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Five themes of Geography for Korea - TIP on Korea

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					                                   TIP on Korea
                              Teaching about East Asia
                        Five themes of Geography for Korea
                                    Heather Post
                                 Ionia High School
                                  Ionia, Michigan

1. The classes I teach offer me many opportunities to teach about East Asia. In
   Global Studies, I will teach about East Asia for approximately 2 weeks. In my
   World Literature class, I can teach about East Asia for several weeks. In my
   Environmental Science class, I can teach about East Asia throughout the class, as
   many of the environmental problems occurring in the United States also occur in
   East Asia.

     I will be able to share the lesson plans I use with my staff. I have already
     discussed the materials I received in this class with members of the staff of Ionia
     High School. They know they may borrow whatever materials they want when
     they are talking about East Asia in their own classrooms.

2. I will be using this lesson in Global Studies to introduce my lessons on Korea.
   This lesson will get the students thinking about the Korean Peninsula and also
   about the differences between North and South Korea. In other lessons, we will
   look at the religions, culture and other current issues. In Environmental Science,
   when I teach about biomes and ecosystems, I will be doing a lesson on the
   ecosystem of the DMZ.

3.    Standards and Benchmarks for the lesson focusing on the themes of geography.
         2.1.1 - Describe world issues effects on various cultures.
         2.4.2 - Explain how different regions are changing
         5.1.1 – Locate information for a topic using a variety of sources,
         5.1.3 – Make generalizations on a topic by interpreting a variety of

4. Lesson Plan: Comparing North and South Korea, using the 5 themes of geography.
   Time needed – 1 class period
     The student will understand the geography of North Korea and South Korea.
       (theme of place)
     The student will be able to relate 3 factors that differentiate North Korea from
       South Korea. (Theme of Region)
     The student will make predictions about North Korea’s nuclear program and
       the reasons behind this.
       Set up and prior knowledge:
               The students have had experience with making maps in class. These have
       been teacher directed, telling the students what needs to be placed on these maps.
       In this lesson, the student will be looking at maps that have already been created
       of North Korea and South Korea. They will be answering questions.
               Ask the students to talk about a region of the world you have recently
       talked about in class. Using the sheet provided, have the students answer the
       “Using prior knowledge” questions before passing out the maps on North Korea
       and South Korea. (You may need to change the first question to fit where you
       are in your curriculum.) Once the students have answered these questions, have
       the students go to to find the other information.

       The lesson:
          Now that the students have had a chance to look at the physical geography
              of North Korea and South Korea, they can begin to look at the cultural
              conditions of the 2 countries.
          Using the same website that was used for the physical features, have the
              students find the information on the sheet labeled “Same Peninsula,
              Worlds Apart”.
          The student will create a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and
              differences between North Korea and South Korea.
          The students need to answer the questions based on the Venn Diagram and
              the chart they created. Some of the questions at the end assume prior
              knowledge of the events going on in North Korea. These could also be
              used as a chance to get them thinking about this topic, before it is explored
              in another class period.

Evaluation: After the students have created their Venn Diagram and answered their
questions, as a class make a Venn Diagram. Use the paragraph at the end to evaluate
what the student has learned.

   5. Resources:
      Michigan Social Studies Standards and Benchmarks

       World Geography by American Guidance Services

       Help was given by Matt Slezak, teacher at Ionia High School, in the creation of
       the Venn Diagram
                                                          Name __________________

                             Geography of the Korean Peninsula

       Using prior knowledge
       1. We have just finished talking about China. List at least 3 bodies of water, 3
          specific land formations and 3 cities we discussed and learned about in China.
          Bodies of Water

           Land Formations


       2. How does the placement of mountains, rivers, oceans and other physical
          features affect the movement of people and goods in a country?

       3. How do the physical features of a country affect where people live and what
          they can grow on the land?

North Korea and South Korea: Physical Geography
In order to find the information you will need, go to Once on
this site, go to atlas map index and click on North Korea.

   1. Look at the physical feature map of North Korea. What 2 countries border North

   2. About how much of North Korea is covered with mountains? What does this tell
      you about the available farm land? What problems might this cause?

   3. Name the 3 seas that surround North Korea.

Go back to atlas map index and click on South Korea. Answer the following questions.
   1. What is the only country that physically borders South Korea? Which country is
      just across the sea?
2. South Korea has mountains. Do they seem to have as many mountains as North
   Korea? How could this situation help South Korea? (What are they going to be
   able to do that North Korea cannot?)

3. Name 3 bodies of water that surround South Korea.
                                              Name ______________________

                Same Peninsula, World’s Apart

Find the following information using this website:
Click on atlas map index to find the countries you are looking for.

Category              North Korea                      South Korea
Area (in miles)
Current Population
Population in 2050
Literacy (total)
Life expectancy men
Life expectancy women
Government type
Arable land
Main line telephones
Cell phones
Internet providers
GDP per capita

Use the Venn diagram that is attached to show in another way, the information
you have just learned.

Answer the following questions.
  1. Which country is better off with technology? How could having all this
     technology help them?
   2. Which country is better off financially? What things could this country do
      that the other could not?

   3. Are either of these countries experiencing large population growth issues?
      Why might this actually be good for these countries?

   4. Which country has the most arable land? How is this going to help this
      country? What problems might the other country face?

Going beyond:
North Korea has been in the news a lot recently with its nuclear testing. After
looking at some of the issues from the chart above, answer the following

   1. Why might North Korea be doing these nuclear tests, even though most of
      the world is against them trying to get nuclear power?

   2. What countries might North Korea be trying to scare with these tests? List
      at least 3. Why might they want to do this?

   3. What problems might North Korea be creating for itself and for South

   4. What are some things the world could do to help North Korea so that it
      does not feel the need to have these nuclear tests?

   5. You decide: Does North Korea have a right to do these things to help its
      country? Give at least 2 reasons to support your belief.

   6. In a paragraph, choose 3 of the issues we discussed or choose other issues
      from the chart above and discuss the differences in the 2 Korean nations.