                                                                            Day 1
    3. To learn to use the counselor report from Prepare/Enrich in counseling                           Introducing Prepare/Enrich as a tool for
       couple, either in premarital counseling or in marriage enrichment.                25 Jan 2007    assessment of couple relationship
                                                                                          (Thursday)    Overview of the 5 inventories for 5 different
Format:          lectures, role plays and group discussion                                              couple groups
Language:        Cantonese, supplemented by English (Manual is in English)               9:00am –       Introducing couple and family map
                                                                                         1:00pm         Introducing administration Procedures
Venue:           Rm 202, 2/F, 99 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai (Methodist Centre)
                                                                                                             Overview of computer report
Registration      HKD$1,450 ($1,305 for “early bird” before 4 Jan, 2007, &                  Day 2
                                                                                                             Training in organizing and giving feedback
Fee:              staff of social services agency of The Methodist Church,
                                                                                          8 Feb 2007         Demonstrations in couple therapy techniques
It includes (i) 8 hours of lectures & training, (ii) a counselor manual complete with     (Thursday)         using the report
all the five inventories (Chinese and English), (iii) a free coupon for assessment of                        Introducing the use of inventories in group
the first couple (worth HKD$ 250.00), (iv) lecture notes and (v) an attendance                               setting
certificate would be issued by Life & Marriage Enrichment Limited complete with a
                                                                                         9:00am –
                                                                                                             Follow-up and referrals
registered counselor number.                                                             1:00pm
       Please complete the registration form below and mail it together with a cheque                  Divinity School of Chung Chi College,
       made payable to Methodist Centre.
       Please make separate cheques for different workshops.                                            Chinese University of Hong Kong &
       You can make one cheque for several persons who join the same workshop but                                 Methodist Centre
       please fill in separate registration forms for different persons.
       Confirmation will be sent either by email or by fax one week before the date of
       event after payment being received.                                                                        Training Workshop on
       Receipts will be distributed on spot.
       All fees are non-refundable in any circumstances after applications are accepted.
       Please do not staple the cheque with the registration form.                                          Premarital Counseling and
                                                                                                               Marriage Enrichment
              Premarital Counseling and Marriage Enrichment
                                 (25 Jan & 8 Feb 2007)                                                                     Trainers

Name: (English)                                                                                                Dr. Simon Yiu Chuen LEE
                                                                                                   Associate Director of Pastoral Program, DSCCC
                                                                                                      Individual, marriage and family therapist
□      $1,305 for “Early Bird” registration (on or before 3 Jan 2007) & staff of                  Associate Fellow, Consultant Supervisor, HKPCA
       social services agency of The Methodist Church, HK
□      $1,450 for other staffs from social services agency                                                       Ms Koesen Ka Wai LEE
Cheque no.:                                       Amount $:                                                      Deputy Manager
                                                                                                   Counseling and Integrated Employment Service
Bank:                                                                                                            Methodist Centre
                                                                                                                       Day 1: Jan 25, 2007
Mailing                                                                                                                Day 2: Feb 8, 2007

Tel:                                            Fax:                                                          Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                       Venue: Rm202 2/F, 99 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai, H. K
Please mail to:                                                                            Methodist Centre --- Counseling and Integrated Employment Service
Methodist Centre                                                                           1-3/F, 99 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai, H. K
Counseling and Integrated Employment Service                                               Telephone     : 2527 2250       Email     :
1/F, 99 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai, H. K                                                                       2520 4904
                                                                                           Fax           : 2865 2103       Website   :

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