OLS6-1315 Optical Laser Sources by sdfwerte


									  OLS6-1315              Optical Laser Sources
                                                       - Single port, Dual Output Laser Source
                                                       - 3 modulation ID tones
                                                       - LCD display (with back-light)
                                                       - Built-in 20dB variable attenuator
                                                       - Low cost.
                                                       - Light weight
                                                       - Easy to Operate

Optical Laser Source
The OLS6-1315 is a convenient singlemode stabilized laser source with dual outputs (1310/1550nm).
It may come with a built-in variable attenuator option. That can allow the user to have a 1dB step
attenuation from –5dBm continuously to –25dBm(max.). This is particularly helpful to perform optical
circuit analysis in the field and workshop as well.

Optical Specifications                   OLS6-1315D                               OLS6-1315A
Output Wavelengths(nm)                                     1310±20, 1550±20
Optical Output Power          -3 (9/125um Fiber)                              -5 (9/125um Fiber)
Digital Variable              Not available                             20dB range @approx. 1dB step
Laser Classification                                Class 1 (FDA21 CFR 1040.11 )
Spectral Width                                                   5 nm
Modulation (Hz)                                               270, 1k, 2k
Optical Connector                                                FC/PC
Stability (dB)                                  ±0.1 Over 8 hour (after 15 min typically)

Fiber Type                                                    Single-mode
Power                                                       2×AA Batteries
Battery Life                  80 hours                                            50 hours
Operating Temperature                           -10 ~ +50℃ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature                             -20 ~ +70℃ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Size (mm)                                                     152×83×33
Weight (g)                                                  200 (with boot)

Bontech Communications Ltd.                   www.bon-tech.com                     2008-1-OLS61315-rev02

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